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Okay. Let’s go.
Nine minutes in and my mind is already blown. Whenever we utter the phrase “we’re spending a lot of money” it it’s not followed by “so we get to pet some pigs.” It’s more like “ouch ooh oh wow we are spending a lot of money AHHHHHHH” #fyre
we are doing this “OK stop" style and so far it’s been 35 minutes and we’re 9:30 in
.@thespiritlevel “Can you imagine looking at a location somewhere, on a site visit, for like, LeakyCon, and @taekiab is just passed out on the beach with a drink in her hand?” LOLOLL (NO, btw) #fyre
@thespiritlevel @TaekiaB (But the image has cost us two mins of laughing before pressing play again) #fyre
The flight simulator guy is so far the most qualified person to do anything we have yet seen on screen #FyreFestivalNetflix #fyre
Everything you need to know about Billy MacFarlane is in the little intentional movement he makes once it’s clear he’s on screen during the mannequin challenge. #FyreFestivalNetflix
But I have met at least 20 people like him. All of them white men. (Sorry bros. And I mean EXACTLY like him. The shifting eyes, the constant patter of promise, the deep insecurity shouting from every orifice. #FyreFestivalNetflix
“Within 48 hours they had sold 95% of their tickets” - you know what that means to actual event planners? TIME TO DO ALL THE THINGS YOU PROMISED AND START PAYING VENDORS. I see a narrator approaching to tell me that’s not what will happen… #FyreFestivalNetflix
The sentence that reveals there was a music festival conference in Las Vegas in which Ja Rule was a keynote speaker is truly the most confusing set of facts I’ve heard this decade #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh, cool cool cool cool the guy that was like “tents aren’t a great idea y’all”, who is the same one who did the flight thing, was fired. Cool cool cool. OK. Cool cool. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Minute 20:24: We learn that they are looking at hiring the production team for a 5,000 person conference, FORTY FIVE DAYS OUT. FORTY FIVE DAYS - to go from the ground… I mean with no — WITH NO EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE #FyreFestivalNetflix
If we went to our AV team and asked them to build a whole concert stage on a beach in 45 days, I imagine after all the laughter they would say it could be done … for several million dollars. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Anything can be done if you plan for it. Literally anything. But watching these COMPLETE MORONS imagine that you can do it without a plan or a budget or anything but their sheer entitlement is… wow wow wow wow wow wow wow #FyreFestivalNetflix
(BTW still OK STOPPED at 20:24, this is gonna take awhile) but the biggest thing I’m feeling so far is like… this is what happens when your business product is a shallow, worthless dream and your audience is literally the worst people in the world #FyreFestivalNetflix
“Hey we’re a bunch of super entitled rich dudes who are selling fleeting beauty to people who idolize fleeting beauty WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG” #FyreFestivalNetflix
OK we got 14 seconds before I heard someone say he loved Billy’s “energy.” Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. “Energy” is a 4th tier quality you value in a potential job applicant, but like, not what you actually hire people for or invest for, even though yes I know it happens all the time
But let me tell you how much more often it happens for white duuuuuuuuuuudes than women and people of color hint hint the number is vastly different #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh god there’s a budget #FyreFestivalNetflix
2.2M in food. 1.5 in Alcohol = 3.7M In F&B. $38 million dollars total (art 7600/pp). You know when you need this number. BEFORE YOU SELL TICKETS. BEFORE YOU SET THE PRICES. IT IS THE FIRST THING WE DO IT IS THE FIRST THING ANYONE DOES. #FyreFestivalNetflix
This dude with a scarf is less than 45 days out of this thing and is like oh this is gonna cost $38M by the way and NO ONE KNEW THIS BEFORE? #FyreFestivalNetflix
$3.5-4M in talent does’t seem that high to me. tbh. Not for what they wanted to do or were promising. #FyreFestivalNetflix
OK I had to “OK STOP” to say this: every single response I’ve gotten (here, in text, on facebook, on anything) has indicated a big story at an exact time. I just got a text that was like, in 35 minutes your brain will explode. I’ll just say this:
I CANNOT WAIT, BUCKLE UP, there AREN’T ENOUGH CAPS IN THE WORLD. I Know it has to do with WATER I cannot wait. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Can I just… the disgusting, the FAWNING, the obsequious grossness over this COMPLETELY UNREMARKABLE GUY… entrepreneurs everywhere really do struggle to get the attention ad investment THROWN at this guy. It is gross. It is vile.
This Billy guy, I mean. Do you know how hard it is to get the kind of press on your ideas that people seem to just GIVE to him (and often only give to men like him?). It’s hard. This is gross. #FyreFestivalNetflix
“We couldn’t tell what’s true and what’s not true” says scarf guy. @thespiritelvel OK stops with “says the guy who built your budget.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FyreFestivalNetflix
These mofos bought an island for ten million dollars and didn’t make a budget. Didn’t make a plan. Nothing. A TEN MILLION DOLLAR EXPLORATORY INVESTMENT. Is that in the $38M? #FyreFestivalNetflix
Wait… he got kicked off the island that he bought? BTW we’re only at 26 minutes LOLOLOL
So wait we have to think this out:
They’re six weeks out
They don’t have a location
I have questions

1. At six weeks out your attendees are buying flights or at least getting to where they need to be so… what were they told?
3. How much money do you have to own to buy this ticket with this little info
I will tell you this: We get the MOST questions from the people who pay the most money. (It’s natural!) For this price point, I would DIE to see #FyreFestival’s inbox just to see what was coming in. Die. I could write it myself. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Me: I’m out of things to say for the moment
@thespiritlevel *unpauses*
Some guy on screen, shrugging: “Plumbing?!?!”
@thespiritlevel I know next to nothing about popular music, but @thespiritlevel does, and he assures me all these artists are very big and important. “It would be much cheaper to get Jon Snow than to get Migos” kitrustyoumusiclikingboyfriend #FyreFestivalNetflix
Any time you’re planning on a geodesic dome as a living quarters I think you should just, like, stop. Period. #FyreFestivalNetflix
The part about the influencers being promised things that didn’t exist - I have been hoodwinked by lying, sleazy dudes before, and this is exactly what they do. Make LOTS of promises to people who can help them, and toss fulfillment on a team never consulted. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Cleaning up after these people is a full time job. And it’s on a scale of the 1/100th of what we’re talking about here, in visibility, in finance, in everything. #FyreFestivalNetflix
It gets to the point where you can’t blame us for being a little skeptical of people who make big promises. We’re a little slanted toward the grinders, because grinders deliver. #FyreFestivalNetflix
This Magnesis thing - it’s as though we sold premium tickets to our events and then just cancelled them with no explanation or refund. Do you know what happens when you do that? You fail. Period. BUT IF YOU’RE A DUDE YOU HAVE A SHOT TO DO ANOTHER CON FIRST #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh my god we’re only 1/3 of the way through #FyreFestivalNetflix
Does anyone know what time the water thing happens because I might just record us
“A hundred day laborers, working around the clock, no sleep.” Bahamians, most likely poor, most likely underpaid, working around the clock to serve these overmonied elite rich jerks, I AM SO HAPPY IT FAILED #FyreFestivalNetflix
“Billy handled all the finances.” One person handling ALL the finances for a $20M+ operation is A BIG RED FLAG. Also highlights how easily good looking white dudes raise money. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh please tell me this ends in finding out who Firecay.com is please please #FyreFestivalNetflix
Wait wait wait we just met an attendee getting ready by going on jogs and I know he is technically screwed here but I still want to punch his face a little #FyreFestivalNetflix
We just got to the RFID part. I am gonna go on a thing right now. #FyreFestivalNetflix
1) RFID is expensive. We have done it once or twice, only when we were sure we could handle it, and only in very limited ways. But for 5K people with VERY LITTLE integration I am guessing it’s a 35K cost. #FyreFestivalNetflix
2) to use an RFID bracelet as the way people pay for things all weekend is RIDICULOUS BECAUSE it means at EVERY place you have to pay for something you have to install RFID receptors that ostensibly have network capabilities because….how are you charging money through them?
3) Typically they want you to use a landline for this type of installation - for each setup module (so anywhere someone buys anything. Every kiosk, every water station, every Merch booth). I cannot even CONCEIVE what it would cost to run landlines ON A BEACH...
4) one they are building out of nothing and which supposedly doesn’t even have access to running water or electricity?
5) RFID has huge benefits: it lets you track what your attendees are doing so that you can find out what they do the most of. We can find out how much time you spend in a marketplace, for instance. Or how many times you went to a certain programming room IF - #FyreFestivalNetflix
… and only IF we install them at the entrance to every programming room. And LOL we don’t have that type of money. So to do what this guy is claiming to need to do is early 200-250K. #FyreFestivalNetflix
6) If he had planned this well, it could have been a really great addition. But to be in the hole, and 17 days out institute a completely nonsensical plan to use RFID is just indicative of truly IMAGINARY thinking. Not visionary. IMAGINARY. #FyreFestivalNetflix
I sense we are getting close to the water thing. My text messages are increasing in intensity. #FyreFestivalNetflix
This should say *easy

(We are still paused. We will resume shortly)
I am trying to imagining emailing all our convention attendees and asking them to fill an “account” with $3,000 OR MUCH MORE for them to use for the weekend…and then taking that money. I’m… I’m…. I’m out of… I’m just shaking my head. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Also, @thespiritlevel is pointing out that any group that can collectively put in an additional $800K to fund the event on this kind of notice also seems like they would have money to pay lawyers and maybe you should not screw them. (OR ANYONE) #FyreFestivalNetflix
A $6M contract for catering, wasn’t it $2M in the beginning? Will someone explain what happened there??? Also $6M for 5K people is $1200/pp over two days, FYI. #FyreFestivalNetflix
For reference: At your standard hotel, dinner is expensive and mandatory to be bought from the hotel - but when I say expensive I mean $100-150/pp (++ which means +tax +gratuity). (WHICH IS ABSURD, FYI, but unavoidable.) So for A+ catering I can see it getting to this point.
… oh and he fired them over the phone oh ok we only got 6 seconds before another tweet #FyreFestivalNetflix
1M for 6,000 people, is what they are saying now. Instead of 1K a person ,that is $166/pp. FOR CATERING FOR A WEEKEND… this wouldn’t even be possible in an airport hotel. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh we got to the part where all these influencers aren’t going to have the ability to charge their phones. AWESOME. Also, no one is getting email answers. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Not surprising in the crunch time, but I would like to point out that we charge between $300 and up to $1K for special tickets to our events, and all of those tickets get a dedicated REAL PERSON WHO ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS ALWAYS #FyreFestivalNetflix
(Those are the higher level tix, and we CAP them hardcore because exclusivity to their experience is important. I know it’s not hard to be like “We are better than these guys” tho, lol) #FyreFestivalNetflix
Redhead dude wants to see a manager at every Starbucks, I am sure of it. #FyreFestivalNetflix
I’m kidding, he seems fine. This thing is SO TERRIBLE that it’s making EVERYONE WHO EVER TOUCHED IT seems also terrible.
Let’s talk for a sec about deleting comments. HOOOOO BOYYY do I sometimes want to delete comments. And for bad enough ones, we do. Rarely. But if you are more worried about deleting bad comments than not causing bad comments to appear, THERE IS A PROBLEM #FyreFestivalNetflix
BAD COMMENT CYCLE: The cycle is that like, you get one or two bad comments, and your ears perk up. Someone asks someone else what is going on. You figure out if there is a real problem or a fake one that has gotten weird false attention (it happens) #FyreFestivalNetflix
… but once you get to five or eight bad comments, at least one person in your organization is really seriously looking at the issue. The idea being YOU DO NOT GET TO THE POINT where there are so many you ever need to CONSIDER closing comments. #FyreFestivalNetflix
The yoga answer has stopped me cold.

I have nothing.

There was just a screenshot of a claim they would pay out profit to rev share partners in a month. Just from a perspective of how long it takes to close the books on one of these events, that is CRAZY. #FyreFestivalNetflix
“Events always feel like a disaster” - correct. #FyreFestivalNetflix
💦 💧 🚿 #FyreFestivalNetflix
💦 💧 🚿!!!!! #FyreFestivalNetflix
More 💦 #FyreFestivalNetflix
Please don’t mind our big blue paint splatch. We are choosing paint colors. We have chosen a paint color. We will get the room painted. Please disregard. The living room is our Fyre Festival. #FyreFestivalNetflix
I really thought you guys were hyping up the water thing. I thought there was a big chance. Nope. #FyreFestivalNetflix
I have so many questions #FyreFestivalNetflix
How did he know the customs guy was gay? Is this the classic thing where het dudes just assume? #FyreFestivalNetflix
Scarf guy SEEMS to think that’s how it actually went down, but it seems like that’s NOT how it went down? Does everyone think he really did it? #FyreFestivalNetflix
Dude was super willing to perform a sexual favor to get out of paying for customs, which seems to me it might be SOME sort of crime, and is telling a fun little joke-laugh story about it… #FyreFestivalNetflix
… these are the. worst. people. in. the. world. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Maybe not world. But certainly among perceived-as-lawful rich people. #FyreFestivalNetflix
The media team is hitchhiking — well, that’s what I'm saying the next time our social team wants to reimburse a cab to the venue :-P #FyreFestivalNetflix
The water dude says with incredulity that it’s the first time in his career that he’s had to do something like this, as he does it, as though it doesn’t make him look like he’s just very stupid for doing it at first instance. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh. We’re going to compare this to Woodstock. O K A Y wow m
“You know what they don’t have at the Fyre Festival? Jimmy Hendrix. Janis Joplin. The Grateful Dead.” @thespiritlevel #FyreFestivalNetflix
Oh look no one thought about the possibility of rain in the tropics. Is anyone surprised? #FyreFestivalNetflix
It’s the part where all the rich people get sad. I’m completely not mad about this #FyreFestivalNetflix
.@thespiritlevel has pointed out that we have seen these dome tents before and not just from FEMA. On The Handmaid’s Tale. #FyreFestivalNetflix
So in this situation, one of the attendees starts destroying tents around him just so that he gets a little more privacy!?!?! And is PROUD of it??! This is exactly why I produce conventions for nerds. COME AT ME if you think there’s anything wrong with -
- being a nerd, loving something wholly and passionately, wanting to meet people like you, wanting to connect. It is INFINITELY better than being an entitled, overmonied, horrible, mean spirited asshat. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Give me nerds ANY - SINGLE - DAY over ANY one of these influencers. #FyreFestivalNetflix
The models were paid to do a job, so they posted their ad. The kid with the cheese sandwich posted a tweet. And this jerk is saying THAT is what brought down the festival. WOW. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Only men. Sorry, good bros, we know you (one of them watching this with me is one). But only entitled men talk like this. #FyreFestivalNetflix
The fact that Billy MacFarlane got to two days before the festival thinking he was “the entrepreneur of the decade” should make every investor he’s ever had feel great about him. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Now they’re talking about the locals who were cheated out of their labor pay as an “angry mob of locals.” F— you. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Water guy is holding a glass of scotch bemoaning that he couldn’t “play Mother Theresa” so his ONLY OTHER OPTION was to SWAP CLOTHES with an employee, hide behind a urinal, and then shrug down to the bottom of a car and escape unseen. Cowards. All. #FyreFestivalNetflix
Aw, and now he has a post-traumatic syndrome for a few weeks. OK baby. #FyreFestivalNetflix
The guy from the software company makes me feel a little bad. Because I’ve been swindled before by fast-talking men. But there does come a point where you know who you’re dealing with and you must cut bait. #FyreFestivalNetflix
“We did flat-out lie to the public about what we were giving them. That’s fraud.”
“That’s not fraud.”
Narrator: Yes, that was indeed fraud.
#FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
We are at the part where he doesn’t-fire 30-40 people, with zero remorse. OK. I am an employer. I employ 20 people. And a host of contractors and others.
Being responsible for their lives, especially when we first started doing payroll? Kept me up at night. Now that I’m more comfortable with it and know we are solvent it’s a more low-grade hum. But it does not go away. #FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
I don’t know how owners of big companies feel, but this small-business owner still feels it. Every day. And this makes me legit angry, that this dude cared so little / cares so little. It’s really astonishing. #FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
If an employer doesn’t understand how important work is to your life, to the point where they don’t seem to mind if you lose it… I don’t know what to tell you. I just know it’s bad. #FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
This doc seems to go to pains to blame JUST Billy. And yes, he is actually a sociopath who deserves all this blame. But I am very interested to watch @hulu’s version of this. #FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
The NUMBER OF CHANCES people give this guy is ASTONISHING. Does he carry magic dust around in his pockets?!?! #FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
PHEW. And we’re done. I need to absorb this more. But what a ride. I’ll add more to the thread when the spirit hits.
And I’m definitely going to watch the Hulu one, soon. I’m just really glad to be surrounded by awesome and ethical people at work. #FyreFestivalNetflix #FyreFestivalDoc
*sigh* OK. We are doing the Hulu one now.
Well. THIS IS DARKER. #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
I’m not sure we need the whole internet thing. Harry Potter fandom came out of the Internet generation too. #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
I know this is 20/20 hindsight but how is it not incredibly obvious how much snake oil this guy is peddling??? #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
Every time they say how Billy makes how to do the magic thing do reaching out to Silicon Valley and “securing investment” all I hear is “he looks like Zuckerberg cutout and can speak in vague terms.” He’s not some financial whiz. #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
In this doc, Billy MacFarlane truly freaks me out. The plain lies and the depthless eyes. He freaks. Me. Out. #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
This doc is less impressive. I don’t have much more except this festival is incredibly dumb and everyone says things like “I’m the social media manager HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT PABLO ESCOBAR MURDERED PEOPLE???” Google?? #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
So many people anxious to have zero blame. So many people. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
“Anyone who has ever been involved with event production would have known this was impossible” YES ACCURATE #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
Also when you look at all these people consider how few women are in positions of power here. You see very few women in either doc - both journalists, one employee. One wife of a hedge fund manager who says nothing. This matters. #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
They hired a guy named SKYWALKER to do an assessment and okay that’s just gonna sit there #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
THEY BLOCKED THE WORD FESTIVAL 😂😂😂😂😂 #FyreFestivalDoc #FyreFraud
The idea that they were shocked by rain is still hilarious. IT’S THE BAHAMAS. Also? Any outside event ever, your first or second thought is “what if it rains?”
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