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Here’s how The Last Refuge Of A Dying Narrative 2 attacks Jeff Carlson @themarketswork and @EpochTimes for breaking the stories of the Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page transcripts.
I’ve had it with this gaslighting. Whoever’s paying him and whoever his awesome “inside sources” are, he’s been bullshit for months,.

Instead of factoring in new information that’s come to light, he’s attacking the reporters.
What's he been saying for months?

Horowitz isn't really investigating, neither is Huber, both are covering everything up, they are both Deep State, etc.

Nobody's being investigated, even that McCabe grand jury means nothing.

DOJ/FBI still under firm control of the plotters.
He peddles a narrative in which ONLY THE CONGRESS is doing the *real* investigating. Oh and Judicial Watch. Other than that, nothing's really happening.


Sessions & Wray & Horowitz & Rosenstein did their jobs. They spent 1 & 1/2 years rooting out the plotters
Some were held in stasis - like Strzok & Page & Priestap were - and like Pientka still is - while the investigations went on, then were fired or allowed to resign, based on their cooperation, if they flipped or not.

As well know, Strzok was defiant to the bitter end.
Page was far more cooperative and so was Priestap, which is why they were allowed to quietly resign, keeping their benefits.

Why isn't Pientka right there on the unemployment line with Strzok? Why does the DOJ still pretend he's The Invisible Man?

Those Ohr transcripts tell us
We watched all the plotters rooted out and replaced, numerous hints of all kinds of investigations reopened and/or ongoing, grand juries being used by US Attorneys, and all this time there have been those like Bradman relentlessly selling you a narrative "IT'S NOT REAL"
There either was a real culture shift inside the DOJ/FBI when Trump & his handpicked team assumed control or there wasn't.

Either over 2 dozen people being tossed ass-first out of the DOJ [or being smart and leaving on their own first] led to culture change or it didn't.
Trump & his team assumed command of a compromised & thoroughly politicized DOJ/FBI that either sabotaged it's own investigations for political reasons or launched corrupted investigations of political targets out of bias.
Trump and his team either knew the problem going in and fixed it, or they weren't able to fix it and now they are helpless.

You know which narrative I believe is true and which one the gore crows have been trying to feed you for over a year now.
The #1 sign of a politically neutral DOJ that has been reigned in and is now under good management is that INVESTIGATIONS WON'T BE COMPROMISED OR POLITICIZED.

And that is exactly what Sessions & Rosenstein were tasked with. And they did it.
Comey & McCabe would RUSH STUFF OUT to the Congress & allow leaks to the media *precisely* because that would compromise the investigation.

How do I know this? That's exactly how they handled the Hillary Clinton Email/CF/U1/Benghazi investigations. Leaks/premature drops.
Under the Comey/McCabe regime, they had so many agents leaking to reporters it takes a big graphic to lay out how much unauthorized/illegal media contact was happening.
Wow, I guess the Comey/McCabe & Holder/Lynch folks just couldn't keep stuff a secret then?

Well no, actually. When they wanted a tight lid on something, like say, launching a super-duper-secret investigation of a Presidential campaign for over 9 months, they managed THAT.
So these people before Trump & his team came in there to clean the place up were leaking to

1) sabotage certain investigations
2) target people so they could start certain other investigations they kept secret [even from Cong. Oversight like the Gang of 8]
After the DOJ/FBI were so f'ed up on Obama's watch, people don't even remember what a professionally run, POLITICALLY NEUTRAL Justice Dept. even looks like.
That's why the DOJ under Trump & Sessions, & soon under Barr will seem like a foreign entity to most people.

Especially those druken ass-grabbing politically partisan leakers in Congress, who endlessly cry for more key evidence from ongoing investigations to be given to them.
Those grandstanding drunks of Congress have been used to a DOJ that hands over evidence prematurely before investigations are completed SO THEY CAN LEAK IT.

You BET they don't like this new DOJ that doesn't tell them SHIT.
Hey, would you have LIKED to have known a year ago that there's been a crimimal leak investigation ongoing targeting former FBI top lawyer James Baker?

Hey me too!
Would you have LIKED to have known McCabe was the target of a grand jury investigation for more than half a year before somebody finally leaked it to the Washington Post?

Me too!
Would you have LIKED to have known that after the FBI fired Christopher Steele as a fake 'intelligence source' [really a political operative working for Hillary] for leaking that same 'intel info' to reporters, they used Ohr & Pientka as a clever backchannel to him?

So why didn't we know?

I'll tell you why. Because serious, quiet, SILENT professionals are seriously quietly and PROFESSIONALLY doing their investigations.

And we didn't NEED to know.

See, now that WE know, who ALSO knows?

The targets & the Democrats know.
These investigations are NOT over yet. Most people still can't grasp the massive scope of it all, think this should've been wrapped up like a year ago.

Operational security of these investigations had to be beyond top secret due to the sensitive classified nature of much of it.
Congress can't have the key information until the investigations are over & the evidence being leaked by partisan Democrats or dumbass Republicans won't SABOTAGE OVER 2 YEARS WORTH OF WORK.
"Why can't they just share it with the Republicans and you know, just freeze out Schiff and Cummings and the Dems?" people who don't know how anything works tweet at me all day long.
This new DOJ that Sessions & Rosenstein have forged for Barr to take command of is so leak proof when it matters there's still PLENTY of investigations targeting people that haven't leaked yet.
I see all those people assuming there's no investigation of who leaked Flynn's phone intercepts to the Washington Post and I just laugh.

How do they know there's no investigation of that?

Quick! When did the DOJ announce that James Baker was the subject of a criminal leak investigation, anyone?

I must have been napping when that happened....guess I missed it...
Shoot, when did the DOJ announce Andrew McCabe is the target of a criminal investigation by US Attorneys using a grand jury?

They never did.

And when someone leaked it to the Washington Post, what was their response?

"We can neither confirm nor deny..."
All those people telling you their COOL INSIDE SOURCES they never identify tell them that Horowitz is doing nothing, Huber & his team of crack US attorneys are doing nothing, NOTHING'S HAPPENING, etc. etc. always end up being SURPRISED by new information?
How come their inside sources never told them about the McCabe grand jury for six months? They were being coy?

How about the James Baker criminal leak investigation? They missed that memo?

How about Pientka being right in the middle of the DOJ/FBI backchannel to Fusion GPS?
Maybe their cool 'inside sources' aren't that 'inside' after all? 🤔

They sell you a narrative the Deep State is still in firm control of the DOJ/FBI, then get blindsided when new evidence surfaces & watch them attack the people actually doing REPORTING.

Screw them.
There are still Obama/Hillary partisans inside the DOJ/FBI, but they don't *control* anything. The top ones were sussed out & either encouraged to leave or fired. Their leaks to their media pals are increasingly desperate and futile.
The patterns of almost complete silence for 2 years on one side [the good guys in the DOJ/FBI] compared with the constant disinfo/fake news leaking on the other [Cohen in Prague! Manafort to see Assange!] is very telling.

It's not hard to figure out who's winning.
You're all going to remember I was one of the chief people defending Sessions & Rosenstein when all the usual suspects were telling you they were either dirty or incompetent.

They did the job they were tasked with.

It's why justice is coming. Slowly, but it's coming.

Ya think McCabe had any clue what was coming? 🤔
1 of these men in that picture tried to investigate the other as an agent of Russian collusion affecting the 2016 election.

How'd that work out for him? 🤔
Reminder: there was NO WAY Jeff Sessions could stay in charge of the DOJ investigations of people who had TARGETED HIM as a Russian agent & tried to 'prove' he colluded with Russians.

His recusal was 100% necessary & people who dispute this are simply wrong.
Likewise, before it came time for the prosecutions of those plotters who targeted Sessions, he was going to have to step down because he was going to be a witness in the prosecutions.

A sitting AG can't be a witness in a case his own Justice Department is prosecuting.
Explaining the obvious is just one of my free services on here.
Barr is coming in now to take over the next phase. Sessions is free to appear as a witness & testify about what the plotters told him at the time they were trying to entrap him/DQ him as a supposed Russian colluder.
You know who would ALSO have to leave his current job at the DOJ to be a witness in these prosecutions? Because like Sessions, he's involved a lot of this as a witness?

Rod Rosenstein.
Of course, we're given cover stories.

"Sessions is resigning because at long last Trump has had ENOUGH of this incompetent bumbling idiot!"

"Rosenstein is leaving because Barr wants to bring in his own team."

Alllllll-rightyyyy THEN!
The battlefield is still being prepared.

New commander at the DOJ for the next phase of the 'battle'.

And when it goes to the courts, as much of it invariably will, that's where RBG's soon-coming replacement will figure into the battle plans.
When you know you are winning thus far, your enemy is almost surrounded, their position is growing weaker and weaker, you are holding the winning cards, there's no need to RUSH everything as you prepare.

People selling URGENCY NOW NOW NOW as if Trump's in danger are wrong.
When the battlefield is FULLY PREPARED and all the pieces are FULLY IN PLACE for total and complete OVERWHELMING VICTORY we'll all know.

Until then?

Patience is a virtue.

Try developing some. Trump has.

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