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Excuse me, Sir. You are the editor of a respected publication. Why not do some due diligence before retweeting baseless smears at innocent kids

The kids were victim of numerous verbal racist attacks. Then grown men walked into kids space and banged drums in his ears. Retract
.@richlowry - why are you gaslighting innocent kids, who were chanting songs for their school, and just stood there and laughed when confronted with professional agitators?

Did you know those boys are being doxxed and people offered bounties to attack them?
Does @NRO condone behavior of grown men who stare down frightened children and bang drums in their face while camera crews capture it to dox them nationally?
.@richlowry it is morally wrong to supporting doxxing innocent kids.

You are shaming them and apparently haven't even studied the facts of what happened. You could cause permanent psychological damage to kids.

As editor of @NRO more responsibility is warranted. Retract
Does @NRO demand the "necessary and appropriate apology" from the racist Native Indians who told the "white kids to go back to Europe"?

Or does @NRO just demand apologies from innocent kids who get doxxed and threatened?

Please comment @NRO

Could we please have clarification on whether it is the official position of @NRO that leftist mobs are justified in doxxing "obnoxious" kids or whether this is a rogue position taken up only by @RichLowry the editor.
It may strike many ordinary citizens as disappointing that our Republican leaders would support leftists doxxing our kids.

@NRO do you disavow?
@richlowry will you apologize?
Now @benshapiro joins in. Please clarify. Do you support leftists doxxing kids for "obnoxious" and "dumb" behavior?
Wow. @benshapiro actually retweeted @richlowry original tweet victim blaming the innocent boys.

Sir, you are nationally respected figure. Why not do more due diligence before irreparably harming the lives of kids?
.@benshapiro - is it appropriate for editors of nationally respected publications to publicly shame kids without even knowing the facts of what happened?
I'm confused. Doesn't @benshapiro berate the President for irresponsible and hasty comments?

So why did @benshapiro publicly shame boys without even researching what happened?

@benshapiro - will you apologize?
.@benshapiro - are you aware that publicly shaming children can cause permanent psychological damage?

Shouldn't an editor fact check before doxxing kids?
A student explains what happened, confirmed by video. Must read.

@benshapiro, @RichLowry, and @nro should have read it before their irresponsible tweets.

@benshapiro and @richlowry must immediately apologize if they ever want to be trusted again

A student victim from #CovingtonCatholic explains he and his friends were verbally abused by adults as "faggots"

@benshapiro and @RichLowry - you helped to doxx and shame these innocent boys.

You must immediately apologize if you ever want to hold moral high ground again.
.@AndrewCMcCarthy - I think you do great work, but why did you retweet @RichLowry to shame and doxx these boys?

You helped professional leftist agitators destroy the lives of innocent kids.

Shouldn't we strive for better?
.@benshapiro - You are a nationally known figure, editor of publication, a trusted source

You just helped to doxx and shame innocent CHILDREN--not adults, CHILDREN--without fact checking.

Don't editors go entire careers without messing up this bad? How can you be trusted again?
How is it possible that I do more due diligence before tweeting historical trivia to my 5000 followers than @benshapiro does before doxxing and shaming children for his 2000000 followers?

@benshapiro - are you rattled because you lost sponsors? Is it a one-time mistake?
Could someone please explain to me why @benshapiro and the people at @NRO think the priority is to doxx smiling high school kids instead of the nationally known blue check mark who is placing bounties on kids' heads?
.@benshapiro @SohrabAhmari - are you guys serious right now?

You think professional leftist adult agitators can target high school kids, and the kids are out of line for "taunts and gestures"? What planet do you live on?
Question, are @benshapiro and the @NRO crew so wrapped up in their narrative that Trump is wrong and fake news isn't that bad, that they won't expose fake news even if it makes throwing innocent kids under the bus?
Mr. @RichLowry, your timeline has tweets harassing the innocent #CovingtonCatholic boys. But nothing that I can see defending them against nationally known adults calling for violence against them.

Is that an accurate reflection of your priorities?
.@NRO employees were helping to doxx and shame innocent kids. Is it official @NRO policy that it's cool to doxx kids you don't like?
.@AndrewCMcCarthy, as a brilliant lawyer, why did you help @RichLowry to shame and doxx innocent children, without knowing the facts?

Wouldn't @NRO readers be more interested in legal analysis on whether leftists are committing crimes by inciting violence (terror?) against kids?
.@guypbenson & @AndrewCMcCarthy - please specific what they did wrong?

Was it laughing when they initially assumed the Native Indians were friendly?
Should they have run away?
Should they have apologized to the adults calling them "faggots"?
.@guypbenson and @AndrewCMcCarthy - please clarify why you find it more important to find fault with the #CovingtonCatholic kids who are victims of racist attacks than protecting them from professional agitators who are calling for serious physical violence against them?
Are we to take the @richlowry tweet shaming innocent kids nationally, before he knew all the facts (by his own admission), as a proxy for the type of journalism @NRO is putting out there?
.@NRO do you realize the gravity of the situation? Doxxing innocent children to hate mobs is not acceptable behavior.
.@NRO - You tell Trump to disavow all the time. Please follow your own standards.

Do you disavow @NRO employees who numerous times helped doxx and shame innocent #CovingtonCatholic kids?

Or, is it @NRO policy, that this was acceptable behavior?
Maybe I'm out of touch with what publishing is about, but I figured thought-leaders in the Conservative world would be ready for a time like this, to step up, provide leadership, and defend our kids.

Here is @JonahNRO latest tweet
Wow. I missed this yesterday. @JonahNRO also retweeted @RichLowry.

This is becoming a pattern of behavior now. @JonahNRO and @richlowry and @AndrewCMcCarthy all felt the priority was to shame kids instead of defend them from professional leftist agitators and their mobs.
.@benshapiro @JonahNRO @RichLowry @AndrewCMcCarthy - can you gentleman please confirm or deny that someone sent you a message, or you sent each other a message, requesting retweets to attack the #CovingtonCatholic kids.

Spontaneous attack on the kids or coordinated?
Ordinary Republican citizens: Wow! Leftist mobs are trying to get our kids killed, let's defend them!

@NRO: No. We have a better idea. Let's doxx the kids, throw them under the bus, appease leftists, then tweet about dogs.

Wow. Shock.

@nro has published an article calling the boys at #CovingtonCatholic "evil"

Here is the passage from @NFrankovich

He smears the innocent #CovingtonCatholic boys as EVIL
.@NFrankovich appears to be an editor at @NRO.

@NRO editor: #CovingtonCatholic boys were "evil"


@NRO should seriously consider retracting and apologizing for extraordinarily reckless smears
.@NFrankovich - I'm not a professional editor like you, but your article doesn't seem to follow the most basic rules of journalistic integrity.

You quote the Native Indian unquestioningly.

Why quote him, but not give space for the #CovingtonCatholic kids to respond?
.@NRO, before you published @NFrankovich article calling the March for Life children "evil" - did you reach out to them for comment? Why did you feel it was unnecessary to present their point of view?
.@benshapiro - you disavow @realDonaldTrump all the time. Will you now disavow @NRO for calling the #CovingtonCatholic boys evil?

Yesterday you were retweeting NRO attacks on the boys.
.@Barnes_Law - can I sue @NFrankovich for this article from @NRO?

@NFrankovich also seems to accuse the boys of being sadists, "The human capacity for sadism is too great."
I thought @JonahNRO and @NRO aspired to be thought leaders for Republicans.

Okay, so where is the leadership today?

@NRO is getting ripped to shreds by its readers and this is the response?
Wow. I thought @DavidAFrench aspired to be the voice of morality for Americans.

Innocent kids are getting hit with terror threats, bounties are being put on their heads, and his response is

this is "silly"?

Is this serious?
Sir, @DavidAFrench, weren't you considering a run for Presidency?

If you were President now, and Christian kids were being attacked by a leftist mob, would you respond like your colleagues at @NRO did by calling the kids "evil"?
Or, @DavidAFrench, if you were President as you hoped to be, would you respond as you just did with your retweet, and shrug the whole thing of as "silly"?

If @NRO wants to be a moral leader then you should clarify.
Really interesting tweet from @RichLowry.

Is there an apology in here somewhere that I'm missing? Am I the only one who gets the impression Mr. Lowry feels bad for himself and feels he is actually the victim here?
.@RichLowry - do you still stand by this tweet, which is still up on your timeline, where you insisted the "obnoxious, dumb" kids must apologize?
.@Richlowry - you are an editor at @NRO right?

As an editor, don't you know to fact check something before sharing it?

Isn't that responsibility more important than ever when you are trying to shame children?

Have you played a part in irreparably damaging their lives?
Is this really the type of moral leadership we can expect from @NRO and @JonahNRO ?

First he helps to doxx and shame innocent kids. Then he goes and plays with dogs all day.

Now Jonah is happy he missed out on "stupid" stuff like defending those kids at #CovingtonCatholic
Is it hypocritical that @richlowry, editor of @NRO, repeatedly demanded apologies from the #CovingtonCatholic kids

but now that it's 100% clear he was dead wrong

he still hasn't apologized to the kids?
Is this what passes for appropriate behavior at @NRO

first you demand kids apologize without fact checking.

then you ADMIT you screwed up.

and you still won't apologize?

There is NO APOLOGY here.
It's hard for me to see how @NRO can ever be respected again.

They repeatedly demanded innocent kids apologize. But even after @NRO admits @NRO screwed up, they won't apologize to the kids.

This is not the moral high ground @DavidAFrench
.@NRO - yesterday you reported that the #CovingtonCatholic boys were "evil"

Now you change the story 180 degrees.

Where is your apology to the kids?
.@RichLowry - you demanded an apology from kids you don't even known and smeared them as "obnoxious, dumb, and disrespectful"

Where is your apology to those kids?
Here is @JonahNRO talking down to us after his publication and its major editors completely fucked up a huge story.

"So what? We called innocent kids evil. And tweeted out doxxing them. No big deal bro!"
.@JonahNRO on January 19th retweeted @NRO editor @richlowry doxxing, smearing, shaming the boys.

Then on Jan 20th, @JonahNRO claimed he had "literally said nothing about the story"

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