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I'll be taking over from here. I will try to live up to the live-tweet standards that @Hegemommy has set. #TeamLegal
Cornyn asks if China is going to kill us all with their intellectual property thievery. (sort of.)

Barr says China is the paramount economic and military rival in the world and that they're stealing all of our technology. oh noes!
Senator Leahy is up.

Someone hand this man a cough drop.
Leahy rasping on about surveillance and the PRISM program.
Leahy asks Barr why he thinks Hillary can still be prosecuted for the Uranium One nonsense even though most folks, including Fox News folks, have debunked the scandal.

Barr mumbles something nonsensical.
Leahy asks what impact a long term government shutdown would have on law enforcement.

Barr says people want to see the shutdown ended but there needs to be some compromise and that people keep calling it the Trump shutdown, but it takes two to tango.

Leahy: Doesn't the shutdown have an effect on law enforcement?

Barr: Not having a wall has an effect on law enforcement.

Except no it doesn't; give me a break already.
Leahy: Do you think voter ID laws promote democracy?

Barr starts mumbling about an informed citizenry and says no point in artificially driving up voter participation, whatever the hell that means.

Still whinging about disengaged citizenry.
Ben Sasseflake is up again.
Sen Sasse is asking about the Jeff Epstein sex trafficking debacle and asks whether Barr intends to investigate how the Epstein case was handled.

Barr says he thinks he has to recuse himself, but the DOJ will look into it.
You can read more about that case here. Be prepared to be disgusted: democracynow.org/2019/1/4/perve…
Dick Durbin: Asking more questions about Barr's comments that drugs are coming in through the border and that we need better border security.

Durbin says that 80-90% of drugs are coming through via US ports of entries in trucks etc not the border.
Reminder: ports of entry are considered borders. But what we don't need is a forking wall.
So I should have said that the drugs are coming in at ports of entry and not through the southern border and a southern border wall will accomplish bupkis.

That's the point.
Durbin says that the June memo Barr wrote looks like a way for Barr to ingratiate himself to the trump administration.

This dude wrote a memo based on no facts, rank speculation, and is now trying to backtrack.

That memo was nonsense.
Sen. Hawley asks a question about the Pennsylvania injunction blocking trump's new rules decimating the birth control benefit.

He has issues with federal courts issuing nationwide injunctions.

Asks if Barr is concerned about growing practice of nationwide injunctions.
Barr says he's concerned about courts weighing into national security issues, i.e. the travel ban.

Remember that Barr backed the first muslim ban the one that had people stranded in airports in January 2017. IIRC, no federal court said that first ban was constitutional.
Hawley asks about the case regarding the census and whether asking about citizenship is constitutional. Barr says that case is being litigated and doesn't want to answer questions about it, but says the DOJ will likely continue to defend trump's position.
Whitehouse gets into a bizarre exchange after he asks whether the American people have a right to know about officials who have foreign entanglements.

Barr filibusters. Who do you mean?

Whitehouse: Let's start with the president.
Barr continues to filibuster when asked, essentially, whether we have a right to know if the President is a goddamn Russian asset.

Whitehouse gives Barr his best disappointed grandpa look and says "fine, you don't want to answer."
Barr is getting testy.
Tillis asks if Barr supports the First Step Act.

Barr says yeah and talks about how in the 90s, everyone was literally a minute away from being murdered and that's why he proposed more incarceration, including backing a DOJ report called THE CASE FOR MORE INCARCERATION.
Sen. Klobuchar asks if Barr will support reauthorization of VAWA.

Barr says yes.
Sen. Ernst is making me sleepy
Sen. Hirono is up again.

Says that Barr has written about morality and wonders if he opposes the fact that trump undermines the press and the intelligence community.

Barr is actually defending trump calling the investigation a witch hunt.

Hirono asks whether birthright citizenship is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

Barr says he hasn't looked into it.

Hirono says it's in the damn constitution and some people want to do away with it. Do you agree with them?

Barr says he'd ask for advice from OLC.
Sen. Kennedy is talking again.
If you want to know more about birthright citizenship, #TeamLegal has you covered with this podcast. | Boom! Lawyered: They’re Coming for Birthright Citizenship rewirenews.link/2Jqk6zF
Sen. Kennedy is asking why so few bankers were prosecuted after the 2008 crash. An actual intelligent question from Sen. Southern Drawl.
Coons: You've refused to commit to follow the advice from DOJ ethics folks regarding recusal. Will you at least tell us when you receive ethics opinion from DOJ ethics folks and tell us why you decline to follow it if you decline to follow it.

Barr: Says he'll tell the committee
Blumental is up again. He asks whether Trump can pardon himself or family members, and if he did so in some quid pro quo exchange for favorable testimony or a refusal to testify, could he be indicted while POTUS.

Barr is basically shrug emoji/i can't say at this point.
#TeamLegal did a #BoomLawyered podcast on the pardon power. Here it is: rewire.news/multimedia/pod…
Blumenthal asks about Haitian immigration in the 90s. Barr oversaw a program that sent thousands of HIV positive Haitians to Gitmo.

Blumenthal asks Barr if he has regrets about this program now?

Barr is yapping a lot but not answering the question.

Bar says he didn't favor keeping Haitians in Gitmo indefinitely. Whoopty do.
Blumenthal: Would you house asylum seekers in Gitmo now?

Barr: The Clinton administration did but probably not because of the associations with Gitmo.

Blumenthal: Would you isolate asylum seekers in some other way?

Barr: I prefer to process asylum seekers outside of U.S.
Blumenthal: Do we need to figure out a better way to process asylum seekers in the U.S.?

Barr: Yes

when do we get to the part where somebody starts yelling about how much they love beer?
Sen. Booker is up again.
Booker asking questions about Barr saying the "homosexual movement" is causing an erosion of values in America.

Do you believe being LGBT is immoral? Have your views changed?

Is homosexuality a movement?
Barr: There has to be mutual tolerance which has to be a two way street.

That two way street means he wants an accommodation for religion.

Blech. More weaponization of the First Amendment.
Barr says firing someone because they're gay is wrong.

Booker: Do you believe that the right not to be fired should be protected under the constitution?

Barr says he think that's wrong.

Will be interesting if he gets confirmed, whether the DOJ will file briefs saying that.
Barr says TItle VII was about "male/female" and not about sexual orientation and gender identity.

There are cases in the SCOTUS pipeline on this issue and Barr is filibustering the damn question.
Booker is now asking about voting rights.

Asks if Barr will bring the DOJ back to the mode of defending the right to vote.

Barr: "I will vigorously enforce the Voting Rights Act."

I'm skeptical.
Harris is up and asking a question about the Presidential Records Act and trump taking an interpreter's notes of his meeting w/ Putin: "I'm sure you're familiar with the Pres. Records Act."

Barr: "I don't know what it says."

Harris, incredulously: You don't know what it says?
Barr isn't familiar with the Presidential Records Act?


If you're a #BoomLawyered law nerd, you know what the Presidential Records Act says because you listened to this episode about the PRA and trump hiding Kavanaugh documents: rewire.news/multimedia/pod…
Harris asking about the Voting Rights Act and the Shelby decision which gutted the act, ending the preclearance requirement in Section 5.

Says within weeks, legislators in North Carolina rushed through voting restrictions.

Fed court found them intentionally discriminatory.
The fed court said that the voting rights laws targeted Black voters with strategic position.

Barr is saying he will defend section 2 of the VRA.

I remain skeptical. But if he flips the DOJ back to defending voting rights, that will be a good thing.
Sen. Hirono up again talking about Title VII and whether sexual orientation is a protected class. Specifically talking about Zarda v. Altitude Express out of the 2d Circuit. I wrote about that case here: rewire.news/article/2017/0… #TeamLegal
Barr thinks there should be laws that prohibit discrimination against gay people, but says that Title VII doesn't.
Hirono asking about trans people and Title IX. Asks if he thinks trans people are protected from discrimination by Title IX.

Asks if Barr knows what the DOJ's position is?

Barr says he doesn't know.

Hirono says figure it out.
(On the title vii cases, including Zarda, we are still waiting to see if SCOTUS will grant cert. They will eventually, I think but maybe not this term. *shrug*)
Kennedy is drawling about something again.
I literally don't know how @Hegemommy did this live-tweeting for 5 days during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

I've only been doing it for a few hours and several times, I have contemplating going outside and lying in the street.
*strategic precision, not position

gah! typos
They're seriously talking about Uranium one and i wouldn't mind getting a raging case of chicken pox right now because OH MY GOD.
Current Mood:
Bill Barr is starting to look like John Goodman to me.
Blumenthal asks about emoluments again. Barr is all huh?

I don't buy that Barr hasn't researched emoluments. It has been in the news a lot. A lot of regular people have looked it up. You're telling me the dude who's tryna get confirmed as AG didn't look it up?

I call bullshit.

@Hegemommy will be back at the helm tomorrow morning, so follow her already if you don't.

Thanks for joining us. I'll be outside lying down in the rain. #TeamLegal
Here are a couple more articles you can read about Zarda and whether title VII bars discrimination on basis of sexual orientation:

Supreme Court Could Decide Next Fall if Your Boss Can Fire You for Being Gay rewirenews.link/2HcwVLi


rewire.news/article/2018/0… #TeamLegal

@Hegemommy and I discuss the #ConfirmationHearing #TeamLegal #BoomLawyered

Boom! Lawyered: Day One of William Barr’s Confirmation Hearings rewirenews.link/2Mb23iB
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