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#1/Disappointed & confused by relative silence about adult "Indian" male and adult Black Hebrew Israelite group. I believe that silence conveys an indifference toward what the adults did while putting the sole onus on minor children, who did not choose what happened to them...
#2/Three groups deserve severe criticism.

1st, we now know that a 64-yo man purposefully LIED to media & world abt what happened SOLELY FOR POLITICAL GAIN after he, as an adult, GOT IN FACES of minor children standing peacefully there & did so for sole purpose of PROVOKING them.
#3/2nd, we also now know people called Black Hebrew Israelites, again unprovoked, called minor children 'RACISTS,' 'BIGOTS,' 'WHITE CRACKERS,' 'FAGGOTS,' and 'INCEST KIDS.' Also taunted African-American student from school by telling him that they would 'HARVEST HIS ORGANS.'...
#4/3rd, the media - including on both left & right - chose to PROMOTE LIES. Like Buzzfeed fake news story earlier in the week, media promoted unverified, false stories that were subsequently squashed...
#5/Where is anger at the media's irresponsible behavior that led to these minor children then getting doxxed and even some of their families receiving death threats?

Some people are suggesting the minor children should receive sensitivity training. Huh?...
#6/Sensitivity training is not even the right prescription. Why? Because sensitivity training is only a superficial behavior app and doesn't address the underlying problem: what those adults did to the kids was intentionally malicious...
#7/Adults who treat children that badly don't have a "behavior modification" problem but rather show a lack of character and a problem of the human heart. It is behavior that believing Jews and Christians call out as "sin."...
#8/How ironic also that it happened at the end of the March for Life, which peacefully protested the snuffing out of other human hearts…
#9/Kids weren't problem but adults were & adults should know better. More specifically, there is no moral equivalence between kids & adults. What adults did was unequivocally wrong & we should have courage to call out their evil behavior by name...
#10/Otherwise, words will lose their meaning and we will slide into an Orwellian world...

Some key links -

The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran…
#12/Yet more links -

I Was Wrong About The Covington Catholic School Boy Story, And You Probably Are Too…

#13/Other links -

What Young Men of Courage Teach Us abt Ourselves…
@benboychuk (even if he didn’t write it)

Adults Involved Failed The Covington Catholic School Boys & Should Be Ashamed…
@MZHemingway (even if she didn’t write it)
#14/More about Nathan Phillips and his dubious claims regarding serving in Viet Nam -…
#16/Not just going after men/boys but abt shaming & isolating people who hold other beliefs -

Remember, Plouffe said (2016) - "It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again."…
#17/Meanwhile, after the truth comes out, the Left continues to promote violent murder of these minor children as noted here by @Cernovich -
and @donsurber…
Twitter is fine with letting @Jack_Morrissey stay on its platform...
#18/We must punch back twice as hard -

@thecjpearson -
Every member of the media who defamed, slandered, and doxxed the #CovingtonBoys on Twitter will be served. Each and every tweet will be archived and turned over to the students’ legal counsel.
#19/And the kids are not backing down either as they prepare to speak out -
@thecjpearson -

but they aren't being helped by their own weak school and diocese @CassandraRules -
#22/Momentum to punch back twice as hard seems to be getting some traction -

FTA: This may have to do with the fact that the kids and their families have obtained pro bono representation for libel action. Check out the #VerifiedBullies hashtag…
#23/Several @TuckerCarlson videos

1st, what minor children were subjected to -

2nd, what media from left and right said initially when they were indifferent to facts -
#24/More on how adult perpetrators are backpedaling fast, because they are potentially putting themselves in legal jeopardy by having falsely attacked these minor children -……
#25/@BrentBozell asks the obvious question of @jack -

More here -…

Meanwhile, lawyer friend sends link to DC code showing legal risk is potentially real to those who cruelly abused the minor children -…
#26/@robbysoave's original piece (linked to in #10/ above) was some of the best, most thoughtful corrective reporting done by anyone. He is back with another excellent piece here -…
#27/Righteous anger is an entirely appropriate and necessary response to the evil we have observed in the blatant, intentional, malicious mistreatment of these minor children, as @AG_Conservative notes -
#29/There are also these legal consequences - it is a felony - to threatening violence against educational institutions in Kentucky -
#30/@TuckerCarlson: So what’s actually going on here? Well, it’s not really about race. In fact, most of the stories about race really aren’t about race. And this is no different. This story is about the people in power protecting their power, and justifying their power,...
#31/more @TuckerCarlson: destroying and mocking those weaker than they are.

Why? It's simple. Our leaders haven’t improved the lives of most people in America. They can’t admit that because it would discredit them. So, instead they attack the very people they’ve failed...
#32/@TuckerCarlson: ...The problem, they’ll tell us, with Kentucky, isn’t that bad policies have hurt the people who live there. It’s that the people who live there are immoral because they’re bigots. They deserve their poverty and opioid addiction. They deserve to die young...
#33/@TuckerCarlson: That’s what our leaders tell themselves. And now, that’s what they’re telling us. Just remember: they’re lying.…
#34/@julie_kelly2 weighs in with her usual blunt assessment of how some NeverTrump players on the political right joined the Left's lynch mob…

@JuliePonzi @theamgreatness

#35/More on possible legal actions against those who treated minor kids so maliciously -…

Don't just talk. Do it now!

@Barnes_Law @frozen_pundit @EllieBparty @OwlLove40054061 @RealCandaceO @JeffJustice83 @ADLYG221

@NiceDeb -…
#36/@KurtSchlichter reacts with appropriate fury about fake conservatives falling for the Leftist lynch mob -…

#37/A lawyer friend writes these words - "The Covington students and their families have been in fear for their lives and had their reputations ruined by reckless media and pundits, including celebrity leftists, who rushed to judgment based on a 30 second video clip...
#38/Lawyer friend continues: "...Quietly removing a post is not recompense. The students, who are not public figures, have ample ground to file a lawsuit for compensatory and punitive damages against multiple media organizations and celebs..."
#39/More from lawyer friend: "...The punitives could be in the millions as they are measured by a percentage of net worth. Paying out a major judgment might sober up the media and celebs before they engage in such reckless and egregious conduct again..."
#40/Conclusion from lawyer friend: "...It would also be a salutary corrective that would benefit the broader public as well."

Meanwhile, game on against tyrannical bullies - @israeli101
w/ free legal support for minor children -
#41/@Mellecon -
The problem is that the apologies are coming from media who should have done due diligence before these kids lives were threatened. It’s not the public’s job to do journalistic research.

& @ProfMJCleveland agrees:
#42/@JackPosobiec: Where is newscycle on violent threats sent to Christian schoolhouse by left?
Leftists threatened to burn down their school and shoot children, high profile celebrities started witch hunt against these young students
Media: *crickets*
#44/Meanwhile, in spite of the thorough debunking of the original political narrative, some continue to write pathetic articles filled with partisan venom -…
#45/From friend:
•Teenage girl walks in public wearing short skirt.
•Teenage boy walks in public wearing red MAGA hat.
•Teenage girl walks in public wearing Che Guevara t-shirt.
•Teenage boy walks in public wearing t-shirt with socialist-communist raised fist symbol on it...
#46/friend continues:
•Teenage girl walks in public wearing swimsuit with U.S. flag design on it.

Question: Who among these teenagers, if any, deserve to have others harm them, physically, against their will, because of what they are wearing?
#47/friend explains #45/ and #46/: "It's disturbing because many modern "progressive" Americans just don't do well with moral principles, models, and abstract moral ideas. Rather, many of them tend to make decisions and form moral opinions based on how they *feel*..."
#48/friend continues: "...about particular people involved in a particular situation, which of course means nothing for different situations involving different people.
So I continue to read progressives who in one breath say that women wearing certain kinds of clothes..."
#49/friend concludes: " no way justifies violence against them (which is true) and then in the next breath assert that anyone wearing a red MAGA hat deserves to be called horrible names, beaten, and perhaps even killed."
Thanks to @TomKrannawitter
My thots: Finally, but too late. They shouldn't have had their rush to judgment, saying what they did in first place. Having done that, they should have been first to correct. As Catholic myself, what is w/spineless ecclesiastical leadership?
#51/Well, now: The "Indian" man who lied about what happened in DC with the minor children did not serve in Vietnam and the WaPo finally admits to it.
#52/Building on earlier story by @NiceDeb in #50/ above, Covington parents push back against their spineless - at this point you could even say unprincipled - church leadership. Shame on the bishop.…
#53/@RealSaavedra - The MSM is showing it has learned nothing from the #CovingtonCatholic debacle, asking the smeared and threatened minor child Nick Sandmann if HE has anything to apologize for -
#54/@BuckSexton asks the rhetorical question: Will the MSM ask Phillips if he is sorry about intentionally starting a conflict that led to death threats against minor children. Of course not!
#55/Well, it is not an overstatement to say that Nathan Phillips has lied about his past, lied about what just happened in DC, and can't keep his stories straight even now. But the MSM bought his story and some still blame the minor kids.
#56/MSM didn't do homework & promoted story fitting its political narrative. Story proven to be lies, subjecting minors to doxxing & death threats. But Trump internet pounced. No, it was TRUTH that pounced. Does MSM know meaning of truth?
Oops, again. Now NYT admits Phillips didn't serve in Vietnam. Think how different things would be if MSM practiced journalism instead of being political operatives with bylines, if they vetted stories before promoting their political agenda. @byronyork
#57/@exjon - "The DC press corps screams when the President calls them “the enemy of the people.” Yet, time and time again, they prove his point. The facts no longer matter, only the narrative. Even if it means attacking teenagers..."
#58/more from @exjon: "Less than a year after the press rebuked anyone who dared question the teen political activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, they viciously attacked students from Covington Catholic High School..."
#59/final from @exjon - "...The report was based on lies that could have easily been revealed with the slightest journalistic follow-up. But the narrative fit and that’s all that matters."…
#60/Listen to KY governor @GovMattBevin on @TuckerCarlson, via @RealSaavedra -
“There are none so intolerant as those who preach tolerance to all the rest of us. There are none so quick to judge as those who tell us to be non-judgmental.”
#61/Two posts summing up the cultural chasm that divides us. Remember, you can't love America if you don't love Americans.
1st - @thebradfordfile

2nd - @RealSaavedra
#62/If Left had any self-reflection & honesty, tweets like this by @chrislhayes wouldn't happen -
They would admit they screwed up. Yes, some of us get riled over injustices where innocent people are falsely attacked.
#63/Lies and damned lies. @kerpen tweets about the Indian's service record. Well, let's just say his words and deeds don't align. Not even close.
#64/Could be endless stream of tweets abt "hatred." E.g., @BridgetPhetasy abt "fighting hatred."

But it's not just spewing of hatred. It's the twisting of meaning of words. It's totalitarian, Orwellian. Literally. @JackPosobiec
@johndurant - pounced = defending high school kids from an angry mob led by powerful celebrities and media outlets lying about them, doxxing them, and calling for them to be punched, shot, and put into wood chipper?

And this.
#65/@Uncle_Jimbo has some of the most focused video excerpts of what happened between the Indian and the minor children. Check out his thread. Worth looking at and easy to share with others -
#66/Malicious liar & anti-Catholic bigot.
@jhinderaker @JonSchweppe
FTA: Phillips...led...effort to disrupt a Catholic Mass just 24 hours after the initial confrontation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.………
#67/FTA: Suppose second video had never come out...Suppose media had not been compelled to issue pathetic, half-hearted apologies...Suppose pundits had not sheepishly deleted their rush-to-judgment tweets condemning boys.…
#68/Media keeps doubling down and blaming minor child. Friend sums it up - "Of course they are not backing down. These people never back down. They are like the Borg." Facts and evidence don't matter to totalitarians.…
#70/Any 'false statements' made about students needs to be retracted & corrected within 48 hours or he may sue.…
Summary: Saying false things against private citizens, esp minors, law is libel. No malice defense, only have to prove negligence.
#71/Bigger picture thought from friends: @ccpecknold: "March for Life [is] peaceful, and joyful, and keeps getting bigger, and younger. And nothing is going to stop us until every life in the womb is protected under law. Nothing...The aim is not only to garner media attention..."
#72/@ccpecknold continues: "...but to discourage attendance at March, indeed to threaten those who attend. It’s not that people are unaware of MFL, it’s that it bothers their conscience & they want it to go away..."
#73/Friend on big picture: "Perhaps leftist activists purposefully attacked & slandered high school kids because they r afraid of how many high school grps/young people COME to MFL. Will some schools be hesitant to participate now? Will parents be hesitant to let their kids go?"
#74/The March for Life, and the broader pro-life movement, is really abt changing hearts. It is correct that we don't want abortion to be legal. But, more to the point, we seek to change people's hearts so they voluntarily choose not to kill their babies, regardless of the laws.
#75/B. Goldwater: "Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, and let me remind you they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyranny.”
#76/Tolstoy: “There can be only one permanent revolution—a moral one; the regeneration of the inner man. How is this revolution to take place? Nobody knows how it will take place in humanity, but every man feels it clearly in himself..."
#77/Tolstoy continues: "...And yet in our world, everybody thinks of changing humanity but nobody thinks of changing himself.”
#78/@johnddavidson - "Here we get to the heart of the Covington affair. For the social justice left, including many mainstream media figures, holding conservative views on abortion or marriage automatically makes you a bigot..."
#79/More @johnddavidson: "...Even apart from any views you espouse, simply wearing a MAGA hat makes you a bigot. And being a white male, together with any of the above, makes you the worst of bigots. And you don’t apologize to bigots. You destroy them."…
#80/@johnddavidson sums up our cultural war, driven by the Left: "If opposing abortion or supporting the president marks you out as a bigot and a racist, then civic comity is impossible, there is nothing left to say, no way to compromise or live and let live."
#81/IBD on MSM corruption: " Just like the despicable coverage of the Covington high school kids, unchecked hatred of Trump has caused the press not only to drop any pretense of objectivity..."
#82/IBD continue on about MSM corruption: "...but to abandon what reporters claim is their primary professional obligation: To get the facts straight before reporting them to the public. Apologizing after the fact doesn't do anyone any good."…
#83/This @ThunderB thread offers an explanation of how the activist Left made the Fake News #CovingtonCatholic story visible so quickly to the MSM and others.
#84/Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley pulls the Military Records of Nathan Phillips AKA Nathan Stanard, Native American Drummer Dude. He was NOT a Vietnam Vet.
#85/Prior tweets show MSM's corruption. We have to rationally and forcefully delegitimize these false narratives of the mainstream media, because an American turnaround cannot be sustained if basic communication channels remain corrupted.…
#86/The MSM's corruption comes from what I still find to be a stunning ideological extremism, as @davidharsanyi highlights in this must-read thread -

Adding some color commentary is @Education4Libs -
#87/@McAllisterDen reminds us & we should NEVER forget the primary target of MSM and political Left's hateful lies, doxxing, death threats & more is only a 16 year old boy. A child they are willing to destroy for the crime of holding different beliefs.
#88/@bennyjohnson describes how @MSNBC is still promoting vile lies against minor children days after the promoted story lines were proven false.

"You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"
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