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1. #Q has said "watch the water" many times. This rabbit hole goes DEEP!

VP Pence, NXIVM, Fiji Water, RBG and more!

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2. You're really not going to believe this stuff folks. @Americanlll deserves a lot of credit for making me think about all of this.

One of the many times Q has said to watch the water.

There are so many connections for #QAnon to dig into. Here we go!
3. I start with VP Pence because I wrote a thread on him about his connections to a fraternity called Fiji. As many of us know, there's also been a lot of discussion around the way DJT drank from a bottle of Fiji water, looking like he was handcuffed.
4. I may/may not have been headed in the right direction with Pence BUT I guarantee you, THIS new thread will reveal stuff you never knew...or at least never put together! Fiji water is arguably the most popular brand of water on the market today. It is allegedly drawn in Fiji.
5. I told you, this goes in all directions! What you may not know is that Gilmour actually purchased an entire, uninhabited island named Wakaya in the Fijian islands in 1973-1976 depending on which site you look at. Gilmour began to build a getaway.…
6. Gilmour founded Fiji water in 1996 but it wasn't drawn from Wakaya. Instead, he claimed the water was being collected at Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island and home to the largest concentration of Fiji's population. It would lead to hardship for Fiji.
7. Now, this is going to splinter into two directions. First, chronologically, Gilmour sold off Fiji Water to Stewart and Lynda Resnick. If you know ANYTHING about the water wars in California, you know the name Resnick is synonymous with evil. They have raped California.
8. We'll get to California later. Fiji Water was purchased from Gilmour in 2004 and we'll leave him now in this thread. (There's probably more to find about him, but not right now.) The Resnicks have a penchant for completely abusing places they deal with. Fiji is no different.
9. "The company gets the water from a Fijian aquifer, bottled in a diesel-fueled factory with plastic shipped from China, then transported thousands of miles all over the world."

"53% of Fijians don't have access to safe clean drinking water. Yet millions of litres of water...
10. are exported for huge corporate profits...' The economic disparity between corporate revenue and local returns is beginning to cause social disruptions and disputes in some regions.' Americans have greater access to Fijian water than Fijians do."…
11. There are numerous articles pointing out that the aquifer, an underground water source, has been so abused by Fiji Water that it is rapidly drying up, causing Fijian farmers and consumers to pay exuberant prices for their own, native water. This sounds all to familiar!
12. The Resnicks are evil. If you have never seen the documentary "Water and Power - A California Heist" you really should. It's on Netflix right now. It details how the drought in California is as man made as you can possibly get and it benefits just a few extremely rich people.
13. Crops, businesses and the actual land are dying all over California from lack of water. Residents are paying the highest prices for water ever recorded. And, it's all due to strategic diverting of billions of gallons of water per year out to sea instead of to the people.
14. Here's a shortened documentary about the way water is being horded by one specific group in California. Guess who is benefiting the most from all of these water wars? Democrats along with Stewart Resnick and his billion dollar almond/pistachio farms.
15. Former CA governor Jerry Brown, leaders of California Department of Water Resources and the Resnicks had very private "Monterey Meetings" where they agreed to divert billions of gallons of snow run off from Northern California to the ocean. This allowed Resnick's privately...
16. ...controlled underground aquifer in the Kern River Valley to become one of the sole providers of water in Southern California. Get this...he drills way down deep, pulling water up and storing it. His neighbors can't drill that deep so they lose their homes and ranches.
17. Then the bastard buys properties when they go into foreclosure. He's bought a lot of the Kern River Valley. California democrats set this up in return for kickbacks. Resnick charges massive amounts of money for people to buy water that came from under their own property! EVIL
18. Sounds familiar to something earlier in the thread, yeah? Resnick is doing to Southern California with the help of democrats that he's also doing to Fiji. Water is the lifeblood of people everywhere. The Resnicks have a monopoly on bottled water AND on California water.
19. We've all known that California democrats are dirty. But, Diane Feinstein proved her demonic allegiance during her time in office:

"California’s Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein showed Californians who she really serves this past Thursday, when news emerged that she...
20. ...was trying to ram through a massive transfer of precious water out of the hands of millions of state residents, and into the private pockets of a clique of billionaire corporate farmers."…

Feinstein was doing dirty deals with the devil!
21. Boycott Resnick products! Fiji Water - raping Fiji! Pom Wonderful - sued for false claims about the super food drinks that don't work. Pesticide manufacturer Suterra - accused of using illegal poisons. Paramount Agribusiness - world's largest almonds/pistachios producers.
22. Before leaving the Resnicks, one thing you MUST see! "Resnick...who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic political candidates, including personal friends Bill and Hillary Clinton..."

They're ALWAYS in on it!

From the LA TIMES!…
23. Gilmour founded Wakaya Ltd and sold 20% of the island to private buyers. In August of 2016, Seagram's billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman bought the remaining 80% of Wakaya for $50 million. It is rumored she bought it for a sex trafficking cult, NXIVM.…
24. You all know about NXIVM, right? Q knows.

"Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
When does a bird sing?
Schneiderman resigns [date]?
Eyes Wide Open.
Who will be next?
Watch NYC.
Watch CA.

Mack arrested Friday, 4/20/18 (I believe).
25. Sick son of a bitch Keith Raniere had unlimited resources because of Bronfman's financial support. He even founded a "special" school for children where kids "learned at a much faster rate". I pray none of those precious children were injured.…
26. A sick piece of shit.

“Keith Raniere told me that having sex with a 12 year old girl is not wrong...If a 12 year old is ready, there’s nothing wrong with having sex with her if there is no pain. Keith himself had sex with girls that young.”…
27. I ONLY post this link because I read about this story many times in the past. That being said, at the bottom of the article it mentions Sorcha Faal. I usually run as soon as I see that, BUT, since it’s only listed as a confirming source and not as primary, I am including it.
28. “Earlier this week I posted an article exposing Vice President Pence's doctor, Jennifer Pena as a NXIVM sex cult member...They were already aware of her evil plans but nobody else was until BIN readers sent the story out big time!”…
29. Did you catch all of that? This woman has a serious history of ruckus sexual activity and some of it has been illegal. Tell me, how could someone like that be brought into a white house position by the Obama admin unless her past was PURPOSEFULLY overlooked?
30. Did you also catch that VP Pence’s doctor was suspected of being a member of NXIVM??? Do you think he seriously would’ve allowed someone to be on his staff like that unless he too was in on the purposeful dismissal of her past? HE HAD TO HAVE KNOWN SHE WAS DIRTY!
31. The doctor for the VP? That’s got to be one of the most intensely scrutinized positions in the world!

Pena resigned BUT, not before she made enough unsubstantiated claims about DJT’s doctor, Ronny Jackson, to keep him from being confirmed to become the secretary of the VA.
32. Article about Pena going after Ronnie Jackson.…

Something to just kind of throw out there…I can’t find ANYTHING on Pena’s bio parents or siblings. It’s like that info is being kept secret for some reason. She is said to have been born in Puerto Rico.
33. So, what did Q just drop that pissed a LOT of people off?

And from that drop:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg “Called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.” (Page 102)”
34. I wonder if that has anything to do with protecting people like Keith Raniere? You know he’s not the first sick bastard to think sex with a 12 year old girl was ok.

Is it just a happenstance that she was nominated by bill Clinton? I doubt it.
35. Some people have doubted Q’s references here. I give you, the book “Sex Bias in the US Code” authored by RBG and 15 “law students from Columbia University”. Humm…I wonder if we can find the list of the students who helped write this?…
36. And still, for others who are not so sure they believe this is all on the up and up, here’s an article from a woman in 1981 destroying Ginsburg for her role in writing such a terrible and destructive report. This is called confirmation:…
37. Q told us to find out who is caring for RBG. I don’t have time to run this down right now. Perhaps someone else can pick this up here:

“Thoracic surgeon Valerie W. Rusch has found no evidence of remaining disease after removing two cancers”…
38. So, what have we learned? We know that Q said to watch the water. We know that Mike Pence was part of a fraternity called Fiji AND that he attempted to overtake DJT during the campaign. We also know he conspired to mount a coup against POTUS once DJT took office.
39. We also know that David Gilmour purchased Wakaya island in Fiji in the 70’s, then founded Fiji bottled water company in 1996. We know that in 2004, some of the most evil people in the world, the Resnicks, purchased Fiji water and began raping Fiji’s natural resources.
40. The Resnicks now provide that water bottled water throughout the world. They are the largest bottled water distributors in the world and Fiji residents are paying the price.

We know that the Resnicks worked deals with the democrats to purposefully direct billions of...
41. ...gallons of snow run off every year from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California out to sea instead of pumping it to southern California. Then, the Resnicks pumped water out of the southern California aquifers to the extent that the wells of local residents are going dry.
42. People are losing their homes and crops and the Resnicks are buying those properties at a foreclosed rate, monopolizing land ownership in the Kern river valley.

We also know that senator Feinstein, governor Brown and the California department of water resources all worked...
43. ... with or are partners with the Resnicks in their water scheme. We also learned that the Resnicks are heavy contributors to democrats and great friends with the Clintons!

Watch the documentary "Water and Power: A California Heist" to see my claims proven about Resnick.
44. We learned Clare Bronfman, Seagram's heiress, sex cult leader, human trafficker, billionaire, bought the majority share of Wakaya island from Fiji water founder David Gilmour. And, it appears as though Mike Pence’s personal physician in the white house, Dr Jennifer Pena...
45. ...may also be a member of NXIVM sex cult and was placed there ON PURPOSE by Obama, to try and set a honeytrap for Donald trump!

There are also articles out there about a Montana Senator working with Obama and Bronfman's sister to get Pena into the white house medical staff.
46. Why is all of this stuff ALWAYS connected? VERY LITTLE of this thread is conjecture or opinion. These are facts folks! ThanQ for taking the time to read all of this. I know it was a long one.

God bless.


#WWG1WGA, #QAnon, #StretchRopeForTraitors, #TheGreatAwakening
47. Now that you know what you know...what do you make of this? I would say it's absolutely a message! Coded messages in the bottles?…
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