1. Breaking down #QDrop #3. qmap.pub/read/3
This drop has some great info, here we go!


"Open your eyes."

#Q tells us to LOOK! We've been conditioned for so long to accept what we're shown by the media and government's lies we've forgotten how to truly SEE!
2. "It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.
Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict."

This is a subject that has consistently divided #Anons. Robert Mueller (RM) and Rod Rosenstein (RR). White hats or black?
3. These two have been the hope of liberal whack jobs as their saviors and expect them to take down POTUS with their investigations. But, many Patriots believe they're good guys in a covert mission to act the part, while collecting evidence against the #DeepState. So which is it?
4. If RM and RR were TRULY guilty, would they still be there? @Americanlll and I have thought since the very beginning that RM is on team DJT, whether by patriotism or by fear, one way or the other. If RM was bad, he has been coerced. If he was good, he's just continued his part.
5. RR is a different story BUT, he wrote the letter to fire dirty liar James Comey (JC)! It was RR's suggestion to fire JC in the first place. POTUS acted fully on that recommendation. But, we see people claiming RM and RR have both been delaying and obstructing at various times.
6. You have to take a step back and look at what all is going on. Remember, TIMING IS EVERYTHING! What's the consequence if RM and RR release all the requested info? The investigation is out in the open, the deep state will know to run or possibly even launch a false flag attack.
7. From day one, POTUS has held these cards close to his chest. But, look at Mueller and his investigation. He went after @GenFlynn but in the process, made it possible for Flynn to give ALL the details about every crime he's witnessed by the BHO administration. Would it have...
8. ...been suspicious if Flynn was visiting Mueller every day for over a year to discuss cases, if he didn't appear to be under investigation? OPTICS! Remember, not everything you see is real. Even Q said, though unfortunate, sometimes disinformation is necessary! Believe it!
9. RR has access to every text message, email, and fact of every investigation. If these guys were bad, why wouldn't DJT expose them, remove them? What if charges are rushed, leading to losing an important case? Legally, you can only try someone ONCE for a crime.
10. DJT is showing he's impartial by allowing of a full investigation to continue as he has nothing to hide. But, he also allows the underground research and investigations to continue that will lead to deep state arrests by letting these two to continue what they do. Patience!
11. Q did say Mueller will face charges, but he didn't say who would charge him or what the charges will be. Imagine this, RM finally comes out with his findings. He has formed multiple cases to be filed against deep state traitors. Democrats will go after him aggressively!
12. Maybe they'll accuse him of lying or being bought off by POTUS? I can see the democrats treating him worse than they treated Comey after he outed HRC's investigation in 2016. Dems are going to be PISSED if he doesn't charge DJT! Maybe he has to answer for things he has done?
13. Like his roles in the HRC scandals? If he's found guilty, DJT can pardon anybody and everybody. RR is leaving later this month. Why? What's his purpose for leaving now verses months ago? These are all things to ponder. I will tell you this, BOTH sides are being covert!
14. "Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview? Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law."

This is one of the primary reasons @Americanlll and I believe RM is a good guy. Per the law, he CANNOT be FBI director again! Why meet then?

15. DJT and RM both knew RM could not be director again. So why say that's what the meeting was about? A cover! Think about it! The very next day Mueller was appointed special counsel to begin the investigation into the "Russian Collusion" of DJT and Russian oligarchs.
16. The mockingbird media bought it! Also from the Hill.com article.

"But when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named Mueller as the special counsel to oversee the Russia probe, he was removed from contention" of becoming FBI director again.
17. We'll move on but just remember, if there was no special counsel, there would have to be an open and apparent investigation into HRC which would've tipped off everybody involved. Think about this...who does the most media interviews and spews the most garbage? Not RM or RR.
18. "Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ....)"

“History will be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were,” - Trey Gowdy.

JC was grilled by democrats over his announcement of an investigation into HRC during the 2016 campaign.
19. Democrats blamed JC for HRC's loss saying his announcement alone destroyed HRC's run. They went after JC for hours in the hearings, berating him. Gowdy says history will say JC did the right thing by announcing the investigation. But, how will history remember the rest on JC?
20. JC failed America when he decided not to pursue charges against HRC after detailing that she was guilty on every level of lying under oath, destroying evidence, destroying government property, using an illegal and unsecured server for classified emails, and more. JC failed!
21. JC also lied repeatedly under oath about his knowledge of the fake Steele dossier used for the illegal FISA warrants on the DJT campaign. He in no way is a "good guy".

"POTUS has everything."

This is a reassurance from Q that there is nothing left to learn, only to reveal.
22. When Q says everything that means: Information, material evidence, technological equipment, resources, the military, power of the office of POTUS, faithful and loyal members, military intelligence, the (N)o (S)uch (A)gency, satellites that collect data, etc. He has it all!
23. "Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think)."

There's a LOT of leaders who love the USA. Some of them may have done bad things, but they're not necessarily corrupt. Fear, coercion, threats, and blackmailing are all tactics used by the most powerful to retain cooperation.
24. It's also a reassurance, given the opportunity, a lot of people WILL stand up for America and make the right decisions. We saw this with "activated" RINO @LindseyGrahamSC. Literally, when the week long funeral for no name ended, Graham came out in FORCE in support of POTUS.
25. Graham has been an unstoppable ally, fiercely defending DJT and his policies. This is something we NEVER saw from Graham in the past. Imagine how many in congress will do the same turn if they are relieved of fear and threat? It could be a completely different government!
26. “Follow Huma” and “Operation Mockingbird” - I already did a full work up on these. See it here in a thread I did on drop #2.

“Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda.”
This should be plain and clear.
27. DJT had to start with securing military intelligence and the most powerful data collecting agency in the world, No Such Agency. With that, he went after the 3 letter agencies that control law enforcement in this country. The FBI, (C)lowns (I)n (A)merica, DOJ, etc.
28. What good is it to make cases and arrest people if the leaders of those agencies aren’t going to press charges? What do you do when the whole upper echelon of the entire FBI is bought by the deep state? He had to take care of all of that.
29. If you’re not familiar with how much has been done in that, look at qmap.pub/read/2381, qmap.pub/read/1316, qmap.pub/read/1516, and qmap.pub/read/1850 .
In the latest count, there are over 72,500 sealed indictments. The normal count is around 1,500.
30. Why is there 71,000+ more than normal? qmap.pub/indictments

“Many in our govt worship Satan.”

This is really one of the most terrifying concepts in all of Q’s drops. If you have sold your soul to satan, is there ANYTHING you are not willing to do?
31. Do you appreciate GOOD? Do you know the difference between right and wrong? What's the limit of evil you will commit? Do you value human life? Do you protect children or exploit them? Consider the opposite! If you walk in the Light, you're totally opposed to the darkness!
32. “Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage.”
In the very early stages of this movement, it was NOT about the differences between R’s and D’s. We look at things today and it would appear, 15 months later, it has become very much about R’s and D’s,
33. But, is that because of the control and power those in the deep state still wield? Nevertheless, early on, it was about pure and total criminal activity that has entrapped this nation for decades. It’s also a cabal that has been around as long as this country and longer.
34. “Where is HRC?”
At the time this was written, it would appear as though HRC was stateside. She had been in the UK the week before, but was at a “surprise” 70th birthday party the following day in DC, which was 4 days after her actual birthday.
35. “Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?”
During September and October, 2017, there were multiple deployments across the US of National Guard troops for a myriad of given reasons. Fires in California, the North Dakota pipeline protests.
36. A white pride speaker in Florida and Cincinnati, and hurricane relief in Florida and other atlantic states required guard activation as well. I don’t know the extent of all the deployments, but I did find those specifically. There were also multiple contingents on standby...
37. ...ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Here’s a guard production outlining a lot of the issue the Guard faced in September and October. nationalguardmagazine.com/publication/?i…{%22page%22:28,%22issue_id%22:445186}
38. “Trust in your President. God bless, Patriots.”
The total hope of our nation rests in Patriots and a president who will fight for them. If you have not said a prayer of thanks for the divine appointment of DJT, take the time to consider what his presidency means.
39. Imagine if SHE had won? The destruction of the US would have been all but certain. Civil war may have been Q’s call instead of researching and digging and establishing an alternative to the lying media. If we agree with everything he does or did years ago, does it matter?
40. His goal is to save America from the road it was going down. DJT has sacrificed enormous amounts to lead this nation. Q signs off with wishing God’s blessings on us, the Patriots. What more could you ask for from a leader? To ask God to bless us is a great gift!
41. I DO BELIEVE God is and will continue to bless those who defend the integrity of this nation.

In that, God Bless You All! I hope this has been helpful. There is so much more to dig in each of these pieces and again, I’m only sharing my opinions with you. Take care.

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