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I believe we are ready for a thread on the number 22.
This will be a deep dive into the esoteric. I think many
will find it fascinating.
This thread will be 22 tweets long.
My fascination with the number 22 starts back in 2006, when I took a random homeless man laying on a bench to my home. He stayed for a month. His name was William Dixon
Bill said his age was 67, but he said chronologically he was #22.
Bill was fascinating to say the least. He said the #22 was connected to the domino theory. A curse was set up by King Herod, to make all of God's messengers fall, like dominos. Only one exists at a time. Bill said he was the last domino, #22. The last messenger
Bill lived in my old motorhome out back for about a month. He gave me a plethera of information, many keys to unlocking truths. Much of what I write about today, came from him.
I wrote a long thread about him, 4 months after he left my house.
So after Bill left, I started researching the #22.
Did you know the Bible is 66 books long, 3 books of 22.
In the middle of the bible is Psalm 119. It's 176 verses long, broken into 22 stanzas (acrostic) Each stanza represents the 22 letters in the Hebrew Alephbet
The Human Chromosomes
There are 23 pair in the human body. It is said there are 22 common chromosomes pairs, and the 23rd decides male or female.
The 22 chromosome, was the first to be decoded by the Human Genome Project
22 is the atomic number for titanium. Titanium is used a lot in aircraft. It has excellent heat propelling properties, is extremely light, and very strong.
The F-22 has uses a lot of titanium.
There are 22 major arcana in the tarot cards.
Starting with 0 and going to 21.
The term Catch 22 was coined in the 60's by author Joseph Heller, meaning to be in a situation that seems impossible to get out of.
See my tweet above about Herod's curse and the domino effect.
Why Heller chose 22, is unkown, but I suspect it's related to occultism.
In the Kabbalah, there are 22 paths between the Sephirot. The sephirot. It relates to a concept known as Ein Sof (without end). Again this relates to the curse of Herod, which was supposed to be endless. but
God Wins.
Halfway there.
The Zohar is an important part of the Kabbalah. Hence the movie "You don't mess with the Zohan" a play on the idea of the Zohar.
Drawing #22 in the wisdom of the Zohar site deals with the resurrection of the dead. (Zombies).
Zohan was thought to be dead
In Soccer, there is 22 players on the field.

In Rugby, the 22 line is 22 meters from the try line (goal line). 22 is significant in Rugby, especially when kicking the ball away.

A cricket pitch is 22 yards long.
So as I said, the Hebrew Alphabet is 22 letters long. Starting with Alef, then Bet (Alphabet) all the way to Tav or Tau. Tau is number 22, many times meaning, the end, or last.
Chapter 13 in Revelation deals with the number 666.
2 X 3 = 6
22 X 3 = 66
222 X 3 = 666
Jay Z has a song named 22 two's. He rhymes the words to, too and two, 22 times in the first verse.
Episode 53 of the twilight zone is called, twenty two.
The episode deals with a nurse who can't figure out if she's living in reality, or living in a nightmare (dreamstate)
The nurses nighmare state keeps leading her to Room 22, in the morgue.
One of Taylor Swifts most popular songs is from the Album RED.
22 is a song about being 22 yrs old. But it has a deeper meaning.
It has a heavy connection to Crowley and the idea of Do What Thou Wilt.
Swift says 22, 13 times in the song.
Q is the 17th letter of the english alphabet. V is the 22nd letter.
Q has posted 1 of 22 twice.
The first time was about the 16 yr plan
The second time was on Jan 22nd 1/22/18
Q's first post 1 of 22, was on Jan 21, 2018, exactly one year ago today.
Potus, today, tweeted about the magic wand, in my opinion, a reference to the kabballah, and the Jewish mysticism and magic of the Chabad, which Kushner belongs to.
Timestamp of Trumps tweet. :22
Trump promised to cut 22 regulations for every new regulation introduced.
Why 22?
There are 22 bones in the skull. Skull and bones 322.
The number 22 is the gnostic key to Revelation in the bible.
Isaiah 22:22
“And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut;...
If you consider a generation to be around 90 yrs old, then there have been 22 generations since Jesus.
The alpha and the omega.
In the gospel of John, the word "light" is repeated 22 times.
The last time the word "light" is repeated, is when Jesus says.

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness

Miss ya Bill
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