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1) Who's in the mood for a midnight thread?
2) Clearly the storm is here.
It's a lot to process.
3) I literally don't even know where to start.
4) Okay. Let's start with Washington, D.C.
This is what people look like on the train.
5) The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
6) I think there is a sense that at any moment the city could literally explode.
7) It is hard for me to write about this, because I'm living it.
You know how it is when you're living it, and it's so crazy, and you tell yourself, "really this is totally normal"
and it's not.
8) At night when I hear sirens, I imagine that they're finally making the arrests.
That's how close it seems to me.
That's how much I think about it.
9) The other night, it was a little after midnight. And one of those emergency vehicles was screaming outside.

I looked outside and put my camera on it.

It wasn't a normal vehicle.
10) Even though it was past midnight, I could see it was an odd color.
It looked like a small truck, like an ambulance, if an ambulance could be painted black with a lot of odd white lights.
11) I took a picture of it, but the picture looked like absolute shit.
And I said to myself, this must be normal, I'm just exaggerating the significance of an ordinary event in my mind.

But it wasn't. That vehicle was not usual at all.
12) People are so on edge here.
If the train is stopped in the tunnel for a schedule adjustment,
you can see the look of panic flit across the train riders' faces.

What riders there are...the trains are mostly empty.
13) What is going on here?

It's not like the other shutdowns in the past.

I know, because I have lived through them as a federal worker (all opinions my own).

If you ask me, I think the people are with @POTUS far more than they will admit in public.
14) I find that Christian, middle-aged women in particular are with @POTUS and they don't talk about it.
15) I believe that there are tens of millions of women on the boards, right now, anonymously.
16) Mothers are ferocious.
17) It's funny because I like to work at night, and my Dad is the same way, and my mom happens to be into Deep State studies.

So when I visited them last, we were all up all night, with the TV on all night, literally waiting for news.

18) Of late when I call certain people there is a definite squeak on my phone.
I try to ignore it, but it's pretty much impossible.
19) I've never gone through such a strange thing in all my life, where I'm calling my mom on my cellphone, & she's telling me that she's taking out books from the library so she can learn about what's going on, & I'm literally standing in the middle of the city where it happens.
20) I did not set out to write a book about becoming a Patriot because, for one thing, I TRIED TO MAKE EVERYTHING ORDINARY IN MY HEAD AND JUST GO ON.

But after more than two years, this just became impossible!
21) And literally, all this time, it is the women who send me stuff, and tell me that they can't be discovered for supporting @POTUS, but they are starving for more information.

What can I tell them?

They tell me they're praying for me.

This makes me scared and I cry.
22) What do I say to the friend who knows a person recovering from C I A abuse and he has bits and pieces of memory, and it's scary and awful all the time.

They meet in a small group, in or about the church.
23) I now believe that cannibals exist.
How weird is that.
24) I met @SaRaAshcraft here on Twitter more than a year ago and from Day 1 I believed every word she said.

I still do.
25) It's @SaRaAshcraft and @cronsell and Sarah explains things that are insanely horrible in the most matter of fact way. Chris tells you how to un-think all the implanted thoughts and regain your self-sovereignty.
26) As a Jew, it occurs to me that I did not understand a thing about the Bible until I met @SaRaAshcraft

Not a thing.

Idol-worship, Moloch/Baal, the hidden meaning of Eve vs. Lilith, all of it.
27) It's just this weird, weird divide where you can talk about things, but only so much, and when you say them out loud they sound absolutely ridiculous.

Until they don't.
28) Back in 2017 I talked about "#pizzagate" with some people and I said "yeah, I believe it."

And do you know what I heard back?

"I read all that shit."
29) If you think about how far we've come in such a short time.

It's almost shocking.

Yet we never seem to talk about any of it.
30) If I were to do a survey 1/1/2019 vs. 1/1/2017, and asked these questions, how different would the responses be?
-- Did @POTUS collude w/ Russia?
-- Should Hillary be prosecuted?
-- Is Hollywood a cesspool of pedophlic filth?
-- Do we have a Deep State problem?
31) That @POTUS is telling the truth is evident in so many ways.

“I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.” - AOC

Copying @POTUS' "literal hyperbole."…
31) Wait a minute.
Can we just look at her one more time?
Is it me, or is it something about those eyes, that's really weird?

Not cosmetically.
Sort of like hypnotized/hypnotic.
32) Just like Obama.
It's like crazy eyes.

I actually remember that when I first heard him talking, I went into a kind of trance.
33) It's just...the kind of person I've become.
It's like there's a world of people who are walking around, silently committed to taking back our country from the corruption...
But you just have to sense who those people are.
34) You know what this reminds me of?
When I first became a brand consultant, my boss once said:
"The clients don't understand branding, and then they suddenly get it.
It's like a domino effect - the pieces fall into place."

So true!
35) I think there's a lot of people watching what's going on in the mainstream media narrative today, and they're going: That's really weird.

Like the entire #GoldenGlobes & @enews sick tweet with the @FIJIWater
36) Like how self indulgent can you be with all this signaling?
How creepy and sick does this dude look?
I can't believe I ever watched his movies at all!
37) What is this pose supposed to signify?
Obviously I don't get it.
And under the creepy NBC logo yet.
38) Like, uh, how do we spin the fact that KEVIN SPACEY was in court today and there is video?

Oh, I know: "lawyers enter not guilty plea"
39) Here's another one: the sudden push to lionize ruth bader ginsburg who is a proponent of the most godawful shit.

Not one, but TWO movies.

And "just coincidentally" she thinks 12 year old prepubertal children should be treated as consenting adults.
40) "Called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are 'less than 12.” (P 102)

" wrote that the Mann Act (which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women & girls) is 'offensive.'” (P 98)"

--Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, 1977 (cited by Q)
41) Uh, whatever happened to Tom Sizemore's movie "Adrenochrome"
42) Turns out @CBSNews is...pushing it!

The blood of young teenagers...a youth serum.

43) "The Lost Boys"

Just THINK about this trailer - look back on it.

44) "Less Than Zero"

That James Spader character, the Robert Downey Jr. character.

They weren't just characters.

45) I was a child who loved the movies.

I loved to get away.

And now, they aren't an escape for me.
46) Like tonight, we watched "Couples Retreat."

And I kept "noticing" stuff that was extraneous to the plot, but they seemed to be pushing something onto the audience, for example that one of the main characters had homosexual fantasies.

It didn't fit.…
47) I think it may actually be true that most people can't handle the truth.

But there is something in me, like it's been kept from me for so long.

So long.

I feel the need to know.
48) Many people do not understand that curiosity is apolitical.

I genuinely want to know what happened to Dr. Ford.

I saw her trauma just like everyone else did.

49) Just think for a moment about the implications of the statement that (NOT ONLY are you spied on through every possible device BUT ALSO) you are basically subject to mind control, anytime anywhere.
50) The next part is even worse.
We, all of us, are ALREADY marked by "the beast."
B/c our identities are tied to the grid ALL THE TIME,in EVERY WAY.
Think about your little phone.
What does it enable?
How does it dis-able, too?

We need to get the people free from THAT.

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