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Let me tell you what's happening. Mueller's wrapping up in the next couple of months. He's found no real Russian collusion. And with Horowitz & Huber staring over his shoulder with Page & Strok heads mounted on Horowitz's wall, he's not in a position to fake any.
That's why Fusion GPS & other SpyGate plotters/enablers are desperately seeding the DNC Media Complex with NYT's & Daily Beast & other outlets with absurd stories that don't stand up to scrutiny.

"Manafort snuck in to see Assange 3 times!"
"Cohen phone pinged in Prague!"
Then in the last few days we got that cool NYT's story about how the FBI launched it's sting against Trump as retaliation for firing James Comey & a Daily Beast story about how there's some kinda intel report out there about the Russians infiltrating the NRA & Trump's team.
What are they doing?

They're trying to save a narrative that's already dead.

It's nothing but sheer desperation.

Remember what I told you? The side doing all that frantic, desperate leaking/planting stories in friendly media is NOT WINNING THIS FIGHT.
They are reduced to frantic leaking to try to win the one battle in this fight that they can win now that Trump holds all the winning cards:

The public relations [PR] battle.

You know, the useless one.
You think when the DOJ IG & honest LEO's close in with the indictments and we move to the prosection phase it's going to help for them to cry

"Wait stop, this can't be happening, look at what Time Magazine said about me, I'm a hero! I *won* the PR battle!"
Irrelevant. The evidence meticulously collected over the past two years will [figuratively] hang them. Glowing Time Magazine or CCN profiles about how honest and hard workin' public servants they were and $1.00 will buy them a cup of coffee and that's it.
This isn't a PR battle. The serious-as-a-heart-attack people leading the real investigations into SpyGate demonstrate this when in comparison to the frantic, desperate leaking of fake disinformation by the other side, they remain resolutely silent as they position their forces.
To win the battle before the fight is joined, prepare the ground.

Leave nothing to chance.

As the winning side marshals it's forces and prepares the ground, behind the scenes the Democrats/DNC Media/SpyGate plotters can see themselves being surrounded.
Morons try to sell you on this idea the side leaking in a panic, throwing out one BS fake news story after another is actually about to eat Trump's lunch.

Don't make me laugh.
The two key places the battleground in this fight will run through when the move to the prosecution phase begins are:


It's the DOJ and the Supreme Court.

Hey....anybody see Trump getting ready to make key moves in those areas? 🤔
The *recused* attorney general who was a *target* of the SpyGate plotters is now gone. Sessions resigned. Whitaker is the temp AG.

Next week the new guy, William Barr, his confirmation hearings begin.

Barr *wasn't* a target of the SpyGate plotters. He *won't* recuse.
Unlike Sessions, Barr won't need Rosenstein overseeing the SpyGate & other 2016 election-related investigations. Barr can be a 'full hands on' AG.

Democrats are already in a panic about that. They can't figure out how to attack Barr's qualifications for this job.
While McCabe was launching cool probes into Jeff Sessions trying to paint him as a Russian agent, Bob Barr was sitting over there completely out of sight, doing other stuff.
Morons spent the past few weeks selling you the idea once again, Trump has no freaking clue whatsoever what he's doing.

Once again, they'll insist, Trump's blown his AG pick. My God, is there NO ONE THAT CAN SAVE THIS PRESIDENT FROM HIMSELF??!!!
No I'm too hard on people incessantly asking me why Trump is supposedly making all the wrong moves.

It's not just the bad side in this fight that puts out disinformation. Trump's team has put out numerous canary traps/disinformation itself from the WH.
Wow. I totally mangled the start of that last tweet:

Let me try again:

Now, I'm *not* too hard on people incessantly asking me why Trump is supposedly making all the wrong moves.
In the absence of real true information, when BOTH SIDES are putting out disinformation into the mainstream media as this undercover war is fought, people are going to go with that day's news cycle.
And a lot of the news cycle on the Right is "TRUMP MYSTERIOUSLY DOING NOTHING TO SAVE HIMSELF!"

Actually he's doing plenty. But if he shows you what he's doing early, all the enemies out there will see it too.
Trump is waiting because he's PREPARING THE BATTLEGROUND STILL.

I've tried to communicate many times on here the actual epic scope of this war, but a lot of people still don't grasp it.
The two biggest pieces on the battlefield that Trump has to move into place are the new carefully hand-picked AG and the new Supreme Court justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who's health is failing and might not be on the court much longer.
Mueller's winding down, not having even mussed a single hair on Trump's head. He found no collusion because there was never any for him to find, and as I mentioned before he's not in a postion where he can try to fake a case.
The new AG is coming in, a guy who won't be recused from ANYTHING and who actually had this job before, is unquestionably qualified for it.

The Lisa Page testimony was leaked to the Epoch Times, leading directly to the James Baker testimony being leaked to the NYT's.
Page's testimony showed how little time the FBI had to try to verify Steele's Dossier before they turned to using it to get FISA warrants: about a month.
In sheer panic, realizing Baker's testimony about the completely POLITICIZED nature of the FBI's investigaton of Trump could be next, the losers leaked it to the NYT's themselves, so it could be done as damage control & spun to look like damning new info against Trump.
At the same time Fusion GPS & others are seeding the media with stories about some new cool US IC intel report that supposedly shows the evil Russians trying to infiltrate the NRA, and by extension, the Trump campaign.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to have to step down soon from the Supreme Court, maybe in as little as another 2-3 weeks.

Then we get the the Kavanaugh Hearings 2.0, where the Democrats go even more all-in on absurd attempts to stop whoever Trump nominates.
That's the current state of the battlefield. The Silent Professionals in the IG's office & the US Attorney's offices pursuing the real SpyGate investigations are almost at the endgame.

The new AG will launch the prosecution phase.

Then it'll all go to the courts.
Since John Roberts views his role as Chief Justice as being the neutral arbiter between the Left & Right wings of the Court & to prove how unbiased he is, he'll often throw his vote to the Left wing, Trump knows he needs that extra vote after RBG leaves.
You're tired of being patiend?

Hey, me too!

But that's irrelevant.

It doesn't change anything.

Trump knows his Sun Tzu.

He aint' going early and tipping his hand until it's all ready.
Then when the new AG is in place, Mueller ends his probe having found nothing on Trump/Russian collusion, Horowitz releases his report & makes his criminal referrals to that new AG, Trump declassifies it all.
And when the Dems & SpyGate plotters try to stop what's coming using lawfare...

Trump wins at the Supreme Court & many of the lower courts where he's made hundreds of appointments.
THAT'S how you prepare a battleground and win the war before the fight is even joined.

When it all comes out into the open at last, Trump will have ALREADY WON because he invested the time in preparing the battlefield.
Either learn to play the long game or quit right now.



This is why you ALL need to follow @MZHemingway....rike me!


JUST *LOOK* how she cut through all that BS spin the SpyGate plotters & the NYT's put up around the REAL STORY of James Baker's testimony:

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