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THREAD 🇺🇸Bad week for We the People. Once again, Americans were played by skilled manipulators. Conversations/emotions were successfully steered by carefully crafted/staged triggers. Brainwashing, manipulation - let's walk through it. Begin here:…
2) When we eavesdrop, we may hear something we don't like. Bible's advice is not to try to change the opinions of those who don't like us, but to STOP LISTENING! Skilled manipulators prey upon us - they depend on our human need to be liked, approved of. They attempt to shame us.
3) Some of these may have been unintentionally manipulative, but... the effect is the same (favorable to the socialists/NWO camp, damaging to Americans). These triggers steered conversation in distracting directions. First, trigger word "immoral". We mock "triggering", but need
4) to take the strategy seriously. Propagandists use triggers - very effective. Mocking "snowflakes" who are "triggered" is sport, but... a trap. People may fail to recognize that ALL of us are triggered by something. Skilled manipulators work hard to figure out our triggers...
5) They profile us. We have to make their job harder. Don't tip your hand. Be mysterious, unpredictable. They fear us when they can't control us. We outnumber them. They are comfortable when they think they have us figured out, and can trigger us - disrupt our productive convos.
6) This week, they once again succeeded in disrupting our conversations with garbage. How many DEFENDED the Breakfast Club dancing? Conservatives were mocked for being "offended" by dancing. That's insulting, isn't it? Who started this, and why? Intentional distraction? Or lucky?
7) It threw the conversation off course. What WAS the productive path? Exposing the fraudulent representation of the socialist candidate, with organic expansion into who supported her, who endorsed her fake "poor" background - why? Who funded her? What does this mean? Instead...
8) Easy ammo - anyone who picks apart the "poor" girl story gets sucked into the stupid dancing farce. If we didn't care so much about what people say about us, we'd not fall so easily into these traps. I was a DANCE TEACHER for about 20 years, and a student since age 5. So...
9) Well, it's laughable to assume that if I were to complain about the dancing video (I didn't) it'd be because of the dancing itself... & not the misrepresentation of her life - now that she's in a position of power in which she boldly proclaims that she will change OUR gov
10) Now the "offended by dancing" distraction has led to a mind-numbingly stupid bickering about who acted offended, who lied about doing it, who deleted tweets, how it got started... it's gotten way off course. Either the socialists got lucky, or this is successful steering.
11) It helps if we recognize it's normal to be triggered by certain things. We can make fun of others being triggered; easy to do because we often think that the things that trigger others are stupid. But, when we understand humanity, we know we ALL have things that set us off.
12) My tweets are shown almost exclusively to like-minded people, triggered by some of the same things I am. I hate being told that I'm being "immoral" because morality (doing the right thing, for the right reasons) is very important to me. Even when I know I'm being baited...
13) it's hard to control my emotions sometimes. I know that the people who judge me don't know me, and only God has the authority to judge me. And yet, I somehow still get angry and resentful when my motives are judged, when my character is attacked, even when indirectly. It's...
14) like eavesdropping when we hear people talking about us, and the comments aren't directly at/to us. What does the Bible say about this...? Are we meant to try to change their opinions of us? Nope. We are to STOP LISTENING. What convos were we having prior to distractions?
15) "Immoral" focus: plight of migrants/helpless/poor - the children who "only want a better life". Those things are propaganda. Serious issues, to be sure, but has NOTHING to do with why the left wants open borders. We were talking about *real* reasons before distraction/disrupt
16) What ARE the real reasons? Well... why are members of Congress wealthy beyond our wildest dreams? Salaries have one number. Net worth a much higher number. No wonder why they like Common Core Math. When lobbyist + foreigners = Millionaire, the peasants clap like seals? Hmm.
17) What were we talking about before the Breakfast Club dancing scandal, in which the socialist princess is now a victim of all sorts of bigotry.... she's young, she's a woman, she's new, she's.... a SOCIALIST who wants to radically change our government. Yeah, dance on.
18) I don't know if my words help anyone stay on track better, but I wish we could stop getting sucked into these obvious distractions from incredibly grave conversations. It's hard to believe that this is real - an open push for NO USA AT ALL, open borders, giving up sovereignty
19) Unplug MSM. I haven't had it in my home in years. I won't consent to propaganda & treason/sedition. Stop listening to trigger conversations. Take back your words, including the word "trigger". It is a VALID term, that they use against us. Mocking it is like agreeing to the
20) phrase "conspiracy theorist". When we diminish words, changing their meaning, distort, etc., the effectiveness/helpfulness of the word is gone. It is easier to recognize we are being baited when we accept that we ARE indeed triggered by things, and that's NOT a bad thing!
21) They make down, up... up, down. Good is bad. Bad is good. Being triggered is not "bad". It means that we care deeply about certain things. Caring is not bad. Getting angry is not bad. See, they want us to think so. Then, convo dies on the vine. We are somehow stupid/silly.
22) Nothing wrong w/ caring deeply about morality. Nothing wrong w/ being upset if judged to be frigid, cold, judgmental, nerdy, boring, uncool. Focus. Do you care about the world's children being trafficked? Yes. Then securing border is moral, agree? Do you like music? Dance on.
23) Let's work together to keep the conversations focused on the truth, the facts, the exposure of the communist take-over by NWO-loving elites... who colluded all over the place (MSM, tech, FBI, CIA) - manipulating wars/coups, color revolutions... spidery fingers all over world
24) staging disasters, raising cash off of our grief & our good nature to help others... literally taking our blood for profit & IMMORAL research (genetically modified humans), on and on it goes. And they even BET on us... ugh, abhorrent. So, "immoral"? Laugh in their faces.
25) They know WE care about morality, and they use it against us. Let's be stronger and smarter. Become moral enough to answer to a higher calling - God alone. No one else gets to judge you. NO ONE. Stop eavesdropping when people talk badly about you, whether it's Nancy or Sandy.
26) Never take on shame that doesn't belong to us. How many of you have teeth? Even if dentures... you have TEETH right? Very few people in 2019 are walking around toothless. So why even respond to moronic criticism. It doesn't even make sense. It creates clutter. Focus!
27) I fall for the bait too - I'm not on a high horse. I am a "passionate" person & I am absolutely triggered by words like "immoral". Also, I love to dance. I am a free-spirited, funny, warm person. I don't like stereotypes of cold, unpleasant, dispassionate, judgemental, uncool
28) We need to build each other up - remind ourselves of how delightful we are, how warm, how caring... we are beautiful spirits who really DO want individual freedoms for ALL people, in a fair system of equal justice under the law. We see the vast criminal enterprise, killing us
29) Perhaps if we supported each other more, instead of bickering & trying to referee in these bizarre stupid arguments.... we could stay on track better, and not get sucked into the mind-control, social engineering. It's hard to stay on track. That's why we need memers.
30) Memers are clever, witty, funny - they give us core argument in few words. It's best when they give sources with their memes. THIS is helpful. I hope that my oil paintings & from-the-heart threads are also helpful. Indie researchers are helpful, especially when gifted writers
31) Code of vets & others who advocate for our people, and share the stories of our people's pain, suffering, homelessness, medical neglect, etc.... these people are priceless treasures. So.. well... I believe we are doing TOO well, and the left is working overtime to break us.
32) Stay the course. We are WINNING. Don't get distracted. Love one another. Build each other up. Dream big for 2019 and work hard to get what you want. One of our successes, elevates us all. God bless you and Godspeed. /end thread/
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