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Once again, @themarketswork and the @epochtimes have scooped the ENTIRE rest of the media. Just like with Lisa Page, they got their hands on Bruce Ohrs testimony and there are pages upon pages of full, direct quotes from it in here. Stunning stuff! theepochtimes.com/mccabes-fbi-tr…
I'll be going over it in real time right now and pointing out things that I see, but you should really read the article and this thread yourself as well.

From the analysis portion, McCabe seems to have been blindsided by the appointment of Mueller. I hate the witch hunt, it should have been shut down a long time ago, but RR appointing someone to get the investigation away from the corrupt FBI agents running it was a good idea.
A side note, I think that Rod Rosenstein is going to be the most interesting person to hear from when all of this is over. Imagine his thought processes at that time. He has an unconventional President on one side, and a corrupt FBI on the other, and both sides pissed off at him
You have McCabe threatening RR with memos saying "you told me you wanted to wiretap the President and remove him with the 25th Amendment" at the same time he is crazy and corrupt enough to open an investigation of the President for firing his boss. That's insane stuff. Anyways...
Back to the article:

"An Aug. 28, 2018, testimony before Congress by Ohr, which was reviewed for this article, sheds new light on McCabe’s involvement in the investigation."
Bruce Ohr met with Glenn Simpson on August 22nd, 2016, mere weeks before the Presidential election, knowing full well his wife worked for Fusion GPS and so did Steele, and that there were ties to Clintons campaign.

We knew about the meeting already but not what Ohr knew before
Ohr met again with Steele in September and then that month or the next with Strzok, Page and later with Weissman.

Weissman, of course, he is all over this witch hunt.
Oh no big deal, just Nellie Ohr funneling information to the FBI from her employer (Fusion GPS, paid for by the Clinton Campaign to stop Trump) through her husband who works at the DOJ.

How Bruce Ohr still has a job is unbelievable to me.
10 days after Trump wins the Presidential election, Bruce Ohr met with Strzok/Page and Pientka. Pientka was with Strzok when the FBI ambushed General Flynn with their interview intended to jam him up with lying to them about legal activities.

Pientka was Ohrs FBI handler. Hmmm!
WOW. This may help explain why Ohr still has a job, at least partially. Ohr testified that he never tried to vet any of the information himself, he just passed it along to his FBI handler Pientka. This says that Ohr was unaware that Pientka was then passing all of it to Strzok!
One day before Strzok/The FBI open Crossfire Hurricane, Bruce and Nellie Ohr met for breakfast with Christopher Steele. This is a previously reported meeting that was set up by Simpson.

Who is this fourth person? We are really supposed to believe Ohr has no idea who it was?
And we're now at the first part of the direct testimony being quoted in the article. I can't say enough about how great of work this is, again, to scoop the entire media and provide us with a ton of information. Outstanding.
Bruce Ohr admits that he never told his boss, Sally Yates, about his contacts with Simpson/Steele.

Also, he reached out to McCabe and NOT Comey. Ohr said he didn't know if Comey knew about it either.

Comey seems to not know freaking anything about anything, probably by design
Q: “You immediately go to Joe Pientka, who immediately goes to Peter Strzok. Are you aware of that?”

Ohr: “No.”

Steele’s information was going directly to Strzok, after Steele had been terminated by the FBI as a source."

Hey, that's not the way any of this is supposed to work!
Bruce Ohr continued to meet with the FBI regarding his discussions with Christopher Steele past the May 15th, 2017 date of the last 302. He met with at least two other FBI agents that weren't Pientka but there aren't 302s for it.

Comey fired May 9th, 2017. Surely a coincidence.
He also claims to be unaware at the time that there were any 302s to begin with. That's freaking nuts.

"Ohr: “I don’t know if they did 302s later on. A lot of these conversations seemed less substantive, but I don’t know. I didn’t know about the original 302s either.”
Ohr can't remember the names of the FBI agents he met with that were not Pientka, and also can't remember the name of the 4th person at a meeting with him, his wife, and Steele?

Yeah right. Seems our FBI/DOJ has a severe memory problem when it comes to this witch hunt.
To start, Steele would contact Ohr who would then contact the FBI and pass along what was said.

Then, in May 2017 (Comey's firing month) the FBI asked Ohr to tell Steele to meet with them! Huge! Steele had been FIRED by the FBI already by that time, now they want to meet again?
Flashback to John Solomons reporting on Ohr/Steele (including documents showing the exchanges between Ohr/Steele)

Solomon listed the exchanges between Ohr/Steele, I will go over the ones from May 2017 in the next tweet.

source: thehill.com/hilltv/rising/…
Steele reached out to Ohr in early May, 2017. They go back and forth and finally talk on 5/3. Steele reaches out to Ohr again on 5/9 to talk on 5/10 (7pm London time). Comey is fired 5/9/17

Two days later Ohr reaches out to Steele. This must be when the FBI told him to reach out
5/15/17 Steele tells Ohr that he discussed what they talked about with his wife and he is in. Ohr thanks him and says he will "let them know" and then texts an hour later to tell Steele he has an update.

One day later Mueller is appointed and there is a gap in communication.
Steele asks Ohr if there was any news on the re-engagement yet, a month later, so Mueller's appointment must have thrown a huge wrench in whatever the FBI was trying to do with their backchannel to Steele.
This is a MASSIVE article by @themarketswork and there is so much in here that I'm going to have to take a break for an hour or so to get some things done, allow my mind to wrap around some of this and come back. In the meantime, read his article! theepochtimes.com/mccabes-fbi-tr…
I'm back, and the next section I read confirms that the 5-15 texts were indeed talking about the re-engagement for the FBI. They asked Ohr about those texts (previously reported by John Solomon)
And the next section cites the Solomon article lol, awesome.
Jeff also points out the abrupt pullback by the FBI on re-engaging with Steele after the Mueller appointment as well, and this is really interesting.

Ohr testified that “at some point during 2017, Chris Steele did speak with somebody from the FBI, but I don’t know who.”
This entire exchange is HUGE! This must be why Ohr still has a job. Prior to the Carter Page FISA app, Ohr claimed he informed McCabe:

His wife worked for Fusion GPS
Fusion GPS was doing research on Trump
The information he got from Steele
Steele was desperate to stop Trump.
August, 2016 according to Bruce Ohr, he told Andrew McCabe all about all of this.

How's your bombshell report look now @nytimes?
There is so much background information throughout this article too, I can't recommend reading the full thing enough, here is some background on Steele's outreach to the media prior to the election, including @nytimes @washingtonpost @NewYorker @yahoonews and @cnn. Collusion?
This is the part that makes absolutely no sense about these communications between Simpson and Bruce Ohr, and Steele and Bruce Ohr in 2016. Nellie was working for Simpson and Fusion GPS up until September 2016 and even gave a memory stick of her work to her husband. Somethings up
Like why not just have his wife give him all the information the entire time to pass along? They were trying to hide that she worked for Simpson at all? The meetings with Bruce Ohr and them were to hide her relationship with Steele? I want to see Ohr answer that question.
The timing of all of this is really interesting too. Nellie and Bruce meet with Steele July 30th, CH opens July 31st, Bruce Ohr testified he told McCabe in August about Nellie working for Fusion GPS, Nellie leaves Fusion GPS in September, no one tells the FISA court any of it?
Bruce Ohr got a thumbdrive from Glenn Simpson in December, 2016 and was asked to give it to the FBI. Bruce Ohr testifies that he assumed it was the dossier.

Then, laughably, Bruce Ohr claims he may have first heard about the dossier in the press 😂

Sure thing.
Ohr is asked about why he didn't tell Simpson and Steele to just go talk to the FBI directly. Ohr points out that Steele was talking to the FBI, but that Simpson seemed like he didn't want to talk to the FBI. "i'm not sure he was willing to talk to the FBI" is how he put it
I'm still reading, but if Mueller was a good guy he would have shut this witch hunt down a long time ago, probably around the time the public learned that Peter Strzok vowed to stop Trump from being President and was the lead on his witch hunt.

Ohr confirms Steele was in contact with the FBI and him at the same time, and that he believes Steele was being paid by the FBI and Fusion GPS (where his wife worked) at the same time.
Ohr is asked WHY the FBI is paying Steele for something he is giving to Ohr anyways?

Ohr: “I know the FBI had other contacts with Chris Steele besides my contact, besides what I was getting, but I don’t know the specific nature of what they paid him for.”
@themarketswork: "This sequence highlights the anomaly of Ohr’s actions. But it also points to his role in larger events."

There is so much more in this article, I am reading pages at a time and finding little tidbits and it's taking forever. I love it. I still have a long way to go. Someone get this man a pulitzer! theepochtimes.com/mccabes-fbi-tr…
Up next, @themarketswork casually drops a link to his own bombshell report from *checks, double checks* five days ago (awesome lol) and it looks like Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr contradict each other:

Page: “As of August of 2016, I don’t know who Christopher Steele is."
"how is it possible that Page is saying “as of August of 2016, I don’t know who (Steele) is.” Page was present at the early August meeting in McCabe’s office where the entire purpose of Ohr’s visit was to fill McCabe in on what had been learned at his July 30, 2016, breakfast..."
They do end up asking Ohr about his wife's role! Ohr claims not to have looked at the information his wife gave him, or know what it really was, that he understood it to be her work at Fusion GPS and he didn't believe Fusion GPS knew she was giving it to him. Lol got all that?
"Do you see how it might be troubling" that you were meeting with Strzok and Page, who it turns out vowed to stop Trump from being President, about someone they are already meeting with (Steele) and giving them information they are already getting?


lol ya think?
And I finally have reached the end of this amazing article. This is my favorite part. Ohr has met with IG Horowitz. Happy New Year everyone!

Two in one week, huge, breaking news articles from @themarketswork and @epochtimes. I can't wait to see what's next.

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