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@murphtoday 1) I've been thinking about the last 2 years and the intensity of the media frenzy of the last 2 days of the #MAGA hat kids. The democrat media knows that Mueller's announcement destroying Buzzfeed's hack piece means that hope is over...
@murphtoday 2) Since they came up with nothing, and worse, now fear being revealed for the corrupt self serving criminals that they are, they need a distraction. They had one ready.. @ScottAdamsSays did a video earlier..
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@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube 3) This isn't just my theory, I've noted quite a few people are seeing this for what it is. @kanyewest , @RealCandaceO, @therealroseanne, @ThomasWictor et al have been preparing us in a way they probably saw coming..
Since they can't beat Trump - they have determined to beat US.
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor 4) See @rezaaslan may well be a clear representation of a gormless twat, but he's also someone's useful idiot. I'm seeing a number of media outlets trying to shape what should've already been discredited..why are they so invested?
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 5) Now @ThomasWictor who writes for QuodVerum.com did an excellent piece and I encourage you to get his perspective...I am Not Pathological
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 6) Has the irony hit you yet that a group calling themselves Black Israelite's and an American Indian protest group decided to engage each other at an annual #MarchForLife -just so happened to do it where Catholic kids were waiting for a bus in front of the Lincoln Memorial?
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 7) While you're pondering the odds of that set up (#CovingtonCatholic participates every year in the rally) and if you've the stomach to watch 2 hrs of video from every angle, you find out the adults were fighting with each other BEFORE the kids showed up.
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 8) Now since I was completely unaware being racists is a requisite of being Catholic, why are the media so invested in making Trump supporters and their children an enemy of the state after it has been disproved? Maybe👇👇👇
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 9) The media has made an effort to call everyone Deplorables, Russian bots, and now we are racist. By God, it doesn't matter if we didn't say it, after all THEY know what we are thinking because they saw someone hold up two fingers or you dared smile...
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 10) Make no mistake that red #MAGA hat? It's a cult symbol and you all should know you're wearing Trump's GANG colors - that's where we've come to this MLK day weekend in the DNCmedia controlled world.
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan 11) So look at the product the DNCmedia are selling you with an objective eye. They want us to hate. Do the one thing that will drive them insane, LOVE

"When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice."
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan This weekend was another anniversary. Convenient for that staged rally that they TRIED to turn into being about racists who want a border. Well they didn't have a crisis, so they tried to engineer one. - You never let a serious crisis go to waste.

@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan Addendum: 🎩TIP @multitasker333 I have seen many indications that this drummer is not who the narrative claimed him to be. Not surprised..
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan @multitasker333 Addendum Two: 🎩TIP @nickmon1112 one of twitter's best kept secrets, and yes he's still covering this because the media has no intention of letting this go ..
@murphtoday @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube @kanyewest @RealCandaceO @therealroseanne @ThomasWictor @rezaaslan @multitasker333 @nickmon1112 @VenettasComment Addendum Six: I woke up to learn how many uncivil rights activist that used their voices yesterday not to promote peace or celebrate MLK but to use these kids as proof of our President is a racist.
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