@marklevinshow Watching your interview and have a few things to mention, starting with asking if you ever interviewed @AnnCoulter about her book Treason, where she lays out this Soviet infiltration stuff too.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter What got me in your interview is I think you assumed people knew Harry Dexter White, who he is, a few likely do but he was The Vice President of the United States and was a Soviet Spy according to Venona, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_A…, raw data, nsa.gov/news-features/…
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter But also, and I hope one of you get wind of what I am about to bring up here, you and your guest mentioned W. Averell Harriman in opposition to Alger Hiss as advisors to FDR, well consider that this was Hitler's Representative to POTUS, foxnews.com/story/document… per #FoxNews
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter In other words, the idea of "America's porous border" should include the border wall around the White House during FDR's term. Germany had infiltrated too via their staunch supporter W. Averell Harriman.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter And, to me, American's should be alarmed at these facts not as Democrats and Republcans but that we were that close when Vice President Harry Dexter White was a Soviet Spy to losing the United State of America, because Truman who became POTUS wouldn't listen either.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter So now, what appears to be the case is we had a Soviet infiltration of the United States government of 100-300 people who were suppressing investigations of their own folks but not revealing other government's infiltrations in the moment.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter I contend and submit to you that with the fall of the Soviet Union this rogue infiltration that was independently funded and capable became today's #DeepState and they are continuing their operation, continuing business as usual.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter This became more apparent to me with your guest Professor Kengor mentioning how the GRU continues to this day as it was. Germany doesn't have that same thing so their influence is likely entirely over but Soviet minded Russians persist.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter This might also help appreciate Putin's apparent popularity and persistence in some leadership function of Russia so this day, from Russian Pres, to Prime Minister, to Russian Pres again.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter Understand I appreciate your guest, Professor Kengor because of Ann Coulter's work, and I had been one of the folks in the 1990's who dug up the Harriman report from Congress and was giving it out at grass roots meetings in California.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter My goal was to expose a long hidden and buried corruption that happened to have been well documented and investigated via the Harriman report, which is at the Library of Congress, and I didn't know about Alger Hiss, Venona, or the Soviets at that time.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter But since September 11, 2001 and my, at the time, fellow Liberal Friends claiming the Harriman report exposes Bush was involved, and my study of Minuro Yamasaki exposes to me they haven't a clue how our enemies figured this out after failed....
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter ...Twin Towers attack when Bill Clinton was President (where they put a taxi of explosives at the center column and nothing happened because it's a 20% support structure not the main support) that our enemies studied to know the skin of the building is the weak spot.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter And I have been a #Christian #Conservative ever since. I couldn't handle their lies, mostly fed by French "engineers" who were out to prove the impeller found at the Pentagon with Rolls Royce serial number was from a smaller aircraft (obviously blinded by being anti-Bush).
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter Today the facts of FDR, when taking all of this history in, is that Hitler's Germany and the Soviet Unions, Russia's Overt Communist Stalin founded rule, were both influencing FDR and he likely knew in light of his having been a Wall Street lawyer before being POTUS.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter So we had our nation on the brink of being run by a Soviet Spy if FDR had passed away a year earlier and Harry Dexter White had become POTUS, and all of this has been covered up by the very #DeepState that today is funded by criminal enterprises....
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter ... Likely the same enterprises that will chase the black market price of guns up to 10 times what it is now by #GunBans and #GunControl, who make money on child trafficking, sex slavery of victims of all ages, and drug use promotion to assure opiumising America & Americans....
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter ... to assure every "drug" that lowers our ability to be principled and thereby staunch defenders of our Liberty, is entirely undermined. Never forget 1) Founding of the NEA, changingwind.org/rename/comment… and 2) Alinsky, web.archive.org/web/2009042319….
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter Taking all of this together, because it is a group of interworking and interlocking histories, it appears that every thought, every reflex or notion of collectivist view or other assumed "good person intuition" has been a programmed act of America's infiltrating enemies.
@marklevinshow @AnnCoulter May God have mercy on America, Americans, and our lack of appreciation for what America's Founders did and lack of appreciation for where America's first Sovereign People came from in mind, heart, and Soul. God Bless -- Finis.
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