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[thread] on those 40 reasons…
First of all you need a precursor on May…
Let’s get started proper on that list of 40

After all the PM went to such efforts to make up a list

Why 40 was the only question I had.

You could have made it less

You could have added more fantastical bullshit and made it 100
1. Free movement will come to an end, once and for all, with the introduction of a new skills-based immigration system.

of course given May’s past of racist xenophobic scapegoating of course not only would this be framed as a positive but also first

Of course visa concessions will be the first thing trade partners seek so whether it’s desperate brexiteers with CANZUK as ofc India visa requests get racist short shrift

Well it’s open global Britain bartering visas for preferential deals
2. full control of our money

Ah the deflectionary bullshit of that brexit dividend

It doesn’t exist
It never did
It was a lie
A con

Hence the “deal dividend”

Brexit will not be worth it

The damage it has caused and cost .... so far

3. The jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK will end.

4. In the future we will make our own laws

You as PM

"Parliament has been sovereign the entire time we've been in the EU but it hasn't always felt like that"
5. We will leave the Common Agricultural Policy.

6. We will leave the Common Fisheries Policy and become an independent coastal state again, with control over our waters.

Remind us the number UK border patrol vessels

7. We will be able to strike trade deals with other countries around the world. Deals can be negotiated and ratified during the implementation period and put in place straight afterwards.

David Davis said negotiations start Sept 2016 to be ready 2018

So you knew he is a liar?
Oh and Liam Fox has not been able to demonstrate with any evidence the magical benefits of these FTAs to the satisfaction of well anyone rational

Oh and also

9. We will be freed from the EU’s political commitment to ever closer union.

We already were

So this is a nice bit of fluffing to liars and/or paranoids
10. We will be out of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, recognising the UK’s long track record in protecting human rights.

You are having a fucking joke

Yemeni civilians dead by Tory authorised

Saudi reports suppressed

And so so much more
11. A fair settlement of our financial obligations, which will be less than half what was originally predicted.

Oh dear

You just called so many of your MPs liars

And you think somehow dressing it up as a saving as it’s less than some scary number this will appease some
12. Both the one million UK citizens living in the EU and the three million EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights legally guaranteed so they can carry on living their lives as before.


You are shameless

It doesn’t
They aren’t

Fucking racist fraud
13. We will have a free trade area with the EU, with no tariffs, fees, charges or quantitative restrictions across all sectors, helping to protect UK jobs. We will be the only major economy with such a relationship with the EU.
That is bullshit

The state of the withdrawal agreement is one thing

The future deal will be yet further evidence of the fantasy unicorn con of brexit

As per “Brexit means Brexit” to don’t let the quest for a perfect deal spoil a good deal
14. We’ve agreed with the EU that we will be as ambitious as possible in easing the movement of goods between the UK and the EU as part of our free trade area.

Key words there “as possible”

You know it will be worse than current benefits of single market, CU & well membership
15. We will have an implementation period after we leave the EU during which trade will continue much as it does now. This will allow government, businesses and citizens time to prepare for our new relationship.

“Time to prepare”

You should have done that before you did A50
16. The deal will see a greater reduction in barriers to trade in services than in any previous trade deal.

That’s because it starts from U.K. already aligned with EU rules and structure

Empty point
Or as put here by buzzfeed’s Alberto Nardelli

Weeks after EUref, an EU27 official said to me: if we agree an off-the-shelf option, the UK will want to call it a 'special British deal'
17. There will be an agreement that means UK citizens can practice their profession in the EU.

Well whoopy de fucking do

Racist xenophobes and the language of treason, invasions, swarms and war abound

And you think this is worth 1 of your 40
18. A comprehensive deal that secures access to the EU market for our financial services sector meaning the EU cannot withdraw it on a whim. This will provide stability and certainty for the industry.
What I like here is your playing to the happy clappers in your party with the portrayal of a rules based organisation of friends, allies, neighbours doing something on a “whim”

You know this is a lie

You know the language you choose
19. A best in class agreement on digital, helping to facilitate e-commerce and reduce unjustified barriers to trade by electronic means.

Ah so you want to be part of the club benefits what a surprise

I like the use of “best in class” your blue sky brainstorming of phrases
20. We have agreed that there will be arrangements that will let data continue to flow freely, vital across our economy and for our shared security.

We have to comply with EU rules on data protection with no say, no influence and no seat at the table
21. Trade arrangements for gas and electricity will help to ease pressure on prices and keep supply secure.

Ah the energy single market

Yet more benefits of the club the U.K. is desperate to keep
22. Strong rules will be in place to keep trade fair, so neither the UK nor EU can unfairly subsidise their industries against the other.

Remind us again how the leave campaign used the car brand logos of so many and the comfort letters you had to write.
23. We will have a comprehensive Air Transport Agreement and comparable access for freight operators, buses and coaches.

Again it’s a reminder of how brilliant the benefits of being a member of the EU are and the UK’s desperation to beg for those same benefits
24. We have agreed that there will be arrangements so we can take part in EU programmes like Horizon and Erasmus.

Again a reminder the brilliant benefits of being a member

And to desperate pleas for U.K. to keep them
25. There will be a co-operation agreement with Euratom, covering all the key areas where we want to collaborate

Yes but what will you have to pay to get it

Again highlighting the benefits of being a member
27. Ah crime/security cooperation

Again you extol as you did privately to an audience at Goldman Sachs the benefits of being an Eu member

And again desperately pleading to keep benefits
28-29 are just extra fluff padding around Point 27
30. We will continue to work together on sanctions against those who violate international rules.

Vladimir Putin is laughing at you Theresa
31. We will work together on cyber-security threats and support international efforts to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Have a look at Putin’s interference in the brexit vote

No: wait

You already know

Carry on as you are
32. Disputes between the UK and the EU on the agreement will be settled by an independent arbitrator, ensuring a fair outcome.

That tells you nothing at whom the arbitrator will be

Again wait for the “good but not perfect” final deal
34. We will keep the Common Travel Area between the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring everyday life continues as now.

Did you notice the brexit dividend that Ireland seems to be having in citizenship/passport applications

Strange that

On Northern Ireland

A reminder that those who peddled the con of electoral crimes, lies, deceit, fantasy and racism

Said they had many solutions

39. Ah Gibraltar gets a mention

Only one though compared to NI

Guess that DUP bung bought them something

Haven’t seen the phrase our “precious union” yet
40. The deal delivers on the referendum result. It takes back control of our money, borders and laws whilst protecting jobs, security and the integrity of the United Kingdom.

You said this deal was not perfect but good

Imagine admitting your own deal is shite
Oh and weirdly your list didn’t include Galileo

So here’s a thread on that and other defence / tech arena

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