No sex education (instead we had abstinence week) in high school. Between it and the 1 day of required anatomy in 6th grade, I somehow get the idea it was possible to accidentally put a tampon in the wrong hole. Didn't use tampons until college.
Speaking of no sex ed, I've been told my Christian high school had one of the highest abortion rates in the area, because you can't be pregnant and go there but don't get any education about safe sex.
In fact, the I Kissed Dating Goodbye culture was strong there. Official couples are rare, usually you have a "best friend" of the opposite sex instead. I did, and let me tell you, we were dating in all but name and actually admitting our feelings for each other.
And physicality. There was no physicality expect the occasional hug, which we legit planned out because it was such a big deal to hug someone of the opposite sex.
This obviously let to a really healthy relationship /s

It led to feelings of hurt, betrayal, confusion, and depression when it inevitably ended.

Years later, I found out a teacher at the school calls them "friend-lationships"
Now education. My parents aren't fundamentalists, but sent me to what they understood to be a school that would support my faith and give me an excellent education. They gave me the choice to attend or not, and I cannot blame then for doing what we *all* thought was best option
But for the most part, the education I received was adequate at best, actively harmful at worst. Math, for example, and English were mostly fine. But science, history, and Bible? I'm constantly still re-learning things I thought I'd been taught.
Of course there was the whole learning that the Earth is 10k years old & not learning anything about evolution bit. Also I took entire semester class about creation science, whose book I later went through with some friends and had them explain all the completely BS science in it
Then there was the very American centric lens I learned all of history through and, learning that capitalism is the best and only viable economic system while communism/socialism are a literal hell. Global politics, as you can imagine, was heavily skewed and largely inaccurate
We had a Bible class every semester, ranging from Old/New Testament to Marriage and Family to Apologetics. We learned that everything in the Bible is literally true and accurate, including all the "proof" and explanations for anything which doesn't make sense.
We, of course, glossed over most of the uncomfortable, inconvenient, and contradictory passages, all while being told there *were* no contradictions and the whole book was completely cohesive, by adults in authority who we trusted because we were 15
We also learned that women can work, so long as they stop as soon as they get married/start a family. And that a woman's value was based on how she served a man. And that women cannot have leadership roles, ever.
There was also some really good examples of underlying racism that went along with all the sexism and misogyny, especially during the time we "studied" other religions.
And one of the most damaging things imo was the undertone of "we're better than everyone else because we're Christians" that undercut everything, every subject whether it belonged there or not
I could go on for days about all the damaging, traumatic, and painful experiences I had because of this fundamentalism, but for now that's enough. #ExposeChristianSchools
Actually I lied I'm not done, because I didn't mention things like we were taught that to be friends with a non-Christian was to be in the road to hell, that they would corrupt us. My best friend and older sister was one such person.
As a 6TH GRADE STUDENT (I repeat, I was 11 years old) I was grappling with going to hell if I stayed friends with the person I shared my room with.
I was taught that we should only interact with non-Christians to evangelise and convert them - anything else would lead to the loss of our salvation
In high school, I was taught that the person who *saved my life* by consistently being a kind and decent human being and great friend was only doing so because "society has taught him it's more beneficial to be kind than selfish"
I was taught to be ashamed of my body. As a young girl, I was taught that my male classmates' sin was my responsibility, because it was on me to make sure I didn't "cause then to stumble"
I had done double D boobs by 10th grade. All I wore were baby t-shirts and hoodies, because anything else would have been too revealing. Hell I still got talked to about my clothing regardless. I literally could not win, and all I wanted was to feel normal.
I was taught to NEVER QUESTION THE BIBLE OR THE CHURCH. I could and should question anything "the world" produced (including and especially scientific studies), but never question church leaders or the authority of the Bible.
This was so subtle that I didn't realize it happened until after college. I thought I was taught to think critically about everything and that the Bible stood up to questioning handily for so long. I didn't realize I'd *never actually questioned it* that's how pervasive it was
I was basically taught I had to be Republican because Democrats were actually evil, the opposite of Christian, literally killing babies, and would not only bring about the downfall of America but the severe persecution of Christians
Again, I could write several books, but for now that's enough.

#ExposeChristianSchools #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
Again, I could write several books, but for now that's enough

#ExposeChristianSchools #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
Nope can't be done; I didn't mention the anti-LGBT sentiment, which basically matches that of the school Mrs. Pence now works at, namely you cannot express being anything outside of straight and cisgender, and if you are you are wrong, how you feel is evil, and you must change
I was taught it was a choice, those who chose to be LGBT were sinning, that it was completely unnatural, and underneath it all to despise and fear anyone in that community. I was taught never to tolerate it, and that it could not be allowed to spread. That it must be stamped out.
No wonder so many of my classmates, who later would realize they were part of that community, were depressed and struggled in high school. Hell, I'm still having to come to terms with being in the community myself, all these years later, because of the trauma I endured there
Should correct this: I had *double D boobs and wore *baggy t-shirts

It was like 2 am 😅😅
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