The crisis on the boarder is real, but it is not from south of the boarder.
It is in fact domestic terrorism from armed militias, likely white supremacists.
These militias are;

"stealing National Guard equipment during deployments"

Now, I doubt what they target for theft is anything that can be easily or somewhat easy to obtain through normal channels. Especially fire arms, the lack of restrictions makes getting them from a local gun store more convenient than stealing, especially from the military.
Imaging, if Timothy McVeigh had obtained military equipment, that would even be near impossible to get through the black market/modern dark net channels.

What he used was large amounts fertilizer, easy to access at the time.

So 1 of these 200 militias is planning something BIG.
And, if militias were targeting National Guard posts with success in the past, imagine now their success rate during the government shut down? DOD and other support is going to be now limited.

By doing so, Trump DELIBERATLY moved the NG targets from hard to more soft targets.
What ever materials they have obtained they are having a field day now adding to their inventory. And, before the government shut down ends, they WILL use them. If they hold out, local law enforcement manpower increases, the chance they are caught especially in the act increases.
Now, people notice the 👌gesture being thrown, everyone from militias to Trump, Rodger Stone with Proud Boys to Steven Miller, etc. Is actually more to represent the 3%er, same shit different wrapping. White domestic terrorists.

Trump's dog whistles have always had a reason.
Same thing was used by Putin to divide and conquer the Ukraine, pitted the extremist racist groups against other groups, then he moved in as the government fell apart.

Trump needs the allegiance of the domestic terrorists, just as Hitler needed the brown shirts.
So, I am going to try and guess what has been going on, and what will happen.

1st, what happened so far.

Those in Trump's inner circle made contacts with domestic terror groups (along with Russian contacts of course).
The Charlottesville Unite the Right rally was set up giving the chance to gain their support even more.

His statements not only emboldened them, they loved him for it. The people who were unsure if he would support if push came to shove had their answer. Now has their allegiance
So, these militias did not have the training or enough skilled personnel to carry out the thefts against the National Guard if you ask me. And Trump probably could not supply them with highly trained special forces types through his government connections even as a president.
My guess, Putin offered his help. Sends some of his well trained special covert operatives to help work with the paramilitary militias.

Now, they have the skills needed to carry out coordinated acts starting with theft of resources, maybe even gaining intelligence.
National Guard realizes the threat, so to prevent future attacks gains support from law enforcement, FBI, DOD, CIA, etcs. With the increased manpower, thefts stop.

Trump then decides to create a government shut down, to weaken the federal agencies by limiting their funding.
Now, it could be to allow the thefts to restart by recreating soft targets out of hard targets. But I am thinking they have what they need.

The shut down has made all things in America soft targets. So something will happen, by domestic terrorists. But blamed on foreign ones.
Infrastructure might be attacked, but am guessing only if it leads to casualties. I am fearing more of casualties, for the simple reason it will affect people's emotional response more and Trump will blame the Democrats.
A 9/11 scale attack would boost his numbers, especially if people believe he tried to take steps preventing it.

Bush went 50% to 90% approval 9/11. Not even saying their was a threat. We just came together during a crisis. Imagine, 1 side looks like the hero, other responsible?
When something happens, and it will, #TheResistance need an internet Tweetstorm, mentioning the DOMESTIC terrorists stealing the weapons of mass destruction, not ISIS/other group Trump blames, to in turn blame Dems and no wall would have done donkey fucking dick to stop it! Peace
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