One thing that has been on my mind lately is the “missing link” so to speak, between #MAGA Patriots, Q followers & conservative independents.

It appears, at least on the surface, there is a fundamental disconnect preventing different groups of American Patriots in uniting. Why?
Consider for a moment the ie of the “missing link” in human DNA. Religious beliefs aside (btw what’s so hard to grasp that evolution & God can’t be mutually exclusive? IMO God facilitated it, as he does all things), where is the disjoint?

More on mutual exclusivity & Q later.
The “missing link” re: human DNA is essentially the search for WHY more complex organisms behave, adapt & advance at a vastly superior rate than less complex organisms. In this thread, consider Q as complex & unawake Patriots (but EQUALLY CAPABLE) as non-complex.
In absolutely NO WAY am I = Qwhitehats/ are superior to those who don’t follow the movement. My job isn’t to convince you #Q is real. You’ll (hopefully) realize that in the long run. I am here to ask you to read/research on your own [[WATCH]].

The CHOICE to know will be YOURS.
Java Man was a fossil found in 1891 in [INDONESIA]. The fossils found composed of a femur bone & knee elements indicating the newly discovered species had capability to WALK UPRIGHT.

This realization furthered the theory & the search for why this had not been documented prior.
Cross-reference the year 1891 w/ Q drop of the same number. Where was the fossil discovered? Indonesia? Someone else had a mysterious time living in Indonesia. Hussein?

POTUS has the KEYSTONE to defeating the Deep State. Could we have the KEYSTONE to bridge the “missing link”.
How far has society advanced since 2001? Internet, telephone, [CABLE] resources have accelerated to the point that usage of inferior communication vehicles are not only frowned upon—you are down right CONDITIONED to laugh at them. The origins of HAM radio? FOSSILS in the closet?
Do [rogue operators] utilize unconventional means to accomplish [their] mission?

Hussein weaponized technological advances to farm vehicles for extortion. Hillary used a perceived “charity” for seditioning SAPrograms to recklessly betray The United States Of America.

This establishes assertions that are NOT mutually EXCLUSIVE amongst Trump supporters & are also backed completely by open source information, BOOMERANGs that anons and POTUS voters alike have made significant connections on:

We share common love of THE UNITED STATES MILITARY 🇺🇸
Given the obvious & historical alliances that align veterans w/ conservatism, we can see the confusion being presented in terms of Hussein foreign policy in the Middle East. Did the ISIS chokehold in [Iraq/Syria] during this time period slow, or accelerate 2008 to 2016?

JV Team?
The fundamental realization re: the “missing link” b/t Anons & MAGA Patriots resides in unlocking the TRUE [perception] of WHO HUSSEIN Obama is & [was]. Why were records sealed/hidden?

Q today re: ANTIFA:

Label ANY & ALL DOUBT as racist, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc?
[HOPE & CHANGE] Agenda (21) as if it was single [greatest] movement in human history? Dare to QUESTION the AGENDA during 2008–16? Labeled [[racist]] and thrust into moral repentance. HOWEVER—#AnonsKnew & so did @GenFlynn


Here is where Q becomes VERY relevant. In fact, consider Q’s drop earlier Saturday re: Soros. BOUGHT & paid for. Yet again,we see an example of political weaponization such as ANTIFA, who are funded to be ‘Guardians’ Of (❌Conservative❌) [[Intimidation]]
A group of h@ackers have obtained allegedly damning info re: 9/11. The files being ransomed, claim to contain “enough evidence” to bring the US cabal elements to justice. Did Kushner cut STRINGS in Saudi Arabia early in the [game]? Was Khashoggi [🔥] on MBS a stress-test?
The secret to “grasping the concept” of Hussein’s Agenda requires the understanding of his insertion, role & subsequent meteoric rise to the highest office in the United States. Allow me to mark a period of years as reference points for you—2000 through 2016. Between that...
...period of time we have multiple events involving the radicalized RETALIATION against the United States. As early as the attack on the USS Cole, through the WTC attacks & fast forwarding to 2012 Benghazi ambush leading to an US AMBASSADOR murdered, along w/other American heroes
Who set the stage for these [OPTICS]? GHWB enshrined globalism by dictating an active exploitation in the Middle East after doubts over exchange of $ for oil. Think Saddam (187). Think Qaddafi (187). Think of who has advanced that agenda at an insufferable pace both from the OO..
....Congress & West Wing. GHWB >> BC >> GWB >> [GWB] >> Hussein >> Hussein >> [HRC] >> ☢️. With the election of @POTUS we have initiated exposure of the true nature of our plunderous involvement vs. convenient enemies w/resources we need to silo. Alice & Wonderland. Blackmail.
Who pulled strings behind the scenes when we approach from the perceived enemy’s revengeful state of mind. Years, turned into decades of constant plunder. Think mirror. How did Q utilize [SHADOW] players? Undetected? What is HUMA? Harvard University Muslim Alumni Association.
Who is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal? Consider & reconcile what we know re: Alice & Wonderland. Was the “grooming” a vehicle for REVENGE? Years of [planned] exploitation in Middle East. Plundering resources and monetizing war. There is fundamental hatred of the US despite complicity.
Focus on this early graphic an anon provides us detailing the strange and conveniently timed relationship between Hussein, al-Mansour & Dopey Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. BHO enrolls in Harvard ‘88 with money raised with Dopey’s help. Slow play towards insertio, aimed at REVENGE?
Q hints that the world will eventually know the true origins of BHO with pictures perhaps even surfacing with an AK47. What was he doing with it?Q also acknowledges the Islamic ring on his finger. Are those waging Jihad permitted to conceal their faith to accomplish a mission?
Why was USSS code-name for Hussein, RENEGADE? Reconcile the definition. Everything has meaning. Remember, this was not just another 4 year election. 2016 was a mandate on humanity, truth & transparency. There‘s enough material to dissect Q drops/BHO for a very long time.
In closing, allow me to circle back to my original search for the “missing link”. How is it that red-pilling even fellow conservatives, can be slow to take root if it even does to begin with. What could be the disconnect? Think of the fossils originating from [INDONESIA].
The hurdle IMO is related to what we perceive & were TOLD to believe about Hussein’s origins. Hillary/BHO did not get along & she was even the first to suggest our 44th President’s deceptive past. Why is it that when DJT enters does the notion shift to conspiratorial nonsense?
The red-pill is easier for friends, family etc. to swallow when you help them remove the vice grip clinching freedom of thought. Q IS A COMPLEX ORGANISM. If you do not read and make connections for yourself the BHO story becomes NON-COMPLEX and your understanding fails to evolve.
The vice grip I’m referring to is laziness & reliance on the MSM (THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE) designed to control the narrative. It’s rigged to make you believe Q is so far fetched. “We’re the news—trust us” is a dangerous way to go about living. If that’s how you stay informed... are sabotaging the research, conclusions & connections that anons around the WORLD have collaborated. “The Plan” to those who do not choose to engage in studying it, automatically becomes suspect because the “unlikelihood” of “The Plan” is consistently attacked by the...
...the same outlets you rely on, even if you are conservative & disagree with the MAIN theme. That being said, the key is to point out what’s at stake and WHY the “WHEELS OF JUSTICE” are slow to churn. “Oh nothing is happening—Q is fake.” Start to connect why this is so delicate.
The Plan exposes FRAUD on a MASSIVE scale that would discredit the entirety of America’s existence & credibility. The subsequent justice to come has GLOBAL consequences. By DJT making one move TOO EARLY poses a grave threat not only to National Security but also public safety.
Fundamental understanding of the GLOBAL GAME OF RISK is key to shining light on MAGA friends who’ve yet to cross over. The WHY behind Hussein’s ascent is a good start 😉.

READ more.
WATCH less.

/End 🙏🏻🇺🇸

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