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🚨 Q is back!
This will be my QThread for Jan. 5th
2. Drop 2643
Q links past drop 2510. Mueller 5:5?
Adam Schiff is the leaker of false intel leaked to MSM and the Mueller insurance policy has EXPIRED. How do you remove installed blockade? DECLAS DECLAS DECLAS
3. Q linked post from @brithume and asked what happens when all the insiders know the news is FAKE? What happens when insiders know Schiff is the leak of false data?
4. What critical 'mission' did SESSIONS publicly announce re: leaks? Why did SESSIONS make this PUBLIC? Optics are important.…
5. Drop 2644
Looking back on a post from 1 year ago - minus 2 days. Q links post from @POTUS and tells us we're 2 days ahead of schedule! Q is telling us taxpayers are no longer paying for the slush funds everywhere! #Winning
6. Drop 2645
Q links video of Paris protests and says: Complete BLACKOUT by #FakeNews re: YellowVest protests in France. Are they afraid of US patriots engaging the same tactics? WE WILL NOT GO SILENT! EO active!
7. What EO is Q referring to? I think we all know by now, by in case you're late to the party - the EO re: Amendments to the Courts Martial went into effect Jan 1st. Read more here: 👇🏼
8. Drop 2646
Q drops 2645 again along with photo of #POTUS with leaders in black community from years ago. Q is telling us this is a war against Gloabalism. Returning power to the people - the old guard. Why are the D's constantly pushing racism narrative? Divide! They want sheep
9. The last thing Q said was 'Posse Comitatus Act'. Turns out it was updated less than 2 months ago!

The Constitution permits Congress to authorize the use of the militia “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”…
10. This Act also "guarantees the states protection against invasion or usurpation of their “republican form of government,” and, upon the request of the state legislature, against “domestic violence.”

Here's a video overview of Posse Comitatus:
11. Anons are always happy when Q comes back! 😎
12. Did you catch @POTUS' shoutout to us earlier? Stay calm and enjoy the show! 😎
13. Anon breaks down drop 2644:
Q told us about these slush funds in drop 489.
Did you know American taxpayers have been paying $4.7 TRILLION per year on slush funds? That stops now!
14. Trump and WH staff to hold weekend meetings at Camp David.

#POTUS will join senior staffers on Sunday, spending the weekend in a strategy retreat at Camp David headed at the direction of new acting WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.…
15. Anon with legal knowledge does a dig into Posse Comitatus Act. Very important insights and new amendments:👇🏼Well done Anon! 🎯
16. Q is preparing us that if rebellion and riots occur - Martial Law will be declared legally. Patriots are in control!
17. Anon breaks down drop 2643:
18. ICYMI: FBI now has a Media Leaks Unit. Coincidence? Q is telling us Patriots are gaining control FINALLY of our media. Watch for the MOAB.. it's coming!
19. Will @POTUS give a presser after tomorrow's meeting at Camp David? Here's a look back to last year's press conference from Camp David:
20. New bill introduced to Audit the Fed! Introduced Jan 3rd. Q posts Jan. 5th - "2 days ahead of schedule". #QProof
21. It's all coming together 😎
22. New drop 2647
Follow the watch. 1 year delta!
Will #POTUS be at Camp David tomorrow? Matters of National Security. Clock is ticking! Follow the watch.
23. New drop 2648
Q links past drop 2579 re: National Security on Border. Q links post from @maggieNYT and says: Several days Maggie? NatSec was always the plan! Think Justice K. You are not safe Maggie!
24. Q also linked Wikileaks link of the Podesta emails, where they claimed Maggie had teed up stories many times for them!…
25. 1 year delta on the pen posts and Camp David. Where is everyone this weekend?
26. 👀 WOW! Follow the watch!
Q's watch photo has the same time as Kavanuagh's watch!
27. 1 year delta on @POTUS_Schedule tweets:
28. Anons are curious: Does this mean we move everything up by 2 days? "2 days ahead of schedule"-Q
Is CD (Camp David) referring to Camp Delta - GITMO?! 💥BOOM! Well done Anon! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 SHUTDOWN. Shall we play a game? "Special place" 😎
30. The incredible Autists on the chans amaze and inspire me daily. This Anon blew it out of the park! WOW! #QProof Points to cleaning of sealed indictments re: Clinton impeachment and the EO re: Human Trafficking when @POTUS declared a National Emergency to deal with the issue.
31. New drop! 2649
Q links past drop where Pelosi said #POTUS wouldn't win. Q points to Army Corp of Engineers that we know will build the wall out of the defense budget. Q says: How do you out maneuver the obstructionists? NatSec! They're only now figuring it out - They LOSE!
32. Is @POTUS going to declare a National Emergency tomorrow at Camp David? Everything is now pointing to that. Follow the pen and the EO on martial law. Will he sign the National Emergency with the same pen he signed the EO? Did he sign that EO at Camp David? #TheWallIsComing 😎
33. New drop 2650
Q links post from @CombatDebater where he summarized the first 24 hrs of the Dems control of the House. Well done Patriot! 🎯 Dems ask for $12 Billion more for foreign aid - NONE for border security? Who audits? How are they all so wealthy? Welcome to the CON!
34. Q drops 2 links of Gov funding and asks How do 'xyz' organizations remain funded? Why do the Dems only care about power/control? POWER of the money! Power = Protection. The wheel of corruption!
35. New drop 2651
Q links Foreign Assistance link again and asks: Why for decades has the UN encouraged donor countries to contribute 0.7% GDP? The corruption at the top WORLDWIDE has spread like cancer!
36. Q links the 'Video that will get Donald Trump Elected' and says: Listen again, carefully! #TheGreatAwakening
37. New drop 2652

You think nothing is happening?
You think this movement hasn't spread?

Anon asks why they had trouble accessing the chans. Q responds: 2.2 MILLION attempted access within 1-2 minutes, the site crashed temporarily.
38. Follow the watch.
The time on the watch 3:15 is the same as 15:15 on the 24 hour clock.
15:15 on @POTUS_Schedule for today.
39. Posse Comitatus: Border Security is National Security. Expanded comments re: Posse Comitatus from Gen. Kelly & Gen. Mattis.

Past drop 2460 Q told us how Martial Law could be used to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act & suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
40. New posts from @POTUS
POTUS is telling everyone Border Security is a main concern that will be addressed tomorrow at Camp David.
41. 👀@USMC posts today!
Full Send >> Light Show
🚨Note timestamps!
5:00 am January 5th = 5:5
5:00 pm January 5th = 5:5
42. Past drop 1009
Troops to border. Does what?
The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the wall is for so much more!
43. The Chuck & Nancy Show
44. #Planefag update:
What's happening in Arkansas?
High air traffic in and out of Little Rock today! Many were on the ground for over an hour. Could Little Rock be the keystone? 🤔
45. Anon transcribed POTUS' speech in the 'Video that will get Donald Trump Elected'.

Q told us to listen carefully!
Sometimes reading helps. Thank you Anon! 🙏🏻❤️
46. A look back into Foreign Aid contributions 2016-2018 as per Forbes.…
47. A very well written article by Law and Liberty: 'Oxfam and the Corruption of Foreign Aid'…
48. #FunFact On Christmas, the BO posted that the chans were running aprx 288 posts per hour (PPH). He told us "There's a lot more of you than you think".

Tonight, we're pacing at 1590 PPH!
Nothing to see here 😎
49. For Immediate Release: Statement by Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan on the Passing of Former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown…
50. If you haven't picked up the crumbs yet, @POTUS is loud & clear!
51. Clarification: Everyone's excited re: tomorrow. Will @POTUS call a National Emergency for the wall?
🚨WE ARE ALREADY under a state of National Emergency as per EO signed Dec 21/2017. So why would POTUS do this again? Optics. Patriots are in control.…
52. Turns out, it was the Federal Foreign Assistance site Q linked earlier that we crashed. 😂
2.2 MILLION of us at once tried to access that link! DO NOT GIVE UP ANONS! #TippingPoint almost reached!
53. YES Anon! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
This is why we are all here! To unite and help STOP the violence that could potentially occur. Martial Law is only necessary if riots occur. We can decide not to take part in that nonsense! We will not be apart of the problem - WE ARE THE PLAN! 😎
54. Antifa Aims to Create No-Go Zones For Conservatives In Nashville

You must be aware of this new tactic! So far, this seems to be mostly an idea, but there was a real plan to implement it in Nashville. The freedom to assemble in public is your right!…
55. Wonderland is 2 days behind?
Follow the watch.
56. French Now Preparing For “Civil War” Against Muslims To Take Country Back.

The worldwide awakening! 🌎…
57. Follow the watch.
Anons dig into further details of the IWC watch.

👀👀 Oh, who's that with the SAME WATCH? #TraitorTrudeau! Who is he meeting with wearing that watch? #TraitorHussein! Coincidence?…
58. Here's a 5 min video review of the IWC Portugieser watch:
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