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2) I like to start out BOOM threads with a little John Lee Hooker.
3) Q dropped 4 BOOMs today.

Prior BOOM Q drops: qntmpkts.keybase.pub/?q=BOOM
4) My guess on the BOOMs:

Jeff @themarketswork got an exclusive look at Lisa Page's congressional testimony and filed this insightful report.

Bringing things into the light that have been hidden in darkness?
5) Jeff @themarketswork posted his own thread on the Page transcripts.
6) It seems Former CIA head John Brennan had the Steel dossier in August of 2016 & used it to force an investigation of Donald Trump via Harry Reid. A question to Page showed that Brennan & Comey seemed to know about the dossier but Page denied knowing if Brennan had a copy of it
7) Page reiterated that as of August 2016, she had no knowledge whatsoever as to the CIA's involvement with the Steele dossier.

Since Brennan had the dossier before Page had knowledge of it, the Rep suggested Spygate may have been a CIA operation from the start.
8) I have a lot more to share from the report but I want to make a point here.

By reading Page and Strzok's texts and by interviewing them, members of Congress know a lot about the origin of Spygate that is not public knowledge.
9) Someone in Congress wants us to know some of what they know.

To accomplish that objective, they leaked this transcript.

Why did a white hat in Congress (orf the Intelligence community) leak this transcript to Jeff Carlson?
10) The transcript could have been leaked to anyone but it was leaked to a guy who knows as much about Spygate as anyone. (Carlson is my go-to resource for all things FISA related.)
11) Unlike many reporters & political commentators, Carlson believes that the deep state has not gotten the best of POTUS. Although he is not a Q follower he is not a Q hater.
12) I believe Carlson was given the transcript because POTUS and his white hats knew he would use it to advance the narrative they need us to understand—that the crimes of Obama's cabinet and staff are known and that they will be prosecuted.
13) Page was questioned as to what she knew about CIA Director Brennan's briefing to the White House on the FBI's investigation "Crossfire Hurricane".

Page denied having any knowledge of Brennan's briefing and said she would be shocked to learn it had happened.
14) Christopher Steele was officially fired as an FBI source for leaking information to the media.
15) Steele continued providing information to those investigating Trump via Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr.
16) Apparently, Steele had an FBI handler, Michael Gaeta.

More info on Gaeta: theepochtimes.com/how-a-little-k…
17) Former DOJ National Security Director John P Carlin's role is unknown.

Q suggested someone with 3 initials (the first and last being J and C) was being protected.

We decoded the name as John P Carlin.
A Lisa Page [LP] text alluded to that person saying “Viva Le Resistance.”
18) Lisa Page said John Carlin was being kept up to date on the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation via former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (sometimes directly and sometimes via George Toscas).
19) Confirming Q's assertion that John Carlin was being protected, the transcript shows a Congressional staffer attempting to downplay Carlin's involvement, pointing out that it was actually George Toscas who ran things on the DOJ side and not Carlin.
20) Despite the recent assessment by FBI Director Chris Wray that China presents the most serious threat to the US, Lisa Page said she felt that Russia was the real threat.
21) Mike Kortan was FBI Assistant Director of Public Affairs. His role in Spygate has been unknown (at least to the public).

Page testified that both Kortan and McCabe authorized FBI leaks to the press.
22) An email from Peter Strzok discussed a FISA application referred to by the code name: "Dragon."

Page said she could not discuss it in an unclassified setting.
23) According to this article by John Solomon, the "Dragon FISA" seems to be a surveillance request that was part of another investigation (codenamed Dragon) that was related to Trump and Russia.
24) In September, Q suggested there was panic in DC because Loretta Lynch [LL] and Rod Rosenstein [RR] were teaming up and talking to investigators to save themselves.

It seemed as if DOJ personnel had allied themselves against FBI personnel.
25) Lisa Page's testimony seems to bear that out. She said the DOJ made all the decisions as to how the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation would be handled.

Did the DOJ really run the operation or is Page throwing the DOJ under the bus to save her FBI friends?
26) Lisa Page testified that she had traveled abroad only once while working for Andrew McCabe in December of 2016 with Peter Strzok & 3 other unnamed individuals.

The theory is that they were there gathering intel on Trump's people with the help of British intelligence.
27) Page's testimony confirms what anons already knew.
Q first posted pictures of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in London last February.
28) Enlarged section of Q's photo compared with a known photo of Lisa Page.
29) That concludes my review of Jeff Carlson's article on Lisa Page's closed-door testimony.
30) Former CIA Director John Brennan played a major role in Spygate. Carlson wrote this article on Brennan's likely involvement.

cc: @mwam1993
31) Jeff wrote this comprehensive article on Spygate that includes an infographic.
32) Q posted a picture (all Q's pics are originals) and asked what VIP is being picked up in China?
33) Here's a closeup of Q's image.
Note the signs for gates 2A and 2C
34) This photo that was taken a Shanghai's Pudong airport.
Note the sign for 2A and 2C
35) There are a lot of guesses about who the VIP is, including members of the delegation that visited China for trade negotiation.

The problem: Trade talks ended and the delegation is likely home already.

Q asked who is arriving today?

36) I spent about an hour searching this morning and couldn't find a single article about anyone of prominence (American or otherwise) visiting China today.
37) My guess is that the American VIP is traveling covertly and we'll hear about their trip at a later date.

If so, I imagine Q will drop a "future proves past" on us.
38) On January 6th, 2019, Q posted this about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's views putting her initials [RBG] in brackets, signifying a kill box.

This week, for the first time in 25 years, she missed arguments for the Supreme Court due to illness.
39) In March Q posted about Red_Castle and Green_Castle asking if his message was received loud and clear (5:5)

He also indicated that the clock on this project had been activated.
40) We interpreted Red Castle and Green Castle as codes for the Army Corps of Engineers and concluded they would build the southern border wall.

42) Yesterday, POTUS directed the Army Corps of Engineers to look at ways to fund and build the southern border wall.
43) Q reposted the Ruth Bader Ginsburg drop and asked if the info on her health or the Army Corps of Engineers plan to build the wall was public knowledge.
44) During Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, Q posted a link to a video where Nancy Pelosi explained to the press how politicians need their help to smear their mutual enemies.
45) Anticipating that Trump will soon be appointing another Supreme Court justice, Q asked if POTUS appointed a woman, would she be safe from political smears?
46) An anon responded.
47) A second anon responded anticipating a religious attack on the next person to be nominated.
48) Kamala Harris is famous for such attacks.
49) One Journo anticipated the attacks likely to be used against one potential Supreme Court nominee.
50) As they did with Justice Kavanaugh, attacks by the Wile E Coyote Dems will backfire.
51) Trump's next nomination is a virtual lock due to Republican control of the Senate which confirms all nominations.

Who controls the Senate?
Enjoy the show.
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