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Ok This will be my Thread of the Police brutality of in #France of the #GiletsJaunes protests since November the 17th, this will take me a long time and will be a long thread but i don't care. I am going to expose the police brutality going on in France of police officers.
1/ police brutality in #Toulon towards a person who was not even in the #GiletJaunes protests but was walking by when police cornered him, and started to hit him in his face without reason repeatedly. #ActeIX
2/ Meet another #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Paris he lost 5 teeth and fractured his jaw when a flash ball hit his face point blank in the #ActeIX protest.
3/ Here is an other Old lady shot on the head with a flash ball, she as well suffered head trauma. #GiletsJaunes #ActeIX
4/ This 15 year old boy who got hit by a tear gas canister. He was only going to the grocery store to get some stuff his mother told him to buy and ended up like this in #Strasbourg. Contains some shocking footage you have been warned before playing.
5/ A Journalist in #France got badly injured yesterday. The police officers shot a Flash ball and breaking his kneecap instantly!
6/ elderly men getting hit and his wife started to go on a screaming rant "Pease don't hit him" I am begging you, please stop please please please. The elderly men was taken into custody but got released earlier today. The wife of the elderly men has filled an police complaint.
7/ This 51 year old firefighter got hit by anti-riot Flash ball deliberately in the face in #France and collapses immediately to the ground. He is now in a coma and fighting for his life in #Bordeaux when he went to protest with the #GiletsJaunes.
8/ Police officer in #Paris pushed a #GiletsJaunes protestor of a barricade fence nearly hitting his head on the pavement of the street.
9/A A #GiletsJaunes women in #France got pushed behind the back cracking her head open.
9/B Video of the #GiletsJaunes women in #France got pushed behind the back cracking her head open.
10/ Video of police officers in #France throwing bricks and rocks at #GiletJaunes protestors, without being dressed in full body armour and protection like them.
11/ Another #GiletJaunes protestor in #Paris getting hit with a Flash Ball on his face is bleeding out badly.
12/ Some #GiletJaunes protestors in #France minding their own business singing and playing music peaceful on the ground, when then a police officer decided to throw a tear gas grenade on the ground.
13/ Some pictures of #GiletJaunes protestors badly injured.
14/ Picture of a blood scene, i have the footage but not going to share it because it will be to horrible for twitters API and will get banned. Here was a #GiletsJaunes protestor getting shot with a Flash Ball in his eye.
15/ Video Footage of an French #GiletsJaunes women loosing an eye.
16/ An RT France reporter beaten with a baton stick by police officers in the face while he was participating in the #GiletsJaunes protest in #Paris.
17/ Riot police violently tackle a #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Paris
18/ Multiple Riot police violently keep beating up a #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Paris.
19/ Video of one #GiletsJaunes protestor who got seriously hurt on the #ChampsElysees in #Paris after being hit with a tear gas canister launcher on the head!
20/ French police shouting the equivalent of "In your face!" as they fire non-lethal rounds at head height at #GiletsJaunes protesters
21/ here shows a French policeman in #Rouen dressed as a protester while aiming a flash ball gun at point blank range in a journalist's face while he was covering the #GiletsJaunes protests, Appalling.
22/ Teenage students who were protesting in recent reforms 3 weeks ago in France have been forced to sit on their knees with their hands behind their heads by police, and some zipped up with Cable tie around their hands.
23/ An teenage Student seen bleeding of his head while being pushed down by police in #Bordeaux in #France.
24/ Police in #Bordeaux in #France seen pushing student and dragging them over the streets.
25/ Another Journalist getting shot with a #Flashball by French police officer in #France while covering the #GiletsJaunes protest, he fractured a rib.
26/ French police beating up two #GiletsJaunes protesters ruthless with batons in a fast food restaurant in #Paris, even threatening a journalist to beat him up because he was recording the truth.
27/ French police officer throwing a stun grenade at chest high and exploding at the #GiletsJaunes protestor occupying the highway and blocking traffic peaceful, while sitting on the ground after being forced and pulled away by police.
28/ French police officer making some unlawful arrests, and after the end harassing and forcing a #GiletsJaunes women to an arrest.
29/ Riot police in France sucker punching a student after walking home from school close by a #GiletsJaunes protest, when police said walk back.
30/ OMG this one is the most terrible "This boils my blood" thing i saw in #Paris Riot police shooting at an peaceful elderly #GiletsJaunes women by a #Flashball for nothing, just to be standing there. And they think there is no police violence give me a break...
31/ Here you see a #GiletJaunes protestor in #Paris just pulling up his hand while protesting and standing peaceful and being shot with a #Flashball for nothing.
32/ Even in a restaurant you are not safe anymore in #France taking a #GiletsJaunes with you to dine at a table.
33/ An #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Toulouse was stuck by an #Flashball in the region of the mouth, while being helped and getting some medical care by the store clerk while waiting for an ambulance.
34/ Multiple #GiletsJaunes protestors receiving medical care of being struck by pieces of metal shrapnel of an exploded stun grenade.
35/ Say it with me the French police are peaceful! The French police are...
36/ French police officer throwing some #GiletsJaunes protestors belongings into the river, and taking their mobile phones out of their hand and also throwing that in the water.
37/ an #GiletsJaunes Woman violently dragged by French cop by the hair and cloths during Yellow Vests protest in #Lyon
38/ an women who was not even at the #GiletsJaunes protest got hit with an flash ball by the police in the face, leaving the women badly injured on her dental area and missing probably some teeth!
39/ For those wondering what a #Flashball can do to a human skin and tissue? Here is some example when a flashball shot a #GiletsJaunes protestor previous saturday.
40/ An elderly women who participated in the #GiletsJaunes protest was hit by a baton stick by the police over the head.
41/ An elderly men was shot by an #FlashBall of the police when he also was participating by the #GiletsJaunes movement, got his entire side of his left mouth opened like a can. censored picture because it was to gruesome.
42/ An #GiletsJaunes protestor got shot in the face with a #Flashball in the face in #Paris, France on 8 December.
43/ An elderly men got beaten with a police baton on the head leaving him bloodied on the #ChampsElysees in Paris in France. This was about 2 months ago when the #GiletsJaunes protest started.
44/ An #GiletsJaunes women got beaten with a police baton on the head leaving her bloodied on the #ChampsElysees in Paris in France. Picture taken on 01 Dec 2018.
45/ An #GiletsJaunes protestor beaten with a baton stick by the French police on the face leaving him with a bloody mouth. Picture taken on the "arc de triomphe" in #Paris, on December. Picture credit: Raphaël Lafargue
46/ Lots of blood spilled in #Paris by police officers when beating #GiletsJaunes protestors so ruthless with batons on their heads they started to bleed on the #ChampsElysees 9 dec. 2018 Video Credit: @RT_com
47/ A young #GiletsJaunes Protestor sits against a wall covered in blood as a someone sprays water from a bottle on his face to clean the wounds when been beaten by police batons over his head.
48/ Even bystanders who got nothing to do with the #GiletsJaunes movement are the victims of police brutality! Here you see a man holding a bandage to his head as blood pours from a head wound after being hit with a police baton in central #Paris.
49/ Even children in #Paris are being tear gassed by the #Macron regime during the #GiletsJaunes in the early hours of a protest. @Partisangirl
50/ Here you see an police officer forcefully grabbing an #GiletsJaunes women in a choke position turning her body violent, and stealing her Yellow Vest and an bag.
51/ Here you see a water cannon hitting an #GiletsJaunes directly on the face, knocking him unconscious for a few minutes until he regained his conscious again in #Paris on the #ChampsElysees.
52/ Another #GiletsJaunes protestor hit with a Flash Ball on the head with lots of blood flowing on his side.
53/ Two Children were in a state of shock when attending a #GiletsJaunes protests with their mother and father. While apparently her father got tear gassed without a reason. While her mother started to scream at police officers i have a disabled child don't do this.
54/ An #GiletsJaunes wheelchair user, non-aggressive and harmless, is violently dragged with his wheelchair by police and was pushed of of his wheelchair. His wheelchair even was damaged afterwards.
55/ Another #GiletsJaunes wheelchair user seen protesting by blocking the traffic on the road, after police officers recommended him to go on the side walk they pulled out the air of the small tires he had of the electric wheelchair.
56/ An other Person who was not in the #GiletsJaunes protest got beaten heavy on the head with police batons in #France leaving him badly injured as he was struck multiple times on the head.
57/ Another #GiletsJaunes protestor on the #champsélysées in paris getting hit with a #flashball in the face leaving the scene with a bloody face. Picture Credit: @le_Parisien
58/ Some pictures of people being struck after an #flashball on the head in #France at the hospital.
59/ Meet another #GiletsJaunes protestor who got shot in the face with an #flashball, he now can't see clear through on one eye and would probably never see clear again through that eye again doctors told him.
60/ Do you remember her? She was a 19-year-old student, who suffered a triple fracture of her jaw following a shot of a flashball firing at the end of the protest in #Biarritz. To remind you she was not part of that protest she was sitting on a bench when it happened.
61/ French journalist "Florent Marcie", who worked in war zones like (Tchétchénie, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria) was Injured by a #flashball on his head during a #GiletsJaunes protest in his own country.
62/ Meet Fiorina L.: She said "I feel even more for the #Giletjaunes protestors! I can't imagine all these people being hurt for nothing... She lost her left eye for nothing just to be walking towards a place.
63/ Meet Olivier b, 47 years old is The #Giletjaunes protestor who went into a coma 1 day after he got shot in the face by an #flashball, for nothing! He just went to protest peaceful with his wife. Police are claiming he wanted to rob a apple store. Picture Credit: alexis lopez
64/ Meet the same police officer at the beginning of the thread in #Toulon, here is seen again beating #GiletsJaunes protestors for nothing, As he went an a violent boxing spree that day filled with anger.
65/ Some more pictures of a #Flashball hitting a #GiletsJaunes protestor in the leg 2 time in #Paris on the #ActeV event. You sea clearly human tissue damage.
66/ A Picture of a #GiletsJaunes protestors leg when fragments of metals of grapnel of a stun grenade hit his legs on multiple location.
67/ Another video showing police beating several #GiletsJaunes with batons, of being evacuated of an area some hits landed on heads.
68/ Another protestors bashed with a baton in #Paris yesterday on the head as flash torn apart on his head bleeding up badly. #ActeX
69/ Another protestor hit with a tear gas canister launcher struck between the eyes, He was in #Montpellier yesterday with #ActeX. The doctors says he will have 42 to 72 hours of surgery because his skull was fractured.
70/ Police force in #ActeX in #Toulouse yesterday beat up a guy with batons while his girlfriend was scream "PLEASE I BEG U DON'T PLEASE STOP" But police kept on going.
71/ Meet the testimony of this man, he says "I hate my face looking at the mirror each morning" . I just was walking by with the #GiletsJaunes protestors and got shot with a #Flashball in my eye for nothing. He lost a eye.
72/ OMG police hit a #GiletsJaunes protestor on the mouth with a baton, breaking and ripping some teeth out of his mouth. #Toulouse #ActeX
73/ Here you see French police officers trying to confiscate a phone in Toulouse on #ActeX, from stopping them to record the police using force.
74/ Here you see a shoe pouring out blood, of when an stun grenade blew up on the side of his shoe building up pressure to fracture human tissue starting to bleed. Paris, 24/11/2018, #ActeII
74/b Video - Of when an stun grenade blew up on the side of his shoe building up pressure to fracture human tissue starting to bleed with a piece of metal shrapnel penetrating the shoe. Paris, 24/11/2018, #ActeII
75/ A journalist "jean-claude moschetti" in #Rennes who was shooting pictures of the #GiletsJaunes #ActeX in France, was shot in the eye. Doctors said he will never see again through that eye, and it was his life job.
76/ Meet Cedric, He became a #FlashBall victim and injured in the hand, without warning. He has multiple fractures in his hands and a very nasty infected thumb infection. #ActeX #GiletsJaunes
77/ Franck, 20 years old will have scars for life by gunfire from the #flashball in the protest of the #GiletsJaunes movement.
78/ Meet Vanessa a women who was hit with a #flashball on the #ChampsElysees in #Paris on December the 15th
79/ #Breaking: One #GiletsJaunes protestors in #MONTPELLIER at the night protests, must have been transported to the hospital in Critical condition after being shot 3 times with a Flash ball gun! One shot hit him behind the head.
80/ A key figure in the #GiletsJaunes movement "Jérôme Rodrigues" was struck by an #FlashBall in the Eye! Video Credit: @Steph_Roy_
81/ Meet Agnes, 46 years old was filming the #GiletJaunes protests and got shot with a Flash Ball gun on the leg. Two days in and the injury and it is still clearly visible.
82/ Shocking footage shows a #GiletsJaunes protestor being forced to the ground by French riot police, then the policemen kneeling hard on his head breaking his nose instantly and bleeding out badly #ActeXI
82/B The full video of the #GiletsJaunes protestor being forced to the ground by French riot police, then the policemen kneeling hard on his head breaking his nose instantly and bleeding out badly #ActeXI
83/ Meet an old men he was hit by a baton over his mouth causing multiple fractures on his dental area and his muscles tens up when chewing food, he now needs to eat liquid foods by his doctor to be able to eat. #ActeXI
84/ An #GiletJaunes protestor left in a coma after undercover police pulled his feet away and hitting his head behind a concrete wall falls instantly unconscious. While his muscles tense up. #ActeXI
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