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1. I don't really pay much attention to #Labour Twitter. It;s not really saying anything worth my time. The right of the party are all Blairite remainers who I've always hated since they embody the worst of left wing paternalism and snobbery. Thread...
2. The left of the party however, is a shitshow of hipster communists and gobby younglings who know fuck all about nine tenths of anything, pushing a socialist agenda they don't understand much less comprehend the implications of it.
3. Then as I understand it, their fondness for Brexit is based on some half understood notions about competition rules and state aid - but in actuality they couldn't give a toss about Brexit. They're just at war with the FBPE morons since they attack Corbyn. Purely tribal.
4. Neither side can get their act together in respect of Brexit since, like the Tories, they are muddled on the concepts, haven't mastered the terminology, competing objectives and between them they don't know what they actually want.
5. Meanwhile Mr Corbyn is slipstreaming, by evading any concrete position hoping to hold it together just long enough to capitalise on a mammoth Tory failure that will see them ejected at the first opportunity. Cynical, but canny.
6. But then there's the whole antisemitism thing. They don't think there is a problem, despite a resurgence of it like I've never seen before in my whole life. Util Corbyn I didn't even think it was still a thing in the UK. Corbyn came along and the floodgates open up.
7. Instead of confronting it, Corbyn's hipsterjugend norovirus brigade insist it's all a big anti-corbyn smear, falling back on the narrative that it's not jews they have a problem with, rather it's Israel. Actually it's quite a lot of both.
8. But supposing we were to give them the benefit of the doubt, it's still an alarming indicator that the largely inconsequential ethnonationalist spat in the near east occupies their every waking moment. I can't think of anything less relevant to the UK or any current problems.
9. Broadly speaking I don't give a toss what Israel does either way. I'm far more concerned with the imminent implosion of UK politics and subsequently the economy. We do not appear to have any adults in the room and Labour has gone AWOL.
10. Insofar as they do talk about policy they waffle on about nationalising the trains, which again is no solution to any problem I currently have and would largely benefit wealthier London commuters. Assuming it even works. Which it won't.
11. Insofar as things that are acute concerns, assuming we are not talking about Brexit, then its spiralling council tax, cost of food, bandit council bailiffs, fuel prices, credit rating, and completely screwed up legal aid system. And thats without looking at health & education
12. Instead we see exactly the sort of contrived emoting over the welfare system and bizarrely a prolonged row over which bathrooms to use if you like wearing frocks. Makes me wonder which country they are actually campaigning to govern and what planet they even reside on.
13. And what bothers me is that, for all the universal credit system is a pigs ear, Corbyn isn't all that different from Blair. The focus is not on stimulating jobs and investment to solve poverty, rather its rebuilding a client constituency by throwing more dole at the plebs.
14. It's actually a long while since we've heard any economic vision from Corbyn, much of which is predicated on borrowing (as though we are not already up shit creek) and based on the sums of Diane Abbott who is terrifyingly dim.
15. It would appear that the only sentient creature on the Labour benches is Emily Thornberry who still doesn't know what a customs union does while demanding we must have one. And we are supposed to vote for this???
16. I filter Labour noise out completely in that most of what they do is witch hunts or deflection, checking for nazis under every bed. Either that or trying to silence people or have them thrown off Twitter for the crime of having a non-kosher opinion.
17. I have never voted Labour in my life and cannot imagine ever doing so, but as a Brexit nerd I've watched a few vids from Benn, Foot and Shore and I really have to wonder... what the bloody hell happened? I would have voted for that party without hesitation. They were patriots
18. Instead we have a metro-communist rabble in a forced marriage with paternalistic liberal progressives who are not only not patriotic, they hate working class Labour voters and don't want us to be a self governing country because they basically don't trust democracy.
19. If the Labour party membership cared nearly as much about the UK as it does Israel we'd be getting somewhere. Except this Israel hatred is what keeps their pet Islamists on side (which is why local Labour are nonce enablers)
20. There's bugger all chance of me voting Tory at the next election, and it would be nice to have an effective opposition, but even in the face of an armageddon Brexit, I'd sooner ram a rusty sword up my bottom than vote for Labour miscreants. Labour is garbage.
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