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1) The Indigenous Peoples March, yesterday in DC, ended at the Lincoln Memorial. I wasn't able to attend but did watch livestreams, and videos, etc.

A dreadful moment happened there, at the Lincoln Memorial.
2) In the videos, an elder is shown singing, playing his hand drum. There is another man with him, also singing, also with a hand drum.

All around then are high school boys in MAGA hats.
3) The boys taunt, chant, and some are doing a tomahawk chop and are singing the tune that goes along with it. Some are wearing shirts that indicate they are there for the pro life march that also took place in DC yesterday. Some wear shirts from Covington Catholic School in KY.
4) There are cheers when one of the teens steps right up to the Native elder, within inches of his face, and stands right there for the duration of the man's song.

Videos are starting to circulate. Perhaps there will be a news story about it.
5) There was no physical violence, but there is no denying the emotional cost and harm to everyone--including those young people. They thought they were cool but they were not. The school twitter account is locked (set to private).
6) A look at their facebook page indicates that content doesn't exist anymore. My guess is that admin is meeting to figure out how to respond to this.

BUT -- this is one school, one place. We know this sort of behavior is everywhere.
7) The boys are from a Catholic school. #ExposeChristianSchools.
8) First news coverage of what happened: newsmaven.io/indiancountryt…
9) A northern KY newspaper has a story up, too: rcnky.com/articles/2019/…
10) The Hill has Deb Haaland's remarks. She spoke yesterday at the Indigenous People's March. thehill.com/blogs/blog-bri…
11) GQ's story gq.com/story/maga-hat… opens with links to news articles about gov shutdown impact on Native ppl; voting rights; trump tweet on Wounded Knee.
12) Cincinnati paper has update to first story they did, with a quote from Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington's communications director cincinnati.com/story/news/201… The Enquirer could not independently confirm that students from Covington Catholic were present during the incident or the origin of the video. <br />
<br />
However, Laura Keener, the communications director with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington, released a brief statement at about 12:15 p.m. Saturday:<br />
<br />
13) ABC news in KT has quote from KY's Secretary of State, Alison Grimes asking about who teaches these teens, and who stands by silently: whas11.com/article/news/k… (I find "this is not __" statements to be ignorant of reality.) In spite of these horrific scenes, I refuse to shame these children. Instead I turn to the adults that are teaching them and those that are silently letting others promote this behavior.
14) I am seeing people (including Karen Tumulty of the Wa Post) suggesting these boys go on a service project to a reservation.

In theory, that might work for some, but why do that to Native kids, families?!
15) Native responses to Tumulty's tweet are NO.

Many of us have had to make room for people who have done that. Speaking from experience, it is a horrific plan.
16) In my case the burden was on me and all others associated with me during that time. The student who did a similar thing as the CCH boys did presumably learned something. But the accommodations I had to make for him? Unreal.
17) Major media now covering what happened to Mr. Phillips, of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, at the end of the Indigenous Peoples March yesterday. Here's NYT: nytimes.com/2019/01/19/us/… and here's WaPo: washingtonpost.com/local/social-i…
18) What will you (teachers) do, the next time you are with your students? Will you talk about this?

How will this racist incident (a mild word for what happened) impact your teaching? How will you change your instruction, your lesson plans?
19) The videos of the boys behaviors have gone viral. Millions are seeing the videos and are horrified. But Native and POC who have done activist work are familiar with these behaviors. This is not unusual.
20) Like many others who are tweeting about this, I wonder what--if anything--students at this school are taught, about Native peoples. What books do they read? Do they read anything by Native writers?
21) If you teach or provide care for toddlers on up through high school seniors, I have many recommendations: …ansinchildrensliterature.blogspot.com/p/best-books.h…
22) Every teacher should read AN INDIGENOUS PEOPLES' HISTORY OF THE US by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (@rdunbaro) and use it to revise their teaching. In July, the young adult adaptation of it will be available.
@rdunbaro 23) I see that the Diocese for Covington Catholic School has issued an apology: wapo.st/2FLPbxX?tid=ss…
@rdunbaro 24) In addition to reading kid/YA books by Native writers, you can become familiar with Native organizations, like the National Congress of American Indians (@NCAI1944).
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 25) Download, read, and share NCAI's guide, "Tribal Nations and the United States: An Introduction." It is packed with info: ncai.org/resources/ncai…
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 26) Most people in the US know very little about Native peoples! If the book(s) that comes to your mind are ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS or JULIE OF THE WOLVES or something by Paul Goble... you've got a lot to unlearn.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 27) You might be embarrassed about that, but use your embarrassment to take some action. There's so much to learn. This article from the National Council of Teachers of English might help: ncte.org/library/NCTEFi…
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 28) Author Brendan Kiely (he is not Native, but is a friend who steps up to interrupt hate) is offering to visit schools where students express similar attitudes: Thanks, @KielyBrendan.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan 29) Laurie Halse Anderson (also not Native but a friend who steps up) is also offering to visit schools: Thanks, @halseanderson.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson 30) Last year, a group of Native teens in Florida started tweeting from @OfGlades. They write abt books. Today, a more personal thread from Michael about his experiences in school. Thanks, @OfGlades.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 31) Today, I am seeing additional videos and comments that say that the boys are innocent, that Phillips moved in on them. He did. But why?

In his CNN interview he said that he saw two groups and something going on. So, he acted. He walked between them.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 32) One of the groups was the boys; the other was several men who have an extensive video that starts long before Phillips arrived. The men, it seems, are at the Lincoln Memorial in order to speak to the Native people as they arrive there.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 33) Frankly, I am appalled at what the men said. They are, according to news reports, Black Hebrew Israelites. Paraphrasing, it was 'God took your land away because you weren't worshipping him.'
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 34) And there was some things said to a Native woman who was calmly trying to talk to them, along the lines of 'where's your man' and other misogynistic remarks.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 35) Later, Phillips moves between the two groups. The men say something like "there's our gad" which is apparently a prophet, but the irony of them using "our" is... disgusting, given what happened prior to that.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 36) Phillips walks to the boys, yes. He works with youth. I interpret his action as an effort to reach out to them. Some are saying the boys were chanting in time to his drum but, no.

Those boys were doing the tomahawk chop. They were singing that song that goes with it.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 37) People are already using the video of the men to say the boys are blameless for all that happened, but that's not right, is it? The boys are responsible for their own behaviors. They so easily went from school chants to that tomahawk chop... Why?
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 38) Some are trying to say the boys are being smeared by liberals and mainstream media. That "being smeared" is an attempt to let the boys off for their behaviors, and some will say 'end of story' but I hope parents and teachers reading this thread do not say that.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 39) In one video, a boy calls out "what is going on?"

When a group of boys behaves as those boys did, we (parents, teachers, caregivers) have to think about why they did that. Why do they hear and see a Native man, singing and drumming, and do the tomahawk chop?
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 40) Again--what are they being taught in school? Do they learn about what the Catholics did to Native peoples, starting in the 1500s?
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 41) The school pays for buses to take them to that pro life march every year. Have they taken them to the National Museum of the American Indian?
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 42) Have they gone to the US Capitol Visitor Center and seen the statue of Po'pay? aoc.gov/art/national-s… In 1675 Po'pay and 46 other Pueblo leaders were convicted for "sorcery." Some were whipped, some executed. Spanish wanted us to become Catholics.
@rdunbaro @NCAI1944 @KielyBrendan @halseanderson @OfGlades 43) The mother of one of the boys is trying to say that the men were "Black Muslims." She is wrong.

See friend and colleague @Ebonyteach's thread about that:
44) The news coverage on what happened at the Lincoln Memorial has shifted since my last tweet in this thread, yesterday.
45) To recap, briefly: on Saturday, Jan 19, videos of a teenaged boy in a MAGA cap and a Native man, singing and drumming, standing face-to-face, went viral.

Media coverage said the boys of Covington Catholic School had surrounded the man.
46) It was framed in a way that said "white person bad" and "Native person good."

The Native man looks noble, courageous. The white kid looks arrogant and defiant.
47) We know the boy's name now (he issued a statement), so I'm going to use it. The white boy's name is Nick Sandmann.
48) A pt of clarification: prior to today, I said "boy" and "boys" to refer to the students from Covington Catholic School.

In fact, they were in DC for a political march. News media says Nathan Phillips is an activist, but so are the boys.
49) Students from Owensboro Catholic School were there, too. There's a news story on the one who said "land gets stolen, that's how it works." 14news.com/2019/01/20/owe…
50) The initial news articles framed what happened in that "noble Indian" and "bad white" way. But the story shifted as more information came to light, and people started to report/speak differently about it.
51) The reason the story shifted? The long video from the Black Hebrew Israelites. As I said yesterday, I found their remarks appalling.

I've seen more than one video interview of Nathan Phillips where he defends their freedom of speech.
52) Their speech and their interactions with the student activists from the Catholic schools are now being used to defend the Catholic activists behavior.

They, now, are being depicted as heroic young men standing up to two groups of adult men.
53) How you frame it, talk about it, write about it... depends on who you are, what you know, what you try to do with your life.

We're all activists, whether we use that term to describe ourselves or not. We all have "an agenda" whether we acknowledge it, or not.
54) People think they do not have "an agenda" because the things they say/do align with a majority, and those in the minority who say "hold up, there" are the ones with "an agenda."

All of it is an agenda, an orientation, a commitment to some thing.
55) Many (most?) are reading Sandmann's letter and nodding in agreement with it. I think many do not want to believe that someone who is much like themselves (white) could behave badly. They want to find blame, and they've now found it. They feel relief. But that's too easy.
56) We can't take the easy way out, and move on.
57) We are all meant to sympathize with Sandmann and his family who are now, his statement says, getting death threats.

Whoever is doing that to them is wrong to do so.
58) My threads are usually meant for parents, caregivers, teachers, librarians, writers, editors, bk reviewers. I want ppl to be able to step back and think carefully about the historical context for whatever we're looking at.
59) The way the student activist teens from the Catholic Schools responded to Nathan Phillips suggests, at first, surprise. Some clapped in time with his drum. I didn't see that in the videos, until today. There are so many videos! That initial response was ok.
60) I imagine Mr. Phillips felt ok with that.

But it quickly turned to the tomahawk chop and that Hollywood style music that ppl think is Native (it isn't). By then he had moved into the crowd and was surrounded. That had to feel suddenly, very bad.
61) When he moved through the crowd, the boys moved aside. Except for Sandmann, who thought a "group of adults was trying to provoke a group of teenagers into a larger conflict." So, he didn't move. He wanted to "diffuse the situation."
62) Does that make sense to you?
63) Some of you are nodding, yes. Your way(s) of viewing the world means that Sandmann's statement of the events and his actions makes sense.

Some of you are shaking your head. I am amongst that group.
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