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Comrades further to my recent conversion to #lexit I am proud to present the story of comrade corbyn and the doctrine of Lexism in one Cuntry #Brexit
Here we see a happy vision of George Galloway Kate Howie and Owen Jones living in the workers DisEUtopian paradise governed by the Lexist principle of Socialism in one Cuntry but the the struggle for Lexit was far from as easy one #Brexit #Lexit
The story of #lexit begins in the1st years of the 21st century where Tony Blair led the struggle of the political classes to liberate parliament from the proletariat he was revered as a political class hero by labour and tory politician alike
Yet as political class revelled in its class victory and liberation from the tyranny of the proles they became cut off from wider historic processes and others filled the vacuum amongst them was comrade corbyn yet he was one of those filling the vacuum
On 23/06/2016 in a day of universal rapture and joy amongst the masses voted #Brexit comrade JEZZER was proud to be first to demand the triggering of Article 50 yet comrade corbyn realised that lexitism was only one of the forms of class struggle behind #Brexit #Lexit
Seeking to understand the types of class struggle behind #Brexit JEZZER met @Nigel_Farage and heard how immigrants were to blame for stealing the jobs that London was a place where yiu couldn't hear an English accent & londoner like him didn't know anything about immigration
Corbyn next consulted Jacob Rees Mogg a long time comrade in the struggle against the neoliberal globalist protectionist EUSSR. Moggy taught him about the liberation struggle of the Plutotariat from the yoke of the EUs many environmental & consumer protections
From moggy Jezzer learned about the doctrine of socialism in one percentile and the evil oppression of EU anti tax avoidance laws and how as a result taxes threatened to cruelly fall on those best able to pay them #Brexit #lexot
Continuing his #Brexit journey of discovery Comrade Corbyn also saw that brexit had an internationalist dimension. One such fraternalist agitator was declared Leninist Steve Bannon who promoted class consciousness with Breitbart and Alt Right
Another fraternalist was Vladimir Putin who fraternalistcally supported #Brexit purely out of the goodness of his heart generously giving money to honest Arron Banksi and helped pay for the leave campaign out of pure altrustic internationalism
Comrade corbyn realised #Brexit was a product of plutotariat class struggle aided by Gammonists saw he would have to harness these forces to bring about lexitism in one Cuntry #lexit #JC4PM
Seeking to Co opt Gammonists 2 speed the historical inevitability of #Lexit #Brexit Corbyn became comrade Kipper explaining in a spirit of solidarity that Forrins were to blame for stealing the jobs and internationalistically sending back where they internationally came from
Yet corbyn the fraternalist #lexitist friend of the workers of the world realised blaming forins for driving down the wages would not on its own be enough to bring about a #Lexit revolutionary #Brexit something else was needed
Comrade Corbyn studied the problem with comrade Mckluskey & both saw more of the impoverished masses would embrace the historical inevitability of #Lexit cos #Brexit would impoverish masses more people who'd turn 2 them 4 salvation from the disaster they did sod all stop #JC4PM
Yet #lexit though a historical inevitability was not yet #lexit as the #Brexit destining was controlled not by heroes of the Proletariat but by reactionary revolutionary leader KIM BOT MAY @theresa_may
But Kim BOT MAY made a hash of #Brexit the unclass conscious said it was cos she was crap and so was #Brexit but really her #Brexit failure was cos she understood only Gammonist #Brexit & was unaware of the interplay of historic forces that would inevitably lead to #lexit
Yet comrade Corbyn was increasingly beset by dequitivists saboteurs and counterbrexiters of the stopbrexoise whom comrade corbyn was having to defend #Brexit against who threatened his #lexit DisEUtopian dream of socialism in one Cuntry
Kim BOT MAY and Comrade JEZZER were both having this same problem and Kim BOT MAY begged the guru of #lexit not to stop #Brexit though KIM BOT MAY was a class enemy comrade Jez agreed a temporary alliance against their common FBPEist counterbrexiteer foe
And so after tory #Brexit day disaster did happen as Comrade Corbyn had forseen and facilitated the hardships were a price he was willing for other people to pay to achieve the Lexist dream as the tories declared a dictatorship of a South American 70s kind
as #Brexit Clusterfucked as comrade corbyn had forseen the new Povretarist including many Nouveaux Pauvre were irresistibly drawn 2 the Captain Birdseye impersonator and the doctrine of Lexitism in one Cuntry #Lexit leading to a spontaneous uprising making him dear leader
The dear leader met leaders evil neo liberal EU all of who were suddenly enlightened by the wisdom of JEZZER the teacher and awed by his deep understanding of class struggle and gave him all he wanted & fraternalistically asked for nothing in return #Brexit #lexit
Comrade corbyn the dear Leader of #lexit this returned home in triumph from the EU riding the unicorn he had secured from the EU
And the great teacher Jezzer sought to build lexitism in one Cuntry his guidance was sought on everything from thermo nuclear fission to growing marrows which apparently he can actually while Theresa may grew cabbages cos it takes 1 2 grow one #Brexit #Lexit
the masses of the peoples #lexit Republic were newly energised by class consciousness and abandoned former beliefs here is comrade Julia Hartley brewer driven by a new found passion to wear shit clothes & toil for crap money in the fields @JuliaHB1 2 replace the immigrants
So spontaneous and complete was the peoples love of comrade Jez even low tax chloe of he tax payers alliance spontaneously volunteered to pay more taxes in the #lexit paradise of brexit but all held Jezzer
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