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Colour Coding System
Orange/Sunset = End
Red/Fire = Punish
Blue/Water = Info
Green/Trees = Ally
Yellow/Sunshine = Reward
Purple = Communication
Number Coding System - Birth Order
Second (6 Letters)
Usage: Second Born in cult families often get in, first/third are often experimented on/sacrifices.

#MAGA #Qanon #Cult #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
Number Coding System - Timecodes
Anything with 6.
Eleven (6 Letters) - Twelve (6 Letters)
11 to 12 second mark to send symbolism codes
often shill videos leave winks to let cultists know the truth (making lead up serious but by 6:06 making you believe something stupid.
Shirts Coding System - Stripes "closed eye"
Usage: Differentiate between those in a cult family "aware" and "unaware"
Used through photos as a way to tell other cultists "not in the club yet" Colors of Stripes act under cult color coding system. #Qanon #Cult #GreatAwakening
Induct Coding System
To induct into the cult a symbolic picture is taken and shared with cultists so they know they can begin helping them. - e.g. a picture of them "eating (6) cereal (6)" as in taking in the 6 - or a 2 picture set with eyes closed - then being opened. #Qanon
Animal Coding System
Snakes, Spiders and Owls are a few of the symbols that cultists define themselves with. Owls are symbolic of watching in the dark and they eat rats. Differences between animal behavior are used to differentiate types of cultists. #Qanon #Cult #GreatAwakening
Animal/Number Coding System
Sheep are how they view the normie masses that they Shepherd through life from birth till death. A cultist who flips can be represented numerically as a 9 (flipped 6) at which point they become a rat (which are seen by owls and eaten by snakes)
Hiding Six6es System -
Usage: Associating letters to numbers turns F into a 6- Facebook therefore is symbolic of a 6 and the symbolic icon is a facet - Water=Info code - thus Facebook is a water facet of information for the cult about you. #Qanon #Q #GreatAwakening #TrustKansas
Letter String Coding System -
People like Al Gore (6 letters total) Full name Albert (6) Arnold (6) Gore Junior (6) are another way to wink. It allows cultists to identify by name alone. #Qanon #Q #Cult #GreatAwakening #HumanTrafficking #TrustKansas
Letter Repeat Coding System
Double consonants like (M)arshall Bruce (M)athers or (M)ichael Francis (M)oore or (A)rnold (A)lois Schwarzenegger are winks that tell the media cultists PROMOTE ME. It's scary to dig through history and recognize it's always been that way. #Qanon
Letter Orders Coding System
AB is a code for an experiment - usage in names Like Aaron Burr or company or promotion allows cultists to understand why the endeavor is unique in cult operations at a glance. They know it's new ground for the cult and to promote it especially #Qanon
Posing Coding System
Usage: Taking photos to say without saying using charades (and thus avoid creating evidence through layers of abstraction)… in the QMAP these pics are next to- "Pictures unlock ‘deal' presented that was declined. Puppets going wild."
Colour Coding System EX:
Pink = Weak
Blue = Info
Purple = Communicate
Tiffany Blue = Secret Info
Cult Coding System:
Animal: Frog = Change
Used to denote in symbolism a change - from one form into another. Really puts the Pepe thing into perspective doesn't it? Just how far ahead were the good guys thinking? #Qanon #Cult #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
Twitter Coding System:
Usage of colors in theme and symbolism in header allow communication using the cult colour system posted above. Thus to say silently that they wish to communicate with other cultists they might switch theme to purple as that's the code for communication.
Additionally for the stripe system, it's likely the colors of white versus black for the alternate colors of the stripes indicate whether they will ever be made aware of the cult. Hence Obama did, and this guy with Michelle Obama never will.
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