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I'm on to something huge.
Maybe there's hope, but Trump needs our help..
First, need a picture of Fima Schusterman?
Does anyone have a picture of him?
He is Cohen's father and law, and Trump asked us to look into him...
Trump is being blackmailed, but before I get to that, we need some background. Trumps problems started when he hooked up with Felix Sater, and nasty Russian Jew who is a member of the Chabad, and Tevfik Arif, owner of Bayrock Group.
The Jews think Jared Kushner is their Messiach. The Jewish Messiach is essentially the antichrist. To gain power, they needed to get Jared into the Trump admin. They had Trump Tower bugged from at least 2009. Jared knew Ivanka better than she did.
Felix Sater, and Cohen did a lot of business together. Some real shady shit. Cohen never got in trouble though, because he's heavily connected into the Jewish Mafia. Cohen and Kushner both share a reverence for Rebbe Scheerson, a real piece of work who founded Chabad
When people talk about the Russian mafia in New York and Chicago, they fail to mention these are Russian Jews. Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) was a member of this org. This is why Putin said it might be the Jews who interfered in our elections.
Jared Kushner tried to do a deal with Jack Ma, to bail out 666 5th Avenue.
It later turns out that Jack Ma is deep into the communist movement.
Kushner set up a meeting between Jack Ma and Trump during the transition.
The communist party in the US (CPUSA) goes back to 1911. It was founded by a Russian Jew. Jack Rubenstein was a member of the CPUSA. It's a Jewish organization, similar to the Bolsheviks of Russia. It's still around today, and has many branches.
Our lives are in danger for exposing this information, this is why Trump said to stay inside. The stake are very real. This is a very powerful organization, infiltrated into all religions, all walks of life. Who is P? Would you believe NWO stands for NASI World Order?
There was this post on the chans. It said, see you soon. This look like Ivanka. I'd suggest this is a direct threat to @POTUS
Would you believe that Bob the Marine Mueller is going to save this country, by freeing POTUS, by indicting and prosecuting Jared Corey Kushner (Yes, his initials are JC.
This is not a joke.
This thread is my my true followers. I have whittled it down, many have unfollowed. But those seeking truth have stuck with me. Detractors will be immediately blocked, as this info is not meant for them.. This battle just got very real friends. Not concerned about typos.
And just like that, Israel tries to start war in Syria. They can't afford to lose their Messiach (Kushner) in the White House.
We are saving IsRAel for last.
An excellent video on Kushner being the Messiach...
Remember the Trump tower fire back in April 2018, the "art" collecter died.
Remember how Cohen texted his friend Will Hammonds and told him to get out of the building? Would it interest you to know Cohen's father in law was living there at the time?
Here's that article saying Shusterman was living in the Trump tower. Were they planning to take the towers out?
NSA has had a building in dowtown NY for a long time, hidden in plain side. This is on the same block as Trump Tower. Adm Rogers, during his transition, told Trump they had is tower bugged. TitanPointe is called a "gateway" for the NSA.
During the Trump transition, Trump brought in Chris Christie to run the transition team, Kushner blocked it, not because he hated Christie, which is true, but because he wanted a friend of Cohen and the Jewish Mafia to run that transition.
This led to Cohen hiring Russian Jewish mafioso Vekselberg and his company Renova Group to run the inauguration ceremony. This set up another trap for Trump, as weird accounting practices took place. Cohen made $500,000 on that deal
So sorry guys, if this bounces around a bit, but this is all info flying at me, so I'm throwing it out there. I have the overall picture, but the connections are so deep, one could spend an entire thread on each tweet I've posted. Hopefully, I paints some of the picture.
So, the good news is that Trump will never be impeached, not only because we control the senate, but because (((they))) would lose their messiach Kushner being in the White House. Bad news is when they find out Mueller is investigation Kushner, SHTF..
My friends, the storm
Yesterday, I felt lost, like I'd been bucked out of the saddle
It feels good to be back in the saddle again.
When Sater told Cohen, "our boy can become President of the USA, and we can engineer it" were they talking about Trump, or Kushner...?
Kushner, Sater, Cohen are all heavily into the Chabad, which is steeped in Jewish Mysticism, including the idea of a Jewish world leader, the messiah or Messiach.

Jared chose a Chabad synagogue in Washington DC. He claims to be orthodox, but Chadad is not orthodox.
The Chabad centers around Kabballah (Cabal). The idea of the Kabballah is to illuminate one into the inner secrets of life (illuminati)
The Chabad is heavily involved in the idea of the Messiach, a Jewish man born from the line of David, who forces the world into a one world religion, and this causes the rise of the dead.
Is this what Q said about avoiding Z, (Jewish Zombie Army)?
Now it may not seem like this thread is getting a lot of attention, but as soon as I started posting it, my impression rate went through the roof...There are a LOT of people paying attention to this...secretly.
It's interesting to note that Jewish mysticism is heavily involved in magic.
About the same time I started posting again in this thread this morning,
@POTUS posted this tweet.
My post about Jewish Chabad and Kabbalah :17
Trump posts about Magic :22
"Practical Kabbalah (Hebrew: קבלה מעשית Kabbalah Ma'asit) in historical Judaism, is a branch of the Jewish mystical tradition that concerns the use of magic"
So yes, Trump got heavily involved in the Russian Jewish Mafia in NY. He had to, the Chabad owns NY. Nothing gets built without their approval. Jared Kushner is the prince of this Jewish Mafia, American born, which is important.
Trump is talking to us in this retweet
Lol, notice how my impression rate keeps changing. Twitter just can't get their algorithm right..
Yes, Chabad runs NY. look at the map.
Then, zoom in on the world headquarters.
So, YES, Jared Kushner has been leaking from the White House.
How do you suppose reporters got advance notice of exactly what Trump was going to say in his 3pm (moved to 4pm) speech.. these leaks would be easy to stop, if they weren't coming from Kushner.
Now that Kushner is in the White House, he has no plans of leaving. Remember when they took his security clearance away? It didn't take him long to get it back, and get right back into the highly classified PDB. Kushner is the snake. Trump knows.
Remember what Q said about Kushner, when an anon asked if Mueller was leading to investigating (indicting) Kushner..
Q said, the end is near
So last post in this thread. I will leave it with this thought. God works in mysterious ways indeed.
Did you know that Robert Mueller's middle name is Swan?
Could it be that Mueller is playing out his Swan Song, his final act to save himself?
Missing some Tweet in this thread?
You can try to force a refresh.

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