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THREAD: overwhelming evidence that James Safechuck pieced together his allegations using Victor Gutierrez's pro pedophilia book proves he is not a victim but a liar and a particularly cynical one @danreed100 @HBODocs @Channel4 @iankatz1000 @sundanceorg
Victor Gutierrez is a freelance writer who lived in the US in the 80s and 90s. In a 2005 interview given to the German daily newspaper Tagerzeitung he said in 1986 he attended a NAMBLA conference

Bob Hamer, a former FBI agent, talked about how he infiltrated NAMBLA.
He was not allowed to attend a conference until he had been a member for
3 years and had been sponsored by another active duty member
So Victor Gutierrez was a NAMBLA member whose book Michael Jackson
was my lover - published in 1996 - promoted NAMBLA's sick agenda trying to normalize sex between adults and minors

He made his attitude clear in the Author's Notes
In the book Gutierrez portrayed 13 year old Jordan Chandler as a willing lover putting words in his mouth throughout the book among them these on page 124:

Needless to say Jordan Chandler never wanted to have sex with Jackson and never said any of this.
He also dedicated a chapter to explain why pedophilia was no big deal, sex between adults and minors can be "loving", as he and his NAMBLA friends believe

On page 208 he wrote:
At the 1986 NAMBLA conference Gutierrez claimed members expressed admiration for Michael Jackson supposedly claiming he was "one of them". This was nothing but wishful thinking, Jackson had nothing to do with NAMBLA nor was any evidence he was a pedophile.
They projected their perversion onto a man who openly expressed his genuine love and compassion for children and was often seen with them publicly. They hoped given his status if they can convince the world he was a pedophile society would be more likely accept it.
As Gutierrez tried to turn Jackson into a public poster boy of "consensual man-boy love" he repeatedly made up stories of Jackson molesting boys and contacted parents to convince them to accuse the singer publicly.
According to his book (page 145) one such parent was Wayne Safechuck another Joy Robson, mother of Wade Robson (page 134). Neither parents thought Jackson was a pedophile and kept socializing with him even after the Chandler allegations.
James Safechuck with Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley in Budapest in 1994.
According to Jackson's makeup artist present at the shooting in Budapest Safechuck's mother was there too.
Jermaine Jackson interviewed Joy Robson for his book and described the meeting between her and Gutierrez:

The Robson family testified for Jackson at his 2005 trial. All three were adamant the entertainer never did anything untoward Wade or any of them.

They were overjoyed when Jackson was found not guilty.

They also asked Taj Jackson for tickets for Jackson's memorial.

The Robsons' actions and words over 20+ years show none of them believed Jackson was a molester.
Neither did the Safechucks. They testified under oath during the 1993 investigation that Jackson never did anything inappropriate.

Tony Safechuck, James's cousin, tweeted this in 2013
But in 2012 Robson changed his tune and accused Jackson of molesting him trying to profit from his allegations:
first by shopping a book
then filing a creditor claim
then suing Jackson's companies
then feeding tabloids
then participating in a sensationalist documentary
Just a day after Robson went public with his accusations Stacy Brown, who has a history of writing negative stories about Jackson and writing a derogatory book about him, tweeted he knew another accuser ready to come forward
A day later a user on a Jackson forum reported that a website where the Brown tweet was posted stated the accuser was looking for someone to write his story.…
Safechuck could be in contact with Brown who was familiar with Gutierrez's book. So was Brown's friend Diane Dimond who once called Gutierrez "one of my best sources" and also has a history of extremely negative reporting regarding Jackson.

Here's Brown , Dimond with prosecutor Ron Zonen.

All three have done their best to make Jackson's life as miserable as possible.
This is Gutierrez on Hard Copy being interviewed by Diane Dimond promoting a false story he made up about Jackson molesting his nephew Jeremy Jackson. He claimed Jackson taped the incident and he saw the tape with the boy's mother Margaret Maldonado.
None of it was true. There was no tape, Gutierrez never met the mother Jackson never molested Jeremy. From Margaret's book , Jackson Family Values

Jackson sued Gutierrez for defamation and won. Gutierrez was ordered to pay 2.7 million in damages. He never did. Filed for bankruptcy and went back to Chile.…
The fake Jeremy Jackson tape story was just one of many Gutierrez came up with. He also claimed Jackson was investigated by the FBI for molesting two Mexican boys. Jackson's FBI files however showed no such investigation ever happened.

Gutierrez's book is full of events, incidents, statements which are demonstrably false even according to Jackson's accusers. As the above Hard Copy video shows Gutierrez effortlessly presented bold faced lies about Jackson even the most outrageous and disgusting ones.
Which is exactly what Safechuck needed if he wanted to win millions from the Estate either in a settlement or by feeding tabloids with salacious stories or making a sensational movie or, if the case goes to trial, to turn the jury against Jackson.
When in 2014 May Safechuck, contradicting his sworn defense of Jackson, filed a creditor claim demanding monetary damages for childhood sex abuse Dimond was the first to report it, referring to "sources close to the case"

Whether Brown and/or Dimond helped Safechuck get Gutierrez construct his molestation story or Brown/Dimond did it themselves, or Safechuck copied Gutierrez's book himself it is undeniable his lawsuit is a collection of Gutierrez's lies and fantasies. Let's see them one by one.
This is Safechuck's second amended complaint. All references below to "Safechuck lawsuit" is from this document.

Let's compare what Gutierrez said in his book and what's ended up in Safechuck's complaint.…
Gutierrez page 79: describes a disgusting scene where Jackson, Brett Barnes, Jordan Chandler are together in Jackson's private suite in Neverland, and Jackson puts his finger in Brett Barnes's and Jordan Chandler's anus.

How can we be sure this is never happened and is just another Gutierrez lie?
1. Gutierrez puts the whole scene in Jordan's mouth claiming that Jordan
described it to "a close family member ". In fact, none of the Chandlers ever
accused Jackson of that particular abuse. It's simply not part of their allegations.
2. On Oct 1993 Jordan specifically told Dr. Richard Gardner there was no anal contact at any time.

3. Brett Barnes never accused Jackson of anything, to the contrary, as his twitter timeline shows he defends him to this day…
4. Neither Brett nor Jordan ever claimed they were ever together in Jackson's suite let alone being molested together.
5. In addition to be utterly disgusting the scene is absurd. We are supposed to believe Jackson wanted an employee to know he needed Vaseline just when he decided to abuse the boys. This type of implausible actions are recurring themes in stories connected to Gutierrez.
In 2005 Ralph Chacon who admitted in court he talked to Gutierrez before going to tabloids to make money for his lawsuit against Jackson, claimed Jackson called for him right before he molested Jordan Chandler in the Neverland restroom, risking detection.
Philip Lemarque, who is named as a source in Gutierrez's book, claimed Jackson asked him to bring French fries to the arcade just when he decided to molest Macaulay Culkin. Culkin denied it ever happened like Brett Barnes he is also one of Jackson's most consistent defenders.
That these stories are far-fetched in a similar manner suggests they originate with the same author.

Clearly the anal fingering scene in Gutierrez's book is nothing but Gutierrez's perverted vision.
But the exact same thing is there in Safechuck's lawsuit, right down there to him asking Jackson not to do again it's the same as Gutierrez's book.

It's a lie in the book, it's a lie in Safechuck's lawsuit.
There are other parts of Gutierrez book revealing his disturbing butt fetish.
He dedicated an entire chapter to enemas and tampons as he imagined
how Jackson would "insert hot liquids into his anus" (page 64)
On page 65 putting words in one of Jordan's friend's mouth, he "informs" us that
Jordan saw Jackson put various feminine hygiene products in his behind. On the same page he talks about tampons covered with feces and blood.
If it was not bad enough already it gets worse.

On page 67 he puts words in a maid's mouth describing how Jackson defecated right there in front of her.
In case anyone believes any of this horror is true, Jackson as part of his lawsuit against Gutierrez, to show further malice, selected the quotes referring to tampons, diarrhea and defecation. Gutierrez said Jordan Chandler must know about all that and corroborate his book.
Instead Jordan submitted a declaration stating "I know absolutely nothing about either the making of these quotations or their content"
Gutierrez also felt the need to publish pictures of boy underwears in his book with the caption "including some with shit and urine stains"
On page 86 Gutierrez, once again putting words in Jordan's mouth, describes sex acts involving both Jackson's and the boy's anus, again, Jordan specifically denied any such thing ever happened.
So none of Gutierrez's anal fantasies is backed up by any evidence
but in Safechuck's lawsuit there something that Gutierrez would be more than capable to envision

Do you really believe Jackson did this?

Or it's more likely to be fiction delivered by a certain NAMBLA member?
What a coincidence the same medallion is also mentioned in Gutierrez's book
on page 135!

In the book Jackson gave the medallion to Wade Robson.
In Safechuck's lawsuit Jackson gave the medallion to Safechuck.
Gutierrez page 57 58: writes that Jackson was renting "historic and foreign themes" movies where kids were masturbating.

How can we know this never happened?

Jackson's condo, ranch, and former home in Encino were all searched during the 1993 investigation.
Then again his ranch was searched in 2003 and 04. Such movies would have been the smoking gun evidence and the media would have obviously reported about them.

But the fact remains nobody other than Gutierrez ever claimed Jackson rented such movies.
The exact same lie is in Safechuck's lawsuit. Here's Safechuck says Jackson showed him "foreign books". In Gutierrez's book it's "foreign themes" movies.

Gutierrez page 40: putting words in Jordan's mouth again he described how Jackson was jealous of a girl Jordan liked and tried to prevent any relationship between the two so he sent her away.

How can we know this was a lie?
The girl in question was Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis and MJ wasn't jealous of her at all, he played with her just like he played with Albert and Jordan, no difference.
She wrote about her experiences in Neverland after MJ died here, nothing but good.
They were not sent away let alone because Jackson didn't like that Jordan liked her.

Since Gutierrez's agenda is to portray Jackson as a "boylover" who had no interest in females at all and wanted to keep the boys for himself he came up with the idea that Jackson was jealous of the girls the boys were interested in.
Nothing supports this idea, not even accusers like Robson or Arvizo or Francia.
But in Safechuck's lawsuit the same phenomenon is described, Jackson is said to be jealous of the females Safechuck liked and is trying to make Safechuck dislike Sheryl Crow whom he had a crush on, supposedly.
Gutierrez page 191: again putting words in Jordan's mouth, Gutierrez claims that Jackson hated women and that he made Jordan learn some phrases about how to hate women.
On page 77 Gutierrez wrote 6 wishes Jackson supposedly wanted Jordan to repeat three times a day the first one : no wenches, bitches, heifers and hoes

In reality Jordan never said Jackson hated women. It's not part of his allegations.
Nor did the other accusers Robson, Arvizo, Francia ever mention this.

And it's easy to prove that Jackson befriended females just as much as males and treated women with respect:
Jane Patt's account of her date with Jackson most certainly doesn't indicate he hated women rather that he was a gentleman
His lengthy phone calls with Glenda Stein also don't indicate he hated women, to the contrary:
Him getting together with his ex wife most likely was not because he hated women:
His friendship with all these women over the years would be a little too much for someone who hates women, wouldn't it?
But in Safechuck's lawsuit Jackson is misrepresented in the same manner. Even that Jackson consistently talked about women in a negative manner and point out their physical flaws, an allegation against Jackson one cannot find anywhere else.
And like in the book where Jackson supposedly taught Jordan how to hate women in the lawsuit Jackson teaches Safechuck about how "mean women are"
Ironically, in the Arvizo allegations Jackson is portrayed radically differently.
There he is allegedly attracted to females, simulates sex on a female mannequin and tells a girl I would like you to fuck you in the back.
This is not the only contradiction between the individual allegations against Jackson, indicating that these were not committed by the same abuser rather invented by different liars.
Let's see how else Safechuck's story mirrors Gutierrez's book

Gutierrez page 37 38: he talks about Jackson's nose and band aid in a humiliating manner

Safechuck's lawsuit: he talks about Jackson's nose and band aid in a humiliating manner
Gutierrez page 191: Jackson married only so he could pass for a man.

Safechuck's lawsuit: Jackson needs to marry to protect his public perception.
In reality Jackson expressed a genuine desire to have a real relationship with a woman he can trust as this secretly recorded private phone call shows:
Gutierrez page 78: quotes employees talking about Jackson's alleged molestation disturbingly nonchalantly and that these employees knew about it but did nothing. They also talk about Jackson and the boys as if it was a legitimate relationship, an "affair"
In the book Melanie Bangall, a security guard says "all of us knew Jackson had
sexual relations with boys and at times we would see them conversing like a couple."
In another part Estella Lemarque said that "she was not supposed to speak about any of the relationships between Jackson and the boys. But everyone at the ranch knew. We would all joke about it including the guards. It's a big joke."
In Safechuck's lawsuit it's Mariano Quindoy who says "there was gossip among the staff" and they thought they were "having an affair"

Basically the same idea, only the names are different.
It's highly unlikely that Jackson was so lucky employee after employee after employee knew he was a molester but did not do anything to protect the kids and even viewed the molestation as a joke or an affair.
But for Gutierrez, who believes NAMBLA's "philosophy" that sexual contact between men and boys can be consensual like any adult relationship this nonchalant approach comes naturally.
And Safechuck while pretending to be a victim of a pedophile is backing up his allegations with a "witness" statement of an ex employee who got these immoral ideas from a NAMBLA member.

Let that sink in.
The ex employee is Mariano Quindoy. On page 143 Gutierrez says he would like to interview them (Quindoy and his wife) and based on the kind of stories they tried to sell to tabloids during the Chandler scandal most likely he did in fact contact them.
Like other ex employees with ties to Gutierrez Quindoy claimed he saw boy underwear on the floor, saw Jackson molest in the Jacuzzi (shower, Jacuzzi, bath are Gutierrez's recurring themes).
Quindoy also described Jackson and a boy like they were having a "honeymoon"

The same word Gutierrez put in Jordan Chandler's mouth in his book page 50

"It was fun. I felt very special waiting for the moment of the honeymoon as we called it, when we could be alone"
The Quindoys, following the Chandler allegations when the media started to give good money for lurid stories about Jackson and boys, suddenly came up with a diary where they said they documented the observed sexual acts.

From Diane Dimond's book:
Where could the Quindoy's idea of a diary filled with pornographic scenes come from, I wonder?
Gutierrez claimed his book was based on Jordan Chandler's diary where he documented the sexual acts Jackson committed. No such diary ever existed.
If it had it would have been solid evidence against Jackson.

Instead it's just another Gutierrez's fantasy.
Before the Chandler scandal the Quindoys didn't say anything wrong about Jackson. They sued him for overtime pay though and talked to Hard Copy. But when it came to Jackson and children they didn't have a bad word and were all smiles.
All that suddenly changed when the media started to offer big money for salacious "boy stories". Gutierrez, whose special "talent" was to cook up such stories gladly supplied them to Jackson's former disgruntled employees.
A 1994 PBS documentary Tabloid Truth exposed the Quindoys for the two faced opportunist liars there were. Not even The Sun reporter's believed them and that tabloid was hardly published by Jackson fans.
Gutierrez's fantasies had recurring elements: boy's underwear discovered on the floor/Jacuzzi, Jackson calling for an employee just when he decided to molest, Jackson molesting boys in the shower/bath/Jacuzzi, oral sex, Norma Staikos warning people, Jackson molest in cars
Notice what Safechuck's "witness" Mariano Quindoy says here:

"I seen the undergarment of the child lying on the bed or on the floor"
Now who else claimed to see underwear on the floor?

Blanca Francia, Jackson's former maid who while admitting in sworn deposition he never saw Jackson in the shower with anyone, he told Hard Copy that she did and got 20 000 for it.
Here's her 1994 deposition where she repeatedly denies she ever saw Jackson with a boy in the shower.
But to the tabloids media and the court in 2005 he said she saw Jackson and Wade Robson in the shower and of course their underwear on the floor.
Robson manages to submit two contradictory versions of Francia's shower story but both feature underwear on the floor.
According to the prosecution "prior acts" motion, itself filled with stories reeking from Gutierrez's inimitable style, Blanca Francia saw underwear on the floor in Jackson's former home in Encino too. Specifically Jonathan Spence's underwear

Jonathan Spence never accused Jackson of anything and when Robson tried to get his cooperation for his lawsuit attacking Jackson instead of joining him he filed a motion accusing Robson of "abominable" conduct.

It's not only Spence's consistent denial of ever being abused by Jackson that invalidates Blanca Francia's alleged memory of seeing his underwear on the floor in Jackson's room but Francia's own conduct. Long after Jackson left Encino Francia brought her own son to Neverland.
And in a 2016 deposition she admitted she wouldn't have called Jackson "My Michael" if she has believed she was molesting kids. Hard to see how that would not occur to her while seeing a boy's underwear on Jackson's bedroom's floor.
Blanca also said she saw Robson's underwear on the floor of Jackson's bedroom in Neverland.

This woman sees boy underwear left and right and still calls Jackson "My Michael"?
Or it's much more likely that Blanca Francia's friend Victor Gutierrez recommended her that she should remember seeing underwear on the floor. Here's Blanca and Gutierrez together. Gutierrez said he contacted her following the 1986 NAMBLA conference he attended.
Who else had a similar experience? Kassim Abdool, another ex employee who never reported anything alarming before he was fired and before the Chandler allegations created the opportunity to make money by remembering all kinds of nefarious things.
Abdool sued Jackson for wrongful termination along with Ralph Chacon Adrian McManus Sandy Domz and Melanie Bangall. They all lost. "Coincidentally" Abdool was a prosecution witness in 2005 where he claimed he saw Jackson's and Chandler's trunks on the floor.
Abdool and the other plaintiffs had extensive conversations with Gutierrez.
Abdool is repeatedly mentioned in Gutierrez's book as a "source".

source: :…
See Adrian McManus among those who had "extensive conversations" with Gutierrez? She too saw underpants where they were not supposed to be.
She also felt the need to inform the world about that on the tabloid show Inside Edition

What are the chances that Jackson left behind this particular incriminating evidence over and over and over again and out of all people around him the only ones to discover them were disgruntled employees all with ties to a NAMBLA pedophile obsessed with boy underwear?
To a point that he published a picture full of boy underwear in his book and claimed they belonged to Jordan Chandler.
Safechuck knows full well Quindoy's story is bogus. They never saw his underwear on the floor, never saw Jackson molest him in the Jacuzzi. All those were nothing but the product of a twisted fantasist promoting pedophile propaganda. This entire paragraph is a pack of lies.
But like the Quindoys, McManus, Abdool and Francia who were selling those stories to tabloids Safechuck is gladly using them now trying to make money with them himself.

Let's go on to another recurring theme: "Norma Staikos warned employees"
Gutierrez page 146: Estella Lemarque says that Norma warned her to kiss the Safechuck's ass because they are the ones who could "change" (hurt) Michael.

Safechuck's lawsuit: it's Quindoy and Murdoch Staikos warns not to leave their kids alone with MJ.
Gutierrez said following the 1986 NAMBLA conference he contacted Orietta Murdoch too. Murdoch also sued Jackson's company for wrongful termination.
Out of all the people who worked in Neverland and Hayvenhurst and at MJs companies and on the tours Norma warned a few who all happened to have ties to Victor Gutierrez and all tree had some kind of disputes over money with Jackson?
Gutierrez's book page 78 79: while being with Jordan MJ was careful when others were around

Safechuck's lawsuit: while being with Safechuck MJ was careful when others were around
Gutierrez page 80 Jackson made the boys drink alcohol on the ranch

Safechuck's lawsuit: Jackson made Safechuck drink alcohol in his condo
One could think this is valid allegation because the Arvizos made it too.
The Arvizos' alcohol allegations were debunked during the trial. They stole alcohol and drank behind Jackson's back, numerous testimonies confirmed that. They didn't get it from Jackson.
Even prosecution witness Chris Carter contradicted the Arvizos and testified that Jackson did not share his can with Arvizo on the airplane. The Arvizos alleged that he did.
Rijo and Simone Jackson both testified they saw the Arvizo boys steal alcohol from the kitchen and Jackson's room.
A security guard, Shane Meridith testified that he saw the two Arvizo boys in the wine cellar with a half open bottle. Jackson was nowhere around. The Arvizos denied this under oath but Meridith was an impeccable witness.…
Gutierrez does not name any specific boy who supposedly drank alcohol in Neverland and Chandler and Francia and Robson never mentioned alcohol in their allegations.
Instead Robson actually expressed surprise that Jackson asked for alcohol at a barbeque in 2008. He said it was new to him even then that MJ wanted alcohol. This is another contradiction between the various allegations against Jackson.
Nor is Safechuck's alcohol allegations connected to molestation like the Arvizos'. They claimed Jackson gave alcohol to Arvizo so he could molest him without resistance. Safechuck simply says that Jackson made him drink red wine, without any context. Just like in Gutierrez's book
Gutierrez's book page 21 22: Chandler was jealous of Brett Branes

Safechuck's lawsuit: Safechuck was jealous of Brett Barnes
Both suggest that Brett was a molestation victim and Jackson switched to him once Safechuck became too old for his desires. The truth is Brett Barnes was never molested, always defended Jackson, traveling from Australia to support him at the trial
Brett continues to stand up for Jackson on social media and stand against his accusers who are trying to use him to make their story more believable. After all if Jackson didn't molest a boy he shared a bed with countless times why would he molest Robson or Safechuck?
Gutierrez's book page 64 page 77 page 85 page 56 page 50: says Chandler and MJ were a couple and had a ""honeymoon"

Safechuck's lawsuit: Safechuck and Jackson had a "faux committed relationship" and Jackson married Safechuck
No other accuser except Safechuck claims that Jackson married him. This allegation is extremely far-fetched but typical of Gutierrez whose imagination is both perverted and ridiculous.
Gutierrez's book page 23 page 80: MJ was cruel and sadistic

Safechuck's lawsuit: MJ was cruel and sadistic
How cruel and sadistic was Michael Jackson? Here the Captain EO dancers talk about how he was devastated because a dancer killed a bee. Yes, a bee.
Dr. Patrick Treacy talks about how Jackson felt the pain of two children horribly burned
Here he talks about helping Gavin Arvizo when he had cancer back in 2000. His words reflect genuine concern and desire to help a sick child.
And the Arvizos acknowledged his role in Gavin's recovery. Only to turned against him when they realized how much money they could make if they win a civil judgement for sexual abuse.
The list goes on and on. Throughout his life Jackson exhibited gentleness and compassion not unlike Lady Diana who was his hero. The idea that he enjoyed humiliating or scaring anyone let alone child is preposterous to say the least.
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