We need to unwind this newest leak in the @nytimes because this was not just random. the DOJ or FBI leaked that story in order to try get ahead of the storm. F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia nyti.ms/2RH4nD4
The story starts from the top, "In the days after Trump fired Comey"

Stop right there, this is a push pin to start a timeline, completely ignoring the fact that multiple FISA warrant havd already been in place prior to this point in time on members of the @realDonaldTrump WHY?
For those not keeping up, yes I said multiple FISAs, though we haven't seen them, rest assured they exist. We have seen @carterwpage FISA, but he wasn't the only one. My guess is Papadopoulos, Manafort, & @GenFlynn. The are strictly speculation on my part, but that's my gut..
The reason those 3 were chosen is they were easy targets because of their contacts. They were easy to establish foreign contacts thru unmasking 702 data on them, because they talk to foreign national all day long. Getting the FISA on them opens up the level of surveillance.
So this opening sentence in this NYT article is meant to try and get all that illegal surveillance behind and away from the narrative, and giving CPR to the Russian claims. And suddenly the narrative has come full circle. They are rebooting the same old narrative of collusion
Here's Warner gas-lighting first thing today. Same original talking points
1. Trump talk softly about Putin
2. Campaign changed the GOP platform
3. Trump called for Russia to handover Hillary's emails

But hold on, Warner volunteers without being asked about the Go8 briefing
So they are regurgitation the old talking points to support this story that possibly Trump really was some “Manchurian Candidate” placed in the Oval Office by Russia and controlled from afar by Vladimir Putin. This is beyond nuts and is Alex Jones level tin foil stuff.
But why did Warner allude to a Gang of 8 briefing out of the blue. I personally think part of that would be his own self preservation, by claiming he was told this theory in an official briefing most likely the briefing Brennan gave to congress, but wait there's more.
Think about who all was on the Gang of 8 then?

@SenatorBurr @MarkWarner
@DevinNunes @AdamSchiff
Paul Ryan @SpeakerPelosi
@senatemajldr @chuckschumer

Had Brennan given this Manchurian nonsense to the Go8 back then do you honestly think we would just now be finding out this?
No way that stayed under wraps like that. Feinstien office leaks live a sieve, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff talk way too much.

In the Strzok/Page texts the talked about a briefing to congress, not the Go8. No what Brennan did was Brief Warner, & Burr, both are snakes
That's when I think Brennan revealed that Crossfire Hurricane was in progress, that the FBI Counter Intelligence had their FISA's in place. Not long after that briefing Warner and Burr started doing some sniffing around of their own. Warner started running his traps with Waldman.
Back to the FISA's originally the FBI investigated 4 unidentified Trump campaign aides in the early months, congressional investigators revealed in Feb '18. The 4 men were Flynn Manafort Page & Papadopoulos that's my main basis for them being the FISA targets & 2 hops covers all
Remember Rubio publicly said that after studying the investigation as a member of the SSIC, he saw no evidence of political motivation in the opening of the investigation. Seriously? Also remember that is was Rubio's super PAC that originally hired Fusion GPS.
Trump warned that you'll be surprised who all is implicated in the scandal, you can put Marco Rubio in that list, though I'm not surprised at all. He's been trying to do something to make a splash in DC and he's been hell bent to get back at Trump for belittling him all the time.
NYT is also parroting the Obstructing of Justice for firing Comey nonsense as well as all things Russia Russia Russia. But what have they put forward to support any of this? No just the talking points. Their motive has to be distract and deflect, no substance.
Lay down cover fire before the storm hits, Horowitz next report is due soon and Mueller's report is due anytime as well. Elijah Cummings is going to chase after payoffs & FEC violations evidently, since his first hearing as the new chair he's calling Cohen in to question him.
They have got to find a way to distance themselves from all the FISA abuse & collusion on the part of multiple democratic operatives. Still curious to see Schiff's first move. Amazing he hasn't made anything public yet. Ed Buck revelations may have sidetracked him a bit
The NYT explaining procedural stuff like this is deliberate, they are trying to justify the FISA crap that is soon to hit the fan, and try to lesson the blowback on the party.
This last line is very telling:

"In most cases, the investigations are carried out quietly, sometimes for years. Often, they result in no arrests."

They know already that the Mueller investigation is going to clear @realDonaldTrump and they are prepping for the shock.
Here's a little CYA for the NYT making sure they throw in the part about the veracity of the Dossier that the FBI used to get the FISA warrants. That is all going to come out in the Horowitz FISA report, this gets out front of it. A year ago it was damning now it unsubstantiated
Here is the mention of the chosen four to spy on, oh excuse me, investigate. Anyone every here anything about Flynn, Page, Manfort, or Papadopoulos ever being asked by the FBI or SC to turn over any emails, or texts or phone records? Guess why? They already had them... FISA
This is laughable from Sally Yates, they kept it quiet so the didn't effect the election. No they kept it quiet becuase they were breaking the damn law spying on Americans on falsified FISA warrants.
Another slim ball that has been overlooked and pops up on twitter from time to time John Podesta was asked by Congressional investigators in his September hearing "whether the Clinton campaign had a contractual agreement with Fusion GPS, and he said he was not aware of one.
Sitting next to Podesta during the interview was his attorney Marc Elias, who worked for the law firm that hired Fusion GPS" to write the Clinton-Steele dossier for the Clinton campaign and DNC. NYT never reports on John Podesta and his part in all of this.
The Clinton campaign denied hiring Fusion GPS when the dossier was first made public, but then when bank records were being sought, Perkins Coie waived any privilege allowing Fusion to disclose clients hoping the discovery would be dropped to protect other transactions, it wasn't
On 4/1/16 Clinton hired FusionGPS through various fronts, the Clinton presidential campaign and DNC, whose financial affairs the Clinton campaign controlled. Clinton designated Marc E. Elias, her personal lawyer & DNC general counsel through the law firm of Perkins Coie as payee.
Additionally, Perkins Coie employed Obama White House Chief Legal Counsel Robert Bauer. When Fusion's Glenn Simpson was subpoenaed by the SSCI, Simpson claimed attorney-client privilege to cover-up the relationships. That didn't fly with the SSCI, Perkins Coie waived privilege
Despite the Democrats' & media narrative that FusionGPS was hired by a Republican initially, former MI6 operative Christopher Steele was not hired by FusionGPS until 2 months after the Freebeacon quit, the DNC and Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS on 4/1/16.
In Sept 2015 NSA Dir Adm. Mike Rogers, was alerted by his team that they detected unusual activity among FBI contractors with FISA access, and ordered a compliance audit. 3/20/16 the audit showed 702 (16)(17) contractor abuse. All contractor access was terminated on 4/18/16
4/19/16 Mary Jacoby, wife of FusionGPS Glenn Simpson, visited the White House for a meeting with Obama officials in the West Wing per visitors logs. 4/25-4/26/16 the White House held 2 day-long meetings for DOJ and FBI specialists in the FISA law.
James Baker (DOJ) Trisha B Anderson (FBI) Tashina Gauhar ( DOJ), John (Brad) Wiegmann (DOJ) Norman (Christopher) Hardee (DOJ) & redacted others were in attendance. The meeting was a strategy going forward meeting, complete contents unknown, however the timeline suggests a lot
4/27/16 Nellie Ohr & Christopher Steele were hired by FusionGPS to begin the Steele dossier using raw FISA data although contractor access had been cut off. By May Nellie Ohr's husband, ADAG Bruce Ohr, was working with FBI Counterintelligence Deputy Peter Strzok.
5/23/16 Nellie Ohr decided out of the blue she needed a HAM license. In June 2016 the first FISA warrant application against the Trump campaign, which was initially denied. Multiple attempts were made and denied.
To me there is evidence that suggests someone within the FBI/DOJ continued illegal 702 (17) queries on Trump campaign personal after contractor access was cut off, and the raw data was funneled back to FusionGPS for the Steele dossier.
I think all this was done to make it appear the illegally collected surveillance came from outside the government, as a cover. The raw FISA data in the dossier was only useful to corroborate itineraries, such as an allegation Michael Cohen was in Prague in late July 2016
However raw data doesn't necessarily always provide the substance of conversations. I think this is what caused the slip up on the Cohen Prague mix up. Despite the garbage charge by the Guardian that Cohen's phone had pinged a tower near Prague "sometime" that month.
According to a telecommunications guru I talked to 4 data points come off on a ping by a cell phone, the 1st data point is date/time, 2nd is the SID, 3rd is the phone #, 4th is the GPS location. If they had detected a ping near Prague they'd know the date/time more precise
When Cohen could prove he was in California at the time, & it was another Michael Cohen with the same year of birth who visited Prague, it was a virtual certainty the Steele dossier was a fraud, amongst a host of other garbage that was in there, no one was able to verify.
However the information on the wrong Cohen could only have come from an illegal 702 (17) query after contractor access had been cut off. This suggests illegal collusion between the FBI/DOJ, and FusionGPS. So somehow they were getting rsw 702 data from the DOJ to FusionGPS
Was Nellie Ohr's new HAM radio license, a communication tool that would allow Nellie Ohr & Christopher Steele the ability to communicate outside the normal NSA electronic communication intercepts, to get raw FISA data from the DOJ to FusionGPS? Given the DC layout very feasible
Steele filed his first report entitled Company Intelligence Report on 7/20/16
Throughout July, August, & September '16 FusionGPS was paying three journalists to listen to Christopher Steele who was shopping the dossier.
Court papers confirm payments. David Corn Michael Isikoff & Ben Smith being the ones directly involved with the dossier they wrote articles about what Steele told them the contents of the dossier. Because the material was unverified, none of them cited the dossier or its source.
Sometime around Thanksgiving 2016 Simpson met with DAG Bruce Ohr. The two discussed the dossier, Crossfire Hurricane investigation, & what Simpson considered the distressing development of Trump’s victory. The dossier had been in the hands of the FBI for some 5 months.
FusionGPS knew they were possibly exposed. FusionGPS was getting money thru law firm BakerHostetler from Prevezon Holdings and its owner, a Russian named Denis Katsyv. Prevezon Holdings and its owner, a Russian named Denis Katsyv. This was where the Russian Collusion was going on
Natalie Veselnitskaya was granted special immigration parole status by Loretta Lynch to represent Prevezon Holdings in an asset forfeiture agreement for $6 million with the U.S. government over a Russia money-laundering suit on May 12, 2016.
Veselnitskaya overstayed her immigration parole status to work for FusionGPS in an illegal lobbying scheme for repeal of Russian sanctions. FusionGPS wasn't registered under FARA. Simpson met before and after the notorious Trump Tower Meeting with Don Trump Jr on 6/9/16
Trump winning the election exposed all of this, which had Hillary won, all of this would have gone into the Clinton archive to use as leverage if she ever needed it at a later date. Trump winning massive coverups had to take place, in hopes they could find away to take Trump out
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