"Why We Fight"
Evening Thoughts of a Q Reader Continued...

1/ The President is showing that 80 percent of Americans want to secure the border. All the while the Democrats are showing these same Americans that they support an "unsecure border" with all the downstream costs on
....on the backs of good hard working Americans resulting.
2/ So let me ask you this: What kind of US Congress would ignore the safety of our country and it's citizenry? We know that it is mostly Democrats but there are a few establishment Republicans in on this jackpot as well.
3/ Because these folks obviously serve someone other than our country. Were they corrupted by a foreign country, a special interest, the Cabal? All three? Trump breaks the issues down into yes/no answers and if you vote no you are anti American. Dems are trapped in the light.
4/ When DJT got elected the American people wanted the swamp to be drained. People think that nothing is happening but the majority of the 58 Republicans that retired in 2018 did so because the Trump base would not support them. Now 93% of the GOP is sweeping out our shed. Win.
5/ When we add proof of election fraud in 2016 and 2018; Does it demonstrate the "Left's" sedition? How about when we show the bribes from foreign sources to their Party leaders? Or how they launder money through their "Foundations?" [Both Party politicians.] It's coming folks.
6/ Would it surprise folks to know that Under the Bush43's administration, Government monies were granted to NGO's and non profits and now we're finding that no one knows where the money is going? These grants are continuing to this day? It needs cleaned up and it will be soon.
7/ This scam was justified with the excuse that these organizations could spend the money more wisely than the Government. Meanwhile creating a huge moral hazard when these groups "donate" to political campaigns or Parties. READ BRIBE. All for the "Compassionate Conservatives."
8/ Where do Non Government Organization's political donations go? How do they rely on Federal dollars to operate as a charity? How much upstream donations go back to the people deciding the Federal largess? Who tracks this? Lois Lerner used to head it up, what does that say?
9/ What if most of the major non profit organizations allowed themselves to be used to launder money back upstream to various government officials and that less than 10 percent of the money that you sent to them went towards good works? Wait till the Haiti story breaks folks.
10/ How do I know? How many resignations have there been in major companies to include non-profits and NGO's? Many. Q talks about it. One of Trump's 1st Executive Orders put all of these people at risk and some are trying to run, some have flipped. All under Trump's cat's paw.
11/ Here is a thought...If your Union, Company or NGO received any money or assistance by any Government, local, State, Federal or Foreign, then you or your employees or your company cannot donate monies to any political party or candidates direct or indirect. Trust but verify.
12/ Think about the conflict when government sector unions donate to political parties or candidates? And then these candidates who win election then chair your union's contract negotiations? QuidProQuo anyone? Explains out of control benefit packages. California comes 2 mind.
13/ It gets worse. Obama used his agencies to put even more of your cash into the hands of dishonest NGO's when violators got a 1/3 reduction in their fine if they sent 1/3 of the remainder to an organization on a list. Trump stopped this corrupt practice. Who got kickbacks?
14/ Did you think Obama put your NGO on the list without a cost? I'm sure that this corruption has been on the front burner for the Trump administration and that those donations and expenditures are being traced. Sessions closed these options out. Rats jumping off ships folks.
15/ Why did Congress pass a bill giving 10 billion to Mexico and Latin America right after Trump said the Foreign aid was going to stop to these countries? Is this restoring money coming back upstream on these cut aid packages back to these same politicians? Addictions die hard.
16/ What would Americans do if they found out that all of their leaders were bought and paid for by the interests who want to destroy our Country? They would break out their pocket constitutions and march in the streets. Go get the yellow vests. It's coming folks. For real.
17/ Ask yourself why the mainstream media [MSM] has essentially ignored the mass demonstrations in Iran for 6 months or the "Yellow Vest" Demonstrations in Europe for 8 weeks? Or how about the Rapes of Western women by Muslim gangs in Europe? Or the successes of Donald Trump?
18/ Ask yourself why the MSM has ignored, what is essentially, systemic, institutionalized fraud and sedition and at times treason. The MSM is bought and paid for too. But Americans overcame this to elect Donald Trump and he has the biggest bat and is willing to use it. Hugely.
19/ Donald Trump laid it out for the American people in 9 minutes. Build the Wall. How the opposition parties respond will tell you everything you need to know...about them. How the MSM covers it is destroying all respect that Americans have left for them.
20/ The Democrats are playing a game of chicken over your safety and security. If they win you lose. If they lose you lose. Think about that for a second. Maybe we stop playing games with Democrats by not inviting them to the party. Think Elections in 2020. Think indictments.
21/ Our President is exposing not only the corruption but also the waste. Do we really need 700k "non essential" Federal Government employees or do their Government Sector unions need their dues to funnel back to those politicians above? Shut it down Mr President. FDR approves.
22/ As a Q Reader, I have seen Q posts about all of these topics before. Maybe a government shutdown was always part of the plan B4 the real hammer falls. We all want the criminals arrested, but we do not need innocents caught up in the net.
No false flags needed here either.
END/ The witnesses for the big criminals have been ratting them out, 73k sealed indictments looks like a reverse pyramid going up to the big kahunas. The sword of justice is about to fall. If you have been following Q you have been getting the popcorn ready. Peace. WWG1WGA
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