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1. The Globalist Cabal has created the right vs left dichotomy to divide society. It’s truly a fight of Good vs. Evil. This is just one more part of the web-the tip of the iceberg!
The Koch Brothers and RBG
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2. The main focus for this thread are on the following Q related questions from Q Post 2653
3. Who are the doctors ‘currently’ treating RBG?


Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Valerie W Rusch has been reported to have performed the lobectomy.
4. What other political [former/current] sr political heads are they affiliated w/?

David Koch of the infamous Koch Brothers.
5. What ‘off-market’ drugs are being provided to RBG in order to sustain daily function?


My guess, something to do with embryonic stem-cells? AI related? Since we are kept in the dark about experimental “off-label” treatments, I’m not sure we’ll ever know. 🤷‍♀️
6. What is the ‘real’ medical diagnosis of RBG?

Bottom line, she’s 85. I think she had something AI and Stem-Cell related; experimental treatment reserved for the Elite, not for “We the People”
7. Who is managing her care?


Memorial Sloan Kettering Center in NY.
8. Who is ‘really’ managing her care?


The Deep State.
9. RBG or Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is an 85 year old Supreme Court Justice. She required a lobectomy to remove cancerous growths found when she fell in Novemeber 2018 and fractured 3 ribs. She had surgery December 21/18.

10. RBG was treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center in New York. What’s significant about this treatment center? On the face of things, it appears to be a World Class, cutting edge Cancer research and treatment center.
11. When taking a closer look at it’s wealthy donors, it becomes apparent it’s much more. The largest Donor is David Koch, of the infamous Koch Brothers. He’s a huge cancer research donor, sits on many board of directors for cancer hospitals, and research centers nationwide.
12. David Koch has a huge interest in Stem Cell Research, other Experimental treatments including a heavy interest in AI. In this article, there was a curious statement made in relation to RBG’s treatment What is RBG being treated for REALLY?
13. It seems some of the doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering have past “ethical problems” after having invested in Artificial Intelligence Start Up in Paige AI.

14. How do we know the Koch Brothers have an interest in RBG and her health?
The Kochs have been essentially “buying” Supreme Court Justice Seats for years.

15. They successfully took over the Supreme Court by injecting huge donations to assist with the promotion of favored picks. Who else has attended Koch Brother Donor Events?
Why RBG!

Judges attend Koch brothers donor fest

16. Koch Brothers are HUGE Globalists, and part of the Cabal or Deep State. NEVER FORGET THEY ARE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION under the guise of Libertarians. With the Deep State, there is no “Right”vs. “Left”. This is manufactured. The Koch family inter-married with-The Bush Family.
17.The Koch Brothers have injected themselves in massive Super Pacs for Republican Candidates, and seem to be the George Soro’s of the Republican Party. They run MANY foundations,make huge contributions to sway political races, policy making groups, fund conservative think tanks.
18. The Koch Bros and Geoge Soro’s=same Globalist Machine.
19. They’ve even created their own “CIA” and spy network. (I happen to think it is the CIA-just my opinion though 😉)

20. Now for the next part, my intention here is not to anger people. I happen to like Mike Pence, but I do have questions about his past. That being said, I have to report where the facts lead. I know POTUS and Q have a plan, and clearly Pence is a big part of the show!
21. Prior to becoming VP, Mike Pence was the Govenor of Indiana. He has a long history of being financed by the Koch Bros, and reportedly the Koch Brothers “dream” Presidential Candidate.

22. While they are over the moon for Mike Pence, the same cannot be said for POTUS. And the feeling is mutual. President Trump @realdonaldtrump outwardly expressed his dislike for the Koch Brothers and they’ve been the target of some of his tweets. What does @potus know?
23. Their sparring and dislike has been no secret. The Koch Brothers refuse to fund President Trumps presidential campaign.

They’ve condemned the Presidents positions against the Globalist Agenda including border security and travel bans.

24. And Potus snubbed the Koch Bros in Colorado 👏👏👏👏👏👏

25. And in North Dakota stating the Koch Bros are a “total joke.”

26. Koch Bros maintained they would continue to Focus NOT on the Presidency, but will remain focused on Senate as they do not support this POTUS.
27. But they DO love VP Mike Pence.
“Mike Pence is the Koch Brothers Manchurian Candidate.”
28. The “Right to Try” legislation passed by President Trump was primarily encouraged by VP Pence, and the Koch Bros were extremely happy. Did POTUS pass this to monitor the Koch Bros involvement in their “experimental treatment?”
29. What exactly are they doing, under the guise of experimental treatment that wouldn’t pass the FDA, yet the Koch Bros are pouring millions and millions into?
Remember the White Hats “have it all.” Is this how the White Hats are keeping VP Pence in check and “performing?”
30. Would you be a human experiment for the Koch Bros? What does immortality cost these days?

31. Seems we would need to ask the Notorious RBG!
32. Who else has been the “beneficiary” of miraculous cures thanks to the Koch Bros using experimental treatments?
33. Why Laurence O’Donnel (of stop the hammering notoriety) from MSNBC praises Koch Bros following accident.

34. And David Koch himself, who miraculously survived and airplane crash in 1991. It was discovered he also had prostate cancer both of which he survived.

35. Is Koch the man, or the machine?
36. Or is RBG?
37. Only the Globalist Elites, who can buy their mortality and sell their soul REALLY KNOW. (And POTUS 🤫)
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