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PART III: Ralph Reed - The Missing Link:

Ralph Reed is the centerpiece of the evangelical "big data" operation that propelled Trump to the White House.

His Faith & Freedom Coalition (FFC) may've also committed serious IRS & FEC violations.

Understand why in this thread. /1
This is a deeper dive into the "heart" of the data operation described in Part I.

Part I focused on Americans behind an operation of 20,000 pastors who gave their databases of 15 million to a "big data firm" to aid Trump in '16. /2
This comprehensive thread will touch on 5 main points:

1. Reed's FFC not transparent on their Form 990 who they paid for $1M digital ad campaign in 2016 (IRS violation?).

2. What happened to the $1.5M FFC sent to Reed's related org Freedom and Values Alliance (FVA) in 2016? /3
3. Should FFC be a 527 org and not a 501c4 for supporting/opposing particular candidates? (FEC campaign finance violation?)

4. Is Reed using FFC's/United in Purpose's 501c4 voter data for commercial purposes via his FOR PROFIT company Century Strategies? /4
5. Per Canadian pastor Craig Buroker's YouTube video in Part 1, 20,000 pastors provided their parishioner databases to a big data firm to help Trump win. Are there arguably elements of a conspiracy here? /5
My Part III investigation was kicked off by this 6/21/16 article "Inside Donald Trump's Private Meeting With evangelicals." /6
This quote in particular caught my eye.

[Ralph Reed, leader of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, says he hopes to discuss “ways we can be fully integrated into the machinery and the grassroots of the campaign.”]

FFC is a Champion The Vote/UiP partner. /7
Even more reason to look at Ralph Reed, I thought:

"Earlier Tuesday morning before the event, [Trump's] team plans to gather a working faith advisory committee at Trump Tower, which will include Falwell, Reed, and others." /8
"Televangelist Paula White, senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in FL & a Trump supporter, has been organizing the group behind-the-scenes w/ Tim Clinton, president of the 50,000-member American Assoc. of Christian Counselors... Reed will also be part of the board..."/9
[“I think it is really important that [the campaign] folks are integrated into the grassroots,” Reed says. “I hope to offer to do everything I can do to help him connect with and win support of voters of faith.”] /10
Then I reviewed this 5/21/16 piece:

"United in Purpose has previously worked closely with Perkins, and has several dozen partners, including groups like Americans United for Life, Concerned Women for America, Catholic Vote, and the Faith and Freedom Coalition." /11

"Reed was neutral in the primaries, and now tells TIME that he will personally support Trump and do everything he can in his personal capacity to help Trump’s campaign in the general." /12

"Reed is planning for 2016 to be the largest voter education program of his career. His team will make 200 million voter contacts, directed at 32.1 million faith-based voters primarily in battleground states like Iowa, Florida, N. Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, & Ohio." /13
Oh lerd

"His voter education program budget is projected for $28 million, and will include one million door knocks, 25 million pieces of mail & on average 7 digital messaging impressions per voter. Operations like this are often the lifeblood for a successful voter outreach" /14
["[Evangelicals] don’t necessarily vote for the candidate who is most like them in terms of religious identity, that is just a myth,” Reed says. “If you understand they are issue driven, and it is a broad swath of issues on with they vote..."] /15
Next... finding these two FFC articles archived on Wayback that were published just before the 2016 election was a major breakthrough in terms of tying Ralph Reed's FFC to the data operation described in Pastor Buroker's YouTube video as having tilted the election for Trump. /16
10/29/16: FFC Volunteers Visit 1 Million Homes

"home visits have been concentrated in 12 states" vs. Buroker's saying "11"

"15.6 million specific microtargeted Catholic and evangelical voters" vs. Buroker's saying "15 million" /17
11/2/16: FFC Launches $1 Million Digital Ad Campaign

"FFC's digital team removes early voters from the program as soon as their vote is recorded, shifting video messages to voters who have not yet gone to the polls," which also matches Buroker's description. /18
11/9/16: Record Turnout of Voters of Faith Fueled Trump Triumph

"Fueled Trump Triumph," eh?

"In Wisconsin the evangelical vote broke 71% for Trump to 24% for Clinton." /19
FFC's website's Privacy Policy

Note two things:

1) "We may share your information with third parties."

2) "We may keep information that will collect for an unlimited period of time." /20
*short break*
FFC Leadership - Ralph Reed /21
FFC - "Become a Freedom Patriot" /22
FFC - A Letter from Ralph Reed

Note that respect for "life"/"marriage" and "lower taxes" are listed as FFC's Principles #1 and #2, respectively, which are next followed by "education reform" for children and helping the "poor" at #3 and #4. /23
FFC - Our-Five Fold Mission

Remember this one for later, as FFC certainly dishes their own brand of dislike: "Protest bigotry and discrimination against people of faith" /24
FFC - 2015-2016 FFC data analytics campaign /25
FFC - Voter Education & 2018 Midterms Voter Guides

"Abortion on Demand"? /26
FFC - 2016 Voter Guides /27
Note that FFC's 2016 Voter Guides are similar in content and intent to David Barton's National Black Robe Regiment's guide I identified in Part I. /28
If David Barton, Bill Dallas, George Barna, or Glenn Beck read my Part, I bet they breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn't yet identified the centerpiece, Ralph Reed.

Because everything I've since discovered leads me to believe they were all connected to this operation. /29
Note FFC's tweets as evidence of all their connections, too. /30
Now that we have a decent understanding of what FFC does and their professed capabilities, let's take a look at what Century Strategies, Ralph Reed's FOR PROFIT corporation, does. /31
About Century Strategies

Note: "proprietary grassroots lists either owned, managed, or accessed by Century with over 41 million names with current address and consumer data"

Remember Century Stategies' 41 million... /32
... because 41 million is awfully close to the 42 million people FFC boasted having data on in this YouTube video published 12/6/16 detailing how their efforts helped Trump win the 2016 election. /33
Century Strategies - Digital Advocacy

"Century uses the latest digital targeting to identify citizens, deliver the best message, and recruit allies on key issues." /34
Century Strategies - Grassroots & Affinity Relationships

"Century principals... helped build the 'ground game' of victorious presidential campaigns."

Interesting. /35
Century Strategies - Data Analytics and Microtargeting

"Our proprietary databases contain tens of millions of citizen-consumers that include distinct data points to identify those most inclined to be interested in a product, service or issue. Our services include..." /36
Century Strategies - Political Campaign Consulting

Hmmm... was FFC a client of Century Strategies in 2016? /37
Century Strategies - Political Campaign Consulting

"Century can provide almost any campaign service needed by our clients. In fact, much of it is done right in our offices under the direct supervision of our consultants." /38
Century Strategies - Millennium Marketing

"Our in-house citizen contact team designs, produces and delivers cutting edge digital, mail, and phone contacts that have helped our clients win elections..."

"Win elections." /39
"Our creative team designs and implements campaigns that utilize every means of energizing citizens and voters: emails, text messages, traditional mail, targeted social media advertisements, and videos sent to cell phones and other mobile devices."

Sounds like what FFC does! /40
CS Leadership - Ralph Reed

Reed served on "the faith advisory board" for Trump in 2016.

The most notable part is that the next to last paragraph makes no specific mention of FFC's digital ad and microtargeting capabilities. Why is that? Too risky to mention here? /41
CS Leadership - William Armistead

For throroughness, simply mentioning that William Armistead, VP of Corporate Affairs, is the only other leader listed. /42
Let's now take a look at FFC's Form 990s and pinpoint the potential anomalies, inaccuracies, and/or omissions... /43
FFC - 2016 Form 990

Part IV, Question 3:

Does FFC "engage in direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office?"

FFC answers "No."

Remember this. /44
Part IV, Question 28c:

Was FFC "a party to a business transaction with...":

"An entity of which a current or former officer [Ralph Reed]... was an officer [Ralph Reed]... or a direct or indirect owner?"

FFC answers "Yes."

Refer to Schedule L. /45
Schedule L, Part IV

I thought this is where I might find a reference to Ralph Reed's Century Strategies.

But there was only a reference to Reed's other 501c4, FVA, and the fact that FFC transferred $1.5M cash to FVA in 2016.

Ok, keep looking. /46
Statement of Functional Expenses, Line 24d

Remember FFC's $1M digital ad campaign in 2016? With high confidence, I believe the expense for that is embedded in this line for "Website & Media Service" for $1,184,543. /47
By comparison, the 2015 Form 990 only shows $108,640 for this line & 2017's doesn't even show a line for this expense. /48
Likewise, the 2012 Form 990 shows $1,016,206 for "Voter Education - Media" as compared to no such expense being shown in 2011 & 2013.

So the question is...

WHO did FFC pay for their $1M digitial ad campaign in 2016? /49
"Schedule B Independent Contractors" that REQUIRES FFC to identify the 5 highest paid contractors who received over $100k will shed light on this, right?


FFC only lists 2 FUNDRAISERS who raised $ for them, which has NOTHING to do w/ the $1M digitial ad campaign! /50
Other Relevant Schedules for Analysis

FFC 2016 Form 990:

Schedule G

Schedule I

Officer Compensation /51
Other Relevant Schedules for Analysis

FFC 2016 Form 990:

Schedule R /52
So what became of the $1.5M that FFC sent over to Freedom & Values Alliance (FVA) in 2016? Maybe the $1M digital ad campaign was paid out of FVA, I thought.

Except the 2016 FVA 990 shows receipt but little use of $1.5M sent over from FFC.

Reed is chairman of both FFC & FVA. /53
I also noted that, unlike FFC, FVA has yet to file a 2017 Form 990 (which is past its due date w/ extensions).

So I decided to look into FVA and discovered the strangest thing... /54

Note FVA's "Admin. Dissolved" vs. FFC's "Active/Compliance" status.

Note FVA's "Dissolution Date" of 9/8/12.

Note FVA is a "Profit" Corporation vs. FFC being a "Nonprofit."/55
Then I found that FFC and FVA BOTH filed their first Form 990s in 2009 using the SAME EIN.

Sorta weird, right? /56
In 2010, the 990 for FFC had the same EIN as 2009 and the one for FVA then had its own, separate one.

They consistently used their own EINs from 2010 going forward, both as 501c4's. /57
I also found it odd that FVA, a Domestic "Profit" Corporation, would be filing a Form 990. But I did find this record that FVA was granted exemption status in Nov 2012.

Still, I found zero indication that FVA was registered as an active business after 9/8/12!

Bizarre. /58
I next noted that FVA's 990s for 2009 - 2011 had normal operating activity. /59
Then the 990s for 2012 - 2015 had very minimal operating activity each year (expenses didn't exceed $15k in any year).

I noted that this "minimal activity" began in the same year as FVA's reported dissolution date of 9/8/12. /60
ll of a sudden, in 2016, FFC sends over $1.5M to FVA, which FVA barely utilized (less than $7k).

As of today, unlike FFC, there is no record of a 2017 Form 990 on file for FVA as well.

What did FVA do with the $1.5M??? /61
2016 is one of the years I've very big questions about which data firms FFC paid. It appears they've not disclosed who even though they're required to if any were paid over $100k, which is likely the case since FFC advertised on its own website a 2016 $1M digital ad campaign. /62
Was the $1.5M FFC sent over to FVA in 2016 to either 1) pay a vendor out of FVA in 2017 that they didn't want disclosed in FFC or 2) to be used as some sort of "slush" fund?

Whatever is happening, it doesn't feel right. /63
I'd like to change gears now and explore who Ralph Reed is and how far back his relationship with Donald Trump goes.

Note that Reed's tweets from 2011 & 2013 confirm Trump had a relationship with Reed and FFC going back at least several years. /64
This tweet by Reed dated 6/14/14, of course, caught my eye.

Here he wishes happy birthday to "my friend" Donald Trump.

In total, these tweets suggest a possibly close relationship between the two and that Reed's/FFC's "evangelical" push for Trump was born before 2016. /65
Let's check out Reed's "Trump" tweets from 2016.

Particularly the one dated 2/23/16.

"I am not a campaign surrogate, nor have I endorsed."

LOL. Remember this tweet. /66
More 2016 tweets.

Regarding the 6/1/16 tweet, keep in mind that the Home Depot co-founder referred to here is Bernie Marcus, a reported funder of FFC (Reed's being a little disingenuous by not mentioning that here). /67
6/15/16. Reed at a Trump "rally" in 2016? Is this appropriate? Did he go to Hillary Clinton rallies?

Not that I saw. /68
In this set of tweets, Reed's animus toward Hillary and support for Trump is apparent. /69

Reed at a Trump "rally" again!

This time, pictured w/ Trump himself and also "my friend" Kellyanne Conway.

Oh my. /70

Reed now hangin' w/ Don Jr.

Note that FFC's $1M Digital Ad Campaign was launched only 5 days after this on 11/2/16! /71

Reed: "You're welcome, Mr. President."

For what? For running a data operation that was designed to ensure Trump won? /72

Lolz. There it is. Another plug for FFC funder Bernie Marcus.

Reed: "Great op ed by Bernie Marcus." /73

Reed pictured w/ Ivanka and also mentions being w/ Trump & Pence at faith advisory board meeting. /74

Reed proudly deploys Trump's slogan... "MAGA."

Of course, Ralph Reed the individual has liberty to be partisan, but keep all this in mind when we look at FFC's tweets later in this thread :) /75

When you understand the connection between Reed, Bernie Marcus & Trump, don't the Home Depot employee bonuses seem like an "I'll pat your back since you pat mine" between a real billionaire (Bernie) and a self-declared billionaire (Trump)? /76
By the way, what were Reed's thoughts on Hillary while he was running this "non-partisan" data operation in 2016?

7/6/16 - "[Hillary] broke the law and serially lied about it. She cannot be trusted."

10/12/16: "[Hillary] was reckless and negligent, period." /77
Based on what we've seen above, I wondered, does Reed's seeming obsequiousness and Sean-Hannity-level admiration for Trump stop at Ralph Reed or does it carry over to FFC? /78
Did FFC have any commentary on Hillary during the 2016 election?

Plenty. And none of it positive.

Arguably, "in opposition to" her, which is not how FFC answered that Form 990 Question back at #44. /79
This tweet by FFC on 8/10/16 questioning Hillary's health really caught my eye.

We now know that Jerome Corsi, who was coordinating with WikiLeaks, e-mailed Roger Stone on 8/2/16 suggesting they should start spreading rumors about Hillary's health. /80
More examples of FFC's "opposition to" Hillary. /81
Conversely, although there are currently no FFC "Trump" tweets prior to Election Day 2016, I noticed it didn't take FFC long to deploy the newly-elected president's slogan, MAGA... on 11/30/16. /82
And I couldn't help but notice the many bizarre, "FFC-sponsored" ads and graphics promoting President Trump. /83
Here are a couple more. Keep in mind that this is just a sample! /84
Contrast these w/ FFC's Anti-Obama tweets, ads, and graphics during Obama's presidency. /85

FFC: "Our president [Obama] has done nothing." /86
I found FFC's preoccupation with Obama's golfing habits laughable, as Trump golfs/vacations at a record-breaking rate and costs taxpayers $3 million for each of his frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago.

Any mention of Trump's such habits by FFC?

Nope. /87

Direct criticism of Obama's foreign policy by FFC as "weak and unsustainable." /88
Note the all-out blitz by FFC against Obama just days before the 2014 midterms. /89

FFC endorsing Ralph Reed's personal Twitter account:

"Facts and Failure May Shame Other Politicians But Not Obama." - Ralph Reed

Does anything shame Ralph Reed? /90
A few more exhibits.

12/15/16 - FFC: "Obama's radical agenda"

1/3/18 - FFC: America's foreign policy "more moral under Trump than it was under Obama" /91
So, what if you're a Christian who happens to lean to "the left" politically. What does FFC think about you?

Not a whole lot, it seems. /92
*pausing thread - will resume tomorrow - this thread goes up to 187 tweets, so we're about halfway there*

The single worst tweet by FFC against "the left" appears to be an official FFC statement:

"We should rephrase 'the left' to reflect the truth: 'What will be left' when they're finished." /93
A supposedly "non-partisan" organization celebrating the expiration/death of "the left," prior to running a supposedly "non-partisan" data operation to influence voter turnout over the next several months. /94
A couple more disparaging remarks by FFC about "the Left."

Again, this is just a sample. /95
Perhaps FFC's single most damning tweet of all is among these 3, all of which seemingly acknowledge FFC's effort to ensure Trump, in particular, was elected:

"We worked hard with our 55M database to make sure Trump was elected POTUS"

When you understand the apparent support or opposition FFC has toward certain candidates, you start to see things differently...

Check out this FFC YouTube video published 12/6/16 detailing their data operation during the 2016 election. /97
Why did FFC focus on just "Key Battleground States and Senate Races?" Why not all? Is FFC like, I don't know, trying to tilt an election in favor of a preferred candidate? /98
"Messages Customized to Each Voter"

What data/ad firms did FFC employ for this and why aren't they disclosed on FFC's Form 990? /99
FFC contacted some voters "as many as 25 times until they voted" and explained "why they have a Moral Duty to vote."

Ok... is there such a thing as "voter oppression/harassment"? /100
26 million educational videos and 27 million e-mails and text messages sent to "targeted" voters.

Again, who did FFC pay for all this? /101
FFC made over 10 million phone calls to targeted voters "explaining what was at stake."

Ok, that may have implications. What does that mean? /102
FFC's Voter Guide and other details/stats were also featured in FFC's YouTube video. /103
FFC "will have a close working relationship with President Trump."

Uhhhh... seems like they did prior to the election as well, but what does this mean for Trump 2020 (if, which I doubt, he makes it that long)? /104
FFC thanks you for helping make this "Great Victory possible with your donations."

What "Great Victory"? Trump, in particular, winning? /105
FFC's YouTube ads--even just the visual aesthetics--appear to reveal FFC's "support for" or "opposition to" particular candidates. /106
FFC: Trump "received 81% of the evangelical vote on Nov. 8th, and he still has our support today."


So FFC organizationally still supports Trump as of 6/15/17 and also did so on/before 11/8/16? /107

Reed discussing plans w/ Trump himself to "educate and turn out Christian voters in September" re: 2018 midterms, one would presume.

Similar to how the two met shortly before the '16 election.

But Reed's not a "campaign surrogate" and FFC's "non-partisan," right? /108
You see, Reed's/FFC's support--born before 2016--for Trump and the Republican agenda has, of course, continued well beyond that year as well. /109
NYT details FFC's plan in Georgia's special election.

Reed explains the strategy is now to "narrowcast" Trump. Lolz.

FFC "identified more than 100k voters it will target in 250k phone calls, 22k home visits, and 12 videos that will be sent to their phones and computers." /110
Christian Post re: 2018 Midterms

FFC & Family Research Council "are hoping to encourage Christians to... support candidates who can advance the Trump administration's social conservative agenda." /111
Wait a second... so FFC wants people "to support candidates" who will advance a particular person's agenda who's a member of a particular political party? /112
Christian Post:

FFC, w/ a 19-state focus, "has also partnered w/ 30k churches to distribute voter guides" that "give voters a comparison of where the two major party candidates in those races stand on the issues that social conservatives in those states care most about." /113
Should FFC be a 501c4 or a 527? Or at least a 501c4 that reports political campaign activities?

Knowing what you know now about FFC, check out what a 527 org does.

Food for IRS thought. /114
If a 501c4 like FFC engaged in "political campaign activities," meaning any activities that "directly or indirectly support or oppose any candidate," then at a minimum, it should complete Schedule C, Parts I-A, I-C, and IV.

FFC says they didn't on their 2016 Form 990. (?) /115
Also, see this additional resource for a description of various "political campaign activities?" /116
Slightly off topic, but a recurring theme in a slice of Ralph Reed's tweets that really rubbed me the wrong way was the undermining of the Trump-Russia investigation and his anti-Comey tweets.

@Comey is my homie, bro. /117
And you know why Susan Rice requested names be unmasked, Ralph?

Because the freaking crown prince of UAE visited New York in late 2016 without notifying the Obama administration, as is customary.

Not the scandal you were all hoping it would be, right Ralph? /118
More of, ummm...


Or should I say...

*ralphs* /119
As if a Ralph Reed tweet could make the Trump-Russia investigation go away.

Lol, leave the natsec commentary to someone like @20committee who knows what he's talking about and has known Trump is effed since early 2017, Ralph. Thanks. /120
@CheriJacobus and @paulosophia might be interested in knowing that Ralph Reed decried Cheri's "gullible, easily conned" description of him when, in fact, he was the one who ran a seemingly partisan data op on evangelicals under what appears to be a facade of a 501c4. /121
So where did Reed/FFC get all this data on millions of people?

This NYT piece from 9/22/12 article provides clues. /122
Similar to their strategy in 2016 (to microtarget 15.6 million people in 12 key states), FFC's plan back in 2012 was to target 17.1M in 15 key states, using up to 171 data points on each person. /123
FFC acquired megachurch membership lists and used other resources to identity people with hunting/boating licenses, who read the Bible, who own pickup trucks, etc. /124
This all sounds quite familiar to... what was it again?

Oh yes, Bill Dallas' United in Purpose operation which was formed in 2008 (FFC formed in 2009). /125
Note the 9/22/12 NYT piece also identifies a few well-to-do FFC donors: Bernie Marcus (we already know this) and two new names, Foster Friess and John Templeton Jr. /126
8/5/12: HuffPo: FFC & UiP are buddies!

"Marx added that they [FFC] are already working with allies like United in Purpose, a California-based group that specializes in online voter data mining and reportedly has gathered sizable funding from Silicon Valley conservatives." /127
Now let's jump ahead to this 11/2/18 NYT article re: the 2018 midterms for more answers and, of course, more questions. /128
Lance Lemmonds of FFC:

FFC, with an $18M budget and 28 million digital ads, "will inundate Christian conservative voters in the last weekend. We will send those ads directly to their cellphones."

Who did FFC use and how much did FFC pay for this?

Who regulates these ads? /129
FFC & Family Research Council "have also teamed up with United in Purpose, a data-mining operation that seeks to transform culture in 'what some people call the seven mountains,' according to the president of UiP, Bill Dallas."

Are they cuckoo for Dominionist puffs? /130
Bill Dallas: "We have a ministry consultant who will work with each church to help them get their people out to vote on Election Day." /131
The final article I'd like to detail at this juncture is this 9/20/12 one by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This is a very important piece about how Reed's FFC helped Romney's campaign, with some key details I'll highlight: /132
"Reed has taken data from consumer marketers and the RNC, mixed with his own files from the George W. Bush campaigns--when Reed helped Bush court social conservatives--and the Christian Coalition."

So Reed's allowed to lug RNC, Bush, and CC voter data everywhere he goes?? /133
Note what happened in 1997. Reed had been running the Christian Coalition since 1989. Then, in 1997, the FEC came knocking on the door.. /134
"Reed left in 1997 to run his own consulting firm in Atlanta, as the FEC had begun investigating whether the Christian Coalition had broken campaign finance law by advocating for specific candidates. The Coalition paid $45,000 to settle the case in 2000." /135
"Montgomery said Reed’s followers are willing to overlook his past flirtations with scandal in order to win." /136
" 'Reed has always been this kind of ruthless political organizer,' Montgomery said, noting that Reed once spoke of the Christian Coalition’s political foes ending up in body bags."

Oh? /137
VERY important detail... Reed said in 2012 that "targeting technology" was "primarily purchased from outside vendors."

Yet their Form 990s appear to be purposely hiding who exactly FFC paid for what likely was/is expensive technology.

Why are they hiding this? /138
"This year, the top goal for FFC is electing Romney..."

Wait, so the goal for FFC in 2012, as was the case in 2016, was ALSO to elect a particular candidate?

Uh huh... go on... /139
Important: Knowing FFC and UiP/Pioneer worked together going back to at least 2012, did they share/merge any voter files?

If so, FFC voter data was exposed in UiP/Pioneer's data breach of 191 million voters discovered by @VickerySec in Dec 2015. /140
Along w/ possible sharing of voter files, was any cash or service exchanged between FFC & UiP/Pioneer?

There's no explicit indication on their Form 990s; however, we do know FFC has avoided listing anyone except their fundraisers as being paid over $100k, which is suspect. /141
We also know Ralph Reed's Century Strategies boasts of having the same capabilities and a virtually identically-sized database as FFC described utilizing during the 2016 election.

Did any voter files, cash, or services change hands between FFC & CS? /142
This would be of MAJOR public interest, as such a lucrative, self-enriching relationship would absolutely require Form 990 disclosure.

According to one report, FFC and CS are in the same building in suites next door to each other. /143
And, comically, BOTH FFC's and FVA's 2016 Form 990s indicate Ralph Reed worked 20 hours per week for $0 compensation.

So, in total, Reed worked 40 hours per week for no compensation?

Nah, don't buy it. /144
One thing I can tell you is that, despite not having disclosed payments to any of these parties on their 2012 Form 990, FFC reportedly used LSN Mobile and Mobile Sports Group (MSG) for their text/SMS campaign in 2012. /145
Although it's possible LSN & MSG weren't paid over $100k, it's much more likely they were (which requires Form 990 disclosure).

Remember from #49 that the 2012 Form 990 showed FFC spent $1,016,206 for "Voter Education - Media." /146
The Georgia branch of LSN Mobile, Inc. dissolved 12/7/16 (FFC is headquartered in GA).

LSN's website was last operational in 2014. /147
MSG is now primarily known as Bullseye Interactive Group (BIG), but BIG also dissolved 9/7/18.

BIG's website is oddly still operational, though. /148
I haven't found any confirmation FFC contracted w/ MSG/BIG again in 2016, but still think it's important to take a look at what MSG did in 2012 to get a sense of what may have also happened in 2016, even if FFC used another contractor.

Note the "Target Groups" BIG offered. /149
Here are 6 "Case Studies" that showcase MSG's work for their clients and the corresponding results.

Note that 3 of the cases feature FFC. /150
Pay attention to this quote included in one of the case studies.

Billy Kirkland of FFC indicates "we are very happy with the results in being able to target by" a variety of attributes...

and "behavioral information." /151
A reason to key in on this is because MSG/BIG offered "Customer Profiling" and "Personality & Behavioral Data" as services to its clients' databases (advertised on BIG's site as far back as 4/29/13).

So, were FFC/MSG also psy-profiling voters back in 2012?! /152
Bullseye Interactive Group - Personality & Behavioral Marketing Data /153
If FFC/MSG were creating psychological profiles of the millions of voters in FFC's database, they would've been classifying each and every one of these voters into one of 16 PYCO personality types.

Did that happen? I doubt voters' consent would have been obtained for this. /154
And then there's this curious case of a representative from FFC admitting FFC "used" Millennium Marketing (a division of Ralph Reed's Century Strategies) for FFC's text campaign in Wisconsin in 2012. /155
FFC & Ralph Reed *really* didn't want this story out there. Thanks, Wayback ;) /156

We learn in the artice that, at a "Champion The Vote" panel (yet another connection to Bill Dallas/UiP) on 6/12/12, Rick Furr of MSG/BIG & Scott Foernsler of LSN Mobile distributed materials that indicated Reed's "Millennium Marketing" as being behind the Wisconsin operation./157
Also, at this panel which was held on 6/12/13, Furr & Foernsler distributed business cards with MM's logo identifying themselves each as "executive director"! /158
Attorneys for Reed & Millennium Marketing provided to this article's author a signed statement by Furr & Foernsler indicating that they were not authorized to circulate these materials or "represent that MM was involved in FFC voter contact programs undertaken by LSN or MSG."/159
Nonetheless, this is a very bizarre set of circumstances. Also, the author states, "FFC's own national field director, Billy Kirkland, confirmed to Stan in a June 29 phone call that FFC had 'used' Millennium Marketing in Wisconsin where, he said, 'they were a big help.' " /160
There's also the question of whether voters contacted by MSG/FFC in 2012 even consented to receive political texts.

@VickerySec says this may be a violation of TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and that campaigns are switching to peer-to-peer platforms to bypass this./161
Thanks to @analyticartist, I can also tell you that FFC uses proprietary software called Voter Trak for tracking voter phone calls, door-to-door visits, and their voting status. /162
Voter Trak's developed by a company called "Digital Scientists" and appears to have been originally created by Joshua Wood of Hint Media in 2010.

Voter Trak was used in 2016.

h/t @analyticartist /163
Still, the question remains...

Who did FFC use in 2016 for their $1M digital ad campaign?

Since FFC's Form 990 wasn't transparent about this and a definitive answer eludes us right now, let's consider some possibilities. /164
Possibility #1: Century Strategies/Millennium Marketing

We know CS/MM boasts offering these *exact* services--including digital ad campaigns--to clients.

This would certainly also solve the problem of... how does Ralph Reed work 40 hours per week between FFC & FVA for $0? /165
Possibility #2: Mobile Sports Group/Bullseye Interactive Group

While LSN Mobile doesn't appear to have been operational in 2016, MSG/BIG still was and certainly could have been deployed again in 2016.

Still, I found no such indication and there was that whole debacle above./166
Possibility #3: Tatango

FFC is known to have been a client of Prosper Group.

Prosper Group partners with Tatango, as does Brad Parscale.

h/t @BrentAllpress /167
Tatango is particularly known for their SMS microtargeting capabilities.

Plus, FFC using Tatango could, hypothetically, have been a super-sneaky way to coordinate their efforts with Parscale and the Trump campaign.

Both Cruz & Trump used Tatango. /168
Possibility #4: Cambridge Analytica

Certainly would be the "final nail in the coffin" if we were to learn that FFC utilized CA, as that would for sure open the whole can of worms of "psychographic profiling" and "ill-gotten Facebook data."

CA always has to be considered. /169
Possibility #5: Koch brothers' project

Some of the "dark money" that's flowed into FFC is reported to have been ultimately traced back to the Koch brothers.

A Koch project such as i360 could have been utilized in FFC's effort. /170
Possibility #6 (for 2018 midterms): Trump Campaign/Excelsior/Campaign Inbox/Convergence Media

Not for the '16 election, but for the '18 midterms, there's a possibility FFC used the Trump campaign's database to reach out to voters via a text campaign. /171
I tend to lean most toward #1 and/or #3 above.

#6 seems like it would be crossing a line majorly, but that's not necessarily stopped people.

FFC's lack of transparency here leads to so many distressing questions and possibilities for the public to now have to consider. /172
A key point mentioned by Canadian Pastor Buroker in the YouTube video discussed in #5 is that 20k pastors gave their databases of 15M to a data firm to help Trump win in 2016.

Not only that, Buroker said pastors would ask each parishioner, "Who are you going to vote for?" /173
At a minimum, we already know that Ralph Reed/FFC, Bill Dallas/UiP/Pioneer, David Barton, George Barna, and Glenn Beck were in varying degrees involved in this operation. /174
It very well could have been Barton's/Beck's National Black Robe Regiment of 70k pastors that supplied some of these databases to the cause, in addition to Reed's/FFC's own network of pastors. /175
So what of the mysterious 20,000 pastors themselves? Who are they, how much parishioner data did they supply, and how far across the line did they go in supporting FFC's seemingly highly partisan operation?

Doesn't this feel like a conspiracy at the expense of parishioners? /176
Speaking of Buroker, we know from Part I that he learned about this operation in Mar 2017 from the head of Canada Family Action, Doug Sharpe.

Interestingly, Ralph Reed previously did meet w/ CFA back in 2005, although under different leadership than Doug Sharpe at the time. /177
I'm a big believer in the idea that 2019 will be the year of Trump's impeachment or resignation, thanks to Mueller, FBI, and intel agencies of the US and our allies.

Just keep in mind that, even if Trump goes, Ralph Reed's also Mike Pence's boy as well. So watch closely. /178
Knowing what you know now, don't tweets #7, #10 and #12 above with Reed expressing an interest in integrating with Trump's campaign sound a lot more, um, illicit in nature? /179
Bottom line: "If an organization’s primary purpose or activity is partisan political activity, the organization does not qualify as a 501(c)(4)." /180
A final reminder of the 5 main points I set out to address in this thread: /181
I made it this far without even mentioning Reed's connection to the infamous Jack Abramoff scandal, which is something I recommend you all look into if you're not familiar with it.

But, on that note, I'd like to share this quote from a rando's blog online about Reed/FFC... /182
"In any case, Ralph Reed is back in his element, sanctimoniously sucking up to Donald Trump--another long-disgraced oppressor and mocker of the poor who, like Reed, has made a fortune from failing casinos." /183
And, by the way, if you're wondering if this thread is intended as support for or as opposition to Ralph Reed & Faith Freedom Coalition, let's just say--as FFC would say about their own work--it's purely just for voter education purposes :) /184
Thank you for reading along, everyone.

I appreciate you sharing and giving this story as much exposure as possible.

Also, thank you to @VickerySec, @analyticartist, @soychicka, and @BrentAllpress for their contributions to this thread. /185
Earlier in this thread, I shared a link to Part I. Here's a link to Part II which describes the personal and digital ties that Tamas Cser, the tech guy behind Bill Dallas's UiP/Pioneer, has to Budapest and Moscow. /186
@threadreaderapp please unroll. /187x
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