1. If you feel some things are not OK in Western countries read this and you will understand what is happening.
2. Have you noticed that nearly all Western countries are becoming "multicultural"?

And have you noticed that this is NOT happening to non-Western countries?
3. How come most countries that were white only 50 years ago are now diverse?

If this is something that happens naturally, how come Japan or China or so many other non-Western countries are not becoming multicultural at all?
4. If this is NOT happening naturally, then how come you have never heard about it?

You would think something as important as entire countries having demographic transformation imposed on them is worthy of at least a documentary or news article?
5. The answer to this is that the people who are behind the multicultural transformation of Western countries are the same people who own or control the mass media in those countries

The multicultural transformation of the West is part of an agenda by a group of elites
6. What they are doing is multiculturalizing Western countries by flooding them with non-whites

As part of that agenda, they are redefining Western identities using their media

"Africans can be Germans too!
Europeans are not necessarily white!"
7. In their effort to make white countries non-white, it is important to make original white populations mix with the imported non-white populations

Therefore something they are also doing is promoting interracial couples

Google "pregnant white women" and notice a pattern
8. Or try googling "European people history"

They are working hard to sell the idea that the West is and must be multicultural (non-white)
9. If this were being done to any other countries it would be denounced as genocide

Imagine going to Japan and telling them Japan will no longer be racially Japanese and replacing them demographically without asking them

You are witnessing ethnic cleansing.
10. Logically, they do not call it "ethnic cleansing" or "genocide"

They refer to it using pretty and happy words like:


"Diversity is our strength!" might sound familiar
11. And those who say they do not like this transformation get called ugly words like:

-"White supremacist"

Would it make sense to call a Japanese a "racist" or a "hater" or a "Japanese supremacist" if he said he would like Japan to be ethnically Japanese?
12. It is interesting to notice that all these terms were not a thing until relatively recently

Is this a coincidence?
13. In several countries like Germany or Britain they have made it illegal for people to talk about what is happening by promoting laws to ban "hate speech"

The real purpose of these laws is not to prevent "hate" but to silence anyone who wants to oppose the multicultural agenda
14. You will not hear about this explanation in your TV or newspaper

Meanwhile, countries that were historically white will keep becoming more and more "diverse" and "multicultural" until white people are minorities in their own homelands
15. If you did not understand why different Western countries are importing large populations of people culturally incompatible with Western society

The multiculturalization of white countries is not being done for the benefit of the average citizen
16. Well then who benefits from this? Who are these responsible elites and what are their motivations?

The answer is simple but politically incorrect

Many people who up until now might have agreed with everything will reject the explanation and refuse to look at the evidence
17. The main thing in common between the people working to multiculturalize Western countries and the people who control Western media is that they are Jewish

It is not a coincidence that the countries becoming multicultural are also countries with significant Jewish populations
18. It is not a coincidence that in a country like the US, an ethno-religious group that is only 2% of its population practically has a monopoly on the mass media.
19. It is also not a coincidence that the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which started the multicultural transformation of America, was proposed by a Jewish politician (Emanuel Celler)
20. It is also not a coincidence that the organization which has teamed up with Twitter, Google, Facebook and Microsoft to censor conservatives and right wingers on social media is a Jewish organization (The Anti-Defamation League)

They call the censorship "fighting hate"
21. This organization is working to promote "hate speech" censorship laws in America

These laws already exist in countries like Britain, where you can go to jail for posting right wing memes on Facebook

And who is responsible for the censorship in Britain? Another coincidence
22. What are their motivations for doing all this?

Jews have a long history of conflict with the European Christian populations of the countries in which they have lived

Given their history, they believe a fully white Christian country is not an ideal place to live in
23. "Why would so many Jews want to import immigrants that can also be dangerous to them?"

As previously mentioned, the biggest threat to them is nationalist hostility

Watch an important Rabbi (Pinchas Goldschmidt) saying Jews are fighting alongside Muslims against Old Europe
24. Motivations aside, the fact is that the "multicultural" agenda is a Jewish agenda

This is the very simple explanation to why there is no multicultural agenda in non-Western countries
25. Again, you will never see anyone talking about this on TV or any relevant newspaper

Meanwhile, countries that had white populations for hundreds or thousands of years until recently are becoming majority non-white

Europeans were never asked if they wanted this
26. If you think this thread makes sense please share it

People deserve to know what is happening
27. You might be asking yourself "If this is true then why is nobody talking about it?"

Well, there are people talking about it

But these people get either completely ignored by the media or attacked and called things like "racist"

Nick Griffin in the European Parliament 👇
28. Despite all the different TV channels and printed publications, the truth is they are controlled by the same small group of people

This gives that small elite a lot of power in democracies where people depend on the media to learn about events and choose political candidates
29. Knowing this you can understand some recent events like why the mass media has been very hostile towards Trump since he ran for president

He was an unapproved political candidate from outside the establishment trying to promote anti-globalist, anti-open borders ideas
30. The reason he still managed to win was due to online social media

This is why ever since 2016 Facebook, Twitter and Google have been working with Jewish organizations like the ADL to censor right wing content

They don't want their multiculturalism narrative challenged
31. Something you can also understand now is illegal immigration in America

Human societies have been defending their borders since ancient times

You are supposed to believe that the country with the most powerful military in human history somehow can't stop illegal immigration
32. The reason the entire political establishment is unwilling to effectively enforce borders is the same reason the entire political establishment is loyal to Israel

Multiculturalism & Middle East wars for Israel are non-negotiable and the American people don't get a say in it
33. Another recent event you can now also understand is the so-called "refugee crisis"

These people who are being let into Europe in large numbers are mostly healthy fighting age males

Not exactly what you would expect refugees to look like
34. These are simply excuses to flood European countries with large populations of non-European men

This is not exactly a secret agenda either. The founder of the European Union stated in his book Practical Idealism:

"The [European] man of the future will be of mixed race"
35. With forced mass non-European immigration, plus forced assimilation and constant deliberate race mixing propaganda, the truth is that the founder of the European Union's vision will soon come true

If this propaganda interests you, read this article

36. Another phenomenon you can also now understand is "white guilt"

All races have practiced slavery throughout history. Why is it that only whites feel so guilty if whites are the ones who ended slavery?

The reason is only whites are made to consume "racial guilt" propaganda
37. Several generations of "racial guilt" and pro-multicultural propaganda consumption has turned the populations of Western countries non-resistant to their replacement

Many people notice what is happening and don't like it but feel guilty and scared to say anything against it.
38. All these things are not a coincidence

An attack on a group of people doesn't necessarily have to be done with bombs and bullets

See the definition of "Fourth generation warfare"
39. Regardless if you believe all these things that are happening are deliberate or not, the undeniable fact is that European countries are being flooded with non-European populations with much higher birthrates

This will unavoidably lead to ethnic replacement
40. Western countries of historically European Christian populations are being ruled by an anti-European, anti-Christian elite that wishes to subdue European sovereign nations by literally replacing them

You are witnessing the biggest genocide in human history
41. And the media is already getting new generations of children used to the idea that Europe was always multicultural (non-European) as if no ethnic replacement happened at all
42. Another important issue: the establishment's gun control agenda

The top 3 organizations currently attacking Americans' right to bear arms are coincidentally Jewish

- Everytown for Gun Safety
- Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
- Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
43. Imagine if someone told you that Chinese people with American citizenship control your media

And that these same people are opening your borders and attacking your free speech and right to bear arms

You would think your country is being taken over by a group of outsiders.
44. You definitely wouldn't say "this is simply a coincidence" or "talking about this is offensive" or "wow you are a racist/bigot for noticing this"

What you would probably say is "we are under attack by an organized group of people who doesn't want us to know"
45. Why is it so politically incorrect to talk about this? Why does it offend so much?

The reason people will listen if you tell them they are under attack by Chinese or Russians but will refuse to listen if you tell them they are under attack by Jews is not a coincidence either
46. This is deliberate and has been installed through decades of propaganda

This propaganda is key, in that it has made criticism of them extremely politically incorrect

People are fed this propaganda since childhood and criticizing it has been made illegal in several countries
47. This is called "Holocaust" propaganda

Walk up to a random American and ask him how many Jews died in World War 2 and he will probably answer "6 million"

Now ask him how many Americans died in World War 2 and he probably won't know the answer

This is also not a coincidence
48. The average person's understanding of World War 2 has been reduced to "Germans wanted to take over the world and the biggest victims of this were Jews"

Analyzing or criticizing any details from the official story has been conveniently made illegal in several countries.
49. This thread won't go into World War 2 or whether the details of the "Holocaust" are accurate or not

What's important is how this is used as propaganda today

Watch this video of a Jewish politician exploiting World War 2 guilt to tell Germans they must open their borders
50. This propaganda serves two purposes

1) Elevating Jews to a quasi-holy victim status

2) Demonizing nationalism in Western countries

In other words, Westerners are not allowed to have countries and Jews must not be criticized.
51. This propaganda is constantly placed in movies or TV series either explicitly or implicitly

World War 2 movies are the most obvious example, but it is placed everywhere

An entire lifetime of this propaganda has made people unable to look at what's happening objectively
52. Not only is this propaganda placed in movies and TV series, it is also inserted into schools curriculums for young children to consume

Many times they are taken to Holocaust museums to witness graphic war pictures of dead bodies and starving people, and this is deliberate
53. However, as previously mentioned, what happened in Europe in the 1930s is not where this conflict started

This ethnic/religious conflict between Jews and Europeans dates back two millennia and therefore this agenda today has very strong historical motivations
54. So, to summarize, you are witnessing an attack on European populations in Europe and elsewhere

This attack is referred to with the euphemism "multiculturalism"

The main motivation behind this agenda is a 2000-year-old ethnic/religious conflict between Jews and Europeans
55. This is not a conventional war (i.e. swords or bullets). This type of war uses political influence, propaganda and forced immigration

The end result is the same: ethnic and cultural destruction of a target population
56. The main weapon used in this attack is the mass media, with which Western populations are sold on "multiculturalism" and "anti-racism" and other types of deliberately hostile propaganda like the promotion of miscegenation and the Holocaust.
57. That last war propaganda is applied since early age to generate a certain conditioning, so that people are unable to objectively criticize the group of people doing this

This group of people is behind efforts to disarm populations that still have gun rights like Americans
58. And while people are distracted consuming mass media, these same people try to get "hate speech" laws enacted in different countries, so that people are unable to talk about what is happening or who is doing it and are therefore unable to defend themselves
59. Regardless if you believe this explanation or not, the fact is ethnic European populations are being demographically replaced in almost all their countries, while this is not happening elsewhere

And people who oppose this agenda are attacked by the political establishment
60. Europeans were never asked if they agreed with this agenda or not, for obvious reasons

The only chance for people to be able to defend themselves from this forced demographic replacement is raising awareness online and elsewhere, while it is still possible to do so.
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