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Looks like the WSJ opinion page is back with more uncritical "ROGD" claptrap. Let's dive in…
First? That title. "defies biology"? Stop using the word "biology" when you mean "the social presumption of cis as default and desirable".
Otherwise you leave yourself open to people pointing out that eyeglasses defy biology, antibiotics defy biology, chemotherapy defies biology, and HIV therapy defies biology. You just failed at the is-ought distinction in your title. Not a good start.
Also, the subheading. "The burden of mothers whose children suffer from 'rapid onset gender dysphoria'". *Why is it always the mothers?* What accounts for that? Given that the terrible study of "ROGD" relied entirely on parental reports, what explains that heavily skewed sample?
And the conservative fear of higher education and queerness rears its head immediately. Y'all, I literally went to college classes for the first time in my life today and at no point was I or anyone else required to state their sexual orientation or pronouns.
Newsflash for WSJ opinion writer and unnamed "prominent Southern lawyer": You don't know shit about all these other kids. All these other adults, actually. You don't know their history of symptoms, their process of identity development, or the evaluations they've undergone.
To dismiss the real life experiences of people you don't even know by assuming they're only transitioning because they "decided" to follow something "fashionable" is the height of arrogance. It's certainly not evidence in any sense of that word.
This especially deserves attention. They are talking about a legal adult. They are depicting it as sinister for a legal adult to choose which clothes to wear, how to cut their hair, and make medical decisions for themselves.
This is par for the course for "ROGD parents", who seem to conceptualize anyone they gave birth to as being their indefinite property even into adulthood. They express this in their certainty that they know their child's identity and innermost thoughts better than the child does.
BAD WRONG NO READ A BOOK. "Traditional" gender dysphoria has been known for decades to present as both early-onset and late-onset, the latter including in adolescence. Extensive clinical research makes it clear that dysphoria first appearing in adolescence is very much real.
That research also points out that this does often come as a surprise to a person's parents, and that these trans people often concealed their identity for years out of concerns for the impact on their lives. "ROGD parents" are exactly the kind of people a trans kid hides from.
A better person than this WSJ writer would look at that fact and consider that maybe this is because gender dysphoria is not actually like cutting or bulimia.
Because people definitely go to a therapist to be told that their sexual orientation or gender identity are invalid and wrong, obvs. Also, Lisa Marchiano is an LCSW in Pennsylvania, where doing conversion therapy is actually illegal.
A euphemism, you say? :O It turns out, "double mastectomies" is in fact a euphemism for top surgery. Top surgery is a chest reconstruction surgery. It entails specific techniques to produce a deliberately masculine-appearing result, a skill far beyond just a mastectomy.
These effects of sex hormones are labeled "irreversible physical trauma". Yet no concern is shown for the gender-dysphoric youth whose symptoms and identities are being invalidated and dismissed, who are being forced to go through the wrong puberty with *exactly those effects*.
One popular transphobe thing is caring deeply about what might happen to cis people in their imagination while exhibiting no care whatsoever about what's happening to actual trans people right now.
And here we go again. This is literally complaining about how legal adults can make their own medical decisions. And it's complaining about how transition treatments are available to trans people *at all*.
That false distinction they tried to make earlier between "real" trans people and "ROGD"? That was a lie. A cover. A cloak for what turns out to be overt and wide-ranging transphobia without that pretense of being Okay With Trans People As Long As You're One Of The Good Ones.
You know who else typically suffers from anxiety and depression? Trans people with untreated gender dysphoria. It is an incredibly common comorbidity. What an odd coincidence!
Why are so many of these "ROGD parents" anonymous? And why did the WSJ writer decide to take their side of the story at face value when there's no possible way to follow up on that or even, maybe, perhaps, talk to the kids whose lives are being dissected on your opinion page?
Trans people - trans kids! - get kicked out of the house by their unaccepting parents all the time. It is a major contributor to youth homelessness. Do not even try to flip that around when the power dynamic and imbalance here could not be more clear.
"undermine parental authority" - and again, there's the treatment of children as your everlasting property. Another person's gender identity is not something that you as a parent hold authority over. Another person receiving a medical diagnosis is not something parents can veto.
"Nearly every force in society is aligned against these parents" such as... the medical autonomy of legal adults? When that's what you're *aligned against*, you really need to reconsider what it is you're doing.
"omitting mention of dangerous side effects" - Trans people who get any medical transition treatment are made aware of the side effects at length, from medical professionals, and not just from internet "mentors". This is literally part of the process. Did they not know this?
Also I've written two articles over the past year about how cyproterone acetate can cause brain tumors in trans women but sure, just pop off about whatever.
It's amazing how they just assume that parents, particularly these parents, would neeeever make life unlivably hostile for a trans kid or act so unsupportively that it would drive their trans kid away. Nope, never, not possible, problem must be with these trans kids.
Imagine saying this about YouTube makeup artists. Imagine saying this about gay people who talk about their lives on YouTube. WSJ, it's hard to film your vlog episodes in a club. It's dark and loud and people keep bumping into you.
Brie Jontry, an "ROGD parent" who supposedly knows so much that she can offer a useful secondhand report about her child whose transness she disapproves of, has called transitioning "physician-assisted self-harm" and did not know what histrelin is. (…)
Previous literature by specialist clinicians working with trans adolescents, published years before the "ROGD" study, already recognized that many youth may at first fail to recognize their gender dysphoria and mistake this for cisgender queerness. (…)
This is a kindergarten-level understanding of what testosterone does. It is not intrinsically linked to aggression even in cis people.

You know what it's called when you dismiss an AFAB person's feelings as them being merely "under the influence" of hormones? Fucking misogyny.
Whew! Looks like we made it all the way through, folks. Bonus round: Here's what happened the last time the WSJ tried to cover "ROGD". They contacted me, I explained why it's bunk, and they proceeded to ignore everything and call me an "ideologue". (…)
Thanks to everyone for picking apart media transphobia with me! If you like what I do and want to support it, feel free to chip in here:$ZinniaJones.
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