Unfamiliar with Q and Q-Anon or just need a refresher?
I compiled this thread because I wish I had something like it when I was first introduced to #TheGreatAwakening.
We must help each other understand & keep each other informed.
United we are stronger!
2/ This tutorial is only possible because of the work of dedicated truth seekers! All credit is given where known. Artwork is randomly sourced from various social media platforms.
Enjoy the show! 🙂
3/ Q has become recognized across the USA and around the world, and has become greatly acknowledged in the media ... Q has become mainstream! Some people will always choose to get left behind, but for truth seeking Patriots~~~> Where We Go One, We Go All!!
4/ Patriots are in control, but there is always work to be done, especially helping others with the #Qanon phenomenon. Q team are guiding #TheGreatAwakening. This is about good vs evil and right vs wrong. The truth will set us free.
5/ The MSM disinformation and condemnation of Q has become louder and louder. That was inevitable as the hate and rage grow among brainwashed people who seemingly have an unending aversion to the truth no matter how blatant it is.
6/ Q is considered conspiracy to Leftists on the wrong side of history, even as more and more people in high places resign or lose their jobs, resign from politics, commit "suicide," or get exposed for crimes against this country & for unspeakable crimes against children.
7/ To Patriots, Q is information, most of it open source data that the MSM chooses to largely ignore. Q is about research, truth, and exposure... for justice and freedom... for humanity!
WE ARE Q! United we are stronger.
Where We Go One We Go All!
8/ Q "drops" started on October 28th 2017. The complexity of it all is very difficult to completely explain to someone unfamiliar, especially now since we are over a year in with over 2,500 drops. The phenomenon really must be "experienced" over time.
9/ There are a ton of Q resources and "experts," and it all can be quite daunting. This Q-utorial is what I feel is a simple yet comprehensive way to begin to understand and experience your own Great Awakening. ~~~>
10/ Follow this thread. Take your time. None of this at this point can be absorbed in just a short period of time. Be patient!

I am Q...
You are Q...
11/ Listen very carefully to THE PLAN from the Trump campaign trail in 2016.
#TrustThePlan - Trust President Trump. He knows what he is doing.
Watch ~~>
12/ Listen to President Trump tell us in early October 2017, in a room full of senior military commanders and their spouses, along with a confused media, that this is The Calm Before The Storm:
13/ Read these 2 easy write ups from late 2017, just after Q started:
🇺🇸 The Storm and The Awakening:
🇺🇸 American History: Q
14/ Listen to the following 4 videos, but also watch them. The visual content is very deliberate.
15/ Watch & listen~~~>
6/14/2018 - Q Clearance Patriot
16/ Watch & listen~~~>
6/25/2018 - The Plan To Save The World
17/ Watch & listen~~~>
8/7/2018 - Killing The Mockingbird
18/ Watch & listen~~~>
10/17/2018 - We Are The Plan
19/ Read~~~>
WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history
20/ Follow Q drops here - qmap.pub
If you are brand new to Q I suggest setting aside some time, scrolling to the beginning, and reading thru at least most of November 2017. Don't try to understand every line and detail as this may cause frustration and dismissal.
21/ Learn the "comms." Q drops are often written as questions that answer themselves or that have obvious answers. There are also lot's of abbreviations and repetitive codes, phrases, and themes, many of which become second nature to understand over time.
22/ There are various legends floating around the internet to help decipher many things that are not readily understood. It is a lot to take in and takes time. Always keep in mind "The Plan" from above. President Trump knows what he is doing.
23/ Conspiracy theories are only conspiracies until they're not. As of 12/31/18 there are over 70K sealed federal proceedings filed in the PACER government database since Oct. 2017, when Q started.
"There are no coincidences."
"Lots of SEALED indictments"
24/ “We have an army of digital soldiers.”
Follow trusted people or places for Q analysis & research, and other relevant news of the day. There are many in this Q-Army.
25/ My personal favorites & recommendations are:

Lisa Mei Crowley @LisaMei62
The Praying Medic @prayingmedic
Joe M @StormIsUponUs
Snake Plissken @MrWyattEarpLA

These people are Warriors!!

Be careful who you follow. There are no legitimate Q "comms" outside of Q-Anon.
26/ Join a trusted Q group for analysis, thoughts, questions, etc such as "We Are Q" on Facebook.
Be careful of certain groups with too many "experts" and drama.
27/ Always remember to keep "The Plan" in mind.
Trust the Plan!
Trust President Donald Trump!
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
29/ Most importantly stay informed, communicate with your friends and family, and continue to seek and spread the truth! Always remember that the strongest weapon in the world is a patriotic American! 🇺🇸
We are Q! Where We Go One We Go All!
May God bless us all! ✝️
30/ Thank you for following along.
I hope you enjoyed & learned from my Q-utorial.
Please share it with others. We’re all in this together.
Where We Go One We Go All! #WWG1WGA
#MAGA #KAG #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWorldWide
31/ 🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸✝️
Addendum 1: Excellent threads to add to my Q-utorial by @paul_serran. I recommend scrolling his account for other valuable threads of information.
👾 "Who is Q?"

👾 "What is Q?
Addendum 2:
New video from Joe M. @StormIsUponUs
Earlier videos of his are in tweets 16, 17, 18 of this Q-utorial thread.
Watch & listen~~~>
1/27/2019 - Q - Dark To Light
Add 3:
Joe M @StormIsUponUs has enlightened us with a remastered version of his original video from June 2018. Listen & watch. Knowing what you now know and seeing what is playing out in real time makes this narrative even more mind blowing.
Add 4:
March 6th
"...a primary objective of the Q operation is to expose in real time how mainstream media works as an arm of America’s Deep State shadow government."
Add 4a: Article by @martingeddes in previous tweet was censored by Medium. Here is another link...
Add 5: The article from the link in tweet 19 of this thread has been censored by Medium. Here is the article directly from the author @martingeddes.
Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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