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💥 It's 1/11 💥
Q returned this morning! It's also been a busy news day. Buckle up, we have a lot to get to. 😎

This will be my QThread and Geopolitical News Update for January 11th.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #WorldNews
2. Not only is 111 a very meaningful number in numerology and a spiritual sense; but today's date is an exact mirror of the date of the #Benghazi attack. We will not forget! 🙏🏻
3. Early this morning / Late last night, Q returned with BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! 💥This woke up the night shift Anons fairly quick! 😎
4. Anons are saying good morning to Q. Telling Q to bring the pain! #WWG1WGA Anons are still chuckling over #POTUS trolling #Acosta last night "Dear diary.." 😂
5. Drop 2669
Q posts photo from Chinese Airport and says: Awaiting VIP arrival. What senior US official is arriving in China? Purpose?
6. Drop 2670
Q posts past drop 2653 - The History of RBG
Q says: At what point is it mathematically impossible? The very next day. Red castle. Public access to Intel?
7. Drop 2671
If a woman is selected to replace RBG in SC does that eliminate sexual assault smear? What other tactics might be planned to block confirmation? Why is Senate important? Who controls? 53-47 enjoy the show!
8. Anons respond to Q's drop and begin to theorize. Q dropped BOOMs, RBG, and new SCOTUS pick coming.
RBG correlated to red castle/green castle --> blue?
Q is getting ahead of today's 4am talking points 😎
10. Q posted the same corresponding BOOMS in past drop 1170 😎
11. 11:11, BOOM, Future Proves Past
12. Are the 4 BOOMs related to FOUR #SCOTUS picks for @POTUS?
13. On Oct 15th, 2017 #POTUS predicted he would have four #SCOTUS appointments. How did @POTUS know over a year ago? Coincidence? 😎#TrustThePlan
14. What a Q-incidence! 😎
15. Anons are digging for how blue relates to RBG (red/green castle) and what it could mean: RBG code blue? Today was Human Trafficking Awareness day (wear blue), Q also posted about blue metal in past drop 1473. Blue metal cannot be cut!
16. Very interesting! How many times has Q dropped the video "This video will get DJT elected". Anon digs further and finds red, blue, green! BOOM. Nice find!
17. Anon identifies which Airport the image Q posted was taken in: Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China
18. It was only days ago that Kim Jung Un reportedly took a train to China. Coincidence?
19. CHINA: US & China wrap up 3 days of negotiations with positive tone, long road ahead.

Senior negotiating teams from US & China concluded 3 days of intensive trade negotiations in Beijing earlier today, marking end of a 1st set of in-depth discussions awpa.org/2019/01/10/chi…
20. China's Xi hopes US, N. Korea will 'meet halfway' news24.com/World/News/chi…
21. Elon Musk Offered China Residency Green Card After Saying He Wants to Visit China 'More Often'
22. Elon Musk says SpaceX has assembled Starship test rocket with shiny, retro look geekwire.com/2019/elon-musk…
23. Official statement on the US Trade Delegation's Meetings in Beijing.
24. It was 4:19:34 pm Beijing time when Q dropped his first crumb this morning.
25. Anons theorize over who is returning from China. This Anon believes it could be Matt Pottinger, who is currently serving within the NSA.
26. Who is Matt Pottinger?
Short bio here:
27. This Anon believes it could be Wilbur Ross returning from China after seeing this video posted by CNBC
28. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the U.S.-China trade talks are at an "appropriate level" and that U.S. tariffs are hurting the Chinese economy and Beijing's ability to prevent "social unrest."
29. Anon noted the article posted above, and noticed that within all the names listed of the US negotiating team, there was "other senior officials" included in the negotiating team that were not listed. Hmmm
30. 😂😂 Good one Anon! 🎯
31. What are the chances!? Q 😎
32. 😂So true! He likely did!
33. Congress approves measure to ensure federal workers are paid retroactively after shutdown foxnews.com/politics/house…
34. The Democrat Wall of Insanity Is Cracking: Top Democrats Announce Support for Border Barriers (VIDEO)
35. Statement by Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen on Human Trafficking Awareness dhs.gov/news/2018/01/1…
36. January 2019: Human Trafficking Prevention Month
37. Anons decode Q's drop re: New #SCOTUS nominee:
38. Trump Administration Preparing Shortlist Of Supreme Court Candidates To Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Report dailywire.com/news/42040/tru…
39. We already knew long ago who @POTUS had on his short list for #SCOTUS picks; Trump released this list Nov 17th, 2017. Here's the female candidates on that list: whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat…
40. Anon believes it's Amy Coney Barrett, who turns 47 this month. Justice K was 53 when confirmed. 53-47: Double meaning! Also, @POTUSPress posted "Ginger preparations underway" 🤔
41. This Anon believes @JudgeJeanine will be the new #SCOTUS pick:
42. Anon agrees that Judge Jeanine would make a good pick; regardless we're in for some entertainment for confirmation.
43. Is Q dropping info about a possible female SCOTUS pick to get [them] to expend more resources again? Then POTUS will do a fake out and switch it?
44. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss arguments for second week, but no further treatments planned cnbc.com/2019/01/11/sup…
45. Anon responds to Q re: #SCOTUS
46. DeSantis asks entire South Florida water management board to resign thehill.com/homenews/state…
47. Posts from @POTUS:
48. @POTUS comments on the wall:
50. The Secret Logistics Of America's Global Deep State zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-1…
51. Canada Installs Underwater Chinese Monitoring Devices Near US Sub Base

#POTUS is trying to stop China, while #Trudeau hands them the keys
52. EXCLUSIVE: Pompeo announces international summit on Iran foxnews.com/politics/exclu…
53. Ocasio-Cortez slammed for 'hypocrisy' after her campaign fined for not providing worker's compensation coverage foxnews.com/politics/ocasi…
54. Egypt deports German citizen over alleged terror suspicions apnews.com/937bc632505843…
55. Turkey orders arrest of more than 100 military suspects over suspected Gulen ties mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/af…
56. @JustinTrudeau has been touring across Western Canada this week doing townhall meetings. A constituent confronts him about why Canada is admitting so many migrants, specifically Muslims, saying "they want to kill us!".

This was #Trudeau's reply:
57. During a recent townhall meeting, a man responded to #Trudeau re: his immigration policies saying, “the people are saying no, because these two cultures will not mix.”

"Which cultures?" Trudeau asked.

"Christianity and Islam," he responded. trib.al/mpTkGT3
58. Syrian refugee in Windsor left without medical care after bomb blast.

👉🏼Not asylum seeker.
👉🏼MED SHOPPER! cbc.ca/news/canada/wi…
59. Canada wants 1 MILLION more immigrants by 2022

🚨NO! @JustinTrudeau wants one million illegal migrants, NOT Canada!

#TrudeauForTreason #MCGA 🇨🇦
60. #StateRunMedia
Bought & PAID for by 🇨🇦taxpayers!
62. It was a busy day at GITMO today. At least three different planes flew there today: 2 from Norfolk and 1 from Fort Lauderdale.
63. France Airforce & the Q4 US military gave a sweet shoutout to the 8chan Anons today! 😎 #WWG1WGA
64. First flight this morning to GITMO from Norfolk - 767
65. US withdrawal of troops from Syria has officially begun, military spokesman confirms but refuses to discuss timeline of exit or specific locations dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
66. EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal m.theepochtimes.com/transcripts-of…
67. This is important to note from within this article re: Lisa Page's testimony, when Lisa referenced traveling abroad once to London with Strzok and 3 other individuals, including Bill Priestap

This corresponds directly with QDrops 784, 1720, 1721, 1722!
68. Past drop 784
Q links photo of London and says:
UK stay alert
69. Past drop 1720
Q drops photo of London streets and says: When does a bird sing?

Look who it is on the streets of London: Strzok, Page, Priestap, 2 others
70. Past drop 1721
Q links 1720 and a photo of Strzok and Page together on the streets of London and says: Keep your promise. This is not a game.
71. Past drop 1722
Q linked 1721 and said:
Public awareness forces hand
72. Anons are always way ahead of the news 😎
73. Who has all the texts?
75. Today, @POTUS appointed Charlie Kupperman as Deputy National Security Advisor
76. This afternoon, President Trump hosted a roundtable discussion with State, local, and community leaders, who spoke on how the crisis at the border is negatively impacting communities across our Nation.
77. This is common sense. Congress must pass a bill that ends the crisis at our border.
78. Here's a list of attendees at today's Border Security Roundtable with @POTUS
79. More from @POTUS:
81. MI6 Boss and Army Field Marshal: May’s Brexit Deal ‘Places National Security in Foreign Hands’
82. Google and Soros Fund Facebook’s New Fact Checkers
83. Air Force gets its tanker, but wants a new boom; DOD’s phantom real estate; Shutdown bites firms; and just a bit more… defenseone.com/business/2019/…
84. US approved thousands of child bride requests in past decade.
85. ‘Most of them are gay’: Duterte urges Vatican to allow its ‘useless’ priests to have boyfriends rt.com/news/448528-du…
86. RT from @realDonaldTrump

@CNN called a San Diego news station (@KUSINews) for negative reports on the Wall. When the station said that Walls work, CNN no longer had interest. #FakeNews
88. Trudeau will shuffle his cabinet Monday after Treasury Board President Scott Brison, one of his senior economic ministers, resigns. theglobeandmail.com/politics/artic…
89. Trump’s Lumber Tariff Is Forcing Canada Producers to Idle Mills
90. Former Texas judge sentenced to six years in prison for creating fake sex-for-hire ads for women he dated
91. @SecPompeo: I had a great meeting today with HM King Hamad and Crown Prince Salman. The U.S.-#Bahrain partnership continues to thrive, from cooperation on #Iran, #Yemen, and counterterrorism to Bahrain’s hosting of the @US5thFleet.
92. @BrianKolfage the Veteran who created the GoFundMe for the Border Wall, has released his official plan for using the money towards the wall. 🏆 Well done Brian! 👏🏼👏🏼businesswire.com/news/home/2019…
93. Supreme Court rules Canadians living abroad for more than 5 years have right to vote in elections. The revised voting ban was deemed unconstitutional. globalnews.ca/news/4837492/c…
94. A Syrian refugee sits in jail for the suspected murder of 13 yr old Canadian Marissa Shen.

When asked about the connection to the CDN refugee system and this murder, @JustinTrudeau tells this constituent asking such questions is bad for diversity! 🆘 globalnews.ca/news/4833253/t…
95. Man arrested at Medford airport with bag of guns kval.com/news/local/man…
96. 3 found shot dead in luxury home in Texas gated community
97. CDC says it's another bad flu season with up to 7.3 million people sick so far cnbc.com/2019/01/11/cdc…
98. Accenture CEO steps down due to health reasons reuters.com/article/us-acc…
99. Who is Accenture?
A Fortune 500 company, with revenue of $41.06 BILLION (2018).
100. @POTUS will be travelling to New Orleans on Monday.
101. Anon feels like next week is going to be big around the 21st.

Q already told us a few times:
Bigger next week

Also, the 19th is National Popcorn Day. Q said: Get your popcorn! 🍿
102. Interesting that now Nancy is bringing up the tunnels. It's noted:
103. 😂😂😂 Fantastic idea!
104. China broadcasts spacecraft pictures from moon’s far side usatoday.com/story/news/wor…
105. Search engine Bing is showing child PORNOGRAPHY on the Microsoft-owned site and suggests other disturbing phrases for paedophiles to help them find the illegal images dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ar…
106. US: China's Top Trade Negotiator to Visit Soon

U.S. officials expect a visit from China’s top trade negotiator this month in Washington, signaling that higher-level discussions are likely to follow this week’s talks with midlevel officials in Beijing digestua.com/news/2019/01/1…
107. A former Arkansas lawmaker has been charged with conspiracy due to his part in a scheme to bribe a judge in the state.

Former state Sen. Gilbert Baker has been charged with conspiracy, bribery, and wire fraud for his role in the scheme. newsbreakinglive.com/2019/01/11/for…
108. Big Pharma Just Bought Access To Your DNA From Genealogy Company 23andMe. returntonow.net/2019/01/09/big…
109. Also keep in mind that #SOTU is coming up on January 29th. Last year @POTUS created FREEDOM DAY. The Day of Days? Feb. 1st
110. ‼️PANIC IN DC ‼️#Winning
112. Clinton Judge Orders State to Pay for Sex-Change Surgery of Inmate Who Sexually Abused Child
113. EXCLUSIVE: McCabe Told Congress That Comey’s Draft Exoneration of Clinton Was Unprecedented theepochtimes.com/exclusive-mcca…
114. Feinstein And Friends Quietly Introduce a Major Gun Control Bill During the Shutdown townhall.com/tipsheet/bethb…
115. Senior Executive of Huawei Canada Leaves Post as Company Faces Increasing Scrutiny
116. Never know who is going to walk into the office…
117. Making the connections 😎
118. Was it HUMA?
In Q's drop tonight: What US official is coming from China?
>> photo code: ABED
119. More Than 1,400 US CEOs Resigned From Their Jobs in 2018
120. Government shutdown enters 22nd day, becoming the longest federal closure in U.S. history.
121. Syrian Air defenses intercept hostile missiles launched by Israeli warplanes, down most of them
122. H.R. 1: Democrats Act to Strip State Powers Over Elections

If you thought the midterm elections had problems, wait until you learn about Nancy Pelosi’s plan to terminate state control over American elections. pjmedia.com/jchristianadam…
123. #POTUS has no public events currently scheduled tomorrow.
124. Phew! What a day of news! Plus, we had Q return! Thanks for sticking with me through this looong thread! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

As always we will end with thanking @POTUS @FLOTUS the QTeam and the brave Warriors who fight for us daily. Thank you! 🙏🏻 #QArmy #WWG1WGA @threadreaderapp unroll
125. Link for UNROLL: @LadyQanuck QThread and News Update for January 11th
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