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Thread: Congress’ Refusal to Secure the Southern Border Violates Its National Security Mission

1. @POTUS is pressing hard for The Wall. This Op Ed # 421 from Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee provides some justification!
2. For the last 75 years, the US Congress voted hundreds of billions of dollars to fund the US armed forces to protect the borders of many foreign countries, and to fund the construction of their border walls.
3. To date, 65 countries and the Vatican have built border walls; they have actually prevented the incursion of unwanted and dangerous entrants.
4. For the last 2 years, the 51 Republican Senators have been unable to get the 60 votes required to fund $5 billion for border security, yet the US Senate appropriates $50 billion annually for Foreign Aid.
5. The US Congress voted to provide funds to build border walls in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, South Korea, Germany, Iraq, Panama, Morocco, Greece, Thailand, Lithuania, Latvia, Afghanistan, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Panama, etc.
6. Annually, the US Congress votes to provide national and border security by 39,000 US military personnel in Japan, 34,805 in Germany, 23,000 in South Korea, 8,475 in Afghanistan, 5,250 in Iraq, 2,500 in Syria, and thousands of military personnel ….
6A. …in Italy, France, Kurdistan, England, Scotland, Panama, the Philippines, Australia, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc.
7. For over 240 years, one of the missions of the US Army has always been to protect the international borders of the US. In the past, the US Army was assigned to protect the Canadian border from the invasion of British Redcoats, the southern border ….
7A. …from the Apaches raiding the southwest from their safe havens in Mexico, from the banditry raids of Pancho Villa into Texas, from the infiltration of Nazis spies thru the southern border in the 1940s, from Communists incursions into the US ….
7B. …from the southern border for the past 90 years, and since 9/11, to protect the nation from incursion of radical Islamic terrorists.
8. The Bush and Obama administrations previously mobilized as many 6000 members of the National Guard to back up the US Border Patrol, to prevent the entry of convicted criminals illegal aliens, MS 13 gang members, drug smugglers, ….
8A. …radical Islamic terrorists, Illegal Aliens, white slavers, etc., thru the wide-open southern border.
9. The Trump administration federalized 4000 National Guard troops to back up and supplement the US Border Patrol, then mobilized 5200 active duty military personnel to back up the US Border Patrol.
10. The Texas Department of Public Safety regularly employs the Texas National Guard to support law enforcement in interdicting drugs being smuggled across Texas’ southern borders.
10A. The previous and current governors of Texas stated that the Texas National Guard works well with Texas law enforcement.
11. In the state of Texas alone, over 245,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens have been arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, assaults, white slavery, car theft, drug smuggling, drug dealing, burglary, prostitution, larceny, home invasions, etc.
12. The US is the only major country in the world that has a 2000-mile long wide-open international border. The security of international borders of the US and enforcement of US Immigration Laws, has always been one of the national security missions of the Congress.
13. The US Army Joint Task Force North has a drug smuggling prevention mission. In support of that mission, the US Corps of Engineers has constructed 62 miles of roads adjacent to the southern border, and has constructed border barriers to prevent drug smuggling.
14. The US southern border, has 52 legal ports of entry spread across the 2000-mile border; there are many wide-open spaces, with no barriers, in between the 52 legal ports of entry.
15. On January 4, 2019, the Secretary of Homeland Security reported that in 2018 alone, 3,057 illegal aliens, from countries where terrorist have bases and/or others have been identified as having communicated with suspected Radical Islamic Terrorists, ….
15A. …were apprehended and arrested while trying to penetrate the wide -pen southern border.
16. The apprehension rate of illegal aliens at the border has always been assumed to only catch 50% of all illegal entrants, since there has never been walled barrier to interdict illegal entrants.
17. There is a strong possibility that in 2018, an equal number of Illegal Aliens from countries with terrorist bases or who have communicated with radical Islamic terrorists, avoided apprehension, and may have been able to enter the US thru the wide-open southern border.
18. Annually, illegal aliens receive billions of dollars in food stamps, emergency room medical treatment, housing allowances, and the children of Illegal Aliens, who cannot read or write English, retard the progress and ….
18A. …degrade the education of millions of American students in public schools.
19. Illegal Immigration has been changing the character of the Republic, undercutting the rule of law, and spawned a sinister lobby of “Open Border” advocates who have created over 380 sanctuary cities and 8 sanctuary states.
20. It is the responsibility of 21,000 US Border Patrol agents (currently 2,000 agents under strength) to protect the US International borders.
21. US federal immigration Laws are enforced within the United States by 20,000 US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents (ICE agents).
22. It is the responsibility of ICE agents to apprehend over 20+ million illegal aliens, who have violated US federal immigration laws by illegally entering the United States.
23. ICE Agents have been focusing their efforts of apprehending the large number of convicted criminal Illegal Aliens; in the course of rounding them up, they are also incidentally apprehending other Illegal Aliens.
24. The attempt by 80,000 ICE agents to locate over 20 million Illegal Alien residing internally within the US, after they have penetrated the border, is no longer feasible.
25. The 380 sanctuary cities and the 8 sanctuary states have interfered with the enforcement of US federal immigration laws, by prohibiting local and state law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE Agents.
26. That has made the once ordinary apprehending process of transferring jailed illegal aliens from local law enforcement agencies to ICE agents unworkable, and has substantially increased the dangers to ICE agents.
27. Thousands of convicted illegal aliens serving prison terms in sanctuary cities and states, upon completion of their sentences or upon release because of overcrowding, continue to be released directly into the general population, ….
27A. …instead of being handed over to ICE agents for deportation to their countries of origin.
28. Many of those criminals illegal aliens return to crime, including the sale and smuggling of drugs.
29. In 2017, 62,000 Americans died from the scourge of opioids smuggled into the US, and in 2018 the number will be over 71,000; those are more deaths than the deaths in the US from breast cancer.
30. Despite state laws prohibiting law enforcement officers in sanctuary cities and states from cooperating with ICE agents, ICE agents still apprehended over 212,600 convicted criminal illegal aliens in 2018, up from 105,736 convicted criminal illegal aliens in 2017.
31. The US Nationality Act requires the enforcement of US federal quarantine laws. Those quarantine laws were once enforced meticulously on Ellis Island for every immigrant who ever entered the United States.
32. Today, US quarantine laws are virtually ignored as they apply to millions of illegal aliens crossing the wide-open US southern border. Illegal aliens with suspected diseases are not being quarantined for 90 days to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
33. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cautioned that Americans are now being exposed to highly contagious disease that had previously been eradicated, by many of thousands of illegal aliens entering the US each week …..
33A. …who have not been quarantined to treat those diseases.
34. Their infections are responsible for the reemergence of small pox, mumps, polio, tuberculosis, lice, leprosy, scabies, diphtheria, staph infections, etc., infecting both US Border Patrol agents who contact them, and grammar school children, ….
34A. …in public schools, who are in class with the children of illegal aliens.
35. Millions of illegal aliens have refused to assimilate, refuse to honor the American flag, continue to pay allegiance to Mexico and Central American countries.
36. The common practice of illegal aliens is to use US welfare benefits to cover their living expenses, while working under the radar, and sending those untaxable wages back to their countries of origin.
37. Those repatriated funds total billions of dollars annually and are a drain on the US economy.
38. California has by far the largest number of illegal aliens of any state in the nation, there were 2.3 million illegal aliens in California in 2014, and their numbers have dramatically increased to over 4 million in the last 4 years.
39. According to the Census Bureau, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation; nearly one in five residents are poor. While California accounts for 12% of America’s population, it accounts for one third of America’s welfare checks.
40. California illegal aliens receive 1/3rd of all the food stamps issued in the United States, and California has more residents on welfare than most countries in the world.
41. California is now the home to 22% of this nation’s homeless population. California income taxes, business taxes, sales taxes and gas taxes are the highest in the nation, in order to pay for the enormous costs of illegal alien welfare, ….
41A. …medical care, student education, housing. Illegal aliens accounts for 33% of all the incarcerated convicted criminal in California prisons.
42. California has become a foreign state within the United States; 44% of Californians don’t speak English at home.
43. Since 9/11, illegal aliens who should not have been within the United States, have murdered 63,000 Americans, and maimed thousands of other innocent Americans. Convicted criminal illegal aliens have terrorized border towns, ….
43A. …robbed angel moms and dads of their murdered children, endangered and murdered law enforcement officers.
44. Since 2003, 14 police officers have been murdered by illegal aliens.
45. All American citizens are endangered by the invasion of illegal aliens drugs smugglers, radical Islamic terrorists, MS 13 gang members from Central America, and convicted criminals illegal aliens who commit millions of crimes against innocent Americans.
46. The over 20 million illegal aliens who have invaded the nation, in violation of US federal immigration laws, receive medical, welfare, housing, and educational financial support, at an average cost of $70,000 per illegal alien each year ….
46A. … (the annual welfare costs for illegal aliens has risen to $250 billion annually). Yet the US Senate will not appropriate a measly $5 billion for border security!
47. The migrant caravan (of mostly men) invasions in November and December 2018 were not spontaneous; they were highly organized. Their goal was to “degrade US security.
48. They were organized by multiple UN Agencies, numerous “Open Borders” organizations, CAIR, MECHA, the American Friends Services Committee (a Quaker group that has had ties to the Communist Party since the 1920s), ….
48A. …and Chicago based organizations founded by Left Wing Activists, Emma Lozano---Pueblo Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latino Unida, and Centro Sin Fronteras Community Services Network.
49. The migrant caravan invasions in November and December 2018 had 100 Pueblo Sin Fronteras workers embedded with the caravans. “Open Borders” organizations and philanthropists covered the cost of chartered bus transportation, food for thousands of illegal liens.
50. Those providing funding included George Soros, International Assoc. of Democratic Lawyers (a Soviet Propaganda Front), National Lawyer Guild (a Communist front), Casa de Maryland (Communist Open Borders front), The Ford Foundation ….
50A. … (that funds Leftists organizations), Illinois Dept. of Human Services, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Refugee Rights, National Immigration Forum, etc.
51. The United States has a broken US Immigration system. The US Senate has the solemn obligation to protect American citizens from the invasion across the wide-open US southern border by radical Islamic terrorists, drug smugglers, criminal convicted illegal aliens, ….
51A. …MS-13 gang members, white slavers, and millions of illegal aliens. In November 2018 alone, 60,000 illegal aliens were interdicted coming across the border—most likely, an equal number were not interdicted, and entered illegally.
52. It is time for the US military, to once again, guarantee the sovereignty of the Republic by protecting the borders of the United States, and by assisting in building secure border barriers, as they have done for many foreign nations over the last 75 years.
53. Signed:
Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
San Diego, CA 92108…
54. Will @POTUS declare a state of national emergency? The information provided in this thread is ample justification for it, folks! The Democrats who support “open borders” are just plain despicable after contemplating the damage being done to our nation! ///The end.
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