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1. Many have looked at Q's first drop and dismissed the entire phenomenon because HRC was never publicly arrested.

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2. I've read page after page of analysis of people saying you can't trust #QAnon because the very first prediction never occurred. I will say, I was doubtful at first too. But, all it takes is a little investigating...which is EXACTLY what being an #Anon is all about! Look!
3. qmap.pub/read/1 The folks at qmap have done an INCREDIBLE job at putting together the drops, the discoveries, related facts, and their thoughts on decoding the messages. I didn't think I had much to add BUT, there's one BIG piece missing here. HRC's "broken toe".
4. In the drop it says HRC's extradition was already in motion. That's important. Some people ask why any sane person could think this was true? What is HRC's #1 goal? Money? Power? Attention? Fame? I think all of those are correct. So, why did she miss chances at those things?
5. Look at what the term "Extradition" really means.

surrender of a fugitive to the jurisdiction of another state, country, or government

There's nothing in there about being transported. It's all about surrender. Who is HRC surrounded by, 24/7? Secret Service.
6. HRC can't go anywhere without them, she's a former 1st lady! But, did you see the cover story of her boot? She fell while walking down stairs and broke her toe. Seriously? A 69 yr old woman (at time of fall) falls going down stairs and ONLY breaks her toe? Come on, seriously?
7. I'd expect hip, back, or knee injury, torn tendons, sprained wrist, etc. But, toe? And, it took at least two months for her to get rid of the foot brace...over a toe? Most people with broken toes don't even wear a boot, much less for two months after it happened. Look at this:
8. thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/breaki…

The article says she cancelled multiple events due to the injury. Like I said before, what's her main goals? Money, power, attention, fame. Would she really turn down events just because of a broken toe? Would she give up the chance to make money?
9. Did she fall, or was she "detained"? DailyMail says she had around a dozen secret service guards. Why so many? No record of her medical attention, no Doctor coming forward saying they treated her, no paparazzi seeing an ambulance or spotting her at a doctor's office. Why?
10. What we DID see was:

"The US Embassy said it had not received any information about the former First Lady's accident."

Is that strange? Is reporting an injury mandatory?

11. Did you notice anything else from that article? Did you see who was with her? Huma Abedin. Q says right away in the following post that HRC was detained, not arrested. Then asks right away in the following sentence, "Where is Huma? Follow Huma".

12. There are conflicting stories about HRC's injury. "Merrill said Clinton joked about how she had caught her heel on steps and twisted her ankle - but on the show, she said she actually broke her toe." I think I'd have stuck with the twisted ankle story. nypost.com/2017/10/16/hil…
13. There were multiple sightings of HRC wearing her boot after the event but this article shows her wearing it 2 months after her alleged injury.

"Hillary Clinton spotted wearing surgical boot TWO MONTHS after breaking her toe falling down some stairs."

14. And then, her "surprise" 70th birthday party, 2 weeks later, 4 days after her actual birthday. HRC met with TPodesta and SBlumenthal at Elizabeth Frawley Bagley’s house in DC, the day before Mueller's indictments were going to be announced! Why?

15. We know she was still wearing the boot then. We know who Podesta is, sick slime ball. And Sidney Blumenthal, also implicated in Mueller's probe (But I thought Mueller was all about Trump? HAHAHA - Stealh bomber!). But, what about Elizabeth Frawley Bagley? Who is that?
16. Well, we know that she's a high powered attorney. She was ambassador to Portugal under BClinton. A major donor to the democrat party. She was the Senior Advisor for Secretary of State Initiatives in 2010-2014 while HRC was Sec of State. And she hosted the birthday bash.
17. Bagley was appointed by BHO as Alternate Representative of the US to the 68th General Assembly of the UN for a few months in 2013. This woman has been around the whole dirty group for a LONG time, serving under the worst leaders our nation has seen.

18. What about Blumenthal? "Sidney Blumenthal is under fire over allegations that he used his connection to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to promote an unusual business scheme involving Libya and possibly the embattled Clinton Foundation."

19. Unusual business scheme? What the hell does that mean?

So, I'm going on the premise that HRC didn't really fall. Her disappearance and inability to attend long scheduled speaking events promoting her book were cancelled. I believe, because she was being sequestered and...
20. ...advised she was under indictment. Then, she meets with scum of the earth for a surprise birthday party, 4 days after her actual birthday.

So, why not arrest her? Well, that comes down to strategy. If she had been arrested, can you imagine the panic and disruption?
21. Q even said it...prepare for mass unrest, riots, etc., when she's arrested. Perhaps DJT felt an onsite extradition, perhaps to the US embassy in the UK or just detained by "a dozen secret service agents", was good enough? And, would she tell anybody? Optics are EVERYTHING!
22. Does she REALLY want the world knowing she's indictment for serious felony charges? Q said this was NOT about Russia, yet! I have a feeling, what ever she's under indictment for is VERY serious, and she doesn't WANT the world to know! Again, she's all about money, fame, etc.
23. I looked up the secret service. Nearly every FORMER first lady, has only 1 agent guarding them. Obviously there could be more, but a dozen? A VERY interesting quote, HRC's codename by Secret Service is "Evergreen". That is a HUGE discovery!

24. Why is Evergreen important? "Green, being the unchanging color of the various evergreen trees, shrubs, and so forth, is, in the symbolistic system of Masonry, the color symbolic of the unchanging immortality of all that is divine and true." masonicdictionary.com/colors.html
25. "Pagans revere the Evergreen because it symbolizes Eternal Life..."


"an evergreen shrub or tree"

Hillary = Evergreen = Laurel

Remember my post showing Pence with "Laurel" in his head? Now it REALLY makes sense!

26. We'll see in coming threads how @POTUS_Schedule is heavily involved in confirming Q drops. It's a page to keep an eye on! We're shown that HRC is called Evergreen, which is also called a Laurel. And, VP has Laurel in his head. I think this is confirmed with this revelation!
27. Well, that's it folks. Done for now. I'll continue to examine drops. I barely scratched the surface on #QDrop #1! Now do you know why it takes so much to decode and understand? And, why FUTURE PROVES PAST? I'll post more as I have time and energy. God Bless.


28. We've think Q is an American and all this information is from US Military Intelligence. What if some events are happening outside of the US? What if the extradition was by another country, by another government body? She's guilty of crimes against more than just Americans!
29. Imagine the benefit to that! Another country, dealing Injustice to HRC. If found guilty by another country outside of our political situation. Her crimes exposed and then a tribunal by the US could be conducted since she was already exposed by another country! Very plausible!
30. Imagine the reaction! Facts and evidence laid out by world leaders from other Nations. Proof that HRC, BHO, BC and others are guilty of crimes against humanity. US citizens would be far more supportive of her arrest than if DJT had ordered it, then presented the case for it!
Ok...no it's end...
I proof read everything...I don't believe I put "Injustice".

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