Friday night #Exvangelical thread

"The Remedy For Racism"
"Christian Supremacy Fixes White Supremacy, Amirite"
I have some new followers thanks to kind boosts by @JTReese89 and @c_stroop, so I'm going to reintroduce myself.

I'm an #exvangelical agnostic Christian (I follow Jesus and I'm comfortable being uncertain whether there's a God or gods).

I write about evangelicals in politics.
Specifically, I write about one relatively-unknown Evangelical with an outsize influence in politics: Ralph 'Ralphie' Drollinger, founder of "Capitol Ministries", a #Christofascist organization aiming to convert elected officials to fundamentalism, both US & worldwide.
(If you don't know Ralphie yet, open a new window and take the tour through my previous threads to get a feel for who he is and why he's significant)
This brings us to tonight's essay - "The Remedy For Racism".

Ralphie quotes the Bible constantly in this "Bible Studies™️" and uses a lot of Christian lingo, so if you're new to #exvangelical and the Bible or religious talk triggers you, please bail out, No shame in self-care.

Ralphie claims to be opposed to racism, which is good! Yay!

But - let's dig a bit deeper. Let's see what he means by "racism" first, and then what his proposed "remedy" consists of.
Here's what Ralphie thinks racism is - the "belief he or she is superior to another" and "a feeling of superiority based on race."

That's part of what racism is, but it's not that simple.
For starters, racism certainly involves superiority and beliefs, but as evangelicals tend to do, Ralphie immediately jumps to the level of individual people and stays there. Autonomous rational agents commit racism; end of story. That misses MOST of what racism is & how it works.
Now that overt acts of prejudice and personal race-based animosity have been largely stigmatized in most parts of America (albeit less so since 2016...) racism lives on in its more insidious systemic or structural form.
Many great resources are out there for learning more about systemic racism. Find one written by a Person of Color (POC), pay for it, and start learning. If you're skeptical that racism is a problem in 2019, I recommend starting with Michelle Alexander -
Ta-Nehisi Coates also wrote a shorter treatment on the various forms systemic racism has taken, from the first slaves on American soil to subprime mortgages.…
The thing about systemic/structural racism is that it's impossible to avoid. If you're seen as White, you're treated differently than people seen as Black or Latinx or Native or just non-White.
That's what @charlotteirene8 was getting at in her "all white people are racist" tweet from a few months back that drew misogynoir abuse to her page for weeks on end. She was exposed to overt race-based personal hatred for speaking truth. Donate to her:
Getting back to Ralphie - he defines racism in such a way that "reverse racism" can be credibly leveled at non-White critics, but since racism is inherently dependent on an unequal power dynamic, "reverse racism" IS NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN a reality in America.
To whit: Second-Temple era Jews were not being racist to Gentiles. (Nice anti-Semitism, Ralphie.)

That's one reason fundamentalist Christianity shouldn't get a hearing in the 21st century - its theology has NOTHING to say against the Holocaust, because Jews go to Hell anyway. Quote from Ralphie: The attitude that the Jews were God's chosen people coupled with the fact that the Gentiles were not, is the precise reason why the Jews possessed a superiority complex - a racist attitude - relative to the Gentiles.

In the evangelical system of salvation, heaven has some good German Christian Nazi guards who accepted Jesus into their hearts and felt real bad about the Shoah.

But there are no Jews in evangelical heaven.

Their suffering on Earth is nothing compared to Hell.
So since evangelicals don't define racism accurately, the solutions they put forward (colorblindness, ending the social safety net because "welfare creates dependence", stealing resources from public schools with "school choice") also miss the mark.

And then there's Ralphie.
Ralphie wants to end racism by
1) erasing race (and culture) by making it "subservient" to Christian identity
2) letting God do the hard work (also, hi, anti-Semitism)
3) "striving to love people of other races"
4) getting the government to "incentivize" churches
1) Ask a Black person how they feel about White people who "don't see color."

Ask a Native about cultural erasure.

Ask a Latinx if identifying with Christianity saves them from being targeted by racist policies, (Today is day 28 of the most solid proof it does not.)
2) There is NO EVIDENCE that converting to Christianity reduces overt personal racism, and there is LOTS OF EVIDENCE that it EMBOLDENS participation in systemic racism through pervasive individualism. See Emerson & Smith's "Divided By Faith" for more:…
3) Love is good. But first do no harm.

If you're White, there's a lot of work to be done confronting internalized White supremacy before you are a safe person for POC. Try this for starters:

And lastly, it wouldn't be a CapMin "Bible Study™️" without some misguided finger pointing at liberals and secularists. How can you possible expect some filthy EVOLUTIONIST to clearly see and describe the problem of racism, amirite?! #ChristianAltFacts #ExposeChristianSchools
To sum up, Ralphie doesn't understand racism and probably can't, he doesn't have a workable remedy for even his impoverished definition, and he's DEEPLY anti-Semitic in addition to his actively persuading lawmakers to perpetuate systemic racism.
Thanks for reading. "Good night everyone. May tomorrow bring us more justice, and some peace." (credit @prisonculture)
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