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Thread: PBS, The Un-American Classroom – Demonizing American Exceptionalism

1. Anyone else tired of the left-wing garbage spewed nightly on “taxpayer-supported” PBS? They’re just another propaganda arm of the Left and Democrat Party!
2. This opinion piece courtesy of Combat Veterans for Congress PAC exposed PBS attacks on American exceptionalism in conjunction with Obama Dept of Education curriculum changes.
3. As a reminder, America is the greatest political experiment dispensing maximum personal & economic freedoms to people in human history. Here is Combat Veterans for Congress PAC’s Op Ed # 396:

4. "Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily destroyed." Karl Marx

The below listed PBS article revealed that for decades education courses once taught to students in grammar schools, middle schools, and in high schools ….
4A. …extoled “America’s heritage,” explained the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, provided an “accurate History of the US”, and explained that the US Constitution is the foundation of the Republic’s government.
5. American educators taught students over a 200-year period about “America’s core values”, “America’s heritage” and “American Exceptionalism,” which gave students a unity of purpose and brought the melting pot of America’s diverse cultures together ….
5A. …and strengthened and unified American citizens in common goals.
6. Individual state education departments once controlled the curriculum in public schools and encouraged county school boards to employ approved social studies and US history text books with an accurate record of events in US history.
7. The state-controlled curricula taught students the magnificent philosophy that the Republic was founded on, explained the student’s heritage to be proud of, lionized the Founding Fathers, promoted principals of good moral character, ….
7A. …explained that the free enterprise system built the most successful economic engine in the history of mankind and that, since its founding, America defeated dictators and freed million oppressed people.
8. America’s success thru the decades did not flow from its military victories nor from America’s economic strength created by the free enterprise system.
9. The success of the Republic resulted from teaching America’s children about their “heritage,” about an accurate History of the US, that the United States is the only country in history to wage a Civil War to eliminate slavery, that over 500,000 American military personnel ….
9A. … gave their lives to free enslaved people from tyrants thru the decades, about “America’s core values,” “America’s Exceptionalism,” and that the free enterprise system provided the opportunity for every American to develop a business.
10. Americans fought against Spanish colonialism, the Kaiser’s imperialism, Mussolini’s fascism, Hitler’s Nazism, the Empire of Japan, Communist Russian control of Eastern Europe, North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, and North Vietnam’s invasion of the south, ….
10A. …as well as against radical Islamic terrorists’ genocide of Christians for over 40 years.
11. America only fought in foreign lands to free subjugated people, and on the cessation of hostilities, the US always returned the rule of countries to the people that they freed from tyranny.
12. In 2009, in order to “Fundamentally Transform the United States of America,” the Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (DoEd) took control of the education curriculum away from the states.
13. DoEd then edited the content of the US history and social studies text books that had been used in grammar, middle, and high schools and replaced the content of those text books with information that is replete with erroneous information.
14. Arne Duncan formally instituted standards for 50 states to implement the Common Core & Testing Curriculum.
15. In order to receive future financial aid from DoEd for education, state education departments were now required to teach the Common Core Curriculum to all students in their states and to purchase the new inaccurate US history and social studies text books.
16. The revised text books label the Founding Fathers as slave owners and accuse some of them for having inappropriate sexual relations.
17. Students are no longer taught that America is an exceptional nation, or that it has an “remarkable heritage,” nor are details in the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights explained.
18. The courage of the Founding Fathers is no longer lionized, nor are the events that led to the Revolutionary & Civil Wars explained
19. The importance of freedom of speech on campuses is violated, the right to bear arms is criticized, and voting only by American citizens is now being questioned.
20. The Pilgrims’ freedom to practice Christianity is now under attack on many levels, and the patriotic art that students once were regularly encouraged to create in class is seldom encouraged now.
21. The federally controlled education curriculum now has lessons plans about the principles of Islam. No similar lesson plans have ever been approved by DoEd to teach the principals of Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, etc.
22. Every attempt by students to say a simple prayer, to say a prayer on the field before a high school football game, or to hold Bible study class after school are denied by administrators, on the grounds that religious practice in public schools is prohibited by federal law.
23. That does not apply to the federally approved curriculum for public schools throughout the nation that introduces students to Islam.
24. During the Vietnam conflict, thousands of Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Leftists, enrolled in graduate schools in order to avoid military service; they migrated to the teaching profession.
25. They are now public school administrators and tenured college professors. They have been radicalizing young students, extoling Karl Marx & George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s progressive philosophy, instructing students in Socialist philosophies, ….
25A. … and creating social, religious, race, and class divisions while demonizing Israel.
26. For the last 10 years, they have been blurring national loyalty in the minds of American students while encouraging them to instead develop a world or global identity.
27. Progressive, Leftist, Socialist, and Marxists teachers, school administrators, and tenured college professors across the nation have been encouraging students to view patriotism with cynicism, to dismiss America’s remarkable heritage, ….
27A. …to ignore America’s core values, to question American Exceptionalism, to criticize profits from the free enterprise system, to discourage individual achievement in favor of group progress, to reject achievement and embrace conformity, ….
27B. …all the while promoting “political correctness”.
28. For the last 10 years, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists, with the support of federal control of public education, have been making progress toward fundamentally transforming the US from a constitutional Republic to a Democrat-run Socialist State.
29. The brazen initiative in 2009 by Obama’s DoEd to take control of public school education away from the individual states resulted in the indoctrination of millions of American public school students in Socialism.
30. Local control of public school education had sustained, strengthened, and developed a unity of purpose for over 200 years.
31. Socialist philosophy is in opposition to the principals upon which the Republic was founded, is directly opposed to constitutional government, is opposed to the free enterprise system, does not agree with the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, ….
31A. …and is against the representative government established by the Founding Fathers.
32. The federally controlled curriculum for public schools includes human sexuality courses. Students are taught about sexual acts, and sexually permissive terms and photos are employed.
33. The DoEd instituted the human sexual curriculum that exposes very young grammar school children to deviate sexual practices which are wholly inappropriate, and children are robbed of their youth and innocence.
34. In advance of the approval of any sexual instruction taught to early year grammar school children, parents – not agents of the state, teachers, counselors, or representatives from outside organizations – should have the right to approve the sexual content ….
34A. …that is taught to their children in the classroom.
35. If some of the sexual content is objectionable to parents on moral or religious grounds, it should be modified or eliminated.
36. The federal control of education has now been taught to students for 10 years and has blurred the loyalty to America of millions of students. Many of those students now support Socialism, which was introduced in 1848 by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels.
37. The first Socialist government ever elected was in Queensland, Australia, in 1899; it failed.
38. Although socialism has never been successful in any country where it has ever been tried, it seems to be resonating with millions of American students who have demonstrated in support of socialism on college campuses around the country.
39. They are now participating in massive rallies, and those multiple violent demonstrations have become a national security concern.
40. Socialists, Progressives, Marxists, and Communists have been organized by Obama’s Organization For Action (OFA) to demonstrate across the nation. They have been paid to demonstrate and transported to demonstrations by George Soros.
41. OFA has been mobilizing millions of students to participate in rallies to support Bernie Sander’s socialism, to “Abolish ICE,” to oppose police officers, in opposition to building the Border Wall, to support Black Lives Matter, ….
41A. …to demonstrate against freedom of speech on campuses, to demonstrate against the 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms, to oppose the election of President Donald J. Trump, to destroy over 300 Confederate statues, ….
41B. …to oppose separating children from illegal aliens adults, to support citizenship for DACA illegal aliens, etc.
42. After 10 years, federal control of public school education has not gone well. International test score standings for American students have eroded and are mediocre and lackluster, specifically in math and science.
42A US students’ performance is well below students in high-performing nations like Japan, India, Finland, China, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.
43. Federal control of public school education should be returned to local control where it was very successful for over 200 years and should include greater parental involvement at the local level.
44. States must then reinstate the teaching of America’s core values, American Exceptionalism, praise of America’s remarkable heritage, an accurate history of the US with accurate US history text books, ….
44A. …and teach students the meaning of the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights in detailed analysis and study.
45. [Rather than these time-honored subjects, the study of the Pillars of Islam is but one facet of what is being taught in our public schools today and what is supported by PBS’s “largest classroom” through lessons, plans and films.]
46. [Christian Action Network, in 2017, revealed the introduction of the Islamic indoctrination program, “Access Islam,” by the DoEd to public schools, when no similar material for Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism exists.]
47. [PBS provides “the largest classroom” for teaching these “educational” resources to schools and libraries, replacing the term “Religion of Peace” with “Empire of Faith.” This is our tax dollars at work undermining America, folks! Read more here:… ]
Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt USNR(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
San Diego, CA 92108…

///The end.
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