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So yesterday, I read this article shared by our egbon @Olusegunverdict and I registered my personal opinion as a Nigerian.
Today, I hope to compile everything I said in a thread for easy accessibility.
#MyRebuttalToHisVerdict issa thread👇👇leggooo🕺🕺🕺
This may take a little time, the reason is simply because I might have to be away from my PC once in a while to attend to some network issues (Na that one dey feed my family for now😜😜😜).
But as much as I can update this thread, I will be quick to do so #MyRebuttalToHisVerdict
No, any view to any article or thread by anybody is not personal & that does not reduce the regards we have for those we look up to.
Just that during election season like this, we must all come to a conclusion that the best of men, are still men at their best. We can disagree!
The article started by saying "Aside @toluogunlesi" & the wrong quote of APC twitter handle.
So I responded by showing @OfficialAPCNg as the authentic handle, & to disagree that "Aside Tolu" others are sleeping...No Sir, it's not true.
.@toluogunlesi is working for PMB, so it is in line with his duty to showcase the current admin's works.
So, if we must acknowledge the #ExcellentSpirit at work in @toluogunlesi, it means @MBuhari has a high sense of good CHOICE 👏👏
.@toluogunlesi is just a young Nigerian appointed to PMB's admin. He chose to be part of history when it was very tough to stand by the truth.
He had gone through tough time with this Govt, when tomorrow comes, let it be on record that Tolu pays his EXCELLENT duty to this land.
Aside @toluogunlesi others like @BashirAhmaad and others have been doing their bits to update Nigerians on the works of this admin.
They may not be that ostspoken like @toluogunlesi but, saying "aside Tolu" is not true, & should be discarded.
‘You may not like me, but can you trust my opponent?’ With little over a month to the presidential election, that exactly is what we are faced with in our country today"....

The facts on ground contradicts this assertion of "You may not like me but"...

No, @OfficialAPCNg and @MBuhari did not make their strategy an issue of "you may not like me but you can't trust my opponent"....#TraderMoni #PMBPaysPensions #YearOfInfrastructure #WhereIsTheInfrastructure #RailUpng are all attestation of PMB's CAMPAIGNS!
The fact that Mr @Olusegunverdict said "and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who is hopping from one market to another and visiting families and communities" is an attestation CONTRADICTING what the article was meant to depict.
If VP @ProfOsinbajo is HOPPING around, that's a STRATEGY
"and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who is hopping from one market to another and visiting families and communities".....
"and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who is hopping from one market to another and visiting families and communities"...

HOPPING is a campaign strategy Sir🤣🤣🤣🤣

Although VP @ProfOsinbajo may be HOPPING from house to house and market to market which is a great strategy, let it be on record that this HOPPING around did not start suddenly because of election.
@uzonwagba has explained it, it started 2 years ago:

For some of you that will say VP @ProfOsinbajo HOPPING around in the name of #Tradermoni #Npower and the likes is #VoteBuying,
Please take your time to go through this thread by @yinkanubi tweeting what @uzonwagba wrote👇👇
Even the VP @ProfOsinbajo was laughing at people who are very ANGRY that he's been HOPPING around......The same @bukolasaraki & Madam Oby have been HOPPING around market also🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
If you need to read more about the effect of VP @ProfOsinbajo HOPPING around, please read this thread by @yinkanubi
It is very simple🤣🤣🤣🤣
I responded on this issue of VP @ProfOsinbajo HOPPING around that some tagged to be "vote buying somewhere here...That HOPPING didn't start suddenly...E don teyyy...
Sometimes ago, @Areafada1 called the HOPPING of @ProfOsinbajo NONSENSE, but I told him it is not NONSENSE😜😜😜😜
Now everything is making sense...
"the campaign of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is essentially targeted at the person of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and what they believe to be his character weaknesses"
"the campaign of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is essentially targeted at the person of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and what they believe to be his character weaknesses"...

Contrary to this article, @OfficialPDPNig has made it line of DUTY to LIE DAILY!
"It is therefore no surprise that President Muhammadu Buhari is playing the same game, except where his party operatives attack Atiku, he focuses his darts at the PDP. That much was evident during his interview with THISDAY"...
No Sir, he didn't focus his darts on PDP, he was responding to your questions & I tweeted about it here👇👇👇

It is wrong to use "comparative analysis" to judge PMB and then turn around and say " he focuses his darts at the PDP" whenever he also uses same "comparative analysis" to respond to you. It doesn't work that way.

"appointing as Nigerian ambassador to the United States a man who was considered unfit by the Senate—due to poor health and advanced age—"

Some of PMB's ardent followers disagrees till date on some of his appointments, but not because of comedians we have in NASS...
@Mr_JAGs has consistently called one of the ministers "minister of welcome and farewell"..
Well, the same PMB appointed others!

I have some of his ministers that I adjudged poor, does that mean he's been poor in all his appointment?
But he is the C-in-C

finding a ready excuse to every national problem in the “16 years of PDP” is not only hollow, it betrays a lack of ideas.

If PDP goons will not be tired of saying "we used to", if Nigerians did not see mentioning #AbachaLoot of the past 20 years a hollow conversation, mentioning 16 years of PDP is not HOLLOW, it is HISTORY!

Mentioning "16 years of PDP" is what I call #NigeriaStory
How we could not build refinery in 16 years is not hollow
How Jonathan sold oil at an avg of $100/barrel of 2.1M in 5yrs, & DEPLETED Reserve from $60B+ down to $30B is 5yrs is now hollow.
How Dollar was less than N22 in 1999 before PDP and N200 when PDP was handing over after 16 years is not HOLLOW,
How fuel pump price was N20 before OBJ/PDP & N180 after 16yrs of PDP is not HOLLOW.
How PDP couldn't build ONE REFINERY in 16 yrs, yet accuse PMB in 4yrs is not HOLLOW
PDP should get used to HISTORY, we will keep mentioning their 16 years even after Buhari might have handed over to @ProfOsinbajo as the next President in 2023.
We still mention Abacha, we still mentioned Military regime, we will mention PDP 16yrs of LOOT!
"These, aside the insecurity challenge, growing poverty in the land and whether or not the president has a grasp of issues, are what you might expect the main opposition to focus on. But all we get are audio tapes...

You mentioned two issues which the Nigeria media in collaboration with PDP have been trying hard to distort since 2015:
1. Insecurity challenges
2. Growing poverty
Dear Sir this distortion of history is not working.
Let's talk about the Insecurity challenges in Nigeria.
While we all know that insecurity is still a challenge, distorting the fact by hammering it as though Nigeria USED to be SECURE in 16 years of PDP is the angle of hypocrisy here...
Mr Fashakin didn't shy away from the distortion that "you journalists" have done to our history. This injustice of deliberate amnesia will not work for too long.
We still remember how violent election used to be under PDP,
Odi massacre didn't happen under PMB
Bombing of Abuja didn't happen under PMB
Kaduna massacre under OBJ
Chibok girl kidnap
TY Danjuma led Jukuns to wipe out Tivs....
No, security didn't get worse today!
The history of insecurity was captured here by @JeSuisNaija
The issue of "growing poverty" you said the opposition PDP should focus their campaign on to discredit PMB won't fly either. The reason is simple: No matter how MEDIA tries to twist history, DATA will be against your assertion:
"Growing poverty" that you said PDP should use against APC won't fly based on available data.
If poverty level was 112M under PDP in 2012 when population was 150M, how is that better than 89M now?

112 million Nigerians living below poverty level – report

There is no law that dictates how Buhari should run his campaign, let's stop making issue out of no issue....

December 16 2018, @OfficialPDPNig had wailed that PMB has not started his campaign. January 2019, you are concerned about WHO and HOW PMB chooses to run his campaign....Coincidence?
Talking about PDP audio clips, we are aware that they were all FAKE cut and join. That same day, I even did some cut and join within 3 minutes to show them that there's no biggie in what they did...
You see now Sir, you just admitted that PDP was not running #IssueBased campaign
In "saner clime" of the "international firm" you were quoting, this was how their President welcomed them to 2019.....If this happened in Africa, they will call it archaic Africa😜😜😜
Let's stop this complex conflict.
You may like to show the poll I conducted here to the "International people", Buhari will win, and we are muddling through....Nigeria is in the right path.

This thread by @iBMC4PMB shows clearly that PMB admin is not MUDDLING through, they have a clear cut plans for the word go.....Please show it to the "international people"

The Nigerian Economic Recovery & Growth Plan – A Renewed Hope For Revival?

Nigeria is on track, we are not "muddling through the next four years"

The "International people" said it would take us years to come out of recession, guess what we came out with 12 months....

When Madam Oby made the issue of inlfation under Buhari a daily sermon, I took my time to check our inflation history from May 1999.....Shocking that Nigeria was never better off..
"but the only candidates offering any sensible ideas are those who do not have credible structures to support their aspirations"

No Sir, they are only speaking grammar, they aren't better off, their choices of VP was enough to show how clueless they are:

In checking out other candidates like Madam Oby, it's been very obvious that we only have DICTATORS who only see things their own ways, who can LIE openly & choose never to apologize:
I have checked out Mr Moghalu, can you ask him his role and his views on the allegation of SLS his boss in CBN about the $20B that Jonathan regime was alleged not to remit?

On Fela Durotoye and Wole Showore, I have my regards for them, but are they better off when it comes to National Political leadership and Governance?
Personally, I don't see that. All I can see is emotional views.
Ask them the basics:
Ask the "alternatives" basic questions:

Ask them basic questions of our reality beyond text books...

When PMB was sick, did he follow what the law say?
When Y'aradua was sick, did PDP follow the law?

Yar'adua Didn't Hand Over to Jonathan before Departing to Germany.
Media guys have a lot of reason not to support PMB, we understand.
But journalists should be true to their callings being the 4th arm of governance. Let's stick to FACTS of history.
$2.1bn scandal: ThisDay publisher, Obaigbena, returns N350m
Let me end this #MyRebuttalToHisVerdict by stating unequivocally that we will be here to #FactCheck everything till election day.

I support ManU, I respect Ronaldo, but I know that Ronaldo won's hold back while facing ManU.
So I treat every FENCISTS with caution:
We will be here, checking every statement till election day, if that is all we can contribute UNTIL Buhari/Osinbajo retires all those #OwnersOfNigeriaPLC from Obasanjo to the least of them like Saraki, I will be glad to burn my data.
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