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.@ResistOrganize I blame the deaths of four Americans in Syria on the blatant disregard for their safety as #POTUS publicly announced their troop movements with a timeline. Making them targets and inspiring ISIS recruitment; more blood will be spilled. #TreasonIsTheReason
Operational security is the process used to deny enemy access to our intentions and capabilities by identifying, controlling, and protecting indicators associated with our planning or operations.

The OPSEC process often restricts informing ANYONE of future troop movements.
Even inadvertently exposing unit information (e.g. deployment schedule, troop movements, locations, size, capabilities, etc.) is a betrayal of your duty to the safety of every member of the team.

Since coward bonespurs used their lives as political pawns, #POTUS is responsible.
The commanding officers are responsible for their operational security with at least one OpSec manager.

It makes NO difference that they were already in the conflict zone.

#POTUS increased the danger exponentially and he has their blood
on his hands. #TreasonIsTheReason
Since #POTUS has no clothes, is unable or unwilling to use sound judgment and common sense, and is without honor, duty, courage, or commitment. #WeThePeople ask that @HouseDemocrats #ImpeachTheMF #ASAP to honor these fallen heroes who were sacrificed for political games.
It is not lost on other veterans how he dishonors those who have fought and died by our side, by attacking and degrading our allies even as he announces to the WORLD his "love" for a murderous dictator who routinely murders, tortures, and incarcerates entire innocent families.
#POTUS routinely shows his affection for authoritarian murderous thugs, criminals, torturers, & thieves. Even theocratic dictators earn his undying praise, even as they behead their own people publicly for nonviolent religious violations, & MURDER dissidents residing in the U.S.
.@HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SpeakerPelosi #ImpeachTheMF
#ASAP before any more blood is spilled, or any more lives are sacrificed for this dishonorable, spineless, alledged pedophile, who holds the office of the President, illegitimately. #POTUS must be removed from office.
#WeThePeople ask @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems to begin an investigation to determine the harm done to the operational security of the troops in Syria by ordering troop movements for political gain, with NO regard for the lives of our military. Let their deaths not be in vain.
#WeThePeople ask @HouseDemocrats to investigate the reason #POTUS used our troops in a political game to stop the prosecution by Turkey, of Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia for the murder & dismemberment of a U.S. resident journalist, abandoning our allies in the region.#ImpeachTheMF
#WeThePeople ask our veterans to come together to give @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems the inspiration to #ImpeachTheMF before any more of our brothers or sisters sacrifice their life or limbs for a treasonous #POTUS who uses ALL of us, civilians and military, as political pawns.
#WeThePeople #SU99% #ImpeachTheMF before he damages our country any further.
#WeThePeople ask our journalists, every story, every paper, every start of a televised news segment, to call for his impeachment, for the safety and security of our democracy before we lose our country.
#WeThePeople ask EVERYONE to BOYCOTT this economy, built on the theft of U.S. treasury receipts, with the intent of destroying EVERY democratic institution meant to protect and support ALL the people, our environment, and our future, put in place over the last century. #ITisWAR
#WeThePeople see clearly now, the intent to undermine EVERY institution meant to serve and protect the people, for the greed and personal gain of the 1%, #CorruptGOP, and the interests of our ENEMIES. #WeThePeople WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE.
#WeThePeople ask EVERY AMERICAN citizen who realizes the danger we are in to ONLY make purchases of NECESSITY. To stop this economy in its tracks, as much as is possible. If our democracy falls, we ALL FALL. Soon, we will have NO CHOICES, we have seen this movie before.
#SU99%, even if it is only a weekend, a week, something to show, #WeThePeople stand with those forced to work for no pay, IT IS SLAVERY. If their job is critical, then so is the pay. If we stand together, our message will be clear, and our HONOR, DUTY, COMMITMENT will PREVAIL.
#GreatTrumpDepression IS on it's way. What does the rich do in a great depression? They buy up property, land, businesses, even whole countries with money, power, and control, at bargain basement prices.
This division, and surreal chaos is a planned attack on democracy.
It is a last ditch effort to maintain power and stop the enlightenment and education through our technology of our entire population.
It is the SAME goal of ISIS, but through the use of our own government and technology AGAINST US. #WeThePeople ARE under attack by a powerful few.
The exploitation of the population by these few in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industry, education, energy, and labor, would soon be evident as the ability to record, analyze, and understand what we have only known in the abstract as a whole in society is EXPOSED. #resist
#WeArethePower, now, at this time, at this place, we must decide. Are we going to fight together or is it every person for himself. The powerful few, want us to fight each other. We have been manipulated to do so, and they were winning. If we do NOTHING, the 99% loses.
EVERY, institution, program, social safety net, the law, freedom of the press, even religion, will ALL fall prey to our DEFICIT, CREATED by who? The #CorruptGOP, 1%, and our ENEMIES. I cannot be the only one to see this. Please tell me if you see this too. This is so surreal.
#WeArethePower UNITED we can have the society we want, no doubt in my mind. We already have modern democracies who are flourishing. The #CorruptGOP, 1%, and authoritarian enemies (whose 1% is entertwined with ours) wants us to be distracted, as they STEAL the U.S. treasury.
It is the ONLY way all this CHAOS, makes sense. We ARE watching a right wing authoritarian criminal coup happen right before our eyes.
It is SO VAST, and SO UNPRECEDENTED in modern history, it is like the #blitzkreig of the 1930s or the attacks on 9/11, we are overwhelmed.
If we do not act soon, the ONLY recourse will be revolution, and we WILL LOSE. Why? Because technology, artificial intelligence, money, and power, will be the purview of the few. We will be living in a technological dark age, while the few enjoy the benefits of it all.
If we do NOT work together in the nuclear age, lift ALL boats as it were, population, competition for food, water, and resources WILL result in WAR. THERE ARE NO WINNERS in a nuclear holocaust. Unless, your small, criminal, authoritarian, group, prepared for such an event..hmm
@threadreaderapp please unroll this mental rant by a person tormented by the danger #POTUS is doing to our democracy and please let this reality NEVER come to fruition and those CRIMINALS who attack our democracy are put down as #Traitors. #TreasonIsTheReason we suffer this day.
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