My thread on the acquisition of Re-Awakened patriots and how @POTUS and his team have accomplished this goal through multi-media campaigns...

As many of my followers know I have studied the #QAnon saga from the beginning in Oct. 2017
I am a truth seeker of spiritual, political & scientific information. I try to remain objective and use common sense when deciphering anything said or written about these subjects. That being said, it is impossible to NOT see the narrative shifts of the MSM and it’s counterparts.
The “daily trends” of our multi-media giants has been overridden with any narrative that slanders the president and our great nation. If you (in any way) disagree with their constantly changing narrative you will be put in a box, wrapped up with a tiny little bow marked:
racists, xenophobic and idiotic. As well as not being “educated” on the way the “new” global initiative works. YOU are the problem with the world not THEM! They just report the news, right?
So, now you are on President Trump’s team and tasked to inform and somehow UNITE the people of America (and the world) beyond the scope of the MSM. What would you do if you were a multi-media genius like @parscale? What would you create?
What has worked in the past to unite people? Well I would say an “anonymous truth teller”!
They would need a way to speak about the corruption in D.C. to the very people that have THE POWER to vote and NOW the power to promote their own narrative.
What does a great leader do?
Most of all they “empower” their people to make their own choices and have their own voice. Great leaders create “great leaders” it’s just that simple.
Now listen to this interview with Brad Parscale at the 2:00 min mark.…
The campaign manager for Trump 2020 knows way more about how to KEEP us in the Trump camp than he will ever lead on to.
So, this brings us to the current situation of #QAnon followers and the rest of MAGA
In this section I have to address the Q community;
There is a reason that the word #Unity has been posted 100’s of time by Q
It’s because the Q team knew it would create division on some levels
The term WWG1WGA is another example of the importance of #Unity
The “Infighting” is in your power to stop
Be like Q
just start a conversation that is productive and helpful
we have to understand that a lot of us have only begun this fight and many #MAGA supporters and researchers have been fighting the swamp for many years without the help of an anonymous mystery giving them vital data. So the transition is difficult for them.
Again, intelligent and informative conversation is key to credibility. Our passion is wonderful, yet our tactics has areas less to be desired. This is all normal! It’s as if we are being born again into truth and it is exhilarating, but we must still remain compassionate & smart.
If we can manage to #UNITE both movements a much stronger movement will emerge. A worldwide reckoning of the “Old Gaurd” is occurring as we speak so the time is NOW to #Unite the Patriots! It doesn’t matter if someone believes in Q for you to inform and empower them to find truth
And to the #MAGA patriots that get annoyed at us #Qfolks please listen to this speech by General Mike Flynn on the “Army of Digital Soldiers” that has been amassed.

I’m NOT saying he is a part of the team...
I am saying that Flynn has first hand knowledge of the power of uniting people using digital formats and forgoing the MSM. As well there are many good patriots in Military Intelligence that know this and how to accomplish this goal.
The freedom loving patriots need to realize that Trump 2020 will not be a cakewalk. It will be ruthless no matter how well our economy is or if the wall is built. We have a huge wave of young voters coming in and the danger of losing this 8 year plan is real.
Therefore, #UNITY is a must! As General Flynn messaged me once “We Will Win” and I believe that...
Yet, I want to Win BIGLY and it will take all of us to stop the infighting and start the most powerful conversation ever devised by Humans to date! One of Freedom, Unity, and Truth.
I would like to add to this and say that to obtain Constitutional Patriots there would be many ways to get the word out. The Right wing Media is only so powerful and full of un-relatable people to the new generations of voters. The #QAnon movement is just 1 of those projects.
If it is a part of the administration, it is just one moving part of the campaign. It is mysterious and addictive and most of all informative. It allures people that are seekers and want to be in the know. It can be an obsession and we need to be aware of that(Myself included).
When you argue a point of any conversation you have already lost. When you go into a debate to “win” you always lose. Yet, when you have a conversation to “learn” both people “win”. To argue Q is like arguing about religion in a lot of ways because no one “really” knows the truth
We can claim to have “faith” and “Hope” of our version of the truth but ultimately everyone has their “OWN” truth. Learning to honor each persons truth is the reason America was created. Always keep this in mind it will help us set aside our “passion” and allow each of us to grow
And allow us to build credibility in the news cycle. It does not help the movement to BE bigoted, vulgar, attacking or arrogant. It would help it immensely to BE informative, kind, unthreatening and relatable. We do need to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT but not our fellow man.
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