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Thread of literally all the reasons you'll ever need to go vegan.
So first things first, lets start with animal rights!
Animals are sentient beings, they can feel and have emotional responses just like humans do, if you believe mass murder of humans for no reason is wrong you should feel the same about the animals.
Speciesism is when we believe in a code of conduct for one species and not another, this is put into play when we love dogs and eat pigs based on a dogs ‘intelligence’ when in reality, pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet
We are actually ranked the same level as pigs on the food chain, so we are not the dominant species & we have no right to dictate what animals should and should not die.
Using intelligence of a being as a decider is COMPLETELY immoral. By that logic a childs life has less value due to their lack of intelligence.
In the animal agriculture industry male animals are often seen as useless. Male chicks are often killed minutes after birth, male calves are sold as Veal.
It is hypocritical to feel upset by things such as the Yulin Dog festival whist we commit the same crimes to different animals daily, if it upsets you to see one species suffering you should be upset by the suffering of all species.
The vast number of dairy cows are killed before 5 years old when they have been reported to have lifespans of up to 25 years!

Pigs are slaughtered at 1.5-4 MONTHS when they can live naturally to 20 years.
Chickens can live for 8 years and are often slaughtered at one-two months.

Sheep are often killed at the ages 6-8 months when they can live 13 years on average.
Animals are often fed antibiotics (to make them grow quicker) which result in them breaking their own legs due to the weight of their bodies.
The average chicken enclosure in animal agriculture is (on average) the size of an A4 sheet of paper.
Typically, free range means the chickens share a shed, often too cramped to move in.
There is no humane way to kill an animal that doesn’t need/deserve to die – we no longer need animals for nutrients or survival. Research has suggested that early humans were vegan, we can not use tradition as an excuse.
Over 56 BILLION of animals are raised and slaughtered due to animal agriculture, these animals have poor living conditions and are bred purely for animal agriculture, if you do not support the industry these animals don’t have to die. This isn’t even accounting for sea creatures!
Over half of the by-product to fishing is discarded as useless!
Animals such as sea turtles and sharks are often by-product to the fishing industry, if you want to save these animals there is more you can do then avoid plastic straws! (spoiler it is going vegan)
Now lets move on to how animal agriculture and exploitation is also a human rights issue!
Several people record being taken off medication due to veganism, in the UK this would help reduce the strain on the NHS helping thousands of working conditions
There are extremely high rates of mental illnesses within staff who have worked in slaughterhouses, many of them suffering from PTSD after the experiences they have had in the line of work.
There are high rates of physical illness/muscle damage within slaughterhouse workers due to the pace of the slaughter line and the lack of time to rest during work, without slaughterhouses these workers would not be subject to such damage.
Slaughterhouse workers are predominantly minority groups or those seeking refuge, they are often underpaid and left with no health insurance or workers rights, this means they are left in a position where they cannot care for any illness they may get.
Slaughterhouses/farms are often placed in low income areas, and the local residence often become very sick (often a low age of death) due to the conditions of the air, water and land.
Locals around farms are subject to the chemical spray and water pollution from animal agriculture making it nearly impossible for them to live a happy and healthy life
There are issues of labour/work condition in the countries that harvest for animal agriculture, although most vegans do not completely avoid it, when you go vegan you reduce the amount of it you are using. As animal ag uses 80% avoiding it means you reduce the number.
If we used the harvest that goes to animals for humans we would be able to completely end world hunger. For example, roughly 70% of soy goes to livestock and only 5% to humans, if we used the majority of grain for humans we would not have this issue -…
The vegan diet has staples of some of the cheapest foods on the planet (rice, pasta, in season fruit and veg), if it was more commonly spoke about it means those on a lower income would be able to be healthy, meaning they *may* have to pay less in medical bills, and save money.
Now lets talk about the health benefits of being vegan! Obviously these results aren't garuanteed!
Meat is not a necessary thing we need in the human diet, all of the nutrients we gain from meat are easily accessible within vegan products.
The WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) placed processed and red meat in the same carcinogenic group as cigarettes
B12 deficiency affects 40% of the population, it is fed to the animals via supplement, so why not skip the middle man and take the supplement yourself!
The vegan diet has been proven to reduce cancer risk (significantly those who are at risk of developing prostate cancer).
The vegan diet is proven to be a ‘protective diet’ that may help people fight common illnesses (hence why vegan immunity is a thing) -…
Veganism has been proven to reduce symptoms of diabetes in several patients of all sizes and ethnicities
Veganism has been linked to a reduction of symptoms in breathing conditions such as asthma.
The vast majority of Americans are nutrient deficient, it is not a vegan issues, all nutrient needs can be met on a vegan diet.
Key Et Al (2003) found that ‘Vegans had the highest intakes of fibre, vitamin B1, folate, Vit C, Vit E, magnesium and iron’
Veganism is known to regulate and manage weight, often aiding chronic illnesses such as PCOS.
Veganism has been linked to reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms, some record it doing more for them than medication ever had.
Several people have reported going off of medications due to veganism -…
The human species is developing a resistance to common antibiotics, this has been linked to the fact that animals such as chickens are fed antibiotics in their feed in order to make them grow quicker so they can be slaughtered younger
Veganism has no link to a lack of bone density -…
Switching from a meat eating diet to a vegan could prevent 8.1 Million premature deaths by 2050
Now lets talk about the environmental benefits of going vegan! This is why many say you can't be an environmentalist and eat animals!
Soya & Almond milk is a lot better for the environment due to the fact it uses less land & water. One glass of cows milk takes 30 gallons of water whereas on glass of soya milk takes 9 gallons and one glass of almond milk takes 23 gallons.
Meat wastes MASSIVE amounts of water. It takes 2,400 gallons to make one pound of meat, whereas it takes 25 gallons to make a pound of wheat.
Not eating one pound of meat saves the same amount of water as not showering for six whole months.
It has been found that if the USA reduces their meat consumption by 50% it would have the same impact as taking 26 MILLION cars off the road.
Animal agriculture has been found responsible for 51% of greenhouse gases as livestock and their by-product are responsible for 32,000 MILLION tones of carbon dioxide.
91% of rainforest destruction is caused by animal agriculture, if you don’t want to kill the rainforests and all of if its (predominantly endangered) inhabitants, go vegan!
Veganism is the most sustainable diet for the planet as it uses less land, water, transportation & chemicals.
A vegan diet has been reported to reduce land usage by 75%, so we would be able to use a lot of land a lot more efficiently.
Over half of plastic pollution is caused by the fishing industry, so if you care about reducing your plastic, it is time to leave fish off your plate!
51% of land is used for animal agriculture, this land could be used to feed the human species instead.
Reducing your animal product intake is better for the environment than not using transport.
If you have successfully made it through this thread and you still think there is no good reason to go vegan, then I suggest you take a look at your morals and how veganism can help to align them!
I have sources for every single one of these if anyone wants x
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