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I talk a lot about female and male energy, and I also say often that there is a spiritual/metaphysical connection between human physiology and the source energy of our Creator. Whether you choose to call the Creator God or any other name, this is true.
🤗Everything on this planet was designed by our Creator to nurture and compliment everything else. And human bodies were designed to hold energies that compliment each other. Everyone has both male and female energy, and this is true in human physiology as well.
🤗Males have more male hormones than females, so in their being, they tend to be inherently less emotional and more logical. Females are born with the opposite ratio of hormones, inherently more emotional, empathic and nurturing. This is by design. To compliment each other.
🤗This is precisely why transgender folks have to suppress those inherent hormones to change their gender. It polarizes their energy to the opposite of what they were born with. There is an enormous push against "masculinity". Why is that?
🤗In a balanced being, both energies are working in tandem. Women have been historically portrayed as (And encouraged to be) flighty, emotional, soft and pliable. Largely incapable of logic and thinking for themselves. Easily subverted, without the balance of male energy.
🤗It isn't true, of course, but if people are told something often enough and not given alternative information, they tend to accept it as fact, especially if it is backed by "scientific studies" (false external authority). So why then, would they want males to adopt this role?
🤗For one purpose: to polarize everyone to the female side of emotion and suppress the male energy of logic. Why? Because when humans are only thinking and reacting from a place of emotion, they are NOT using logic and critical thinking. They become highly suggestible.
🤗I point out regularly the blatant tactics of appeals to emotion they employ, as does @SaRaAshcraft and @cronsell, because that is how they override logic and critical thinking. If they can cause emotional reaction, the logical mind won't notice the discrepancies. The details.
🤗If we're all just bundles of pure female energy, then we are out of balance and easily swayed by these emotional appeals. We're no longer complimenting/balancing our individual selves, or each other. This is mind control, plain and simple.
🤗#Discernment comes from a balance of emotion and logic. These truths we're dropping are emotionally difficult to process, and it is perfectly natural to react that way. But when you find yourself in an emotionally charged situation, it becomes crucial to employ logic equally.
🤗It's not easy at first...there are a whole lot of people out there capitalizing off emotion, and they are both skilled at it and relentless. It's like building muscles that have long been unused, to learn not to allow emotion to override logic. To step back and look at facts.
🤗It's not that they really want a planet full of "soy boys" and simpering, materialistic women because they think it's cool, or trendy or cute. They want to control those inherent energies so they can control our reality. The way we think.
🤗Females hold the power within the Hive structure. How many women out there have gotten out of a traffic ticket by appealing to emotion with a male cop? I know I have, many times. And I used my female energy to do it. Mind control, through emotional appeal, overriding logic.
🤗Doesn't matter how, either; flash a little leg, bat the eyelashes, flirt, act helpless, cry a littl; all appeals to emotion to make them ignore the fact that I was breaking the law, just like every other violator out there on the road. And not ticketing me was consent to it.
🤗On a grand scale, that is precisely what they're doing to everyone on the planet. Pure deception, by tipping the balance of energy to the emotional and disarming logic. I'll give a recent example of this that no one seemed to really notice.
🤗Remember the Kavanaugh hearings, where all those screeching women were being arrested and removed for obstructing the proceedings? Remember the outrage at their disrespectful, appalling behavior? Many expressed this, loudly and righteously.
🤗Who remembers when Laura Loomer did the very same thing? How many remember her screeching in tweets, "I did it for YOU, America!" How many were perfectly ok with her breaking the law, disrespectfully disrupting federal proceedings and showing her ass EXACTLY like the others?
🤗How many were ok with it because she claimed to be a martyr for America, rather than the opposition? How many even cheered her on for breaking the law? What she did was just as wrong as those other women. But emotional appeal made people choose to ignore that truth.
🤗Women are always going to have more feminine energy and males more male energy, unless it is unnaturally suppressed. We are meant to balance each other in that way. But EVERY human has both energies inside them, and it takes effort to recognize them and learn to gain balance.
🤗Be emotional. It's a human thing to do. But be logical at the same time. This is a war for our minds. Our identity. Our sovereignty. And we are in it to win it. Expand your thinking. Balance is key, in all things. /END
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