Seth Rich

January 3, 1989 – July 10, 2016
DNC worker Seth Rich was born on January 3, 1989, to parents Joel and Mary Rich, and murdered 27 years later on Sunday, July 10, 2016, around 4:19 AM in the Bloomingdale neighborhood near his home, shot at 2134 Flagler Pl NW, Washington DC 20001
For those unfamiliar with the DC area at the Southwest corner of Flagler and W Street in Northwest Washington DC across from the Flagler Market which faces W Street. The fact that there was a routine patrol car nearby the police were on the scene by 4:20 AM. 1 min response time
I have seen parts of the case file, According to the police report, Rich was approached by two individuals. According to Mary Rich near the time of the murder, he had been engaged in conversation on the phone with his girlfriend when she heard some noise coming from Rich's phone.
Rich told his girlfriend not to worry about it. Mary Rich concluded in a statement that "there had been a struggle" & that his hands, face, & knees were bruised. Reportedly, detectives said Seth had bruises on his face & knuckles. Joel Rich reported that Seth's watchband was torn
No mention of facial contusions in the EMT port or what little medical you can see. So many files just on lock down.
Mind you these are accounts of two parents, that were never on the scene and according to witnesses in the morgue where the body was identified by Mary Rich officially @ 10:15 AM by the Coroner’s Report. The body was never viewed fully exposed, only from the shoulders up.
There were no marking or abrasions on the face or neck area of the body. Coroners rarely if at all show a fully exposes body for ID purposes especially after a surgery or an autopsy.
Seth Rich was shot in the lower torso from behind, and a full abdominal emergency exploratory incision had been made on the lower GI area. No reported exit wounds only two entry wounds on the lower left torso.
So the account mentioned by the parents draws a red flag with me from an investigative standpoint. The Rich’s haven’t ever given an interview with any media outlet that quested it or shown any official legal document supporting the statement in the post investigative report.
More on this family bizarre behavior after their son/brother was mysteriously murdered out of the blue, under the cloak of so many suspicions and the total coverup of what happened to Seth.
The intersection where Rich was killed has been rated on a Crime Risk scale (ranging on a spectrum from red as less safe to green as safer) as a "yellow" area, a little to the right of center, on the safer side of the scale. SO not a really bad area as has been depicted by some.
The DC area in general is to left of center towards the red end of the spectrum overall, 52% being solid red. DC and Baltimore are in the same part of the spectrum as Chicago over all.
A little background on Seth Rich he was survived by an older brother named Aaron. Rich had been raised in Omaha, Neb belonging to a family said to be "a pillar of the Jewish community in Omaha." Pretty stereo typical Midwestern family on the surface at least
His father had been sometime president of the Beth El Synagogue, of which his grandfather had been a founding member.
Seth had been a student at the Friedel Jewish Academy & Central High School. Later while a student at Creighton University, he had worked with the US Census Bureau as well as the Nebraska Democratic Party, interning for Senator Ben Nelson. After graduating from Creighton in 2011
Rich had obtained employment by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (a polling company) and relocated to Washington, DC in 2011. In 2016 Rich found employment for 2 years with the DNC where he developed a computer program that let people find their polling places by entering their names.
At the time that he died, Rich had become Deputy Director of Data-for-Voter Protection/Expansion at the DNC. Rich had administrative level access to the DNC server including the email system. According to records only Six people held his level of access, at that time.
Seth Rich was one & 3 of those 6 were named Awan. Shahid Imran Awan, Hina Alvi Awan, Abid Awan, and Jamal Awan. The other was Rao Abbas who lived with the Awan’s, The Awan’s and Abbas were hires of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Awans got around in DC circles
Here’s the short version within about one minute after hanging up his cell phone with Kelsey Mulka, Rich was shot. He was talking on the phone according to her when she heard a loud noise on Rich's end of the line, and the line went silent. She would never hear from him again.
Now the detailed longer version. Earlier that night he had been at Lou's City Bar, 1400 Irving St NW, Washington DC 20010, a sports pub 1.8 miles from his apartment, in Columbia Heights, where he was a regular customer. He left when the bar was closing, at about 1:30 or 1:45 a.m.
Police were alerted to gunfire at 4:20 a.m. by an automated gunfire locator. Approx 1 minute after the gun shots, MPD found Rich conscious with 2 gunshot wounds. He was alert & talking, had use of his upper extremities. He was transported to HUH hospital, where he later died.
According to Joe Capone the general manager of Lou's bar stated that Rich was a "couple-of beers kind of guy," and that "despondent and drunk" was "just not Seth. I never saw him drunk or even tipsy."
Rich lived at 2113 1st St, the address on his ID. That night however, Seth Rich told the the EMT’s that he lived at 1222 Euclid Street. This was odd but that is what was reported. The Euclid address is half the distance from Lou's than where he lived.
Vito Maggiolo (EMS public information officer) stated that Seth was transported to a hospital in Priority 1 condition (critical) but stable in an ambulance ride of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
The walk home time is estimated at 33 minutes, 1.7 miles from the bar, according to google maps.
On 7/10/16, 4:20 a.m., MPD officer Jody O’Leary responded to a gun shooting at a residential neighborhood in DC the SW corner of 2134 Flagler Place NW, Wash DC 20001. MPD was aided in finding the location of the shooting by an auditory system in Washington DC called ShotSpotter.
Officer O’Leary was assisted by MPD officers Robert Wingate Robinson, Derek Tarr, Shea Ellis, Benjamin Velez and Mark Lee (Velez and Lee wore body cameras).…
WaPo posted a phone log they claim they got from the parents, I don't know of anyone that has actually seen the phone records to date. Let’s look at a phone time log of Seth Rich provided by the WaPo. Not able to locate any official records
There are to this day 23 unfulfilled FOIA requests for records regarding Rich with the MPD. Very tight seal on case evidence on this cold case...
Before Closing Time at Lou's Bar: Seth made 3 calls:
1) & 2) to Joel Rich (unanswered).
3) to a friend lasting 1 minute.
At Closing Time at Lou's Bar:
4) 1:21-1:33 Another friend called Seth, 12 minute call.
After Closing Time
5) 2:05-3:34 Seth called Kelsey Mulka, his girlfriend, who was in Michigan. They conversed for 89 mins. Then the call was disconnected.
6) 3:36-4:19 (approx) Seth called Kelsey again, and they conversed for 43 mins.
At about 4:19 a.m. Kelsey asked if he was home yet. Rich told Kelsey that he was nearly home & said, 'I gotta go,' She never heard from him again.

EMT’s arrived on the scene @ 4:24 AM according to their reports they found him conscious & alert in mild discomfort, bleeding from 2 gunshot wounds in the lower torso. No arterial blood present with full use of his upper extremities. They started 1 IV & transported him to HUH ER.
Even Mary RIch told ABC that the EMTs told his brother when he visited them at the station that Seth was in no pain just confused what had happend, he didn't realize he was shot & there was ever little blood. They told him it looked like a small caliber wound, barely visible.
EMTs admitted him in critical yet stable @ 4:37 AM But after emergency surgery, he was pronounced dead at 5:57 AM. The coroners report have never been released to open sourcing. However it was reported the cause of death were gunshot wounds… Duh
Several red flags on this come up to me as an investigator. In the three possible routes he could have taken home, there are no less than 65 cameras along the route, regardless of which one you take. No camera has captured Rich on any route, it’s like no one even looked to see.
The time it took him to get to where he was killed, a 33 min walk +/-. suggests he stopped along the way home while talking with his girlfriend. There was a story he stopped at his girlfriend's house, but she was out of town and he's talking to her on the phone for hours??
His parents just happened to be in town, they lived in Nebraska as did his brother. I wasn’t a holiday so it’s assumed they all were in town for a random visit. A lot of unanswered questions.

The claim of botched robbery is thin, it just doesn't stand up or pass the smell test. There are way too many reason's to doubt that account, first and foremost was what did they take?
Rich had $238 in his wallet, a leather band Tag Heuer Men's CV2A1R.FC6235 Carrera Chronograph that retail about $5000, an expensive Jewish chai pendant that Mary Rich had initially given to Joel, inscribed with the word “ditto,”, & his iPhone all still on him when he was found
Maybe the fast response spooked them, but they could have at least grabbed the necklace. A security camera from a small convenience store across the street captured a grainy image of Rich collapsing & the feet or legs of 2 other people that could very possibly be his killers.
That video has vanished as well, and nothing produced under FOIA.

The controversy of where his laptop ended up, and why did MPD go into his apartment one block away and seize it. Who has it to this day, that evidence just vanished, and there was finger pointing that the FBI had it and the FBI claimed MPD had it.
To this day the contents or whereabouts of this laptop remain a mystery. Rumors say his brother has it who knows what or where it is. Most family go nuts trying to find out what happened, this family doesn't want to know. In all my career I've never seen a victim's family do this
The Rich family reaction is completely bizarre. They originally gave several interviews to CBS, NBC, & Fox. Enter Brad Bauman, a professional Democratic Party crisis public-relations consultant & took over as the family’s spokesman the family has been radio silent ever since.
All statement were handle by Bauman & the DNC. Here's a canned interview, no question, just reading the talking points and they show a reward poster. Bauman in the rear lurking.
The insane amount of secrecy & the complete blockade of FOIA. I understand the HIPAA protection have had to take many classes on it and how it effects report writing on incidents that are subject to FOIA. But in the case of Rich they just have completely locked down the case.
Pressed to merely confirm whether Rich was admitted and treated at HUH, spokesman Sholnn Freeman said, “All information is subject to federal privacy laws, and thus we cannot respond to the question.”
When inquired about whether Freeman would have the information at a later time, he simply replied, “You can follow up with me.”

Bauman has had a tight lid on things. Here's an interview with him

In general, under HIPAA, hospitals may disclose basic directory information about patients, such as condition or location within a hospital, to anyone who asks about the patient by name, according to the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services.
A hospital may also say if a patient has been “treated and released,” or if the patient has died. Listen to that Bauman interview, this guy is a lying snake.
Full disclosure however, patients and their families can opt out of providing any information at all. But not since JFK has their been a tight control around a death. There has been lawsuits right and left and nothing.
DC courts won’t touch it. WJLA-TV 7 investigative reporter Scott Taylor had the D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner deny his FOIA Request for Rich’s autopsy report.
There were 3 body cams on the scene prior to Rich being transported, where are those videos. Where is the dash cam videos of the two MPD vehicles. They all had them.This case has been so tightly scrubbed it’s amazing it get zero attention from the DOJ to this day.
An unsolved cold case remains on the books until solved.

The story of record is that the MacBook Pro laptop was retrieved by the MPDC and has since stayed in their custody.
I talked to someone I trust & says that is true, but he says there’s more. MPDC couldn’t unlock the laptop and called the FBI for assistance to unlock it. Their is chain of custody paperwork. 90% redacted? What is the national security on Rich’s laptop?
FBI/SA IT was sent out to unlock the laptop and during that time the FBI retrieved the information off of Rich’s computer. On the laptop they reportedly they found 44,055 emails and 17,764 attachments. Why has no one until now come forward with this info?
Now there are wold stories and versions that could take a week to put into a thread. There have been fake documents drug up, or people claim they are I have seen them and they are suspect.
This guy claims he was on the scene, believed to be his neighbor, claims that he was at the scene of the shooting and that Rich was walked right past him and didn’t even know he had been shot. His name? Get this....Mark Mueller
Mark Mueller, speaks out about being at the scene when Rich was walked past him. Mueller was listed on the police report when Rich was shot on July 10, 2016
“I was there when he [Seth Rich] got shot and uh they walked him past me so that I could see him and identify him because I knew him in the neighborhood — and the police officer said: ‘he didn’t even know he was shot’,” Mueller said.
That’s a pretty shocking revelation considering what we have heard in the news. This vigil was held on the stoop of his apartment there on 1st Street.

Of Course Debbie Wasserman Schultz was at this vigil, as well, returning to the scene of the crime
There was a report I need to find from a Twitter reporter that said Mueller may have used the alias Scott Roberts. There is a Scott Roberts

Now, the tweet by Scott Roberts could be someone who is not Mueller. In fact, it might be likely that Mueller conveyed the information to Roberts since Roberts specifically tweets, “this update is from a neighbor, not @DCPoliceDept.”
Regardless there is at least an eyewitness to Rich being alive at the time of the shooting, whatever his name is.

There are a pile of 4chan stuff I just don't go there.
After the shooting the family hired Rod Wheeler, an ex DC Detective in the Homicide Division. He got involved and made some appearances on Hannity, Next thing you know Brad Bauman shuts all that down, and Fox told Hannity to back off.
Wheeler said a very credible FBI on the inside is the one who laid eyes on Seth Rich’s computer & saw the case file. He is the one who relayed information to the detective that Seth Rich had been emailing Wikileaks.
Wheeler said every time he brings up Wikileaks to the police department, they shut him down completely and dummy up.
Rod Wheeler: “Here’s one other thing that is going to be startling…I’m just gonna say this right now. I reached out to the police department way back in March when the family first hired me get involved. I didn’t hear anything from the police department for 2-3 days.
"Guess what I learned yesterday from the family of Seth Rich? The MPDC did not call me back because someone, a high ranking official at the DNC when I called the police department, they got that information & called the Rich family wanting to know why was I snooping around?”
Here's the snooping around clip
My money is that high ranking official at the DNC was Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Donna Brazile. I have no proof but that's my gut.
More from Wheeler
This literally just happened, I could read their tweets an hour ago, I post this thread and bang I'm blocked
Here is the tweet of theirs I referenced in the thread that got me blocked
The most telling of all this is the eye witness Mark Mueller, who is not just some random guy, he's a very legit person not some wild conspirator or someone looking to find attention.
Reporter Pat Collins @patcollins4 from NBC4 Washington was on the scene in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington DC where Seth Rich was shot. For Collins’ July 11th 2016 report, he interviewed the victim’s neighbor, Mark Mueller, who said he heard the sound of gunshots.
Pat Collins, a veteran journalist with a career spanning over 30 years. Mark Mueller went along with the botched robbery narrative.

27-Year-Old DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shot, Killed in Northwest DC… via @nbcwashington
So who is Mark Mueller. Mark Mueller’s LinkedIn page details that he was the ANC5E08 Commissioner of the Bloomingdale neighborhood, where Seth Rich lived.
The 5E08 Zone is detailed at
On July 11th, 2016, citizens concerned about the death of Seth Rich wrote to Mayor Bowser, Council Member McDuffie, and Chief of Police Cathy Lanier. Mark Mueller was also copied on this e-mail with the commissioner e-mail address
Mark Mueller’s address and position as commissioner in the 5E08 zone is also detailed publicly on memorandums for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, located at Below is a memorandum from May 2013; Mueller’s address has been redacted for his privacy
Mark Mueller’s address is only 413 feet away from 2134 Flagler Place NW, where CIC identified the sound of gunshots. This close proximity is also consistent with the NBC4 account that Mueller and Seth Rich were neighbors.
Mark Mueller’s LinkedIn details his tenure as commissioner lasting from April 2012 to May 2014 his property records indicate that he has maintained the same address since 2014. This is the same address detailed on the memorandums of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.
Mark Mueller’s face from his Facebook profile (Photo 1), the LinkedIn profile of Mark Mueller (Photo 2), the Mueller speaking at Seth Rich’s vigil (Photo 3), and the man presented as “Mike Mueller” in the NBC4 interview (Photo 4). So this guy seems legit, but this troubles me
Remember the vigil statement he made....
Back to the @scottRobertsDC person, who tweeted right after the shooting. Here is a screen shot from an archive of his account at the time. Sure looks like Mark Mueller to me. Twitter alias? Maybe so, not overly unusual.
But there is also this twitter account
Earlier I depicted Brad Bauman as the lurker at the press conference with the rich family, that is not correct. This is Bauman

My mistake, not sure who the lurker was.
My question still is why is a damage control expert for the DNC acting as the spokesperson for the Rich Family?
What happened to the security cam footage from this convenience store right across the street from the shooting?
This crime scene and the route home from Lou's City Bar is littered with cameras along the way. easy to spot on Google maps street view.
It's literally ridiculous the amount of cameras and zero footage made public
Cameras everywhere
Regardless of which route he took home, there are cameras all over.
I could go on forever nearly
After walking from the bars NW of his neighborhood the police report says Seth Rich was found shot in the back "on the SW corner of W St. & Flagler Pl. NW." That means he was likely walking east on the south side of W Street since that is the direction towards his home.
I'm surprised there was never any footage released from any of the evening. None from the bar, and none from the numerous cameras he had to walk by in between the bar and his home.
The 2 block radius around the home has very few cameras, but all 3 streets he likely entered the neighborhood from, Bryant St NW, W St NW, and the alley between W and V St NW have multiple CCTV cameras. Why was there no video released from him walking down 1 of those 3 streets?
These cameras are important to me because the footage might show what Seth Rich was doing between 2:30, when he left the bar, and 4:18, when he was shot. A 30 minute walk that took two hours, while talking to his girlfriend on the phone. To me this is key.
You think that is strange, I have more, eight days before President Trump’s inauguration, hackers hacked into the DC CCTV system and archives were damaged

Hackers hit D.C. police closed-circuit camera network, city officials disclose…
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