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Every day, I see tweets where Patriots are complaining “nothing is happening”.
Because of this, I’ve been asked to do a Thread based on history, observations because of Q and the Great Awakening.
I have never done a formal thread before, so bear with me!
#Q #GreatAwakening 🌎
1) Everryone has expectations that they think things should be happening faster. I hear complaints and negative outlook comments all the time. But what we logically have got to remember is that the correct timeframe to pull this off flawlessly may not be the one we envision.
2) QTold us things back when I started following in 2017 that are just now coming true. We are supposed to take ownership of finding the truth for ourselves. What we must understand is that this Luciferian global rule of pure evil has been ongoing since before Christ was...
3) was crucified and resurrected. Worship of Satan (Molech) was happening in ancient times, which we know from early recorded history. Many people don’t understand is that this worship is still going on today by the elite and wealthy people of the world, including politicians.
4) Rome was corrupt and Satanic in Jesus’ time. When the Roman Empire finally fell apart, The Catholic Church stepped in during the Dark Ages to take Rome’s place. The “Holy Roman Empire” is the original title of the Catholic Church. This “religious” organization was really...
5) really not truly a religious order- rather, it was a mechanism to control the uneducated masses. The priests performed mass in Latin, which only the wealthy understood. All the common people knew was to do what the priest said or risk going to Hell.
6) This was the main control of population for over 1500 years. Meanwhile, about 700 AD, in an area of the world called Khazarian(located between Russia, Asia and the Middle East) there was a fractious group of magicians, swindlers and traders.
7) The rulers of Russia and Asia had had enough of the constant fighting, crime and chaos, so they gave these people an ultimatum- choose a religion and follow it or risk being exterminated. Their choices were Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism. (Islam was just starting).
8) They Chose Judaism, but only followed the Torah in public. Underneaththey were still the corrupt, quarrelsome and sneaky people. These people eventually became the 13 families of the Illuminati and they migrated west into Europe where they became wealthy bankers and merchants.
9) Stay with me, this does have a point, lol
The Catholic Church in the Dark and Middle Agesacted as a banker for most nations and became increasingly corrupt. During the Crusades Pope Clement V accused the Templars (the church bankers) of heresy & ordered them to be put to death
10) From about 1600 AD until today the previously mentioned Khazarian Jews (aka the Khazarian Mafia), infiltrated into businesses and governments all over the world. They formed secret societies like Freemasons and Bildeberg group.
11) Now we fast forward to more modern times. Keep in mind that for about 1500 years all the world leaders were chosen by these elite wealthy people, under the guise of free elections. They began to control banks worldwide and became obscenely rich.
12) Then in the early 1900’s a group of these criminals had an idea on how to milk this relatively young country out of its wealth and to gain control of population. They arranged for prominent wealthy men- bankers, corporation owners and entrepreneurs to be invited on a trip!
13) The criminals had tried to get these people to join their ranks but were met with resistance. So a great many wealthy, vain, gullible and proud Americans boarded the Titanic & died. In their absence, the criminals (particularly the Rothschilds family) stepped in and they...
14) immediately began manipulating the US stock market. In 1913, the Federal Reserve (a private Rothschild bank) was created to loan money to the struggling US government who just couldn’t seemed to regain what was lost in the markets.
15) Then, in 1929, (out of sheer greed and desire for power) the Illuminati globalists caused the US Stock Market Crash and ushered in The Great Depression- a totally manufactured crisis that harmed millions of Americans. It was a early false flag. (The Fed raised rates.)
16) The Federal Reserve bank gladly loaned obey to the US government, taking its actual citizens as collateral. They now owned humans. This is where birth certificates became mandatory law and out of which Social Security numbers were born. I
17) Bow they had the US government in a state of debt they could never get out of, because the criminals controlled the interest rates. This system of “debt slavery” was the reason for Federal Income Tax, because the government couldn’t even pay the interest I the loans.
18) Now, Every President since then has been chosen by the criminal Illuminati- with the exception of JFK, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. These three men knew what was really happening under the surface. JFK was murdered because he was going to expose them.
19) Reagan had an attempted assassination because he destroyed their Russia narrative (which they depended onto Cold War fears to control population). These three knew about the cesspool of governments and the tangled connections around the world.
20) They also knew that EVERY war after the American Revolution was a manufactured conflict in order to create fear and dependence on the government, as well as to make enormous profits for the elite who supply both sides. Millions of people have died because of greed.
21) Then Trump was a successful American businessman. He was a genius and he knew the people of the upper echelons because of his success and self made wealth. He knew many of their filthy secrets. Then in 1999 they killed one of his best friends, JFKjr. He loved America.
22) Because of his love for America, Trump had seen enough to o want to step in and destroy the Satanic WORLDWIDE cabal. He knew he couldn’t just fix the US or it would just keep happening after he was gone. It had to ALL be exposed, all over the world!
23) At this time President Trump has been in office for 2 short years, which is minuscule in the face of the Luciferian corruption and slavery of humanity financially. There are complaints by people who are true Patriots that not enough is happening fast enough.
24) In 2 short years our POTUS has done so many amazing things! He got NK to denuclearize. He brought jobs back to America and high employment for all races. He rejected the globalist Paris Climate Accord scam. He’s battling drug trafficking and opioid deaths. He exposed ...
25) the disastrous Iran Deal, which sent OUR money to support terrorists. He change tariffs to be fair to our nation and improve American businesses. He got rid of NAFTA & TTP. He gave us a tax cut that puts more money in our pockets. He’s fighting for National Security on border
26) All this was accomplished while being hounded by criminal politicians, haters, liars and a corrupt Media.
But still people complain that ‘nothing is happening’ or ‘it’s taking too long. Logically, it’s simply impossible to undo thousands of years of evil in 2 years.
27) Trump is a genius, but he’s not Jesus Christ! He’s following an incredibly intricate Plan, in which every contingency has been planned for.
It’s incredibly frustrating to Patriots who have been fully awake and understand what’s really going on. It’s also hard to get...
28) To try to get people to understand that we have already WON!
Globalism is in a death spiral. Central Banks are near collapse and the big elites (like the Rothschilds & Payseurs are bailing out and trying to go into hiding. Trump has EVERYTHING these people have EVER done.
29) There are over 70,000 Sealed Federal Indictments about to be opened. Grand juries are empaneled and prisons are ready. Executive orders for military tribunals have been written.
By building the Wall, Trump is cutting off the cabal money pipeline of drug and human trafficking
30) The midterm election audit will be used to force a Voter ID law before the 2020 elections. We are on good relations with most nations in the world and are looked up to as a shining example in the world, because we are standing up and saying NO to globalist plans for humanity
31) So when you feel frustrated that things aren’t moving to the speed you want, think about all the the things this amazing man has done and will do in the future.
The people you all want to see locked up are only puppets of the real Satanic cabal- they’re lackeys!
32) We must allow the time to dig out all the intricate connections to get to the lackeys’ masters and not miss anyone. This is good vs evil
Be calm, think logically instead of emotionally, and rest assured that we ARE winning and will eventually be victorious against the Dark.
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Money, not obey ( typo )
33) I dedicate this thread to my beloved President @realDonaldTrump and to #QAnon and all the brilliant Anons on 8ch.
The world is undergoing the #GreatAwakening and mankind’s future is bright. #DarkToLight
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These are great
And also seized all the money they managed!
Now , not Bow (typo)
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