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As long as the border and shut down distraction keeps getting reported on @cnn without equal coverage about the money that McConnell accepted from Russian oligarchs and all of the GOP interactions with Kremlin officials since 2009, I'll be watching C-SPAN and tuning into Maddow.
I've had enough of them trying to get the Democrats to give a wannabe dictator billions of dollars for a giant racist monument that nobody wants, earlier the banner read that the Dems and Trump refused to cooperate on the shutdown.

Our country is in dire trouble
This isn't about a political dispute, it's about a complicit GOP party giving concessions to our enemies for a compromised illegitimate president.

It's about the right embracing deep fried fascism in Nazi rhetoric sauce.
Our cable news outlets report things from a perspective that is safe and comfortable to their investors.

90% of the time relevant news of the day is aggregated and scrutinized hours or days earlier on social media.

Where is the fourth estate?
Today CNN let Mercedes schlapp come on and muck up the water without ever asking her any questions relevant to the NRA investigation, she was on the board of directors during the time they were funneling money to the GOP from Russia.
I'm guessing these stations are just handling these people with kid gloves because they are actually enjoying the massive tax break for the wealthy that is riding on all of the backs of the working class.

They need to keep it comfortable for the companies they do business with.
The National Emergency isn't anything to do with the southern border

the emergency is scumbag politicians and certain journalist NPR people receiving funds to do lobby work for countries and people and companies that aren't allowed to do it themselves due to human rights abuses
The emergency at the southern border is one that's been going on since Jeff sessions introduced his inhumane policy backed by Trump and probably written by Stephen Miller or Bannon,

The emergency is the GOP who did nothing to stop it
The emergency is the media who doesn't report the entire problem and instead focuses all their attention on useful idiot Trump.

The emergency is all of the single cause lobbyists that are allowed to Lobby co-opting every Grassroots Movement we could start with Superior funds
The emergency is that neither side can see the origin of donations on the other side because of citizens united

The emergency is that the minority's winning Power by electoral votes and the Constitution is failing to protect the majority due to lack of oversight
The emergency was manufactured by conservative lawmaking by the Republican Party

Cable news should stop trying to tell us to help them bear the weight with their endless stream of fake non bias

Switching to #CSPAN

I can scour the AP myself, cable.
Earlier in thread was "journalists *& PR people"

I love NPR for the most part LOL
There are definitely a few of their articles in here @CNN ,

you can yell breaking news at the beginning of every show and report on Palin being able to see Russians in her own polling stations, Or maybe make a special about the last decade in yourseries
For the last two years you have enabled people like Gym Jordan and Mitch McTurtle to spout propaganda

You praised Paul Ryan when he told you it was YOUR job to uphold the first amendment at the correspondents dinner..

you immediately shit on Michelle wolf for bad words.
The fact is, that when you get the chance to talk to someone like Rick Santorum, while he is campaigning to get all pictures of him and maria removed from the internet; paying to do so, you ask him about it....

you don't let someone that says cpr can save school children,
from school shootings, come back on air anyway...

But I digress.

You are performing sleight of hand for some reason.

Let's hope it's only capitalism.

anyway, CSPAN is just as exciting, when every show on your channel begins with the same news, and ends with the same punditry
at 7-10am, and 4-6 pm the news changes slightly...

you have to know how weird it looks.

Today in a time when all of us are scrutinizing our media harder than ever, you have to know that there is no curtain in front of the wizard.
And why the Bernie normalization?

☑ Hired a man who helped Paul Manafort steal Ukraine for the kremlin

☑ Voted against sanctions on Russia for election attacks with Rand Paul

☑ Denied that Kremlin Trolls helped his campaign, though he was notified

☑ obvious vote splitter
For the average Joe, these things raise some pretty good questions...

For most of our large stations, not so much apparently.
Why do you hedge on whether or not we need to impeach this president?

Why do you only report 1/8 of the known litany of investigative reporting available out there by trustworthy sources when approaching the topic of the GOP and Russia. It is almost as if we aren't going to
talk about Epstein and the history of that case because a shutdown timer that we are helpless to change is on.

We aren't going to do anything that could get someone sued, because our companies have gotten government like control, while the right tells everyone that democrats
want big government.

We aren't going to have an honest talk about benefit of Democratic policies one at a time, so that all of the negative coverage and demonization gets digested by people who probably watch the news with their dinner every night and then tune out, no instead
Matt and Mercedes Schlapp can normalize the john birchers out there...

You are all going to be sorry when Rick Santorum comes on in blackface one day to prove a point.


CSPAN has the context first hand, an opinion would be nice but not by people who enable our
infiltrators allies.

Ask Mercedes, next time, why her husband keeps tweeting how there's no collusion, especially after indictments?

Ask about her role in the NRA...

Not false outrage at the border lies, we know that everyone is telling that lie in the WH
Where did Jack Kingston go? have a lie detector special where you rig him up and ask him everything you can think of, have police waiting for him after though.

you can have a more conservative opinion about something, but when someone spends military budget to attack our
election, you don't just think it's cute and harmless that they appeal to GOP because both hate gay people and love unification of state and church... Both want the companies to be the government.

You don't just report on that kind of stuff once, and move on to report on an 8
minute meeting for 19 hours.

✌ .

PS. FOX and WSJ isn't mentioned here because it's never news, it's 100% bullshit, bought and paid for by anybody who wants to undermine Democracy.

End rant.
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