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💣Cambridge Analytica, DARPA , Watson = Political Psyops

📌We will learn a great deal when the indictments fall on the witting American assets who conspired with RU to psyops/influence USA & EU voters with military precision. Here are a few clues: purple=RU
📌Mercer invested at least $5M in Cambridge Analytica "that mines online data to reach and influence potential voters" and "uses secret psychological methods to pinpoint which messages are the most persuasive to individual online viewers,"
Combining the precision of data analytics w/the insights of behavioral psychology & the best of individually addressable advertising technology,” CA’s website pledges, “you can run a truly end-to-end campaign.” & that is why Cambridge Analytica was created
📌To apply its “insights of behavioral psychology” to national politics, as the Mercers intended, the SCL/Cambridge team needed a lot of information about a lot of Americans.
A. Kogan (researcher at Cambridge U) built an app that leveraged FB’s tools to pull info from the site & then pitched its use using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a tool that allows developers to hire humans (“turkers”) to do simple tasks for small fees.
📌Global Science Research was Kogan. Paying ‘Turkers’ $1 after they downloaded the app, Kogan collected info on millions of Americans & their friends. (30 to 50 million users).

📌That info was then used to build out SCL/Cambridge Analytica’s profiles.

📌Mercer is a former computer scientist who, decades ago, helped build the technology at IBM that the computer giant would later use to create its Watson super-computer & assisted Apple in developing the basis for its Siri platform.
📌Long before making his fortune at Renaissance Technologies, his hedge fund, Mercer, 70, worked at IBM, where his name appeared on studies about "Brown clustering," which the computer giant used to create its Watson Artificial Intelligence systems.
📌Some of the tech that's part of Watson, explained Crosby and two other computer scientists can "quickly build, test and deploy bots or virtual agents across mobile devices or messaging platforms to create natural conversations between apps and users."
📌That technology is even built to understand a user's personality, tone and emotion and interact naturally with people. #PsyopsBots

📌Bolstered by Parscale’s advocacy (and Jared Kushner’s championing) the campaign hired Cambridge Analytica, over then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s apparent objections.
📌The decision may have been made easier, too, by Cambridge/SCL’s role in the successful Brexit campaign in Britain the same month.

📌#LeaveEU was a test run in preparation for the TrumpCampaign
📌”You can easily have arbitrary and ridiculous (fake) info spread very quickly, & now to targeted users more susceptible to believing it and spreading it, and we now know that it influences people. We saw it in the election, with Brexit," he said.
📌Trump, meanwhile, has accrued among his 30 million Twitter followers — 15M of which are actually bots that experts have said could be "weaponized" to spread fake & misleading news stories that favor the WH or distract from the scandals it now faces.
📌With the subtle introduction of advanced technology, by individuals familiar with artificial intelligence, their effectiveness as it pertains to targeting users and interacting with them could escalate rapidly. #WeaponizedPsyops
📌”Fooling humans into doing things in the electronic realm turned out to be really easy," said Simon Crosby, CTO at Bromium, pointing to campaigns that are thought to have influenced the 2016 presidential race & the Brexit referendum in the UK.
📌What role did Flynn play in integrating DARPA’s AI coding into Cambridge Analytica?

📌Jon Iadonisi, a friend and business associate of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, had two under-the-radar projects underway in the fall of 2016.
📌Iadonisi helped Flynn with an investigative effort for an ally of the Turkish government & did work for the Trump campaign, which focused on social media.
📌VizSense promises on its website to “weaponize your brand’s influence” through “military-grade influencer marketing and intelligence services.”

📌Iadonisi, a former Navy SEAL, started VizSense in 2015 with Tim Newberry, a nuclear engineer.

💣”Privatized DARPA”💣

VizSense was spun out of the duo’s consulting firm, White Canvas Group, which they once described as a “a privatized DARPA,” a reference to the Pentagon’s research arm.
📌Iadonisi and Flynn’s firms shared an office suite in Alexandria, Va.
Flynn’s now-closed consultancy, Flynn Intel Group, rented space from White Canvas Group

📌Did Flynn coordinate the integration of DARPA AI capabilities with GRU?
📌Michael Flynn discloses his ‘advisory role’ linked to Cambridge Analytica the data mining and analysis firm that worked with Trump's campaign, funded by Trump backer Robert Mercer
Flynn continued a long working relationship with Cambridge Analytica & didn’t terminate his involvement until shortly after Trump won the presidency.

What is DARPA?
❌Flynn’s Digital Army❌

Michael Flynn and the theft of the DARPA tool

Did Michael Flynn coordinate with Russian intel agents, to create & promote propaganda narratives in line with the Kremlin’s agenda to attack Western Democracy (US & EU) with the full knowledge & consent of the Trump & the Trump campaign?
Did Flynn assist in coordinating the data laundering performed by the Alfa Bank server on behalf of Trump Campaign and Russia, & what role did he play in facilitating the hacking of both the DNC and state voter databases?
📌The Alfa Bank server ‘washed’ that data together to tell Trump where to target it, sources say. But the messages and content with which targets were served was co-ordinated with Russia by General Flynn.
📌Also did Flynn take the same hacking tools used in the DNC hack together with AI tools coded in Russia and did he help far-right and Nazi parties across Europe use it against their own nations?
📌Intelligence sources assert that multiple NATO partners have evidence of General Flynn’s activities & actions and that it all has been provided to the FBI.
If ‘data laundering’ forms the first basis of the TrumpRu, ‘propaganda targeting’ is the second part.

📌Flynn attacked not only the US but all her Western allies on Russia’s behalf, & if so, did he do it w/ the full knowledge & consent of Donald Trump?
📌Data Laundering: the Alfa Bank server in Russia was communicating with the Trump campaign sending hacked data from state voter databases and the DNC’s voter targeting engine, Vertica.
It was also sending laundered money which was used to pay the hackers assisting the Trump campaign. These two functions were performed by the Alfa Bank server communicating with the Trump and Spectrum Health servers.
📌The precise combination of these two databases allowed Cambridge Analytica and SCL both to create Russian-directed propaganda which was then used to target voters with extraordinary precision. #WeaponizedPropaganda
📌SVB bank was also involved in messaging the Trump server, by sending Cambridge Analytica targeting data and SCL propaganda to it, which was washed with the databases and money Alfa Bank was sending that server.
📌General Flynn was actively involved on Russia’s behalf, sources say, in terms of discussing how this RU propaganda could be used and targeted across Europe and elsewhere, as well as in the 2016 Trump campaign.
📌General Flynn’s "army of digital soldiers" continue to expose themselves daily with their Russian active measure hashtag OPs. They are all being tracked ....
📌Flynn’s “army of digital soldiers . . . irregular warfare at its finest.”
The above is a limited overview of the role General Flynn played along with all parties involved in CA/SCL, packet data laundry, hacked data all washed through Alfa Bank, TT, SVB, Spectrum Health servers, all of which has had limited exposure in MSM. washingtonpost.com/politics/banno…
In the coming weeks or months we will learn exactly how General Flynn & TeamTrump conspired with Russian military Intelligence (etc) to weaponize propaganda to influence elections in Western Nations w/ the goal of weakening Western Democracy world wide in favor of RU,CH,SA, etc
I have no idea how this will play out, or how it will be revealed, but I hope I have given the reader some of the puzzle pieces to shed some light on various aspects that will be exposed soon. Remember this is war between Western Democracy v TOC - NOT GOP v DEM.
📌Remember Trump is merely a medium sized fish in this ginormous Conspiracy to weaken the influence Western Democratic Alliance perpetrated by Transnational Organized Crime.

📌This is a world wide roll up of criminals. Example:
Please send me any and all relevant threads you would to see added to this thread that may reveal in greater depth various aspects I touched on or perhaps failed to include. Thank you! #COSINT#USVIA

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🌰Yell @ MSM🌰

Remind them:

📌We are in a cyberwar between Western Democracy v TOC


📌Remember Trump is merely a medium sized fish in this ginormous Conspiracy to weaken the influence Western Democratic Alliance perpetrated by Transnational Organized Crime.
Oh! And remind MSM @GOP @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP are full on, all in Putin assets, utterly compromised, greedy & complicit in selling out our Nation to serve Putin & self enrich. I have bad news for them, Putin will throw them all under the bus. #Traitors #GOPMobFamily

It’s blowing my mind MSM is gobsmacked after hearing intel that reveals Trump is likely a Russian asset.

📌It’s as though they are blind, deaf & dumb & forgive every destructive thing he does daily to weaken our nation.

Sleep well!

Stay buckled up!



#PAM #PAMFAM #AndrewWyeth
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January 12, 2019

Rest well #TeamPatriot #USVIA
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