Alright, so this is likely to be my last thread on the subject unless some other earth shattering information comes up.

For starters, if you haven't seen Vic's response, here it is again, and we're gonna go through it together.
For starters, if you're ever accused of not liking a given marginalized class of people, please don't say something to the effect of, "I'm not homophobic, some of my best friends are gay!"
If there are certain behaviors that you have done that have made people feel uncomfortable, then just say you're sorry. Say you're sorry and that you will work to not repeat those behaviors. Because, you know, it's entirely possible he's NOT homophobic...
...but a lot of actions he has done have really hurt and offended people in the LGBTQ+ community. Don't double down. Just say you're sorry that you've hurt people.
And I know a LOT of people cite this clip of Vic confronting evangelists outside a con as proof he's not homophobic. Quite frankly, the entire video (in my personal opinion) looks like a HUGE theatrical act (only on Vic's part, mind you, not anyone else).

Honestly, I could do a complete dissertation on the amazing ego brimming from that video. Vic, to me, comes off knowing he's surrounded by adoring fans with cameras rolling, knowing he's going to look like a hero. The theatrical shouting especially.
Dodges many direct Biblical questions presented by the protesters so as not to incriminate himself or belittle his adoring fan base. What Vic always gives his fans is a version of the Prosperity Gospel, in which God is nothing but love, and never commands you to do anything.
Which, mind you, is ABSOLUTELY NOT to say that the protesters are in the right, because they aren't. If they're trying to get you to come to Christ, they're not gaining any supporters that way.

But I digress, let's move on with the real topic here.
There's been some debate on whether or not CLAMP truly told Vic whether or not a character he voiced was gay. Whatever, I couldn't say they did or they didn't. I can say I find that highly unlikely. But I've also never spoken directly to CLAMP myself.
Vic claiming that he doesn't sign yaoi because it's not canon material is preposterous. My best friend drew a picture of his OC next to Edward Elric, and Vic signed it. And it's not the only example of other fan work I've heard he's signed. This is a lie.

Furthermore, there have been plenty of times where he has said--on video, mind you--that other people like yaoi and he does not. He does not specify "of characters I have voiced". He just says, "I don't like yaoi."

Now, by definition, does that make him a homophobe? Not necessarily. All I'm saying is that it contradicts the statement and character piece about himself that he tweeted out last night.
You know, at no point was I really on board with the anti-Semitic jab. Do I think his holocaust joke was in bad taste? Absolutely. This might be the only topic in his entire statement that I feel like was almost appropriately addressed.
He does say, "Sorry that if offended anyone." He could have taken it just one step further and said, "I'm sorry that I said it in the first place." He does say, "Could I have chosen a different word? Sure, in retrospect I could have." But that's not, "Sorry I said it."
So, okay, if he at least were to have gone on like that, it wouldn't have been perfect, but it would have saved a little face.

And starting the next paragraph with an apology to convention staff members that he has been ungrateful to in the past sounds like a good start.
But the apology becomes backhanded when he blames his behavior on the conventions failing to follow through with their contractual obligations. While he does state that it doesn't make his behavior right, it belittles the apology, and also misses other circumstances entirely.
Some stories from con staffers + others suggest behavior at cons that had nothing to do with contractual obligations. Some things even appeared to be his fault, not the con's (allegedly, from these sources).
Now, apologizing for discomfort in hugs and kisses--yes, this is a good start, too. After all this time, it's shocking to think he's gone this long without asking people if it's okay before he does these things. But choosing to finally go about changing behavior now is good.
What's NOT good is how he explained his way through it all. There is a drastic difference in the kind of kiss that comes with culture and family, & the kind of kiss that you give to adoring fans without warning them that it's coming. (yes many allegedly didn't know it was coming)
I wanted to make sure that personal accounts such as those were visible just one more time because Vic's fans are showing up to everyone's tweets thinking that everybody wanted his attention like this, and everybody consented to it, when they did not all want it.
And I guess Vic thought the same thing up until now, nevermind the fact that this has been in the ether for over a decade. But, okay, fine, so he says he's gonna change his behavior to avoid making people uncomfortable. That's good, right?
What's not good is blaming this on the "climate" today. I will be coming back to this again later, but obviously we all know that we now live in a #MeToo era. We should have taken it more seriously sooner, but we as society did not. But it's not the fault of the era...
...that we are here now. If someone isn't doing things that can be construed as being uncomfortable, then you shouldn't have to blame it on the climate of things. Asking permission is a basic first step.

Again, the kisses weren't familial. They were rock star in nature.
Look, the last paragraph, you can either believe or not believe. There are things I've seen myself, there are first-hand testimonies, etc. Due to the number of those, I believe the victims, and do not believe Vic simply because he is a semi-famous voice actor.
I know people will ask for photos of Vic's hands on people's butts for proof. I know you all seem to think that cameras would always be on everyone's butts and Vic's hands 24/7. But witness testimony is in fact evidence, & there's much of it.

(will add more to thread shortly)
I think, though, that if you're choosing to believe Vic just because he said he didn't do something and you call that "proof," then turn around and say all the victims are lying, I guess I just don't understand what made you choose one over the other.
If either could be true, or either could be false, why the word of one man over countless first-hand testimonies? Because you like him? Look, I know from personal experience how much it absolutely SUCKS to hear somebody you care about might not be as great as you thought.
It will be very hard to convince you that he's just as much a human being as any other person, even if you like him, even if you like the work he's done in entertainment that you've consumed. He talks a lot about God, but he is not God, and is not infallible.
At this point, all you can do is come to your own conclusions about everything you've seen up until this point.

But there is one final thing I want to address before wrapping up the thread.
The way that Vic addresses the public at large his EXTRAORDINARILY DIFFERENT from the way he addresses his fan club, the Risembool Rangers. Before tweeting out this statement, he'd had a Discord chat with his fan club and addressed many of these topics.
And this is not the first time in his career that he has done this, but he drums up as much sympathy among them as he can possibly muster, that accusers only want attention, and that his fans should defend his honor for him online.
And again, it isn't like this is the first time he has done this, either. For one, at every single given opportunity, Vic makes himself out to be the victim, at as many conventions as possible, for as long as possible, telling stories of his persecution...
...calls out accusers and says they only want attention, and drives his friends to be his sword and shield for him online. Going to bat for him on the Internet, if you will. This has been on film for years.

And, like, come on. Is that really normal to you? How many voice actors do you know that nonstop talk about how victimized they are on the Internet? How many big name actors/celebrities? How often do you hear them asking their fans to defend their name?
Most usually just ignore it, right? Like, if there's REALLY nothing to it, then you just... wouldn't say anything about it. Don't even give it the satisfaction of thinking about it. Don't let it live by giving it the time of day. Why does he spend so much time on this?
Why does he beg adolescent girls to tell people to stop being mean to him? The man is in his 50s. He doesn't need his fan club to defend him.

At this point, we're in opinion territory, and I'm starting to run out of things to add to all of this.
So, again, unless something else really earth shattering happens in the near future, this is probably gonna be it out of me. Come to your own conclusions, folks. I hope you end up making the best choices you can and do the right things.


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