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You've been watching a movie! 😎
The Great Awakening is here. Are you ready?

This will be my QThread for January 7th
2. Drop 2664
Q links 3 posts from @POTUS this morning and then fully quotes the posts. Q tells us to compare to drops yesterday. Ring a bell? New narrative created? Why is the MSM refusal to provide truthful news important? Make the connection. -Q
3. Posts from @POTUS that Q linked:
4. Drop 2665
Anon posts drop 2658 from yesterday along with 2 posts from POTUS and says it's a mirror.
Q replies: This is the reason why we are here. However, Anon has missed the 3rd tweet from POTUS. Q tells them the graphic is incomplete.
5. Drop 2666
Q links BING search on Ginsburg and shows the top stories this morning that RBG has missed oral arguments for the first time in 25 years.
Q replies: Imagine that! What a coincidence.…
6. Drop 2667
Anon drops article from the AP re: RBG missing from the Supreme Court for the first time.
Anon responds: Mornin' Q
Q replies to Anon: First time in more than 25 years? Mornin, Patriot. 😎
7. Anons commenting on Q arriving so early this morning:
8. Everytime Q returns 😎
9. Anons are telling Q bring it on!
Another Anon notices a timestamp and wonders if Q and POTUS were having breakfast together this morning.
10. 👀 SAME TIME! 7:38 am
What are the odds Q and #POTUS both post at the EXACT same time?

[A]dam [S]mith 🤔
at the exact time Q references the fake news? Coincidence?

Reminder: Adam Schiff is the intel leaker for the fake news!
11. Liddle Adam Schitt 👇🏼
13. Completed side by side graphic of Q's drop beside POTUS' tweets: Mirror of eachother.
14. ICYMI: @POTUS will be addressing the Nation tomorrow in a prime time address beginning at 9:00 pm EST.
15. @POTUS' address to the Nation tomorrow will be exactly one year to the day since Q started a new board on the chans. Coincidence?
16. Anon noticed something else on #POTUS' tweet. Timestamp! 👀
17. IRS Will Issue Tax Refunds During Shutdown, Easing Pressure To Reach A Deal…
18. #BREAKING: Malaysian King Sultan Muhammad V abruptly abdicated on Sunday after wearing the crown for only 2 years.

The former 15th king of Malaysia did not explain why he departed early, but there is speculation it has to do with his personal life.…
19. Anons believe [they] will force a FF or finally announce RBG's death tomorrow to try to thwart the Presidential Address.
20. Bait expends more ammunition?
21. "WH counsel is looking at legality of declaring a National Emergency over the border wall"

Does nobody in the news realize this was the plan all along? 😂 WH counsel knew this was legal LONG AGO when they planned this perfectly... and the Dems & MSM took the bait! ThanQ 😎
22. Valid point Anon! 👌🏼😂
23. The Resistance is rallying to boycott the Presidential Address tomorrow. #PANIC
24. @RobHerring with #OANN confirms they will broadcast the address tomorrow. Other networks have yet to confirm if they will broadcast the Presidential Address.

>> Major Networks don't want to cover a Presidential Address? Truly, the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
25. What will @POTUS do as a counter measure if the MSM refuses to broadcast the Presidential Address? Will #POTUS finally execute the EO that OBAMA signed in 2012 granting him absolute control over the media?
26. @POTUS continues to expose the fake news media.
27. Anons are responding to Q:
29. #FakeNews Media finally acknowledges that #POTUS has the power to declare a National Emergency and use military funding to build the wall.…

DoD Completes First Full Financial Statement Audit; Findings Will Directly Benefit Readiness. The biggest audit in human history?…
32. Reminder: 2.2 MILLION 🎯😎
33. HOLD THE LINE! ❤️🙏🏻❤️
34. ICYMI: @POTUS is scheduled to be in Switzerland on or before January 21st for several days.

January 19th - Popcorn Day 🍿
"Get your popcorn" - Q

January 21st - Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse 🌓

"POTUS will be well insulated aboard AF1" -Q
35. Today, @POTUS signed into law the "National Integrated Drought Information System Reauthorization Act of 2018" and the "Victims of Child Abuse Act Reauthorization Act of 2018"
36. Lots of chatter on the chans today re: yesterday's drops. They seem to be a sequence. Coincidence?
37. Was Q speaking in code yesterday to someone other than Maggie?
38. Within ONE hour of the MK_Ultra & Converting Brain Signals drop from Q last night, New York Times posted a rebuttal to #QAnon? Within an hour! All this for a larp? 😎
39. ❤️@realDonaldTrump 🙏🏻
40. Five Members of Mexican Sex Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Prison.…
41. UN Report - almost 1/3 of human trafficking victims are children.

If the UN is reporting this, then we know the numbers are actually MUCH higher.…
42. France: MSM Cries ‘Sabotage’ as Consultation Shows Voters Reject Globalism.…
43. Congressman demands end to federal funding of Nation of Islam.

Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., Monday called on the Department of Justice to immediately halt federal funding to the Nation of Islam.…
44. #MEGA #WWG1WGA 🌎
45. ICYMI: Kim Jong Un is rumored to have taken a train to China today.

The last time Kim took a train to China, he met with @POTUS 👀
46. US Initiative Warns Firms of Hacking by China and Other Countries.…
47. China unveils its first STEALTH SPY DRONE that can fly 40 hours without refuelling and scout ground targets from 9,800ft. (Video included)…
48. Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace. - @realDonaldTrump
49. New decode for D5! 👀
MOAB on the red carpet?
Grammy nominations were announced Dec. 5th. Anon asked Q: When will we have a MOAB?
Q replied: Red Carpet rollout? Think logically. The world is watching.
👉🏼Grammy's: Sun Feb. 10th 8pm
50. Anons are soooo ready! 😎
51. The Steele Dossier Was Planned As Hillary’s Insurance Policy.…
52. ICYMI: Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server among ‘gravest’ offenses to transparency, judge says.
53. Reminder! Don't forget this one.
Flashback – Maxine Waters Brags About Obama’s Extensive Database On Everyone (VIDEO).

Who has this database now? 😎…
54. One photo says a thousand sentences.
55. Giuliani pushes back on suggestion Mueller report could be suppressed.…
56. #BREAKING: Another Black Man Has Died in the Home of Democratic Donor Ed Buck…
57. August 2017, marked the first "known" death at Democratic donor Ed Buck's residence in West Hollywood. Today, was the second. What's happening at Ed's house?! 👀…
58. 🤡 Journalists getting exposed everywhere! Once an agent, always an agent, John! 🤡
59. Why was the Senate the main objective and not the House as well?
>> To give [them] just enough rope!
No escape. PANIC.
60. 👀Sandy Hook victim just passed away.. again? In Pakistan? 🤔#CrisisActor
61. Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Anons caught numerous Q clues throughout the night. One of the most noteable was when a clip from White Squall was shown. #WWG1WGA

Here is an active link for the LIVE coverage of @POTUS' Presidential Address tomorrow January 8th @ 9pm EST.

The world will be watching.
63. #BREAKING: Liang withdraws nomination for Fed board seat.

Former Fed. Reserve economist Nellie Liang said on Monday she had withdrawn her nomination for a seat on the Fed's Board of Governors, citing concern over a lengthy Senate confirmation process.…
64. @POTUS' Schedule: Jan. 8th
The only public event is the Presidential Address to the Nation.
65. Remember folks, OPERATORS are ACTIVE! Please pray for @POTUS , the QTeam and every brave Warrior out there risking everything for our freedom! ThanQ! 🙏🏻
66. #BREAKING: Wealthy Democrat donor Ed Buck has a SECOND black man in 18 months die in his West Hollywood home, sparking police to reopen the first case of a male prostitute who died of an overdose in 2017.…
67. Look who it is! The top story on DailyMail with a HUGE photo of Hillary and Ed Buck right at the top. Hillary right next to a body bag? She does have quite the reputation for her body count! ThanQ, DailyMail 😎
68. 🚨Q has dropped intel on FVEY numerous times, and yesterday asked us to dig further. Here is the original declassified agreement between the US and UK creating FVEY March 5th, 1946.…
69. #BREAKING: How The Federal Reserve Quietly Bankrupted The US Pension System.

Actions have consequences. Even for the Fed.…
70. #Hannity expects Trump to declare national emergency for border wall.…
71. MSM has now confirmed they WILL broadcast the Presidential Address tomorrow.

Pelosi and Schumer were quick to make a statement: "Democrats must immediately be given equal airtime" following the address.

72. Do you smell PANIC? 😎
73. GLORIOUS you say? 😎🎯
Anons, @POTUS is telling us directly.
It's coming! The main show is about to begin! Buckle up.
74. Past drops 1 year ago:
Q dropped a ton of DEFCON 1 stringer markers. Fire & Fury. 9 states of CLAS ready to go live. 34 commands live. Sky fortress engaged. For God and Country. 15-10-5. Anons, we really need to watch the deltas in @POTUS' posts tomorrow! 👀
75. Past drops from 1 year ago:
Plausible deniability to the world but the ultimate confirmation to us.
More DEFCON 1 drops - Q confirms 15-10-5-1 and marker [1]. Future proves past. Do you think @POTUS R/T MagaPill for no reason? This isn't a game. We believe in you. -Q
76. What is MagaPill?
>> A site that was created that lists EVERY single one of President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments.

The list is that extensive it actually deserved it's own site. 🇺🇸
77. Past drops from 1 year ago:
Q confirms McCabe. Interesting looking back a year later!
Q continues teaching Anons the comms.
78. Looking at past drops from Jan 8/9th one year ago: DEFCON does not refer to defense r condition. Thought clear. Now crystal clear. Truth belongs with the PEOPLE.
BIG week. Be ready. 😎
79. Big BOOMS coming!
Expect fireworks tomorrow.
Sleep tight Patriots 🙏🏻😇😎

As always, thank you @POTUS, @FLOTUS and the entire QTeam for having the courage to fight for our freedoms! 🙏🏻 #MEGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon
80. @threadreaderapp unroll 🙏🏻
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